The Sims 4 Seasons: Scouts

How the Scouting Career Helps your Sim's Child

Scout uniform in The Sims 4 Seasons
Joining the Scouts can earn your children and teens a great reward trait that will help them in adulthood.

Scouting is a new after school activity for Children and Teenagers in The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack. Scouting can provide lifelong benefits when you master it, so it's a very worthwhile activity. This works very well with The Sims 4 Parenthood Game Pack, in that a lot of the things that make scouts great also level up character values like responsibility, empathy, and manners. This guide to scouting will teach you how to excel in the career and what you can expect once your child has grown into an adult.

Video Guide to Scouts

How to Join the Scouts

A badge icon appears over a Sim's head when they are making progress. You'll be notified when it fully unlocks the badge. Claim badges at the badge board.

Joining the Scouts is a matter of selecting your Child or Teenager, using the phone and selecting 'Join After School Activity' or, as a Teen, 'Find a Job'. Teenagers have more options, but Scouting appears as an option for both. There are no Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, just 'Scouts'. Although it's listed as after school for a child, Scouts meet on the weekends from 2PM to 4PM so there's no need to worry about any conflicts with weekday activities. There is no need to buy a scouting badge board unless you need a new one. When your kid or teen joins the scouts, they will automatically get both a scouting uniform and badge board. They'll also learn the Secret Scout Handshake interaction.

RankScout TitleScheduleDaily Task & Advancement RequirementsReward for Promotion
1Llama ScoutSat-Sun, 2PM-4PMCheck Badge Progress, Earn a Scouting BadgeScouting Badge Board to track progress, Scout Uniform, and Secret Scouting Handshake Interaction
2Griffon ScoutSat-Sun, 2PM-4PMCheck Badge Progress, Earn 3 Total Scouting BadgesScouting Manual
3Unicorn ScoutSat-Sun, 2PM-4PMCheck Badge Progress, Earn 6 Total Scouting BadgesBronze Scouting Trophy (Decoration)
4Pegasus ScoutSat-Sun, 2PM-4PMCheck Badge Progress, Earn All Nine Scouting BadgesSilver Scouting Trophy (Decoration)
5Llamacorn ScoutSat-Sun, 2PM-4PMNone. You're an Expert Scout!Gold Scouting Trophy, Expert Scouting Uniform, and the Scouting Aptitude Trait

Making Progress

You'll find that when you have joined the Scouting club, the careers tab for your child will now scroll. You'll see school at the top, and Scouts at the bottom with their current rank, daily task, and advancement (promotion) requirements. The ideal mood for Scouting is Energized, though this is a useless bit of trivia, because attending Scouts is merely to retain membership as far as I can tell.

Earning Badges

A variety of activities will unlock badges for your Sims. Sometimes you only earn 1 credit for a very long interaction. Other times, you get 5-6 points from one try. It's rather inconsistent.

Completing tasks enough times unlocks a badge. While you can view badge progress by clicking your Sim, you do need to click the badge board to collect them. Once you've earned each badge, you can move on from those types of activities. While you're working on badges, switch your kid/teen around to different aspirations where applicable. You can make a super Sim in this way, because the bonuses for skill gains for childhood aspirations and the scout reward stack. This isn't possible with a Teenager but you can, of course, work on their adult-level aspirations as well.

Level Up and The Scouting Aptitude Reward Trait

When you unlock badges, you'll automatically rank up in the Scouts if you have met the ranking requirements. Promotions are instant, and it's possible to get a couple of badges each day. Reach the highest rank, and your Child or Teen gets the lifelong Scouting Aptitude Reward Trait, which boosts all Skill gains by 25%. This is super potent and stacks with other skill gain increases like ideal mood and Childhood Aspirations.

Really, there's no challenge here, and that is a disappointment to me. It's worth knowing this exists and is much more important to a Sim's life than part time jobs for Teenagers (which are largely pointless in my eyes) because the reward is so great. Now, for completion's sake, let's look at the badges and the actions you can take to receive them.

Scouting Badges

In the table below, 'Tasks' states how many 'ranks' there are to earn the badge. This is basically a count of interactions that must be performed. For tasks that take a long time, sometimes you get multiple ranks for every 30 mins of that activity. It's not consistent, at all, however. Homework can earn you a badge just doing it 1x (I hope they patch this, it's stupid easy), but you'll need to draw six pictures to earn the Arts and Crafts Badge, for example.

BadgeBadge NameTasksBadge Requirements: What to Do to Earn Them
Scouting Arts and Crafts Badge in The Sims 4 SeasonsArts and Crafts6To earn this badge, make crafts, drawings, or paintings. Use the kids' creative table and knock this one out in an afternoon.
Scouting Civic Responsibility Badge in The Sims 4 SeasonsCivic Responsibility8To earn this badge, perform cleaning or repair actions. You can, technically, click the ground and make a mess and clean it up and earn this badge. It's a break-even on Responsibility (the Character Value from Parenthood). Otherwise watch for clean interactions to pop up around the house. You can use the parent to tell the child do do so under the influence menu, which is easier than visually inspecting the whole house. If something can be cleaned by a child, the option will be available.
Scouting Give Back Badge in The Sims 4 SeasonsGive Back5To earn this badge, donate items for charity from the Mailbox and Computer or perform the friendly social to Give Gifts. Make drawings, put in the child's inventory, and give them to friends and family and you can knock out two badges at once!
Scouting Good Deeds Badge in The Sims 4 SeasonsGood Deeds6To earn this badge, entertain a toddler, make someone laugh, take out the trash, or help someone with their homework. Perform funny interactions, otherwise catch a sibling or another school-age Sim doing homework and click them to get the help with homework option.
Scouting Keep Fit Badge in The Sims 4 SeasonsKeep Fit6To earn this badge, perform dance or exercise activities. Flip on a stereo, and have your child dance or play on children's jungle gym type equipment.
Scouting Outdoor Adventurer Badge in The Sims 4 SeasonsOutdoor Adventurer6To earn this badge, perform outdoorsy activities like catching fish, finding frogs, or grilling outdoors. This one is easy enough - just fish at any low level fishing spot (takes a few hours) or scan the neighborhood for logs (don't look for toys in logs, that doesn't work). Digging did not give me badge progress (seems like a bug to me).
Scouting Scholarly Aptitude Badge in The Sims 4 SeasonsScholarly Aptitude5To earn this badge, perform studious activities like reading books or completing homework. Broken, as doing 1 session of homework got me the badge. I feel you should need to read a couple of books at least, or complete homework 5x. That's not unreasonable.
Scouting Sociability Badge in The Sims 4 SeasonsSociability12To earn this badge, perform friendly socials with another Sim. This one seems to require the most input from the player, and can be done in just a couple of hours queuing these up.
Scouting Young Scientist Badge in The Sims 4 SeasonsYoung Scientist5To earn this badge, perform scientific activities like computer programming or using the microscope and telescope. School science project didn't count for me. What did, was the junior wizard set for raising mental ability as a kid... sadly, this can be queued, done for one second, cancelled 5x and you're done.
Scout uniform in The Sims 4 Seasons
Click to see the scouting uniforms in more detail. The Expert Scout uniform would not unlock for me, after multiple attempts.

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Paul R
I think the Expert Scout uniform that you are missing is in fact a recolour of the main uniform - only with the nine badges attached. Look in CAS.
2nd July 2018 1:40am
Carl couldn't get the final outfit to unlock!
2nd July 2018 7:57pm
The Expert Scout Uniform will show in CAS. Select Everyday or Hot Weather category; Full Body sub-category. Choose the Scout Uniform then click on the second grey/white color option which will then show uniform with badges. Choose the cap in the hat section.
15th March 2019 2:33pm
It seems carving pumpkins also counts for the arts and crafts merit.
5th July 2018 10:56pm
But as a kid/teen, I can't help others with homework though? (for the good deeds badge) I mean, I know I can do other actions to earn the badge, but if they put it in the description it means it's doable but I don't see any options for kids/teens to help each other with homework.
7th July 2018 2:05am
Teens can help children with homework. If you make a group then kids/teens can do homework together. And remember that they can all work together on the homework projects like rocket building etc that came with Parenthood DLC
7th July 2018 8:14pm
Since I could not get help with homework to work, there are no natural toddlers, and funny interactions weren't working, I resorted to repeatedly using the sink until it broke, repaired it, cleaned up the trash, then took out the trash to get the Good Deeds badge.
22nd December 2018 12:01am
My teen has completed and collected all the badges and gone to the meeting but it still says only 8/9 are complete and they haven't been promoted :(
13th July 2018 6:52am
I have had issues like this too. Try saving and quitting then deleting the localthumbcache.package file from your The Sims 4 folder. It may be a cache issue in which case doing this will help. Even if not, delete the cache is a good thing to do regularly anyway.
13th July 2018 10:31pm
I have a huge problem. One of my sims became a scout as a child, and by the time I managed to earn the highest rank, she became a teen. Now, I decided to quit being a scout, and now she stopped going to high school. I thought I should restart my game, but now the household she is in is not even loading, I get an error message. Help :(
19th July 2018 8:37am
I think the best thing would be to roll back to a previous save. It sounds like this one has been corrupted. But before trying that it would be worthwhile to delete the localthumbcache.package file from your The Sims 4 folder. If deleting cache doesn't work and you need help to rename an earlier save file so it becomes the one you play you can post on our forum for the details. Forum-Game Play
19th July 2018 10:20pm
Thx for the suggestion. I kind of figured out how ok to fix it. See, every single time my game pops up the error message I have to go back to an earlier save. When I check my teen's phone the "take vacation day(school)" disappears and she doesn't go to school, while her brother does. Only the "call in "sick"" remains, so every time this happens I have to make her quit being a high school student and then rejoin. This is a bit irritating, but I messed up my game when I made her quit that scout thing...
25th July 2018 6:03pm
Have you tried looking for it in CAS? It's not their default uniform but it is there. Smile
1st August 2018 12:12pm
I'm having a different sort of problem with the Scouts. I got the notification that I earned the Bronze Scouting Trophy, but it hasn't shown up in my personal inventory, family inventory or in the mail. What's the deal with that? How do I collect my reward?
7th August 2018 1:12pm
You unlocked the ability to buy it.... I'm sad to say. It's found in decoration > sculptures. Just do a search for scout in the text field if you can't find it. It's extra ridiculous they didn't do something like make it $1 simoleon since you earned it. You pay $100 for the trophy. It's cheap but still, they have the ability to reward players with items in the family inventory so I'd have gone with that.
7th August 2018 1:20pm
Also, children can get the fitness scout badge by skating (if you have seasons), or swimming, unless I’m mistaken.
20th November 2018 3:02am
Do you will release a version with girl guides?
19th March 2019 1:27pm
If you have Seasons then both boys and girls, children and teens can join the Scouts. As to future content, I doubt that EA would revisit this idea as generally once a theme is done that is it for the iteration.
19th March 2019 11:39pm
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