The Sims 4 Festivals

City Living Events: Festival Schedule

The Sims 4 City Living features festival events which invite your Sim to participate in group activities, learn recipes, and maybe win prizes. Each of the five different festivals has its own theme and provides a moodlet, either through socials, having drinks available, or provides an emotional aura. While the festival schedule is somewhat random, Sims player Sid1701d9 has provided us with some data that helps to predict which festivals will happen each week.

How it Works

You do not have to live in San Myshuno to go to Festivals. On festival day, you'll get a notice, and sometimes an invite from a friendly Sim to join them at the festival. Each of the festival lots are set up to automatically change over at the designated time. If you live in the same neighborhood, there is no need to load - you'll simply leave your apartment.

Each game starts with a festival schedule which is then set to repeat every two weeks. The first festival you get helps you to determine what the schedule will be. While the schedule system isn't as predictable as we had thought, it does seem to be accurate to say, for example, that you can expect the Romance Festival to repeat every two weeks on Saturday. Two examples of likely schedules are provided below. If you get a completely different one it is easy to predict. Festivals will be every other week on the listed day.

H&H FirstGeekCon First
Week 1
Humor & Hijinks (Monday)
Spice (Friday)
Week 2
Flea Market (Sunday)
GeekCon (Tuesday)
Romance (Saturday)
Week 3
Humor & Hijinks (Monday)
Spice (Friday)

...and so on, following this pattern for odd and even weeks.
Week 1
GeekCon (Tuesday)
Spice (Friday)
Week 2
Flea Market (Sunday)
Humor & Hijinks (Monday)
Romance (Saturday)
Week 3
GeekCon (Tuesday)
Spice (Friday or Saturday)
...and so on, following this pattern for odd and even weeks.

Flea Markets happen the same week as Humor and Hijinks, but if you are starting a fresh game you will not have that first flea market.

Festival List


Humor & Hijinks Festival

The Sims 4 Humor and Hijinks Festival

Location & Time: Casbah Gallery, 5PM to 11PM
Happens On This Day:: Monday
Mood: Playful

Humor and Hijinks Features

  • Choose a Side - Are you a creature of mischief or comedy? Choose your side by indulging in the Light or the Dark tea. May the best side win!
  • Light Up The Sky - Purchase unique fireworks at the Humor and Hijinks Festival swag stall.
  • Stand Up Performance - Make the masses laugh by performing your best comedy routines. Comedy interactions will earn you points for the Jokesters.
  • Devilish Voodoo - Purchase a Voodoo Doll from the swag stall, and perform voodoo and mischief interactions to earn points for the pranksters.

Romance Festival

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The Sims 4 Romance Festival

Location & Time: Planet Honey Pop, 5PM to 1AM
Happens On This Day:: Saturday
Mood: Flirty

Romance Festival Features

  • Drink Sakura Tea - Grab a cup of delicious Sakura tea to put you in the perfect mood to mingle.
  • Celebration of Flowers - Celebrate the Romance Festival by scattering petals in the air. Fun for children and adults!
  • The Perfect Proposal - The Romance Festival is the perfect place to seal the deal. We even have a wedding arch on the site for that heat of the moment marriage.
  • Ask the Romance Guru - Ask the Romance Guru any and all of your burning love questions, but be warned, the Guru can be brutally honest.

GeekCon Festival

The Sims 4 GeekCon Festival

Location & Time: Planet Honey Pop, 10AM-4PM
Happens On This Day:: Tuesday
Mood: Focused

GeekCon Features

  • Hackathon - Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate Hacker? Try your skills at the Hackathon and Hack the World! Programming skill helps to determine your success.
  • Ultimate Gaming Test - Come take the Ultimate Gaming Test to see if you can get a perfect score. Are you a Pro Gamer? We will let our test decide that. Obviously, a test of the Video Gaming skill.
  • To The Stars - Explore space without the hassle of building up your own rocket. Just no funny business while you are in space.
  • Improved Skill Gain - Being around the world's greatest minds you are sure to pick up a thing or two. While at GeekCon you will build skills much faster.

Spice Festival

The Sims 4 Spice Festival

Location & Time: Waterside Warble, 5PM to 1AM
Happens On This Day:: Monday, Friday, or Saturday
Mood: Inspired

Spice Festival Features

  • Enjoy Local Cuisine - Sample an assortment of cultural foods. From curry to burritos, you are sure to find something that suits your taste buds.
  • Harvest Fresh Produce - Harvest fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden. Sometimes you may even find something out of this world.
  • Spicy Challenge - Are your taste buds up for the challenge? Can you make it to the bottom of the world's spiciest bowl of curry?
  • Purchase Unique Spices - Purchase special spices from the Swag Stall. These spices are sure to make any dish excellent and spicy!

Flea Market

The Sims 4 Flea Market Festival

Location & Time: Waterside Warble, 10AM to 6PM
Happens On This Day:: Sunday
Mood: None

Flea Market Features

  • Shop for Trash or Treasures - Keep an eye out for unique furniture. One Sim's trash is another Sim's treasure. Make sure to always haggle to get the best prices.
  • Set Up Shop - Visit one of the many display tables to put your own treasures up for sale.
  • Find Snow Globes and Posters - Keep an eye out for Boxes of Junk laying around. You can rummage through these to find unique collectibles that are only found in the city.
  • Trade Your Stuff - Talk to any of the local vendors. You will be able to trade your collectibles with them for a chance at better ones.

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