The Sims 4 Secret Agent Career

Rewards for Diamond Agents and Villains

The Sims 4's Secret Agent Career Branches
The Secret Agent Career has the Diamond Agent and Villain Branches

The Sims 4's Secret Agent Career Track features the only Career with 11 levels (Villain Branch). Diamond Agent has the usual 10. This Guide to the Career will show you the various ideal moods, daily tasks, promotion requirements and a comparison of rewards for each branch. Here are the first 7 levels of the Career, which need an Ideal Mood of Focused.

How to: Secret Agent Career Cheats
Press Control + Shift + C then type testingcheats on and press enter. You can now get promotions with careers.promote secretagent - you can also see all Career Cheats or visit a full list of Cheats in The Sims 4.

Because of the differences in the two's Promotion Requirements, the optimal traits are a little different. The best all-around for both Careers is to go with Genius to help your Sim get Focused. For Diamond Agents, Self Assured will help a lot as will anything that aids in Charisma. Hot-Headed can be good for Villains, as angry Sims level Mischief faster.

Sims 4 Villain and Diamond Agent Uniforms
Diamond Agent Tux on left, Villain Uniforms for M/F on Right

The Browse Intelligence Database (under Web on the Computer) can give your Sim a Focused Moodlet if they find a good lead. This Moodlet lasts a whopping 2 days, providing +1 Focused and will particularly help Villains, since that is their Ideal Mood. Intelligence Research is mainly for promotion requirements and doesn't seem to do much. Investigate Sim will reveal a Sim's Traits and is useful for socializing as well as Promotions.

For the early stages of the Career, have your Sim ponder chess Moves at a chess table, drink pitch black tea, or 'Browse Simpedia' on a computer to get a quick Focused boost before Work. Here are the first seven levels of Secret Agent and the things you must do to get Promoted, in order to help you plan ahead:


Secret Agent Career Levels 1-7

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
1Agency Clerk$17/hourMon-Fri, 7AM-3PM$136Browse Intelligence on a ComputerNothing, but Browse Intelligence Interaction with Computers
2Intelligence Researcher$19/hourMon-Fri, 7AM-3PM$152Browse Intelligence. Reach Level 2 Logic.$349, The Swiveler, Intelligence Research on Computer
3Agent Handler$21/hourMon-Fri, 8AM-4PM$168Friendly Interactions. Reach Level 2 Charisma$384, Reconnaissance Workstation, Tranquilizing Handshake Interaction
4Field Agent$37/hourMon-Thu, 10AM-6PM$296Browse Intelligence. Reach Level 3 Logic, Level 3 Charisma$422
5Lead Detective$47/hourMon-Thu, 10AM-7PM$423Friendly Interactions. Reach Level 5 Logic, Level 5 Charisma$599, Nerves of Steel Desk Lamp, Investigate on the Computer
6Government Agent$52/hourMon-Thu, 10AM-7PM$468Browse Intelligence.$851, Tactical Map
7Secret Agent$87/hourSun, Tue, Thu, 2PM-10PM$696Browse Intelligence. Reach Level 6 Logic, Level 6 Charisma$936, Unlock Hidden Bookcase Door, New CAS Parts

Diamond Agent Branch

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Sims 4 Diamond Agent Career Rewards
Diamond Agent Career Rewards

The Diamond Agent's Ideal Mood is Focused. They get a mid-range Computer, and the chair/computer both put off a Confident Aura that helps a little with Romance and Friendly Interactions, and can help them build Charisma. The rest is Decor, but you do also get the nice tuxedo that is featured above. Overall, this is a rather simple Career with few interesting bonuses compared to Villains. They do, however, require just 3 days at work, but they are very long shifts - the longest of any Career thus far.

This is clearly inspired by James Bond, since it encourages Romantic Interactions as a Daily Task to help you advance. It's possible to get by without doing that, but you will get promoted much faster by doing so. This Career used to require a whopping 8 Friends to get the last promotion, but it's no longer required thanks to a well-thought patch that made getting promotions much easier.

Diamond Agent Career

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
8Spy Captain$173/hourSun, Wed-Thu, 2PM-10PM$1384Romantic Interactions. Reach Level 8 Logic, Level 7 Charisma$1039, Spy Satellite
9Shadow Agent$208/hourSun, Tue-Wed, Fri, 2PM-11PM$1872Romantic Interactions. Reach Level 10 Logic, Level 8 Charisma$2078, Information Database
10Double Diamond Agent$284/hourSun, Tue, Thu, 9AM-12AM$4260Romantic Interactions. Go to Work!$3741, New CAS Parts

Villain Branch

Sims 4 Villain Career Rewards
Villain Career Rewards

The Villain's Ideal Mood is Focused. Browsing Simipedia on the Computer can help with that, as well as drinking Pitch Black tea from the Tea Brewer and playing Chess. This one makes substantially more money than the other Branch, but its rewards' auras are Playful. There isn't anything here other than a $13k chair, statue, and decorative freeze ray (all Playful Auras). All other items pictured above are from the first 7 levels of the Career. I consider this to be the easier of the two branches, and an overall better choice. All it's really missing is the computer. You get the best abilities of Secret Agent early on. Level Mischief by using a Computer to 'Troll teh Forums' at level 2. This will give consistent Skill gains, as opposed to going about using the actual interactions and gaining small bits of XP at a time.

The CAS Parts featured above are really nice - both villain outfits for Male and Female look appropriate for a Villain.

Villain Career

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
8Double Agent$191/hourSun, Tue, Fri, 2PM-10PM$1528Mischief Interactions. Level 8 Logic, Level 2 Mischief$1039, Evil Am Eye Swiveler
9[Redacted]$278/hourSun, Tue, Thu-Fri, 6AM-1PM$1946Mischief Interactions. Level 10 Logic, Level 4 Mischief$2286
10Supreme Villain$479/hourSun, Tue-Wed, Fri, 2PM-8PM$2874Mischief Interactions. Level 6 Mischief$3886, Commemorative Freeze Ray
11Triple Agent$515/hourSun-Wed, Fri, 2PM-7PM$2575Mischief Interactions. Go to Work!$5743, Our Founder Statue, New CAS Parts

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Comments (12)

Smile good
Why would you want to be confident before work if your ideal mood is focused in the early stages of this career?
Admin: I'm glad you asked, because it brought the error to my attention and I fixed it.. At first, it was that way, but they did a major overhaul of Careers to make their goals more attainable. So that was a missed edit when I had to redo the whole careers section!

You had to have tons of friends to advance in that career and the ideal mood was confident. They switched to focused and the simple skill requirements in order to level up, because players were finding it a struggle to get promoted.
This site is pretty good.
Anyone knows if it got harder to get promoted, in terms of time?
Before i could do like 3 promotions in a row and now i cant.
Im talking about different sims not like the 3 first and 3 last promotions.
I am now a triple agent. Do I have to complete this career too, to the max, before I can "get to work"?
There are only three active careers that came with the expansion pack Get To Work. It is only these three careers that you can follow your sim to work with.
Carl's Guide on Get To Work
This may sound a bit silly, but I only bought the sims 4 a week ago and have never played any of the earlier versions, and have now reached the agent handler level, but have no idea how to complete the daily task of friendly interactions. Being friendly with other sims doesn't seem to be working, so any cheats or tips on how to get complete the daily task? Thanks :)
Click on another sim and chose one of the 'friendly' socials. If that isn't working it could be a bug. Try traveling with your sim to another lot and back, this resets your sim.
umm why is it that you make less as a Triple Agent $2575 than as a Supreme Villain $2874 I think you have a typo there
opps I think I misread it XD never mind
If you look, it's because you work from 2-8 as a supreme villain and 2-7 as a triple agent. You have a shorter shift and a little more pay but it still doesn't add up to as much as the previous level. It's stupid, but it does add up.
im sorry if this was already mentioned but how do you explore intelligance
It is a computer action. Click on a PC and under 'web' there will be the option to browse intelligence.
Crazy Maisiesays...
can villians and crimanals get caught by detectives?Unsure
No there are no NPC police in The Sims 4
Just wanted to let you know that its not logic skill anymore its fitness and charisma
Thank you! Will do a play through of this career today and let Carl know this guide needs an update. Smile
This has probably been answered somewhere else.. but I just maxed the Diamond Agent branch.. is there a way to start over and max the Villain branch? I'm trying to max all careers.. if this is even possible lol.
Not with the same sim. Any one sim can not complete both branches of the same career.
Just noticed that the VILLAIN CAREER Branch has a Redacted at lvl 9 for some reason. I guess EA stuffed it up at some point as it never was like that before. Please note that getting lvl 10 gives you the achievement for top career path, however, there is a lvl 11 to actually be at the true top and receive the final rewards. They really need to fix this.
whats the cheat to get more followers in the Social Media career?
This is the guide to the Secret Agent career: Social Media career here: (Click). But as far as I know there isn't a cheat to get more followers, you just have to grind it out.

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