The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure

Temple Exploration Guide

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure Game Pack: A temple to explore
Click to Enlarge. One of the five temples in Jungle Adventure

Once your Sim has made it through the dense Selvadoradian Jungle, you should come upon a large temple. Inside are many treasures, from archaeological dig sites, to actual treasure chests. See the first part of this guide, "Exploring the Jungle", to get advice on making it here and acquiring supplies. Note the tree of emotions outside, along with the bush your Sim can use for bladder need or take a nap. Additionally, watch for piles of bone dust on the ground which can be used to save a Sim from poison. The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure Game Pack: Tree of emotions for emotion traps inside the temple

Sims must get past gates to explore the temple and find the treasure room. Traps correctly disarmed will allow you to progress.

Temples Reset

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure Game Pack: Tree of emotions for emotion traps inside the temple
The Tree of Emotion. I found two on my way to the temple. These provide emotion berries that can be used with emotion puzzles to unseal the gates that block progress.

There are five different temples you may encounter in the jungle. Some have emotional auras associated with them - the 5 temple are evidently named, such as the Temple of Abundance which made my Sim focused. Each vacation you take to the jungle may lead to different temples being found. You can go to a temple multiple times if you just can't clear it in one go - the temples reset after you have made it to the final treasure room and got the notification that you've found everything there. If you fully clear a temple you may go find another one on the same vacation - just wait a day or so before venturing out again and look for areas that are overgrown with vines and need clearing once more. This should be your temple gate.

Dangers Inside & Being Poisoned

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure Game Pack: Poison Gas The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure Game Pack: Lightning bugs attack my Sim
Two out of the many temple dangers. Most afflict you randomly. Do not try to walk through poison gas, as it can kill your Sim. You must have bone dust, found via activating temple defenses, at a vendor to get an antidote - you must also be poisoned for the option to be available. Poison kills a sim (sometimes) after three days. Look for the moodlet to change from feeling icky to something worse. Insects can also poison you. Have repellent on hand and your Sim will automatically use it!

Exploring the temple is largely a matter of enduring its inconveniences. Lightning bugs may attack you at random, just as in the jungle outside, you may get hit with a poison dart (dangerous) or simply get a curse that dazes your Sim. Different types of traps are in here, and activating the incorrect lever or saying the wrong thing to one of the guardian masks may cause you a malady. I strongly suggest players get a few levels in Archaeology Skill before attempting the Temples, as the analyze ability is likely better with experience.

Gates and Traps

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure Game Pack: Temple trap types The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure Game Pack: Temple trap mask

Progress in exploring the temple is blocked via gates. Each gate has a field or poison cloud that you can attempt to traverse, but most likely will get singed doing so. You definitely don't want to try to walk through the poison gas. It might kill your Sim without an antidote. The proper way to get by is to activate the right floor plate or pillar. The various types are all cleared in similar fashion, whether it be the giant mask you can talk to, emotional plate, or turning pillar. You pick the right one, and in you go. Two things of note that will help you.

Emotion Traps and Tree of Emotion

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure Game Pack: Emotion plates
Sims must be in the correct mood while stepping on this trap. Using analyze and the berries from the tree of emotion will help.

First, Emotional Floor Plates are probably the hardest to get past. However the devs did realize that getting in a specific mood while away from home is difficult. They help with this by providing the emotion berry tree. Outside the temple you'll find one of them. There is at least one more found in the jungle, or at least there was for me. If you have other means - items with emotional auras that may come in handy, such as collectibles, you can place them on the ground and activate their aura to help if you run out of berries. I encountered two of this trap on my first temple run, and it was OK. Look to our Emotions Guide for ways that you might get Sims in a certain mood, but consider those types that may be done from home - foods or drinks you can bring, or collectibles that can be placed in the world. This is if you get blocked and cannot continue because the emotion tree didn't provide what you need.

Analyze with Archaeology

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure Game Pack: Using Archaeology to analyze a trap
Use Archaeology's Analyze ability (low level) to rule out some of the possible solutions on a trap.

Archaeology Skill: Analyze is available from low level - maybe even level 0, and allows your Sim to potentially rule out one or more of the options available when you click a trap. Those with thumbs down are ruled out. One with a thumbs up is the correct option. Sometimes when you go into a new area, there are more than one options - such as multiple floor plates. You could try up to 7 times before you get it right, but Analyze can fully rule out an entire trap and then knock off two options on the other, meaning you only have to try twice.

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure Game Pack:
Sometimes, none of the solutions are right. Use analyze to rule some (or all of them) out. There must be another puzzle trap nearby!

This is important, because the worst part about the temple is enduring its inconveniences. Your Sim may have their bladder need fall to really low levels, and they may not want to explore if uncomfortable and covered in pox. These are the challenges you must overcome to make it to the final treasure room.


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The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure Game Pack: The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure Game Pack: Temple Exploration complete
The treasure room in the first temple I explored. There are sometimes powerful artifacts inside!

Inside the temple are dig sites and treasure chests. Open all of them, and dig them all up. The temple likely has dig sites with better rewards than those found randomly in the jungle. Treasure chests can contain rare artifacts. If you want to complete the two new collections in this pack, this is the way it's done. The final room of the temple contains a great treasure chest. Unlocking this room and opening that final chest completes the temple, so grab that loot before you leave.


The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure Game Pack: A skeleton in the temple
Skeletons come out at night, and can be found wandering the temple halls.

At night time you may bump into skeletons in the temple. Most do not seem to be hostile, and you can talk to them to replenish social need. I did not see the friendship bar moving when I talked to my skeleton. Even after a dozen interactions, it was not becoming my friend. However there are apparently skeletons you can befriend. I won't know for sure if I could've made that skeleton my friend or not but will keep trying on any that I meet.

Sims can find a rare relic while adventuring in the jungle, which allows them to turn into a skeleton for a time. The relic's primary use is to summon a skeleton that helps clean house, does repairs, etc. It's very handy for after-party cleanup.

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Comments (7)

What about ghosts in temples? are they immune to some of this?
Nvm, I found out about a day later. Ghosts still get attacked by bugs, and the inner chambers will not load if your ghost sim flies through the wall.
Hey, thanks for posting back. I hadn't found the time to check it out for you. Smile
In final treasure chest in Temple I found a golden frog called "Skull Diamond Gold Perereca" worth a very nice 10092 simoleons. You can find relic bases and other part I forgot the name of. It's possible to fuse them, though I'm not sure if it changes the effect the completer relic has.
To make relic "work" you also need a refined crystal (send to jeweler back home) or refine it yourself (archeology skill lvl 7).
Two relics I have at the moment of writing can be used on self and on another sim.
One is called "Golden Zazatototl Chaos Relic and it causes the "Curses of Greedy Needs. This partical curse decreases the amount of need "restored" by doing something, for example eating, your sim will refill its hunger need a bit more slower.
Second relic is called "Zazatototl Watcher Relic and it causes the "Curses of Personal Rain Cloud. This curse causes the small rain cloud to appear near the head of a sim who is under the effect of that curse. I used it on another sim that wasn't the part of family. Her mood changed to tense, then to sad. I didn't see the relationship between my sim and that sim becoming worse.
I'll do some more testing, but no promises.
The treasure you find is randomized and will be different in everyone's game and different for your sims each time they revisit the temple. To check what you have go to your sims personal inventory and look at the new collections avilable. They'll be a guide coming out soon.

The relics have 27 possible combos, three bases combined with three relics and then three different quality of crystals inserted (common, uncommon and rare). There's a long list here of all the possible combos Relics and what they do
Does anyone know anything about the piles of bone you can collect in temples? Can you grind them down into bone dust or anything or are they just there to be there?
They are just decoration. You can buy Bone Dust from venders secret menu at L5 of the cultural skill (click on vendor, not the table), find it in chests, get it as a by-product of getting traps wrong and sometimes from talking to skeletons - it will just appear in your sims inventory.
The bone dust is exchanged for an antidote when talking to a vendor in the marketplace.
Yep it is but any local will exchange bone dust for an antidote Smile
I read somewhere that you can cook up bone dust to make "Remedy of Ancients" which dispels some relic's curses.
Yes, click on stove with Bone Dust in inventory and the recipe will be available. A Totecallama Relic with a Watcher base + crystal will curse your sim and then they can use the Remedy of the Ancients to cure it.
I took a my dog and cat on the jungle vacation and tried to buy afood bowl for each of them from the merchants. I was able to buy the bowls but when I got back to where I was staying and looked in the inventory they were not there. I tried this several times and each time I didn't have the bowls. I was able to free them by preparing a cooked treat with level2 cooking skills. has anyone else had this problem?
It might be a new bug. There was a bug where pet bowls would disappear but that was fixed in a patch.
If you are playing in a game with no mods and no cc it might be worth making a but report about it. EA Bug Reports
How can I re-examine a piece of either pillar/floor plate or for example, the three bone statues (all three examples make up one of the trap door thingies)? I examined them all and got them all wrong but now it’s showing them all as wrong activation answers and won’t let me examine them again and won’t five any indication as to what the correct activation codes might be for each /:

Thanks in advance.
I don’t know if this is the right chat to put this on, but I can’t for the life of me find the statue for the new aspiration, can anyone give better directions for me????
There's a picture of it on the Relics page:

It is near the bar and shopkeepers, that same district.
Monique Csays...
Every time I go into the jungle I excavate, and find treasures but when I go back to my lodging or home the items are gone from my inventory. How can I bring these treasures with me?
This hasn't happened to me, anything that is in my sims inventory arrives back with my sim. Check that any mods you may be using are compatible with Jungle Adventures. Try deleting the localthumbcache.package file from your TheSims4 folder. If this continues to occur in a new game with no mods and no cc then think about making a EA Bug Report

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