The Sims 4 Conservationist Career

Save Sulani in Island Living's Environment-Focused Career as a Marine Biologist or Environmental Manager

The Sims 4 Island Living: Conservationist Career
Conservationists seek to preserve the beauty and wildlife of Sulani. This Career is part of the Sims 4 Island Adve- I mean Island Living.

Conservationist is the primary new Career in The Sims 4 Island Living Expansion Pack. It's directly tied to the Island due to the nature of the work - your goal is to improve the environment for the wildlife and people who enjoy it while duking it out with litterbugs and eradicating nasty invasive species. You can choose either a political role (Environmental Manager) or a scientific one (Marine Biologist). Follow along for details on all the goodies and abilities you'll unlock if you seek employment as a Conservationist in Island Living.

The Sims 4 Island Living: Conservationists and Sulani's Environment

Learn about the Conservationist Career and cleaning up Sulani's Ecosystem. The island can be improved twice, for mostly visual effects but the new career is hands-on and offers various ways to make money.

Conservationist Job Ranks and Career Unlocks

The Sims 4 Island Living: Conservationist Uniforms
Before the Career branches, you'll be awarded this uniform for your Conservationist. .

The opening levels of Conservationist have you focusing on Logic, which you can level up by using the Research Conservation interaction on the computer. Browse Simpedia first to give yourself a boost, or use a good old Chessboard to level the skill. Your assignments typically revolve around gathering samples from the Seas around Sulani. Realize there is both shallow water and deep water.

The Sims 4 Island Living:
You'll eventually unlock the ability to use the Conservationist Canoe, which has a Flower Sails ability. Simply click the boat to enable/disable the flower sails.

There are a few things of note about this Career. First, it's work from home, which is always a nice option. If you're unfamiliar with it, check my Careers guide but the main point is you do not have to go in, just complete your assignments. Secondly, there are no monetary bonuses when you get promoted as a Conservationist. I'm not crazy, not missing anything, there's just no money bonus. Finally, the other unique thing - both Careers get their own Reward Trait by maxing the Career. This should Absolutely be a thing for every Career in this game to give us some depth and I'd ask you to ask them to make this happen and tailor your requests to something actually improving things rather than going on about cars in a non-open world game... (I kind want them too but, you know.)

The Sims 4 Island Living: Take Samples from Polluted Water
Samples can be taken from polluted water. Click around it to find a spot that lets it register. Algae blooms (red) appear like this, but are invasive species and are something you can begin to do at the Land Surveyor Rank (3) to improve the Ecology of the Island in a big way. These are more rare, while pollution can be anywhere. The only time I saw a red algae bloom was on the Nature Island.

You can Take a Sample the Ocean early on in the career. You'll need to do some clicking to find areas that are visibly polluted near the shore (most of the time). It's mostly shallow water but certain areas don't work even if they probably should. When you've got a sample, the ability will go on cooldown for 30 mins and you will get a sample in your Inventory. These can be researched to get some "nature points" and research data items that appear in the inventory. You can choose to sell them for money, or send them to work for job performance and ecology points.

"Nature Points"

The Sims 4 Island Living:
As the Island's Ecology improves, you'll get a notification like this. As a Conservationist, you have a lot of tools to help accomplish this task when compared to a regular Sim, including government regulations.

About those nature points... so Conservationists seek to preserve the ecology of a place, in this case an island wildlife refuge of sorts in Sulani. One of the islands has a system where, when collecting garbage or doing science-stuff, assaulting litterers, and things like that you improve the ecology score of the island. It will improve a couple of times and notify you it's changed. You can learn all about this system in my Conserving the Island: Guide to Protecting Nature in The Sims 4 Island Living.

Conservationist Career Levels 1-6

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
1Wildlife Enthusiast$14/hourMon-Tue, Thu-Sat 8AM-4PM$112/daySpread Conservation AwarenessN/A
2Field Assistant$18/hourMon-Tue, Thu-Sat 8AM-4PM$144/dayReach Level 2 Logic Skill, Spread Conservation AwarenessEnthuse about Conservation Social Ability
3Land Surveyor$25/hourMon-Tue, Thu-Sat 8AM-4PM$200/dayReach Level 3 Logic, Spread Conservation AwarenessSpray Invasive Species Ability
4Wildlife Technician$37/hourMon-Tue, Thu-Sat 8AM-4PM$296/dayReach Level 4 Logic, Spread Conservation AwarenessWrite Conservation Article Ability
5Nature Historian$43/hourMon-Tue, Thu-Sat 8AM-4PM$344/dayReach Level 5 Logic, Spread Conservation AwarenessThe Conservationist Canoe
6Conservation Director$62/hourMon-Tue, Thu-Sat 8Am-4PM$496/dayReach Level 6 Logic, Spread Conservation AwarenessNew Conservationist Clothes, Activate Flower Sail, Deactivate Flower Sail

Conservationist Career Branches: Environmental Manager or Marine Biologist

As I said before, both of these branches get their own, unique Reward Trait. Here's a summary of what they do. The Environmental Manager gets the Natural Speaker Reward Trait. Natural speaker helps you to get more grants approved (improving income) and boosts Charisma. You'll do a much better job spreading awareness of the environment to Sims.

Marine Biologist receives Master of the Sea which, coupled with their high fitness will help immensely in swimming ability - in particular boosting success rates for both scuba diving and free diving. I'm not sure if it stacks with Mermaid or not yet, but plan to eventually test it. This also aids in your ability to befriend both Mermaids and the Dolphins that live around the Island of Sulani. It doubles relationship gains with both, as far as I can tell.

Environmental Manager

The Sims 4 Island Living: Environment Managers can create policies to save wildlife
Environmental Managers can create policies using the phone in order to help wildlife. It's available immediately when you select this branch.

Environmental Managers take the political route toward solving Sulani's problems, though they can still tackle things hands-on. This Career Track mostly focuses on Logic but adds a dash of Charisma to the mix. You'll need it to solve problems and pass policy referendums - you'll Consult on Policy via the phone when you unlock it. Policies can have a big impact on Sulani's Ecology but you can also earn a living doing it.

The Sims 4 Island Living: Gran Application for Conservationist Career
As the Island's Ecology improves, you'll get a notification like this. As an Environmental Manager, you have a lot of tools to help accomplish this task when compared to a regular Sim, including government regulations.

Abilities like Shoot Nature Documentary allow you to make royalties, as well as writing Grant Applications. These scale based off skill level. Be sure to submit grant applications once they're complete - they may be found in your inventory.

Environmental Manager Career Branch

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
7Conservation Regulator$127/hourMon-Fri 9AM-4PM$889/dayReach Level 8 Logic Skill, Level 2 Charisma, Prepare Grant ApplicationConsult on Global Policy, Prepare Grant Application, Submit Grant Application
8Sustainability Specialist$178/hourMon-Fri 9AM-4PM$1246/dayReach Level 9 Logic, Level 4 Charisma, Prepare Grant ApplicationWrite Conservation Paper
9Environmental Ambassador$231/hourMon-Fri 10AM-4PM$1386/dayReach Level 10 Logic, Level 6 Charisma, Prepare Grant ApplicationShoot Nature Documentary Ability
10Chief Sustainability Officer$340/hourMon-Fri 10AM-4PM$2040/dayPrepare Grant ApplicationNatural Speaker Reward Trait, "Can You See Me Now?" Camera

Marine Biologist

The Sims 4 Island Living:
Buoys are at various depths. The ones that are deep sea are what you need. You can purchase Scuba Gear at them, for a couple thousand Simoleons. This will let you advance beyond snorkeling and into the great rabbit-hole world of Scuba.

Marine Biologist is a more active career choice, requiring good fitness to do it well. You'll spend time in the ocean, primarily by the deep-sea buoys, studying wildlife and surveying the ocean floor. Both of these can contribute to the Island's Ecological Health.

The Shoot Nature Documentary ability in particular does a lot to improve the Island. Use this, you'll disappear into a rabbit hole (sigh) for several hours, and when your Sim returns they'll get to name the documentary.

The Sims 4 Island Living:
I think these are the Marine Biologist reward clothes. Problem is they are exactly like another outfit.. but I do like the suit, regardless.

Marine Biologists may discover new species of wildlife while exploring and surveying, and get some nice new clothes (pictured above) at Rank 9.

Marine Biologist Career Branch

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
7Ocean Observer$87/hourTue-Sat 8AM-3PM$609/dayReach Level 8 Logic Skill, Level 2 Fitness, Survey Ocean WildlifeEnthuse about Marine Biology Social, Survey Ocean Wildlife Ability
8Fisheries Specialist$130/hourTue-Sat 8AM-3PM$910/dayReach Level 8 Logic Skill, Level 4 Fitness, Survey Ocean WildlifeSurvey Ocean Floor Ability
9Aquatic Ecologist$208/hourWed-Sat 8AM-3PM$1456/dayReach Level 10 Logic Skill, Level 6 Fitness, Survey Ocean WildlifeShoot Nature Documentary Ability, New Marine Biologist Clothes
10Master of Marine Affairs$325/hourWed-Sat 8AM-3PM$2275/daySurvey Ocean WildlifeMaster of The Sea Reward Trait

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There’s a reward trait for arts critic, one that lets you get 20% off art.
21st June 2019 1:01pm
Nice catch! There is too. Smile
21st June 2019 9:23pm
Brian Z
This is probably a bug, and maybe caused by one of my mods, but "Research Conservation" makes my sims level several different skills, and super fast too. It's not every skill, but a bunch of them- Comedy, Fishing, Mixology, Guitar, Violin, probably others I'm forgetting, and maybe some others that my sims have already maxed.
21st June 2019 10:30pm
Hey Brian!

Not sure if it is a bug from your mods since I don’t have any mods installed in my game and have the same thing happening. Mostly fishing, but you are researching, so that one might be intended. Not sure though.
22nd June 2019 8:20am
Same thing happens to me, but only for Cooking,Charisma,Logic & Writing
23rd June 2019 2:55am
This is a bug, there are many new bug reports open as the last patch and/ or Island Living has broken many things! Bets you can do is go make a specific bug report on this. EA Bug Forum
23rd June 2019 10:22pm
Lindria Oosthuizen
The options for "consult on global policy" and "spread conservation awareness to other sims" never shows up Sad must be some kind of bug in my game since I don't have any mods installed. (I'm on level 9 of the environmental manager career branch)
22nd June 2019 8:17pm
Cant figure out how to survay they island
22nd June 2019 10:32pm
Brian Z
I haven't had that come up as a task I'm supposed to perform, but I do see it as an option in my garden. It must come up when you click on plants that can be harvested.
23rd June 2019 1:28pm
Susan King
How do you write an internet article about ccnservation? Thanks!
23rd June 2019 2:31am
It showed up on the computer once i reached the 3rd promotion. Even tho it wanted me to do it before then >·<
23rd June 2019 3:30pm
Often your sim will get tasks that require your sim to level up before they unlock, it is by design (not sure I agree with the design but that's another story), and occurs in many careers and some aspiration requirements too.
But, you write an internet article about conservation through your sims computer.
23rd June 2019 10:24pm
Susan King
How do you find "write an internet report about conservation" on the computer? Thanks!
23rd June 2019 1:19pm
I think there is some kind of a bug here. I had to cheat my career up to level 4 a then i could write an article :))
23rd June 2019 1:56pm
Ana Rôlo
Hi there! How can I research marine life as a mermaid? The life boat doesn't allow me, since "snorkels are taboo". Turtles aren't showing up, because is winter. Is it a bug? Or are there any other ways? Thank you
24th June 2019 7:44am
Some of those actions won't be available as a mermaid so you could cure your sim (eat two mermaidic kelp in a row) and the complete the career.
24th June 2019 8:58pm
Ana Rôlo
I figured that would be the case but it shouldn’t be that way though, right? If the devs are releasing a career and an occult type that are totally related, they should at least make that option available. I mean mermaids can research it without snorkels anyway. Thanks for the help :)))
26th June 2019 9:59am
Found out You can't survey the ocean floor as a mermaid Unsure wish i knew that before taking that as a career Crying
24th June 2019 10:18am
Ana Rôlo
My mermaid can do that tho! Definitely a bug:
26th June 2019 10:00am
Being a mermaid, paradoxally, will make things only worse for you if you seek Marine Biologist Career Branch. Because you CAN'T do your daily job (to observe marine nature) because this action is unavailable for mermaids!
30th June 2019 7:46am
A couple of things: one you can edit your nature documentary with the video station if you have get famous and you can incorporate your research into your grant request.
1st July 2019 12:00am
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