The Sims 4 Realm of Magic

Guide to DLC Additions and Gameplay Features

The Sims 4 Realm of Magic Game Pack - learn spells and cast them on other Sims
Want to cast spells in The Sims 4? Realm of Magic promises a long list of spells for your Sim to learn - Coming September 10, 2019.

The Sims 4 Realm of Magic is now available for PC/Mac. The new Game Pack releases October 15 for Xbox and Playstation 4. This pack has many features centered around allowing the player to create Spellcasters, a new life state, with CAS and Build/Buy assets to make a believable world.

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Realm of Magic Features Guide

Spell Casters

Realm of Magic - Two Sims have a magical duel
Click to Enlarge. Sims can have magical duels.

The magic system is useable by a new Life State, Spellcaster. This ability is passed along through birth by the Magical Bloodline Trait, though players are of course able to make a wizard in CAS or pursue the ability on a normal Sim through a Right of Ascension quest. Teens and up can cast spells, but children can take advantage of Familiars.

Drinking a potion in Realm of Magic. We know there are 15 different types of potion for you to learn to craft.

There are spells and potion recipes in the pack, which are both tracked in a spellbook. Three classifications of magic - Practical, Mischief, and Untamed for a total of 24 different spells to play with, the most of any Sims magic pack. There are a total of 15 different potions coming from a fourth Alchemy branch. The progrsesion system is similar to that of Vampires, in that there are multiple ranks of wizard.

As your caster becomes more adept at using magic, they'll unlock new potion recipes and spells. On rank up, the Sim gets one or more talent points that can be used to purchase perks. These vary greatly in function, helping you to better control magical charge, speed up potion crafting, become a master duelist or just increase xp gains.

A spellcaster in The Sims 4 Realm of Magic.
A Spellcaster in The Sims 4 Realm of Magic.

You can do much to customize the look of your caster. Wands and brooms are purchasable objects, with several designs you can choose from. Additionally, there are a number of new CAS assets to create a certified magical look. New dresses, facial tattoos, and triple-earrings complete the witchy look and a cauldron that doubles as an off-the-grid cooking device ensures that your Sims' homes can look the part as well.

A Sim overloads his magical charge.
A Sim seems to have overloaded himself.

Spellcasters have a new form of energy, magical charge. It's not a mana system you deplete, but rather something that increases as you use magic and decays over time. It grows more dangerous to use magic the higher charge gets, and can ultimately kill your caster. This is the new death included in this pack and ghosts who died this way are now immune to dying again from overcharge.


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A familiar in The Sims 4 Realm of Magic.
Familiars help to protect your Sim and may help with magical energy regeneration (passively).

Several kinds of Familiar will be available for players. They can protect against death, and provide passive bonuses to your Sims (mainly in the form of a +1 confident moodlet while active). They follow you around a bit like the streaming drones from the Get Famous Expansion. If a familiar absorbs a killing blow, it has a one week cooldown before it can do so again.

We know that shopkeepers will sell brooms and wands for your Sims, as well as crafting materials.
Shops will sell wands, brooms, and magical crafting materials for Alchemy.

Players who own The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs can tag their animal companion as a familiar, and they'll both sparkle and can be sent to forage for potion ingredients for your Sim. Hopefully this does mean they have the same abilities as the flying familiars. We know you can have as many familiars as you'd like, but that you can only have one summoned at a time.

Glimmerbrook and The Realm of Magic

Crossing through this portal leads to the Magic Realm.
The portal is one way to reach the Realm of Magic.

There are kind of two new worlds in this pack but it's safer to say one world with two neighborhoods. Neighborhood 1 is Glimmerbroook, a quaint town with five lots in which you can move in your Sims.

Three magical gurus can teach your Sims to be spellcasters.
We believe the gurus are in this large house in the realm of magic.

Cross through the portal, use a glimmerstone that is given to your Sim when you become a Spellcaster, or cast a spell to reach the second area. Neighborhood 2 is the Realm of Magic, one giant lot with vendors and the three sages who can provide you with the Rites of Ascension which make you a caster.

The magic realm
What is presumably the magic realm

Sims will not autonomously use magic outside of the realm of magic, but that players are free to use magic if they so choose. This is to keep dozens of Sims from casting spells at random times throughout a game, but at the same time I'd prefer to have a say in that matter and perhaps experience a game where many Sims use magic.

Glimmerbrook supports The Sims 4 Seasons but the Magic Realm does not. It does have its own custom day and night cycle though.

Other New Stuff

Have a cauldron? Then you don't really need a stove. Great for off-the-grid living.

Brooms can be set as the default method of transportation, simply by clicking them in your inventory. There are two new Aspirations to pursue - Spellcraft and Sorcery (in knowledge) focuses on spellcasting itself and kind of guides you through the magic system, while there is also a Purveyor of Potions Aspiration under the nature category that is more about gathering up potion ingredients and recipes.

Sims spells are kept in the spellbook in Realm of Magic Game Pack
Sims learn spells and keep them in their spellbook.
A broom in realm of magic
A Sim mounts his broom. You can make a broom your main source of transportation.
Casting a spell in Realm of Magic
A wizard in The Sims 4
Three disciplines of spellcasting are in the pack, along with alchemy.

Realm of Magic Guides

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Comments (13)


there's a familiar orb on the fireplace in the lowest basement floor of the realm's hq. you can bind the familiar in it and it seems like a random orb will respawn in its place a few in game days later

Brian Zsays...

Don't try to duel until you reach Adept, or you almost always lose. And if you lose too many, you get a curse that makes people fight you for no reason. My sim already had the Immortal reward trait (from a mod), so it was a license to be careless, and she ended up with that curse. I finally learned the spell Decursify, but my first attempt failed and I got ANOTHER curse, so now she can't go to sleep!


I just found out a new thing.

The Night Wraith.

He appear when my sim got Curse of Night Wraith, this curse will make your sim exhausted everytime.

I got this curse when I drink Potion of Questionable Contents, this potion will give you 1 random curses when you drank it. You will get this potion when you failed to brew potion in cauldron.

And here is all I know about Night Wraith

-He is a ghost death by spellcaster overload

-He has night wraith trait, which you can see in personality panel. If you had Ita_ShowSimInfo mod you can see it on hidden traits info panel.

-He wore Grim Reaper costume suit.

-He always seem Very Sad, no matter what other emotion buffs he has.

Brian Zsays...

Yup, I had that chasing me around after having the Decursify spell backfire. Yay, everybody wanted to beat me up, and now I have a ghost chasing me around! Travel to a different lot to get away, and use your inability to sleep to experiment on the cauldron until you finally learn the Potion of Curse Cleansing.

just mesays...

I was surprised at how little information on how to place is in the game itself. I expected at least some lessons or something but didn't find any. I've slowly had to figure some things out myself. Thanks for this guide, as it is very helpful.

Brian Zsays...

I know, right? Once I figured out how to get there, I was like "Ok, now what? Um... well that purple hair lady has the title 'Sage,' that sounds important, I should probably talk to her?"

Brian Zsays...

With Inferniate, I got to thinking you could kill sims at will by setting them on fire. Turns out, they do indeed catch fire, but go out again. So they just get freaked out and really dirty. But... if you set the ground under them on fire, it continues burning, and being sims, they're too stupid to move. It worked, too, but I did summon their ghost and Dedeathified them. It wasn't someone I disliked THAT much!


The fire that happens as a direct result of the spell is just an effect and actually can not kill a sim, so yes, you would need to set an object on fire and have the sim catch fire form that for them to die.

Brian Zsays...

I was brewing up Potion of Plentiful Needs, and it went badly. My sim laid down on her side on the ground for about 15 minutes, and then got back up. Did her Immortal trait just save her? And since her household is just her and her huge black dog, is that a Game Over? Seeing as death seems to be a temporary inconvenience, given the new methods of bringing the dead back.


No, sims faint when potions go badly.

Brian Zsays...

Just had it happen again, to a sim who isn't Immortal or anything, so I see they weren't dead. Odd though, in most "passed out" cases they do a faceplant. The lying on side position is usually for death. Anyway, two other people also passed out! One was L.


Yes, the lying on side is normally a death pose but for some reason in RoM it is just the sims passing out from a failed potion brewing session.


My spellcaster autonomously inferniates exclusively my crops(like apple tree, death flower bush, ect.) and nothing else ever. I did see an action where she was going to "listen to request" from L. Faba right before she went to burn another one of my crops. Not sure whether she was influenced badly by L. or spellcasters autonomously inferniate only crops? Please can someone help?


Sadly there isn't much you can do apart from watch carefully and cancel the action. One of my spellcasters inconstantly spells scruberoo which is annoying as he is constantly becoming over charged and so keeps getting cursed. It just seems spellcasters will auto-make spells if you don't keep them busy and/or keep a close eye on what they are doing.


Can’t wait to create a Mordack character!


Could you add the new plants in Realm of Magic to your Gardening guide please?


Mandrake Root and Valerian are already on the plant list on the gardening skill guide page. Gardening Skill Guide (Click)


What is the rite of passage for sage interactions and what is a good way to learn interactions for them it seems they build up good friendship slower than regular sims I think


Not sure what you mean by rite of passage but I'm guessing you mean how do you make your own sim a Spellcaster. You travel through the portal into the Magic realm and ask one of the Sages, they'll tell you to pick up some motes which will appear as small floating balls of light, return them to the sage and then you'll get a pop-up which you will confirm and so become a Spellcaster.

Buying the Reward Trait  Incredibly Friendly will help your sim to get an initial 30% boost to the relationship bar when first meeting the sages (or any sim) so if you are struggling to make friends this reward trait is worth buying.

Other than that just keep spamming the friendly socials and throw in a few jokes as well but try to keep the tone as Pleasant and not move into Funny, as no one wants their Sim to die from Hysteria.


Why can’t I try for baby with the sage sim

Morgyn Ember


Because of their CAS settings. Take Morgan into CAS and change the pregnancy settings if you want to play them in a different way.

Erin Seidelsays...

I have an issues with spellcasters in CAS when i go to styled outfits it says not available, even when i have a new sims creating a household or after I've become a spellcester in game. I have no cc or mods. What do I do if I can do anything?


Maybe try deleting the localthumbcache.package file but this is a known bug so head over the the Bug Forum and click a Me Too ROM CAS Styled Outfit Bug


"a sim mounts his broom"

excuse me!! the most interesting thing about that content pack is the gender debate about Morgyn Ember!

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