The Sims 4 Culinary Career

Rewards for Chefs and Mixologists

The Sims 4 Culinary Career has Mixologist and Chef Branches to Choose

In the Sims 4's Culinary Career Track, you'll get to choose whether your Sim pursues the Chef or Mixologist branches. Both feature their own rewards but have a couple of things in common. Primarily, the Ideal Mood for the beginning levels of the Career and either Branch is Inspired. These Careers do not give amazing special abilities, though both can Write a Book about their Profession. It is primarily helpful to join to allow your Sims to make money from these low-earning Skills.

How to: Culinary Career Cheats
Press Control + Shift + C then type testingcheats on and press enter. You can now get promotions with careers.promote culinary - you can also see all Career Cheats or visit a full list of Cheats in The Sims 4.

The Creative Trait is helpful for both branches, as it helps Sims to randomly get Inspired, which can stack with other bonuses to get the Very Inspired. Taking a Thoughtful Shower is one means of getting Inspired before work, as is 'Browse Art' on the Computer. If you have Outdoor Retreat, a 6h Inspired Moodlet can be attained from Cloud/Stargazing and is one of the best means of making a Sim inspired at time of writing. Here are the requirements of the first few levels, before we discuss the individual Career Branches:

Culinary Career Levels 1-5

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
1Assistant Dishwasher$15/hourFri-Mon, Wed, 4PM-1AM$135Prepare Food or Mix Drinks.Nothing.
2Head Dishwasher$16/hourThu-Mon, 4PM-1AM$144Prepare Food or Mix Drinks. Reach Level 2 Cooking$334, Corporate Chic Countertop
3Caterer$26/hourThu-Mon, 3PM-11PM$208Prepare Food or Mix Drinks. Reach Level 2 Mixology$368, Stainless Steel Auto-Pot
4Mixologist$35/hourFri-Mon, 6PM-2AM$280Prepare Food or Mix Drinks. Reach Level 3 Mixology and Cooking$515, Umber Kitchen Sink
5Line Cook$43/hourFri-Mon, 2PM-10PM$344Prepare Food or Mix Drinks. Reach Level 4 Mixology and Cooking$556, Corporate Chic Counter Island, New CAS Parts

Chef Career

Chef Career Rewards in The Sims 4
Chef Career Rewards

This Career features higher pay than Mixologist, and you'll get one of the best Refrigerators in the game, free. If you select this Career, be sure and take the Master Chef Aspiration from the Food Category. Level both Cooking Skills by making meals over and over. The experience gains for making higher level dishes are huge, so leveling will not be an issue for you - especially with the Inspired Moodlets put off by the Reward objects.

Chef Career Branch

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
6Head Caterer$52/hourFri-Mon, 3PM-12AM$468Prepare Food. Reach Level 6 Cooking, Level 2 Gourmet Cooking$691, Positronic Pro Magnetic Knife Rack
7Pastry Chef$104/hourThu-Mon, 12PM-5PM$520Prepare Food. Reach Level 7 Cooking, Level 4 Gourmet Cooking$933, Heavy Dutiest Pot Rack, Professional Ceiling-Mounted Pot Rack, Ceiling Pot Rack - Oval
8Sous Chef$131/hourThu-Mon, 8PM-2AM$786Prepare Food. Reach Level 8 Cooking, Level 6 Gourmet Cooking$1306, Icebox of Steel by Krampft Industries, Write Cook Book ability on Computer
9Executive Chef$253/hourFri-Mon, 5PM-11PM$1518Prepare Food. Reach Level 10 Cooking, Level 8 Gourmet Cooking$1959
10Celebrity Chef$410/hourFri-Mon, 12PM-6PM$2460Prepare Food. Go to Work!$3037, Discretion Stove Hood, Pro Performance Range Hood, The Obelisk, Pancake Pro Free-Standing Griddle, New CAS Parts

Mixologist Career

The Ideal Mood for this Branch is Inspired, as stated earlier. All Career Rewards here give off Emotional Auras that help your Sim to be Inspired, which helps them make high-quality Drinks. Additionally, you'll get one of the best Mixology Bars in the game. Level Mixology by practicing bar tricks once you've got a few levels - it's much cheaper and more time-efficient than mixing drinks. Practice your Sim's Charisma by using a mirror to 'Practice Speech' while Confident (brush teeth), and you'll level quickly.

Mixologist Career Rewards in The Sims 4
Mixology Career Rewards

Mixologist Career Branch

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
6Head Mixologist$45/hourThu-Mon, 6PM-1AM$315Mix Drinks. Reach Level 5 Mixology, Level 2 Charisma$691, Captain Rodrigo de Pablo Cask
7Juice Boss$64/hourThu-Mon, 7PM-2AM$448Mix Drinks. Reach Level 7 Mixology, Level 4 Charisma$1907
8Chief Drink Operator$111/hourThu-Sun, 4PM-12AM$888Mix Drinks. Reach Level 8 Mixology, Level 6 Charisma$2559, Vinoteca Bottle Rack, Write Bar Guide ability on Computer
9Drinkmaster$166/hourThu, Sat-Sun, 2PM-12AM$1660Mix Drinks. Reach Level 10 Mixology, Level 8 Charisma$3916, Lemonade on a Sunny Day Torchiere
10Celebrity Mixologist$197/hourThu, Sat-Sun, 12PM-10PM$1970Mix Drinks. Go to Work!$4984, Bar Setters Bar, New CAS Parts

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Dil Howlter
Dads, I'm going to make $1970 a day now.Scared
18th September 2015 9:48pm
Why is the phandom everywhere! Im not complaining mind you.. Grin
26th November 2015 2:03pm
If only real world wages were like the Sims Sad
8th November 2015 9:25pm
If it were only like that... Sad
4th September 2016 11:17pm
Just so you know, when making drinks you can sell the ones you make through your inventory sell option. You may break even but sometimes they sell for twice as much or more than what you spent to make them, and if your sim drinks them you can still sell the empty glass for the same price as a full one!
18th January 2016 10:51pm
Similarly, you could spend about 1400 simoleons to get the Nano Touchless trash can that can give you money everytime you give it something, though you do have to wait for a few seconds after using it. In the long run its really useful.
7th May 2016 4:57pm
Where can I buy Sims 4 culinary career for pc? Online or in a store can't find it anywhere, please help!
6th March 2016 1:38pm
This career is part of the base Game 'The Sims 4'.
6th March 2016 5:50pm
I LOVE this game!! Anyone agree with me? Laugh
4th September 2016 11:14pm
Do you know if there is a way to do the mixologist career when you already have done the chef career...?
21st November 2016 8:18am
No, there is no way for one sim to complete both branches of the same career.
21st November 2016 7:28pm
aww thats stupid :/
21st November 2016 7:52pm
I agree. I think there is a way with mods, not sure tbh as I haven't tried but in a vanilla game you are stuck with one career/one branch.
21st November 2016 9:51pm
maybe i will try and look around at the mods then.... tho i think the sims team should do something about this i even wouldn't mind if i would have to spend some of those points on it....
but that will probably not happen in sims4 just like with pets and season :(
22nd November 2016 5:09am
That would be such a great option, a reward that lets your sim change branches etc. Smile
22nd November 2016 3:36pm
yeah i know right! Tongue
22nd November 2016 4:12pm
I wish I was good at the sims 4 xD
This is why I came to this guide! Lol
Awesome guide, btw. Cool
4th September 2017 6:22pm
hey, i didn't watch the videos, but i find cooking the longest meals greatly increases the daily task. the longer the task, the more daily task fulfillment you get... i filled my daily task one day with a single lobster thermidor. or is this just me?
4th January 2019 11:34am
Not just you, the longer your sim is cooking the more of the daily task will be filled. I think it is apple pie that also takes some time to cook and can fill quite a bit of the daily task, not all of it though from memory - it's been a while since I've played the Culinary Career through.
4th January 2019 7:15pm
Well, do you think he should try to set a guidelines for how long meals take in the cooking guide? very short, short, medium, long, very long? something like that?
personally i highly recommend that so people who want to cook fast meals can do such, and people grinding the cooking skill can choose the very, very, very long meals.
hint: lobster thermidor is one of my top picks right now for cooking daily tasks.
4th January 2019 7:21pm
Not sure if it is something Carl might want to include in his guide. But I'll let him know you asked. Often things like this are better left for players to explore the content and find out for themselves like you did. Smile
5th January 2019 2:45pm
Sketch Elder
Quickest and cheapest way to complete the daily task is to Make Drink/Water on a bar. You'll have to do it 3 times but it goes very fast, since your Sim is just pouring water, and it doesn't cost anything. This will work for the basic career and the Mixology branch. Haven't tested whether it works for the Chef branch.
16th January 2019 4:16pm
Yes, this happened when the simming community asked for water to be added to the bar menu. Smile Seems a bit weird but water is free so..hey, each to their own!
16th January 2019 5:30pm
Have the hours for when you start this career changed or is it just my game? My Assistant dishwasher hours say 9 to 5. I have the base game, city living, vampires and vintage stuff... Also on PS4.
10th May 2019 6:39am
The first two levels of the career seem to have different hours now but at L3 they seem the same. Without playing through the first two levels I can't tell if the hours of work text is showing incorrectly or if the hours of work have actually changed. Thanks for pointing it out, we'll get onto it!
12th May 2019 5:48pm
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