Get to Work: Secret Area

Exploring the Alien World of Sixam

Exploring the planet Sixam in The Sims 4
Sixam is explorable by Career Scientists and those Sims proficient in Rocket Science

The World of Sixam is the new 'hidden' area in The Sims 4 Get to Work, where your Sim can meet Aliens and collect rare objects. In case you didn't notice, Sixam is Maxis (The Sims Developer) backward. There are two ways normal Sims can visit this place: via Rocket Science or the Scientist Career. Two new crystals and metals can be found here, the former of which can derive a new Element, with three new forms of Plant life to grow in your Garden. There is a six-piece collection of Geodes you can find, which give Environment boosts, as well as alien plants to be harvested and grown back home.

Rocket Science can get you to Get to Work's hidden area
Rocket Science and the Wormhole Generator Upgrade are the primary means of reaching Sixam

Method 1: Rocket Science
The primary method for most Sims to reach Sixam is to reach level 10 Rocket Science and install a Wormhole Generator for $1,000. In all, the project will cost you $7,000 and some time. The extra upgrades aren't needed. Your Rocket will simply have the ability to Travel Through Wormhole to reach Sixam.

Method 2: The Scientist Career
Reaching level 10 in the Scientist Career, you can upgrade your Wormhole Generator by attending work and using the Invention Constructor. You can learn all about that career in our guide, but here's what you need to know: initial construction of the Wormhole Generator requires level 6 and a scientific breakthrough along with 2 uncommon metals, crystals, and two of any elements. The upgrade itself is free to use, just requiring you to place the Wormhole Generator on the Invention Constructor and select upgrade. This is the more time consuming route between the two, but Scientist is a great Career and offers loads of money-making potential so is by no means a sink like Rocket Science.

Fang Flowers come from these trees in Get to Work
Fang Flowers can be harvested from these trees

Exploring the World
Look for the Geodes, which are like balls on pedestals, along with the small Quill Fruit Plants and Wild Orb Stalks. You can also harvest the glowing blue trees, which will give you Fang Flowers.

Quill Fruit in Sims 4
Quill Fruit can be picked, but look also for plants known as Wild Orb Stalks

The dig spots and crystals are obvious. You will likely encounter Aliens here, who can be befriended.

Cheating to Get an Alien
While on Sixam, if you want an Alien, there's an easy way to add one to your own Household. Simply enable testing cheats via Control + Shift + C and then typing, testingcheats on. Shift-clicking an Alien will then allow you to Add to Family.

The Sims 4 Get to Work - Planet Sixam: Going Home
Use the Electroflux Wormhole Generator to Go Home at any time

Returning Home
Click on the Wormhole Generator to return home, no matter how you arrived.

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Planet Sixam (Alien World)

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But how do i explore more of the world?
15th July 2015 11:56pm
Once your sim has arrived in Sixam you can direct your sim to go here by clicking on the ground. There are parts of Sixam, just like any other Sims 4 world that a sim can not get to.
7th January 2016 9:57pm
Is there another method?
8th August 2015 8:48pm
These are the only two methods to get to Sixam that are under direct control of your played sim. The other way is a work opportunity that your level 10 scientist may or may not get. If you are lucky your L10 scientist will get the work opportunity to attend an alien party on Sixam as part of his daily at-work requirements.
7th January 2016 9:58pm
I found there is another way. If you do Control + Shift + C and type testingcheats on and type enter and then do bb.showhiddenobjects and then enter, then go to build mode and search for a Invention Constructor and buy one and a wormhole thing, then you just update the wormhole thing and then you an go to Sixam Grin Hope this helped! BlushSmile
16th August 2016 4:15pm
How do I go fishing on the planet Huh:
23rd August 2015 10:13pm
As far as I recall fishing is not an option on Sixam.
7th January 2016 9:56pm
Do ctrl + shift + c and type in "bb.showhiddenobjects". Now search for ** DEBUG ** in the build mode and you may be able to find the fishing signs. Now you can fish ANYWHERE.
24th August 2016 7:57pm
That's if you want to use cheats. For a vanilla game fishing is not an option on Sixam.
11th December 2016 2:01am
why is there no aliens on the palnet where are they
29th August 2015 9:48pm
Hey Niva,
The aliens are there. I had my Sim collect and just wander around, there are like 5 or 6 of them. Just wander around.

4th September 2015 11:48pm
I haven't found anywhere that is says definitively, but Elder males can get pregnant by abduction, as well as Adults. I was shocked!
6th October 2015 11:30pm
Yes, that can be quite a shock! Huh
7th January 2016 10:05pm
There are aliens everywhere in the worlds. I met a weird sim while visiting the park and i found her quite suspicious and a bit "out of this world" by the way she talked and she made this funny animation as if she was reading someone's mind so i collected a DNA sample from her and anylised it. The results did nkt reveal anything but after a while talking to her it informed me th she was an alien and later the same day i found another one wondering around .i already foumd like six just talking to people. I only have one question though: how do you get one to join your household. I know u can add one in CAS but they are just so stubbornSmile maybe ill just stick with normal friends instead.
8th October 2015 5:46pm
You can add them to your household by befriending them then in the friendly interaction you should see the 'move in' interaction.
27th October 2015 6:30pm
Um how do I get my aliens to the alien planet do I still have to get them to level 10
21st October 2015 12:50am
Hannah has answers
Yeah,I did it with mine it's the only way you canSad
8th November 2015 2:58pm
I keep trying to get my Sim abducted, but the only thing that happens is an alien comes to my house. I'm trying to do the Xenophilia challenge but my Sim won't get abducted! Is there any way to fix it?
8th November 2015 12:23pm
get a satellite (can be done while you are in the scientist career in get to work and invent on the invention robot thingy or simply just cheat it. Type bb.showhiddenobjects on the cheatbox and you can find it under the electronics;misc category), click on it, select "contact aliens" and any minute or so, an alien will abduct you. that's what i did to get my male sim abducted...and of course, have an alien baby ;)
9th November 2015 8:50am
btw, how do i get an alien crystal? i keep searching and reading on forums but none of it sufficed. T.T i keep collecting crystals from sixam but it's all common crystals. tssssk :3
9th November 2015 8:56am
Decided to join! I come here all the time for new info. I have finally played 4 enough to answer some questions! Now I think it will be fair to ask some. :)
30th December 2015 3:02pm
If I do everything and get into the aloen world, can my male adult get pregnant just by being there? Huh
1st January 2016 9:31pm
No, that won't happen. Your male sim is safe to visit Sixam.
7th January 2016 10:05pm
Unsure are you sure bcs my sim got male sim got pregnant for just dating one i dont know how or it was Cassandra Goth maybe she is an allien ?
9th December 2016 10:56pm
Sorry but that is impossible, aliens can not impregnate sims unless they try for baby or the target sim gets abducted. Also Cassandra in a vanilla game is not an alien just a regular townie sim.
11th December 2016 2:00am
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