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The NanoTouch Trash Can will give you $10 per household member when used, but is only profitable for larger households as it takes 100 plates of food to break even.

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You can submit tips to carl at Please include the name you'd like to be credited with - either your real name or an internet handle. I will add it at the end of the tip.

More Tips Coming
This page is one that will always be growing, as players and myself come up with more tips to share. I just got this started, but will be expanding on it regularly.

General Gameplay

Claim Your Reward Lamps
A reader reminded me that one of the best things I can do for players who owned The Sims 3 and Expansions is to remind them to claim their Reward Lamps from EA before they stop being available at the end of 2015. These lamps give off Emotional Auras that can be very helpful in your gameplay. Follow the simple process and they'll be installed in your game automatically. The lamps you get depend up on the Expansion Packs you own.

Use Whims! - Don't ignore Whims. The first of the three Whims is tied to your Sim's emotional state and ever-changing. There are often quick little things you can do to get some Satisfaction. The other two Whims are based on what your Sim has been doing the past 24-48h. If you play a lot of Piano, you'll get Piano Whims. If you've been Dating, you'll get Whims to hug your lover and things like that.

Zoom Out
You can Zoom out with the Mouse Wheel or your keyboard's 'X' key. This will let you see more of the area, and sometimes spot collectibles.

Sims 3 Camera Controls
Switch back to the old Sims 3 style camera with Control + Shift + Tab or by going to the Game Options > Controls & Camera tab. You can learn all the Sims 4 Keyboard Shortcuts here.

Earn Money Recycling Trash
Buy the NanoTouch Touchless Trash Can for $1200, and each time your Sim discards something, they'll get $10 per household member. This mainly applies to plates, which you can drag to the can yourself. It can actually make cooking profitable if you have multiple household members and are cooking low-value meals.

Refill Needs: The Book of Life
Completing the Bestselling Author Aspiration gives the Poetic Reward Trait, which allows Sims to write the Book of Life then bind it to a Sim. When bound to a Sim, reading it fully restores their needs. A Sim can't bind it to themselves, so you must have someone else in the household complete the Aspiration. You can give the book to the target Sim after bound, and it will fill their needs when they themselves read it. The other purpose of this book is to turn a Sim who has become a ghost back to life. Thanks to Pikeman101 for reminding me that this belongs on the tips page, so all are aware of how powerful this can be to Sims 4 gameplay.


Change them! - You don't have to stick to one aspiration. You can change them at will. This means if you're stuck on a stage and it'll be a while before you can finish that part, you could switch to something else for a while until you can finish up that Aspiration. If your Sim is doing socializing, go with one of those. If you are using a particular skill, try the associated aspiration. You can gain a lot of Satisfaction this way.


The Bathroom - The main useful emotions can be inspired in your Sim's bathroom. Don't take a regular shower unless you want to be just 'Happy' - take a thoughtful shower to get Inspired, or steamy to get Flirty. A brisk shower will make your Sim Energized, and a bubble bath makes Sims Playful. They take the same amount of time. Brushing your Sim's teeth at the sink can make them Confident. Sims may also Psych Self Up to get Confident using a mirror, or freshen up and try on outfits to feel Flirty. If they're already Playful from a Bubble Bath, you can possibly make them Very Playful by making silly faces in the mirror. This is also where they can calm down if they get too Playful (Hysterical)!

Laser Light Show & Listening to Radios
The Laser Light Show object can let Sims get a +1 Happy Moodlet, so long as they can see it. You can move this around as needed. (Thanks DethDukk) Listening to a Radio is something you can queue ahead of other interactions, like writing books or running on a treadmill, and the Sim will gain another bit of Happiness from it. Using these, along with decorations in the room to give a strong +happy (5 or more with enough decor) in that room will make it much easier to reach Very Focused, Inspired, Energized, or whatever Emotion your Sim needs.

Interaction Unlocks
Be on the lookout for Interactions that unlock via Emotions. If an interaction has a color code, it's either made available by that mood or boosted by it. Sometimes, simply getting the emotion started can let you do other things to encourage that emotion to get to 'Very' Confident, Playful, etc. For example, with Playful, you can cook gummy bear pancakes with a few levels of Cooking, but only while you're already Playful. The same is true for heart cookies while Flirty.

Career & Skill Ideal Moods
Careers and Skills have Ideal Moods. This means that if your Sim is in that mood while using them or attending work, they will perform better - either by skilling/getting promoted faster or producing higher quality work as in the case of Cooking/Painting.

Paintings and Emotional Auras
Paintings can give off Emotional Auras. With the painting Skill, an Emotion like Flirty, Confident, Focused, Sad, and Angry can all be turned into Paintings with an Easel. You can then hang them on the wall and click to enable their Emotional Auras. This will make Sims within 10 tiles and in the same room feel that Emotion. Many collectibles have associated Emotional Auras, as do Career Rewards.


Auto-Fix Needs - Clicking on a Need (the round icon, not the bar) will make your Sim do whatever is available to raise that need. They don't always choose the smartest things, but doing this can make managing a large household much easier, should you need to get someone ready for work or school. If they're tired, they may sleep on a park bench.. it's just simpler to click rather than queue up all those specific interactions when dealing with multiple Sims. When you have just a couple, you should manage these things on your own. You'll always make better decisions than the game.

Sims can eat while watching TV, which fills both fun and hunger. Using Multitasking effectively can be an efficient way to get ready for work and prepare to be in the Ideal Mood. Other things they can do simultaneously: have a drink while taking a bath - coffee, tea, or a mixology concoction. Sims may talk while doing a number of things, from eating to reading books and using the computer. With talking, however, some things will take longer as progress stops when they converse. Sometimes you just need quiet and focus, as with Children doing homework. With some interactions, like reading a book on the toilet or talking on the phone, the order of interactions matter. If something can be carried, like a book or drink, you do that first. They can't get their tablet while on the toilet unless they brought it with them! Listen to music then do practically anything - it's one of the best things to use for multitasking and doesn't slow down your Sim.

Bathroom Breaks - as in reality, Sims can take bathroom breaks at work. This means you shouldn't bother with that need right before you head out the door. Do something that puts your Sim in the ideal mood, instead.

Friendship Requirements - Some Careers require your Sim to have Friends. Making friends is much easier with Charisma, and you can level this at home with a mirror to get a steady stream of XP. Just a few levels makes a big difference. Once you've made a friend, maintain that relationship by socializing with that Sim once in a while. Read our guide to Relationships & making Friends to learn more.

Use Work Hard - Click on your Sim's portrait at the bottom while at work. You can change how they approach work - from slacking off, sucking up to the boss, to socializing with co-workers. The same is true for Children in School. Some will even let you gain skill while at work. It's smart to do if your performance is capped or you have not yet met the promotion requirements. When you want a promotion fast, use Work Hard - that will boost how fast the promotion meter rises, at the risk of your Sim getting stressed. Do something fun when they get home and you can take care of that minor problem.

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The trait you can buy for aspiration points that makes your sims household bills lower, stacks! If you have two sims have the trait, it will go down two times. My current households bills are without the trait around 12.000. with one sim having the trait it is around 9.000 and with 2 sims it is around 6.000.
26th September 2015 4:04pm
When you want to redecorate, just replacing the new wallpaper or floor over what you already have doesnt sell the old floor/wallpaper tiles, as it would have in sims 3. When you change it to concrete floor/plaster walls first, it will sell the old wallpaper or floors. This can be nice when on a budget Smile
12th December 2015 1:13pm
Shocked That's brilliant! Thank you! Laugh
20th June 2016 3:04pm
They must of update this as in my current games it automatically sells old wallpaper and floors and gives me money if my new one is cheaper or takes away less money if it is more expensive.
16th April 2017 6:11am
If you want to complete a current stage of aspirations use this : aspirations.complete_current_milestone this will help you get more satisfaction point's and help you complete your aspirations.
1st January 2016 11:15am
Great tips! All new tips and ideas are welcome! Smile
20th January 2016 2:32pm
olá me chamo eduarda e Smile sou feliz
29th March 2016 1:58pm
Hi Eduardo I'm glad you're happy.
29th March 2016 5:27pm
Using 'testingcheats true' and then 'cas.fulleditmode' means you can edit any sim in town fully (looks, traits, relationships, clothes etc).
17th October 2016 4:07am
You can upgrade bathroom appliances with things like install bidet, it doesn't take your sims any longer to use the toilet but they get an additional happy moodlet which can help to boost other moods throughout the day.
5th January 2017 12:15pm
How do you spin around to see the opposite side of the wall
28th January 2017 6:43pm
? Do you mean by moving the camera? Sorry, very confused by your question. If you are having difficulties manipulating the camera try the Sims 3 camera style in Game Options.
29th January 2017 8:48pm
Thank you so much i am a new sims player Smile
21st March 2017 11:09am
I do not know if you have but did you know that there are 2 really popular ways of cheating money , the first one is CTRL + SHIFT + C which comes up with the cheating tab and then you just simply type in motherlode which automatically gives you 50 , 000 dollars . The second one is if you get up the cheats tap again type in testingcheats true and then put sims.modify_funds 1 - 9 , 999 , 999 .

30th April 2017 11:03am
ry park
I can't transfer cases to the dr in hospital
17th June 2017 9:06am
 Guide to the Doctor Career

At level 3, you should see more medical tasks - lots of 'Examine Patient' interactions. You can then Transfer Case to a Doctor after you have done enough tests
17th June 2017 11:35pm
Um... how much is the nano touch trash can????Huh
2nd September 2017 11:45am
1,200 simoleons. This will be 'paid back' pretty quickly in a large household or a smaller one if you hold parties etc and will then continue to give back 10 simoleons for every sim in the household every time you drag something to it.
2nd September 2017 7:57pm
Rebecca Meek
Thank you this has helped so much Grin
2nd November 2017 5:23pm
Here is a tip, can you add it?
If you right-click a sim's portrait, it follows them. It's great for making "movies" and stuff! Just edit out the part where you do that. Right-click it again to make it stop following them. I hope I was useful! Smile
20th January 2018 11:20am
Also when a sim pops up in the notifications if you click their portrait it will move the camera to where ever they are. This is neat as most times those notifications are about NPC sims.
20th January 2018 3:29pm
Marg Baker
Sad I have a bad situation with so many bugs killing my plants, I spray them every day, I even employed a gardener to help, The problem is when my Sim sprays the bugs a few times they start to feel sick and won't eat an everything else goes down, until they die. This has happened to my Sims four times. Is there a way of eliminating the bugs so my plants don't die and either do my Sims. Please help, I like my garden. regards Marg.
13th May 2018 12:32am
Sims don't get sick from spraying plants so perhaps a mod you are using is causing an issue, or perhaps your sim is just simply sick and needs to buy medicine from the computer. Just force your sim to finish spraying the plants and make sure there are no trash plants nearby the other plants as they increase the number of times your plants will need spraying.
Gardening Skill guides
13th May 2018 7:00pm
MayMay Jane 234
Is there a cheat to allow more sims to live in a household or do you need a mod for that?
8th August 2018 12:06am
Yep, you'd need to use a mod to allow more than 8 sims in an household.Smile
11th August 2018 11:07pm
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