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A Vet clinic in The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs
The Vet Clinic in Brindleton Bay

There's a new Veterinarian skill included in the Sims 4 Cats and Dogs, which represents your Sim's ability to treat sick animals and craft items at the medicine crafting table. The new skill is meant to be used in conjunction with the ownable vet clinic feature, but can certainly be used at home to craft a few useful items and treat your own sick pets without visiting the vet every time. It's an expensive time saver, to be sure, but being able to make your pets immortal is likely worth the effort to most Simmers, and the start-up cost can be recovered by crafting treats. In this guide, we'll cover what each level unlocks and the various bonuses you'll receive. For details on starting and running an actual vet clinic click here.

How to: Veterinarian Cheats
Press Control + Shift + C then type testingcheats on and press enter. You can now set your skill level with stats.set_skill_level major_veterinarian x (fill in 1-10) - we also have a full listing of Skill Cheats and a master list of Cheats in The Sims 4

Gaining Skill Levels and the Medicine Crafting Stations

Using the Medicine crafting station can let you gain Vet skill experience in order to prepare for actually treating animals.

To begin learning the skill, you have a few options but all require you to purchase vet equipment as there are no skill books available for veterinary medicine. Look under buy mode, sort by function and the 'pets' miscellaneous category. You can also search medicine to find the two veterinarian medicine crafting stations, one of which is a 'budget' model for about $650. Using these while focused is the best way to level up veterinarian. I don't yet see any major differences, though the higher end medicine crafting station certainly looks better.

When an animal in your household is sick, you can attempt to treat them and gain veterinarian experience, but you will not always be able to produce the correct treatment at low level. The easiest way to level up the skill without having to queue up tons of actions is to use the medicine crafting station to do lab work while Focused, which is the ideal mood for the vet skill. However you can make pretty good money making treats, so that option is not to be ignored.

Crafting special treats, which you can get from the first level and can give to your animals, will also grant you skill XP. You can live off the income from making treats and selling them from your inventory. Scorching cinnamon treats sell for $150, and it doesn't take too long to craft them nor any ingredients - just a small $15 fee. Profit $135 each, so a great way to make money and cover the costs of your vet equipment. It may even compete with what you'd get from running a full veterinary clinic, but isn't as fun.

The medicine crafting station also allows you to store medicine that can be used when you're treating pets. Medicines do not have a sale value, so you'd only want to do this if you're stocking up to help make treating animals more efficient and less stressful. Click open and drag the medicines you've crafted from your Sim's inventory to the crafting station.

Skill Unlocks

As with other skills, you unlock new abilities as you level Veterinarian. You'll also get perk points which can be used to improve your clinic and its employees, or to purchase temporary boosts.

  • Level 1 - You start with the ability to perform a number of treatments on pets, which will cover many of the common sicknesses. When you can't treat an 'easy' or 'medium' difficulty disease at the treatment table, it's likely the surgery machine has a suitable option. As a fallback plan, you can use the cone of shame should no viable treatment be available without more vet skill. Additionally players can make a few treats that can go to their pets at home.
  • Level 2 - 200 Vet Points. Two pet-themed mailboxes unlock, in addition to the Swampwater Taffy and Cooler than Liquid Nitrogen Nutrition Bar at the Medicine Crafting Table.
  • Level 3 - 300 Vet Points. A Pet-themed wall decal unlocks. You can also craft Scorching Cinnamon Chew at the Medicine Crafting Table.
  • Level 4 - 400 Vet Points. Feelgood Serum can be used at the exam table (allowing for a few cures without using surgery), along with The Stinkinator. Another pet-themed wall decal unlocks.
  • Level 5 - 400 Vet Points. Can use the 'Soothe Pets' interaction at the exam table, and craft Wellness Treats at the Medicine Crafting Table. Another Pet Themed Wall decal is available.
  • Level 6 - 600 Vet Points. Age Up and Age Down treats can be crafted, allowing immortality for your pets. After all, they only die of old age and aging them down from Elder to Adult cheats death. Yet another pet-themed wall decal.
  • Level 7 - 700 Vet Points. Poop Randomizer Treats can be crafted. Another pet-themed wall decal.
  • Level 8 - 800 Vet Points. Just a wall decal, this time.
  • Level 9 - 900 Vet Points. The Lubricate Tailwagger Joint surgery is available, allowing the Sim to cure some rare and difficult diseases.
  • Level 10 - 1000 Vet Points. The almighty Ambrosia Treat can be crafted, allowing you to bring a pet back from the dead. A new door for the vet clinic unlocks, as well.

Treating Animals: Equipment

Two more objects are required to be able to treat all types of sickness pets may get. There's the exam tables, found in the same area of buy mode as the crafting lab. The lower tier one is uncomfortable, which will make animals more stressed during exams. Even your own pets, so it's worth it to get the better one if you're going professional. The Surgery Station is expensive, but can also be used to spay and neuter pets.

Treating Illness: Uncovering Symptoms and Calming Animals

A sick dog being treated by a veterinarian Sim
A dog with hot paws and a glowing nose is treated on the examination table.

When a sick animal is around at home or in the vet clinic, you'll need to get them to an exam table or the surgery station. The surgery station can perform scans, while you'll use a variety of tests on the animal at the exam table to help determine whats wrong with it. Either one can be used exclusively to cure an animal, provided the right treatment is available.

The correct treatment will have a green thumbs up symbol. If none are present on either the exam table or surgery machine, then your veterinarian skill isn't high enough.

As you perform tests, the symptoms will be revealed. Once you've revealed all the symptoms, the disease will be known to you. If your Vet Skill is high enough, you'll find one of the treatments has a thumbs up symbol next to it - that is the correct cure. I've created a guide to Sicknesses, Symptoms and Cures as a reference for Veterinarians.

Calming the animal down allows you to perform more tests or treatments
Animals get stressed while being examined. Keep stress down until you know the correct diagnosis.

While you're practicing medicine on a animal, you need to keep their stress down. Each test you do will stress them. You can only do a couple of interactions before the stress gets too high. The 'Calm' interaction helps with this, and can bring the animal down to 0 stress. Do this occasionally, and know that the fewer interactions you need to finish, the better it will go for the customer.

The Industrial Strength Relaxation Serum shot (which can be crafted before exams) can be used to completely clear the stress from an animal and prevent its stress from growing during the remainder of the exam. This is very handy when you need to do many tests to figure out the disease.

Vet Treats

The treats you can produce at the medicine crafting station are... odd. Upon giving my pet some of these, he got a variety of illnesses. The pet didn't seem to care for the taste, either. The sicknesses the pets get seem to be based upon the name of the treat. For example the cinnamon can cause hot feet and a glowing nose, while the frost one can create frost fur. The only upside I see to these treats in particular is that it'd allow you to diagnose your pets at home and use them as guinea pigs to advance your veterinary career.

Ambrosia and Age Up Age Down

These are buried in the list of rewards for leveling up vet above, but worth mentioning here. Once you've attained a high enough level in Veterinarian, you can make pets immortal. Age them down from elder to keep them young and healthy. Resurrection of a pet who has died is also possible, using Ambrosia.

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Does anyone know what the vending machine in the vet's office does or how it's beneficial? Maybe this is a silly question, but I keep seeing Sims walk in and stand in front of it before walking out.
14th November 2017 6:13pm
You need to open it up (like a fridge) and stock it with treats you or your employees have made before other Sims can buy from it. The crafting table has its own inventory if you've had your employees make treats.
15th November 2017 3:59am
This will be fully stocked with Vet treats when you visit an NPC run vet clinic. Carl is currently working on a list of what these are and do for your pet.
In your own vet clinic your sim or their employees will have to make these vet treats and stock the fridge so that other sims can buy them. It becomes another way of making money for a vet.
15th November 2017 5:48am
Thank you both!
19th November 2017 8:13pm
I would like to see a guide on managing veterinary employees, as my ones seem very inefficient.
15th November 2017 2:47pm
Not really enough game play to make a guide. The best way to increase the efficiency of your employees is to send them to get training as this levels up the relevant skills. The higher the employees charisma, vet skills and handiness (to some degree) are the better they will perform in the vet clinic.
The Guide on Running a Vet Clinic talks about employees a little Guide to Vet Clinic but in many way it is the same mechanics as retail employees. Guide to Managing Employees in Retail
15th November 2017 4:05pm
So is the "Do Lab work" interaction just to gain in Vet skill? Cause I can see another reason for it.
17th November 2017 9:51pm
Does anybody know how to get clubs from the Get Together expansion to do veterinary things, like lab work?
18th November 2017 9:19pm
You can only use the club rules that are currently in the game. I haven't yet seen a sim use the vet clinic objects autonomously yet so I don't think they are able to.
19th November 2017 6:50pm
I think the treats might be to cure some disease. For example, if your dog looks too cold you can give him the treat that makes him go hot. That's just my theory though.
23rd November 2017 1:03pm
Anyone knows a way to unlock treats @buydebug?
3rd December 2017 10:24pm
Sure, just use the cheat bb.showhiddenobjects and search for them by name in the build/buy mode.
4th December 2017 9:28pm
When you need the patients to leave what do u do?
20th December 2017 2:23am
Click on either them or their pet and charge them then ignore them. They will leave on their own accord. You can also dismiss them but there is no point in doing that really. Just takes up time your sim-vet could be spending on the next patient.
20th December 2017 10:27pm
Terrance Lee
Any way to heal stray animals? i created a shelter for them and i want to heal them too but i cant figure it out
5th January 2018 11:00pm
I don't think there is a way without adopting them all. You could adopt them, heal them and then move them into NPC homes via household management maybe?
The game does eventually clean them up and you can enable testingcheats on and then shift-click the animal and choose 'make happy' and also reset them. This prompts the game to 'heal' them although sometimes the animal still needs to walk to the edge of the lot before they seem to get healed.
6th January 2018 2:05pm
You can heal stray dogs by giving them wellness treats. As far as I can tell it heals everything that may be wrong with the stray.
20th January 2018 1:47pm
Teresa Hernandez
Is there a cheat to input the number of of vet perk points??
11th June 2018 12:39am
The Vet cheats are here on the forum. Click
11th June 2018 10:44pm
The upside to any of the treats is that you can sell them in the vending machine to make more Simoleans. It isn't entirely ethical to be selling treats that cause sickness, but if the residents' pets never got ill, you'd be out of a job! Laugh
25th July 2018 11:29pm
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