The Sims 4 Mischief

Voodoo, Pranks, and other Skill Unlocks

The Sims 4 Mischief Skill - Using the Air Horn
Mischief unlocks many kinds of funny Social Interactions for Sims

The Sims 4's Mischief Skill gives your Sim the ability to aggravate other Sims or possibly make new Friends by being Mischievous. You the player may enjoy the funny interactions that ensue when a Sim skilled in Mischief is in your Family. Not all the mischievous interactions you unlock here will be taken as rude, as they may be found entertaining by some. Still, others will be ticked and find the mischievous Sim's behavior irritating to the point of anger or embarrassment. Sims who unlock this Skill get to use the Voodoo Doll to mess with other Sims, so long as they are willing to cough up the cash for the entertainment. Voodoo might even bring a Sim back from the dead! This Guide will share the abilities you unlock and some of the things they'll do for your Sim, along with what some of them do to others.

How to: Mischief Cheats
Press Control + Shift + C then type testingcheats on and press enter. You can now set your skill level with stats.set_skill_level major_mischief x (fill in 1-10) - we also have a full listing of Skill Cheats and a master list of Cheats in The Sims 4

Slap 'em Silly is one of many Interactions Sims can Learn
Slap 'em Silly can be accepted or rejected like all other Interactions

Ideal Moods: Angry and Happy/Confident
The Ideal Mood for leveling Mischief is technically Angry, but Sims will get better Skill gains while Very Happy. Angry gives a +20-40% boost (if enraged, which is a dangerous state) but Happy is a much safer choice, given it gives +20% Skill gains for ALL Skills and +40% at Very Happy. Confident does the same. If you're out to gain Skill as quickly as possible, have a nicely decorated room and make sure your Sim has high needs. You can have them brush their teeth to get Confident and use its boosts. Listen to the radio while Trolling teh Forums is probably the best way to level it. If you'd like to use Angry, get your Sim into an altercation with another then make them Paint an Angry painting. This will give off an Emotional Aura that makes nearby Sims angry, so long as there are enough paintings around to pass any Happy Moodlets they have in total value.

Levelling Mischief
Levelling the Mischief Skill means simply doing Mischievous Social Interactions on other Sims. Once you reach level 2, it's easy to level the Skill via the Computer or Slablet by Trolling Forums (found under Social). Other means of levelling it, like Voodoo and the tricks you can pull on Sims, will give only small experience gains, meaning it will take a very long time to level it without a steady stream of experience. Stick with the computer if you want to unlock the higher level Pranks.

Charisma's Boost
While Mischief can be done without any Charisma Skill, it is worth noting that Charisma boosts the 'success' rate of Mischievous Interactions. The higher your Skill level, the more likely a Sim is to take your pranks as funny rather than mean.

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A Sim Streaks around the park at night
A high Level in Mischief allows your Sim to convince others to Streak

Skill Unlocks
Here are the various interactions you unlock as the Mischief Skill is leveled up. Read below to learn more about Voodoo and some of the more interesting Social Interactions.

  • Level 1 - Start with Give Fake Bad News, Invite to Fake Party, Lie about Career, Start Preposterous Rumor, and Trick with Hand Buzzer
  • Level 2 - Troll teh Forums on Computer and Slablet
  • Level 3 - May Purchase Voodoo Doll on Computer, Ask Due Date on Sims who aren't Pregnant. Dare Sims to Streak. Kick over Trash Cans, make Prank Phone Calls, Stomp in Puddles, and Tickle Voodoo Doll
  • Level 4 - Share Conspiracy Theories. Use Computer to Send Chain Letters and Observatory to Spy on Neighbors. May become Partners in Crime with other Mischievous Sims
  • Level 5 - Do Noxious Cloud on other Sims, Clog Drain on sinks and tubs. Soak and Toy with Death Interactions on Voodoo Doll
  • Level 6 - Use Phone to Play Hooky
  • Level 7 - Describe Apocalypse to Sims
  • Level 8 - Can use Computer to Send Spam Money Request and Stuff Fruit in Exhaust Port of Rocket Ship
  • Level 9 - Can Perform Slap 'em Silly on other Sims. Cuddle ability on the Voodoo Doll
  • Level 10 - Can Perform Air Horn on other Sims

Trolling teh Forums
Trolling Forums is a source of Fun for Mischievous Sims. It's also a very reliable way to level the Skill. Using most Mischief interactions will result in a small bump, but a lot of effort to queue them up to gain a level. If you want to level the Skill efficiently, this is your go-to. It doesn't do much more beyond that.

Scaring a Sim
Scaring a Sim is one of many Socials Mischief provides

Interactions like Noxious Cloud, Streak, and Slap 'em Silly
Sims unlock numerous interactions as they level Mischief. Most of these are simple social interactions with hilarious animations. The Sim will either like the goofiness or be angered by it. If you're playing the prankster, who cares if they like it? Mischievous Sims like to get a rise out of others. Not many of these interactions produce Moodlets of any kind, but will fill your Mischievous Sim's Social Need. Once Friends with someone, they are more likely to find these goofy socials funny and you'll strengthen the bond between your Sims. Maybe they will even become Partners in Crime!

One that can be helpful for family and friends is Instill False Confidence - it actually gives them a Confident Moodlet for 4 hours. I highly suggest you try convincing a Sim to streak in the middle of the day at the park. It's pretty funny. The resulting energized Moodlet will likely make the target do pushups or jog once they're back in their clothing.

Becoming Partners in Crime in The Sims 4
Partners in Crime unlocks Pranks at School and Work

Becoming Partners in Crime to Pull Pranks
When two Sims become Good Friends, the Become Partners in Crime interaction will be available under the Mischief Menu. What this does is allow Sims of School age or Adults with Careers to plan pranks during Work or School hours. A Sim only needs to be 'Partners in Crime' with someone, and click Mischief > Prank > X with that person.

You can do things that cost money (Wrap bacon around everything for $50) lure a Llama to the workplace, or fill the boss' office with balloons. These can have unpredictable results, but will be attempted during the next work/school session.

I suggest you make sure your Sim is in a good mood for the prank to perhaps increase the success rate. I had several failures. I'll leave the outcomes for you to discover, but know they can result in a decrease in Work or School performance. The entertainment of the dialog boxes that come up is worth the risk for some classic Sims humor.

Playing Hooky
Sims can use the Phone to Play Hooky. This can sometimes result in you being able to miss school or work without any decrease in performance. You are able to call ahead and the Sim will officially be off work for the next session. This is one cool ability when you need to be able to do something like release a noxious cloud on your significant other and going to work is low on your list of priorities.

Describe Apocalypse
Describe Apocalypse, yet another way of trolling other Sims

Send Chain Letter (Computer.. Social)
You can aggravate other Sims you know from afar with this ability. Sending chain letters produces some funny dialog boxes and helps your Sim get little bumps in Mischief skill. Try it out for a little entertainment, it doesn't make a very big impact on the game. I think the developers threw this one in to point out how annoying these can be, along with the people who create them! Obviously, they're working on the real life mischief skill. Pass this on to 50 others to stop the spam.

Send Spam Money Request (Computer... Social)
This seems to be the only way to make money with this Skill. With a high level in Mischief, you can find this option under the Socialize Menu on the Computer. Sending a Spam Money Request will work fairly often, and net your Sim $100 Simoleons. It's not a bad haul for just a few minutes of activity on the Computer. Getting caught will give your prankster a +2 Embarrassed Moodlet, although you can just keep going and try to target others. This does affect your relationship with that Sim if caught, but the decline in status is negligible.


Voodoo Doll in Sims 4
Voodoo lets you toy with Sims' Emotions and even avoid Death

Sims can buy a Voodoo Doll from the Computer's Order menu at level 3. Each Doll costs $950. Voodoo Dolls can be found while digging at dig sites and fishing in a few spots, as well. Buying one is the fastest way to start practicing Voodoo. Know that interactions can backfire on your Sim at times, causing Uncomfortable or Dazed Moodlets. However, you're more likely to succeed as you gain level in Mischief.

Voodoo Dolls must be bound to a Sim in order to work. You can select any Sim on the current lot, and once done, the Voodoo Doll can be used to mess with that Sim in several ways any time they're around. It's best used on Family members or Friends who visit frequently. Most of the interactions are simple, but one can actually cause a dead Sim to be resurrected!

Frolic (Level 1)
Bounce the Voodoo Doll around and make a Sim feel all tingly. This will give the target Sim a 4h Playful Moodlet.

Poke (Level 1)
Success with this Voodoo Interaction can result in a Sim getting Angry for 4h. Something to make Parties more interesting, for sure!

Tickle (Level 3)
Tickling the Voodoo Doll gives Sims an uneasy feeling, resulting in a +2 Uncomfortable Moodlet for 4h.

Soak (Level 5)
Dumping water on the Voodoo Doll will result in a Sim getting a +2 Dazed Moodlet for 4h.

Toy with Death (Level 5)
This interaction only appears when Grim is on a lot after a Sim has died. Once Death arrives, queue up multiple Toy with Death interactions so that you are more likely to succeed. When successful, Grim will inadvertently raise the Sim from the dead instead of reaping them! You can save a Sim's life, while another pleads, assuming you have no Death Flowers, thanks to your Voodoo Skills!

Cuddle (Level 9)
Using this Voodoo on a Sim will cause them to get a +2 Flirty Moodlet for 4h. Perfect if your Sim wants to fall in love with the target or get them to commit infidelity against their significant other.

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Comments (13)

I thought Playful mood also helped with mischief skill?... Huh
Admin: It may help with some interactions, but as far as effective level boosting and skill gains, playful was left out for this skill. Angry and Happy are the best boosts it can get for leveling faster and adding artificial levels to help determine success. Being in the right mood in this game makes your Sim go a few levels higher in terms of pass/fail and may even take them beyond level 10 in terms of how skillful they are.
SmileSadHuhLaughMadTongueCryingGrinWinkScaredCoolSleepBlushUnsureShocked thanks so much its great
One of my sims got mad because she accidently did it to herself SadLaugh
Once you bind someone to a Voodoo doll, can you un bind them from it?
No but you can buy as many dolls as you want so the potential to bind a lot of sims to a doll is there.
Is the mischief skill not available for children? Mine can "troll teh forums" and has access to mischief interactions with others, but never unlocks the skill.
Aphrodoite of Gamessays...
Yes. You must wait until the sims are teens or young .SmileSmileSmile
I wish you could kill people with the voodoo doll
I must admit the idea has crossed my mind too. It does go against the premise of the game though, that sims can not actually cause harm to another sim. You can use it to help towards pushing another sim over the edge with death by cardiac explosion. (Death by Anger.)
A Simmersays...
Can you update with the kelpto trait?
The information about the klepto trait is on the Traits Guide page. Smile
what does "Stuff Fruit in Exhaust Port of Rocket Ship" do? I am really curious
It can cause the rocket ship to crash. Smile
Um.. what does 'become partners in crime' do? Huh
Ya, I'm curious about that too.
Becoming partners in crime enables two sims to pull pranks together. Whether at school or at the workplace. Most of the pranks are free, but some do cost money( i .e. Wrap everything in bacon cost $50 simoleons).
Basically it is a txt adventure. if the sim pulls off the prank successfully or not they get a txt box with a humorous description. It can also lead to an increase or a decrease in school/work performance. Which basically just means the performance bar either goes backwards a slot or forwards towards the next level.
I have a sim that cuddled with a voodoo doll at level five, although I'm not sure if it's affected at all by the fact that it's tied to his roommate. Is this a bug? (My sim leveled up recently, but it's still lower than the posted level 9.)
Sims who have a Level 2 in the Charisma Skill will receive this as a bonus interaction. So I'm guessing this is what you are seeing.
Oh, sweet! Thanks for clarifying.
Hi I just thought I'd mention that my sim was able to do the share conspiracy theory action around level 2 with the erratic trait. I didn't really see it mentioned on here but I could have just missed it also.

The cheat to give mischief level isn’t working


The Shameless reward can also be good for this because it prevents the embarrassed moodlet when a prank goes wrong.

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