The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat Game Pack Additions

New Gameplay Features, Pictures, Objects, and Vacations in Granite Falls

The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat Game Pack

The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat is the first Game Pack in the franchise. It sets a precedent that minor add-ons for the game will include gameplay features, as opposed to objects and clothing via Stuff Packs. That's not to say this GP doesn't compete with The Sims 3's Stuff Packs in terms of 'stuff'. There is actually more here than in a typical Stuff Pack, with gameplay to make it more appealing to players deciding to buy it. I am eager for the game to be expanded upon in this way, as most of us could get free decorative content from the many CC sites without needing to fork over any dough. Maxis-designed Skills and interactive objects are simply more appealing to purchase. Even as a Guide author, I never bought more than 2 Stuff Packs for TS3 and had Twinmum (a Moderator of our Forum) cover those for me.

The Campgrounds of Granite Falls at Night
Click to Enlarge Picture. Night Shot of the Campgrounds at Granite Falls

Outdoor Retreat Campground
Click to Enlarge Picture. Outdoor Retreat's Campground Area

Comparing TS3 Stuff Pack Content to Sims 4's Game Packs
To help you understand why Outdoor Retreat is a value at its $20 launch price, we can compare the first Stuff Pack for Sims 3: High End Loft Stuff. In all, the Game Pack offers 65+ objects vs High End Loft's 45, and over 80 articles of clothing, hair, and accessories vs HEL's 13(these were counted by user Simify on Game Packs will not be the only additions to The Sims 4. We will still get Expansion Packs for TS4 that add major gameplay, but these Game Packs will be released at times in between EPs.


Rent a Lot for Vacation in Granite Falls
Renting a Lot for a Vacation in Granite Falls, the Game Pack's World

Vacationing in Granite Falls
In order to explore the new Neighborhood of Granite Falls National Park, you need to use your Sim's phone. From there, you can select Travel, and Go on Vacation With... You will need to select one of five Lots to rent, which cost the following amounts per day:

Click to Enlarge Picture. Renting a Cabin costs $ per Day and Uses Career Vacation Days

  • Campground - $111/day
  • Riverside Retreat - $282/day
  • Green Getaway - $397/day
  • Forest Hideaway - $635/day
  • Lakeside Retreat - $893/day

You can elect to stay up to 7 days, and will pay ahead of time. At any time while on Vacation, you can go home or Extend Vacation through the phone to pay for more time there. If your Sim has a job, know that their Career's Vacation days will be used while visiting Granite Falls, and continuing to stay beyond the allowed Vacation time could cause a performance hit - so stay on top of the Careers Tab ('J' Hotkey) and be sure you are not about to lose your Job! With Vacation Days available, your Sim will earn money equivalent to a normal day's pay when the shift ends.

Butterflies flutter and can be caught for the Insects Collection
Butterflies can be caught, along with other Flying Insects

The Forest Ranger's Aid Station lets you buy Supplies for your Sims' Adventures
Click to Enlarge Picture. Buy Supplies and Tents at the Ranger's Aid Station

Two Main Areas & One Secret Area
There are two main areas (Neighborhoods) in Granite Falls, and one secret area. First is the area you are automatically taken to when visiting - the Campgrounds. There, you will find the five lodgings you can rent, along with plenty of visiting Sims. Park Rangers are available, and can be asked about the new Game Pack's features, as well as giving you some minor advice. A Sim in a bear costume lingers here, waiting to make tourists Tense. You can don the costume yourself in Create-a-Sim. There is a Ranger's Station you can visit to purchase supplies near the Mascot Statue (which can be examined to get a Woodworking Schematic). You are able to buy tents, food, campfires, tables, and chairs there, which can help you to drop everything and relax anywhere in the Forest. There are, of course, collectibles and fishing spots in this area but the best new fish, insects, and herbs are found elsewhere.

You can build on this lot in the Forest of Granite Falls
Click to Enlarge Picture. You can build and customize the lot in the Forest Area

A wide view of Granite Falls National Park
Click to Enlarge Picture. A Wide Pic of Granite Falls National Park's Forest Area

The other area is the Forest where you will not find a Bigfoot because they aren't in the game (yet?). As noted by Nutella on our Forum, there is a huge lot you can build on here, so you can make your own retreat if you like. The whole thing can be bulldozed and customized to your own specifications. It comes with a nice public cabin that can be used for a night's sleep and cooking a meal, if tents are not for your Sim. This is a massive forest with waterfalls and great scenery where you can find most of the new collectibles. You'll see scurrying wildlife (birds, squirrels) and be able to search for the third area, which is secret yet not-so-secret, the Deep Woods where the Hermit resides.

A Woodpecker on a tree
A Woodpecker taps away at a Tree, adding Realism to the Game Pack

Overall, the areas are beautifully crafted by the Game Pack's designers. There is a sense that you are actually exploring the woods thanks to the little touches they put in - the sound effects, animals, and sea of trees with rocks and logs all come together nicely to make the world itself worth a purchase, gameplay aside.

Outdoor Retreat Gameplay Additions

Herbalism is a New Skill in Outdoor Retreat
Outdoor Retreat comes with Herbalism - Identifying Wild Plants and making Remedies

New Skill: Herbalism
Outdoor Retreat's Herbalism Skill relies on 10 new Herbs and some of the new insects that can be collected. The Skill allows your Sim to make potions and salves that heal ailments like bug bites and calm emotions like anger, while also producing excellent Fertilizer for your Garden and weed repellent. Visit the linked Guide to see more about this Skill, which is as fully featured as others, just difficult to use heavily because of the ingredient requirements. You can take Herbs you collect back home to grow and use in practicing it, but will sometimes need insects in order to complete a recipe.

The Secret Area is required for Outdoor Enthusiast
Click to Enlarge Picture. Meeting the Hermit here is required for Outdoor Enthusiast

New Aspiration: Outdoor Enthusiast
The game pack's new Aspiration is tied in with the new content. You'll have to harvest Herbs, catch fish, level Herbalism, collect Insects, sleep 5 nights in a tent, and befriend the Hermit of Granite Falls, who resides in the Deep Woods. Its Reward Trait is Survivalist, which makes Sims happier when camping (even at home) and enjoying the great outdoors.

Insects are a new Collectible with Outdoor Retreat
There are 21 different Insects to Catch - Flying and Crawling Types

Wildlife in Granite Falls
Wildlife Can't be Caught, but add Great Scenery to Granite Falls

New Collectibles: Fish, Insects, and Herbs
The Game Pack comes with a number of new Collectibles for Sims to search for, including 5 Fish, 10 Herbs, and 21 Insect types - both flying and crawling. Completing these will require a keen eye, because it is hard to spot things in the Forest. You'll get them all over time as you vacation in Granite Falls, so long as you keep your eyes open for movement and unidentified plants. Within the secret area, you may catch the Mountain Lionfish or spot a rare insect, the Will-o-the-Wisp which comes out only at night.

Waterfalls make Great Fishing Spots
Click to Enlarge Picture. A Waterfall Fishing Spot - Absolutely Beautiful Picture

Telling a Ghost Story in Outdoor Retreat
Telling a Ghost Story can Summon a Ghost, which is seen in the Background

New Activities
There is now the option to roast insects and weenies over the campfire, and invite other Sims to join you there. You can even plan a Weenie Roast Social Event, so long as you have a fire pit to roast them. Adding a log will keep the fire going for everyone to enjoy. Sims will warm their hands at the fire, and the new Tell Group Story option will let you select one of a few types of Stories. Picking a Ghost Story at night may cause an apparition to appear near the listeners, scaring them and bringing GREAT effect to the story if you want everyone terrified!

Sims can play Horseshoes
Horseshoes is a way to help Sims have fun at the Campground, or at Home!

On the fun side, there are Horseshoes that Sims can play together, and a portable activity table for playing cards out in the woods. Many of the items your Sims can use are portable, so you can drop down a Tent to Woohoo in it or even read a magazine to learn a bit about Granite Falls' features.

Stargazing and Cloudgazing are new Interactions in Outdoor Retreat
Sims may Cloudgaze and Stargaze with one another, making them Inspired

Sims who play Guitar can pluck one at the Fire and let other Sims join in to sing Campfire Songs. There is a new ability that can help creative types - Stargaze or Cloudgaze, depending on the time of day. This gives a +1 Inspired Moodlet that lasts 6 hours - yes, 6. Unlike most Moodlets, which last 4. This is super useful for a Painter, Writer, Mixologist, or Chef.

Roasting food at a Camp Fire in OR
Click to Enlarge Picture. Roasting Food at the Campfire levels Cooking Skill

Misc Additions: Recipes, Traits, and Rewards
Within the Game Pack, there are also some outdoors-y Cooking Recipes like Franks and Beans, Camper's Stew, and Walleye Surprise. You'll also find Baked Potatoes and Gumbo (with Crawdads as an ingredient). There is a new Trait - Squeamish, which makes Sims get upset around anything dirty and, of course, bugs! Several new Woodworking Schematics are available to help your Sim earn cash with that Skill, and three new Rewards you can purchase:

  • Great Storyteller (500 points) - This will help your Sim's success when telling Stories to others, especially campfire stories through the 'Group Story' Interaction.
  • Stoves and Grills Master (1500 points) - Stoves and Grills Masters have the opportunity to sometimes make Impeccable-Quality food when using these. It can help for regular cooking, since that uses a Stove.
  • Incredibly Friendly (2000 points) - Sims that are Incredibly Friendly will get a major boost to Friendship with Sims when they make a friendly Introduction of any type.

New Stuff and Clothes in the Game Pack!

Buy/Build Mode Object Pictures

Explore My Mods! Color Picker for Builders, Seasons Tuner, Dine Out Reloaded and a Gameplay Overhaul! Like other modders, I've been working to make The Sims 4 a better game. Check out my many mods here!

Inside of a Cabin in Outdoor Retreat
Click to Enlarge Picture. A view inside a Cabin depicts Good Decoration

New Objects
As mentioned, there are over 60 new Objects for use in building and not all of them are only suited to building a lodge. Many will fit into your Sim's home back in Oasis Springs or Willow Creek, particularly thanks to the many coloring options available. The expected are here - camp fires, tents, inflatable mattresses, and wood paneling for lodges, but you will also find furniture (couches, chairs, beds etc.), lighting, a new Bearly Gnome, and a horseshoe pit you can place anywhere. For Build Mode, there are new types of trees and shrubs, wildflowers, and some nice wood paneling and flooring for your homes. Click on the picture below to see some of the objects, placed on an empty lot so that you can get an idea of what is available:

Picture of New Objects and Furniture in Outdoor Retreat
Click to Enlarge Picture. New Objects and Furniture in Outdoor Retreat

Outdoor Retreat Female Clothing and Hair Pictures

Female Clothing in Outdoor Retreat
Click to Enlarge Picture. Female Clothing and Hair Styles

Outdoor Retreat Male Clothing and Hair Pictures

Click to Enlarge Picture. Male Clothing and Hair Styles

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Comments (17)

Does catching bugs require a net or something? I cannot seem to catch i need to actually learn the herbalism skill to start catching the bugs also?
No nets needed, the sims catch the bugs with their hands. The herbalism skill starts as you collects the plants and then try to identify them. To do this just click on a plant in your sims inventory. Herbalism skill is not needed to catch bugs. Smile
I am confused, because I have built a cabin, and my sims have moved in there for a holiday. How do I go to build mode? I need to add something... Crying
You can't go to build mode because your renting the place but if you do it before you start playing you can edit it.
if you want to you can have cheats to build on the propertyTongueBlushShockedCool
Not sure if i should get this, spa day or get to work pack! Unsure
All of them! Laugh but u should get the get to work one, then if possible this one Smile
Really don't know whether to just use the cabins that are already there or build my own?!?! I don't really want to destroy them but I find it really annoying living in a place I haven't built.
how do u get the camp modeWinkin confused
You need to own the Game Pack 'Outdoor retreat' first. Then using your sims phone you can choose to take a vacation and travel to the Campgrounds where you will get to choose which lot to visit for your vacation. You can chose from a campsite or from a selection of cabins.
Smilevery good
Is it a bug that if you invite Sims living in other households, they leave your holiday when it's time for school or their work?
No, it's just they way the game works. I guess because they can't auto phone for a day off unless you are controlling them, the game pushes them to carry on with their normal lives.
Hey do u guys know the cost of the out door pack and if u can get it with the begging packSmile
The cost will depend on where you live and if any sales are currently happening. Best bet would be to google around to find the best deals. Smile
Phyu phyuasays...
Free games
Kinda wish it didn't cost to be at the outdoors area. Would be wonderful to do the Rags to Riches in this expansion pack. But would be basically impossible to do since you'd probably wont be able to make enough money to even last 1 day if you set your money to 0.
Hi Korach, If you have Outdoor Retreat, but your Sims don't have enough to go there very much, then, you could download my lot from the gallery. My lot is called, "Broke Sim Camp" and my screen name in the gallery is cat315118
louisa ausays...
Hi. Please I need help. I have the outdoor retreat, but I my Sims can't go on a vacation to any of the camp grounds. When I click on the "go on vacation"option on my Sims phone, the page that says "vacationing "shows, but is blank(white) with my sims a the bottom left of the I cant even click on any camp ground because I can't see them
Quit out of your game. Delete the localthumbcache.package file from your TheSims4 folder. Remove all cc and mods and then test your game again. If all is working then you know it is a mod issue. If you do not use mods/cc and it is still not working then repair your game and test again. Still not working with no mods, then try a factory reset.
Repair Game
Factory Reset
Problems with Mods and How to Fix
louisa ausays...
Thanks. By remove mods, do you mean I should delete the mod folders? And how do I repair the game? Sorry for the many questionsBlush
louisa ausays...
Oh.. Just saw the links. Thanks
I'm haBing the same challenge. And I've read the contents of the links. Do I need to delete the mod folders to remove them?
louisa ausays...
I read the contents of the links but I couldn't figure out if deleting the mod folder meansvremoving it... Meds some help here
What I do is make a new folder on my desktop and name it 'Current Mods'. I then go into the mods folder inside TheSims 4 folder and highlight them all and drag them into the new Current Mods folder I just made. Basically you just want to empty the mods folder, not delete them. Every time you remove mods or cc you need to delete the localthumbcache.package file too.
I can't access granite falls, there isn't an option on the cellphone to go on vacation. And when I'm in world mode, it says "This world is unusable because there are no rental units left. Change a lot back into a rental unit in order to have it be usable again." but I don' t know how to make the lots usable again. And when I go in manage worlds and click granite falls, it sends me to blank page, and then freezes and I cant click back out I have to return to the main menu !!! HELP Crying
First thing I'd do is repair your game.
How To Repair Your Game Then go into your game and try it. If it still does not work then try a Factory Reset (guide)
Also remove all mods and cc before doing either. If you do not want your game saved in a cc-less state then exit without saving after play-testing.
If the problem is a mod or cc then you will need to work out which one it is before replacing them all.
Testing Problem Mods/cc
Please let me know if you have figured out what works to fix this issue you were having.
Lol 0-0says...
Tongue hehehe
I was wondering where I can get a sleeping bag if it dosent come with this GP? Seems like it would be supplied since it's camping gear. Unsure
Not sure, maybe check out some of the modding community sites? Maybe Mod the Sims as a starting point? I don't use mods so I'm not even sure if someone has made any.

i love this pack al


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