Take This Job and Love It:

Getting the Most out of Your Career

by Tom "Metro" Schlueter

The Careers Tab is accessed by pressing J on the keyboard
The all-important career tab (J Key) tells you exactly what needs to be done to get promoted.

Show Me the Money
It usually does not take long for any Sims player - seasoned or rookie - to browse all the goodies in Buy Mode and say, "I need that!" You want more for your Sims, that's normal. You want a nicer bed, a bigger house, an awesome TV, etc. It all comes down to needing more money to pay for these things. Sure you could use the money cheats, but if everyone cheated then what would separate the good players from the baddies? Hehe. Good players know what to do in order to get that money quickly. And it's more rewarding to know you did it legit. But, here's the challenge in Sims 4: the quick cash tricks like Playing for Tips in a subway or the Transfiguration table from Sims 3 are gone. So, it comes down to your Sim rolling up their sleeves, finding a job and advancing in that career in order for you to obtain the money you need. Yes, it's slower, but I am going to show you that getting frequent promotions and making good money is really not too tough. It just takes some patience.

Extreme Makeover - Setting Yourself Up for Success
If you want to make things easier for yourself in a career, then it all starts in Create a Sim. Choose an Aspiration that matches nicely with a career. Choose traits for your Sim that compliment the Ideal Mood for a given job: Painters should leave the house Inspired, so give them the Creative trait. Tech Gurus have more job success when they are Focused, so give them the Genius trait. Sometimes it's not so clear cut though, and the ideal emotional state for a career changes in later levels. Carl spells everything out nicely in all the various individual Career Guides, so take a look at those before creating your Sim to help you decide what traits to choose.


Getting off on the right foot with any Sims 4 career next means you need to set up your living space when you enter Live Mode - it may be a cheap premade EA home, it may mean a nicer home, or you may opt for building a home yourself. You may even go the "bear in the woods" route with no walls to save money at the outset. Whatever path you choose, hit the pause button before you actually do anything to address a few things. If you're buying a cheap furnished home, then immediately sell the bed, shower, toilet, fridge, and stove. Replace all these items with better ones. Get rid of sinks because then your Sims will not wash dishes and you can just drag them to the trash after meals. You should still have several thousand simoleans left over and it's worth it - your energy bar will fill up faster from a nicer bed, you'll skill up cooking faster with nicer appliances, your toilet won't break as often, and you won't have a nasty negative moodlet from a cheap shower.

Once you have all the items you need to get started, including skill objects you will need as part of advancing in your career, take a look at the layout of your home and consider arranging objects to fascilitate minimal walking. Sims take forever to take showers, eat, sleep, etc., so the less time they need to get to where they need to go, the better.

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utility Sims can help your primary money maker to go out the door happy
A Utility Sim makes it easier for your career Sim to leave for work with all needs in good shape.

The Importance of a Utility Sim for a Career Climber
It may be a spouse. It may be a boyfriend/girlfriend that is invited to live with your main Sim. Or they may be one you create in CAS just to make life easier ($2000 extra simoleans to start with can help nicely). Whatever the case may be - utility Sims are fantastic. If one Sim has to do it all it's obviously going to be much tougher. Utility Sims cannot aid in the Bladder, Hygiene, or Energy departments. But, they can really help in the Fun, Hunger, and Social areas. Big time. If your career Sim never needs to cook and that role is passed to a utility Sim the amount of hours your breadwinner will save is enormous. And the all powerful Woo Hoo is not to be underestimated. Leaving for work with green bars is key in getting promotions and Woo Hoo simultaneously fills up Social and Fun in a relatively short amount of time.

One big tip if you do decide your career Sim will fly solo: don't make the call to find a job on day 1. Level up cooking and handiness (stuff breaks way too often) on day 1, and then make the call to join a career on day 2. That allows you plenty of time to get to the point of cooking Excellent meals, and start skilling and preparing for job promotion requirements (again, check out Carl's various career guides) without worrying about having to start immediately. And once you do start a career, never cook meals before you head out the door - that just eats up time. Always cook when you get home from work, so your tasty leftovers are ready to go a couple hours before leaving for work.

Micromanagement 101: the Art of Promotions
One reason I have always loved Sims is because of how much control I have on their lives - it's fun tweaking things here and there and getting them into an efficient routine. I am big believer in frequently pausing the game and taking stock of the situation. Whenever you reappear on your lot after a day of work, pause your game and press J. There's a ton of info for you in the career tab: the hours and days you work, the performance bar, and the 2-3 requirements for the next promotion. Knowing ahead of time what your job promotion components are is smart and you can look at Carl's Guide at all that info. Take advantage of days off and try and work ahead on requirements.

Getting a job promotion is a three-pronged attack and all three components are assessed as you walk out the door for work: first, all 6 needs bars should be in good shape (close to fully green); second, you should be in the ideal emotional state; and finally, you should have all job requirements and daily tasks done at that point. If you can pull this off then that work meter is going to fly to the right at a good clip and you will almost be guaranteed a promotion. I call it the triple play. If anything is missing from the equation, then your chance at promotion drops. As a general rule get up no later than 3-4 hours before you have to walk out the door to work. This will allow time for WooHoo, eating, showering and maybe even a last minute promotion requirement you could not finish the day before. So if you are to leave for work at 9 AM, then get up between 5 and 6. Order your activity queue such that the last things you do before you disappear for work give you an important moodlet - i.e. a Sim in the Painter career takes a Thoughful shower to get Inspired.

So, you leave for work and vanish. Now, you can click on the Work Tone button at the bottom of the screen to change the default "Work Normally" tone. Honestly, it's not necessary - you're not going to work to increase your social meter. You're not going to work to have a chance at getting into a certain emotional state. You're just going to work to earn money and get promoted, so "Work Normally" at the outset will be plenty to get you promotions in one day. Later in your career when that does not seem to be enough, then switch it to Work Hard and be prepared for your Sim to be Tense when getting back home.

Sims 4 Career Reward
Take advantage of reward items unlocked at various career levels such as the two painting career easels.

One of the nice things about advancing in various careers are the perks tossed at you when you hit certain levels. Just Press F2 and browse through the different sections of Buy Mode to look for different goodies. I went through the painting career for this article and the two easels that are unlocked I consider almost mandatory for any painter because of the painting quality boost. They make completing various Aspiration components and later job promotion requirements much easier. Check out the Career section of the Guide for the various unlocks for each career in Buy Mode and capitalize on them.

Now let me touch briefly on other kinds of rewards: the Rewards Store ones you buy with Satisfaction. Regarding careers and ultimately getting promoted you have to think - what reward is really going to impact my Sim the most? Getting promoted really is not too difficult in the first half of any career, so purchase rewards like Night Owl, Morning Sim, etc, in your first week and leave Entrepreneurial for later when the promotions are more difficult. Entrepreneurial does make a difference. I did a side by side test with my painter when he was at level 6 in his career and with all things being equal that reward was what allowed him to be promoted in one day.

Sims 4 Level 10 in Career

You Hit the Top - Now What?
So, you have reached the top of your career...what's next for your Sim? Well, unfortunately there are no more promotions and the amount of money you make every day will not change. But, at level 10 most careers do not have you working a full week. In fact, the hours per day is often reduced as well. So, the money is really decent for the amount of time you actually go to work when you're the top dog. So, you can keep on keeping on at your current job and focus on making more money on days off with a skill you have inevitably capped as part of the career (Comedy, Painting, Writing, etc). Another option is to switch gears and purchase the Connections reward. This reward allows you to start a career a few levels ahead which is quite a timesaver if you want to bounce around and sample a lot of game content with one Sim.

As I stated at the outset of this article, as of now there are no tricks to make tens of thousands of simoleans quickly as you can in Sims 3. That's not a bad thing. It's more realistic. So, dive into a career, pay attention to what needs to get done for promotions, enlist the aid of a utility Sim, take advantage of rewards, and you'll be well on your way to prosperity.

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Comments (10)

My sim is late for work but I can't make him go to work after being late even his boss called him for work but he still doesn't go and there isn't any button that will make him go what should I do
When you clicked on him during the work hours did the 'go to work' option not come up?
How much money (percentage wise) would you still get if you retired . My sim is an Interstellar smuggler and an elder. I want to retire him but still want a good income , should I retire or na?
I think it about half of the sims normal pay, don't quote me on this though!!
It couldn't be half, as I had a sim who was in the mixologist branch of the culinary career, and she made about 750 simoleons a day, but when she retired she only got a pension of 183 simoleons
I can't line up multiple tasks like in the older sims how can I change it so the simple doesn't stop what he/she is doing when I'm just trying to line something g up for them to do after they are done
Do you mean when your sim is at home? Some tasks can be multi-tasked while other will take priority, you just have to learn which tasks take priority and not use those until you are ready for your sim to do them.
So I cannot figure out what to click on to adjust my Sims work type during the work day. Here are my options:

1) The tiny circle in the activity queu that says Sim at work. Obviously when I click on this it tell me do I really want the sim to leave work, obviously i dont

2) The Sim avatar also in the bottom left of the screen where the moodlets and whims show up. I can click this, but there is not interaction menu that comes up, is there supposed to be? This is what I am presuming I am missing somehow....

3) The tiny square pictures of all my sims in the current residence, again clicking on this does nothing.....

I want to switch to work hard or socialize with co-workers but I dont know how to do this....

THank you!!
The work hard tones etc are only for when you are not actively playing your sim. While actively playing your sim (playing your sim at a work venue i.e. hospital or police station etc) you have to complete the daily tasks on the left top of the screen.
But using the money cheat doesn't make you a bad player, the sims is a game that's designed to be played uniquely by everyone, careers are Just an optional challenge, if all you want to do is play the sims to build houses, that's fine and if you just want to play it to focus on the sims that's fine too.

Also there are still a few too many bugs to make this game realistic, as of 2016 Jan. Anyway. Like how they get the "too got" reaction with a cold salad.

I personally see the sims of a moms of the three prior games, the outrageous objects like in the sims 1 (like the giant microscope and rocket ship for example) the (somewhat) open world from the sims 3 albeit slightly modified and the more wacky elements with the sims 2 sims.
I often use money cheats. In fact 9 out of ten games I'll use money cheats because I love building. Occasionally I will do a 'non cheat' game for fun but then I usually resort to painting to make serious cash fast... so I can build!
Just so you know.. the 'hot food bug' will be resolved with a patch from EA sometime this month (February).
Do grades in school matter for getting a higher starting position for a careers, because I had a straight A student join the tech guru career, and he was offered the position of code monkey, which is level 3 of the career track, but also he had level 9 programming and level 7 video gaming, so is it grades or skills that matter?
Grades. An 'A' will allow your sim to start any career at Level 3. The connections reward trait will allow your sim to start any career at Level 4.

Psst...Dragonfruit says “Hi!”.

8 planter boxes with Gardening lot perks brings 80K a day at lowest level.

Work only for the trophies / achievements.


Btw now when you max career you can get raises (not much but will build up over time) and i think take less time the promotions.


I have a special symbol of 2 lil people over my sims icon. What does it mean?


My sims is doing the criminal career and the public enemy aspiration. I am trying to level her up in the career but the meter goes down for job performance which never usually happens. I have no friends (all the people my sims knows are in the red cuz my sim got up to a lot of mean things lol) and i dont know if its because of this. but my aspiration wants me to make enemies and get into fights. Is it the pop up tasks bars that are affecting it? because it doesnt usually do it this much does it? Thank you

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