The Sims 4 Writer Career

Rewards for Journalists and Authors

The Sims 4's Writer Career Branches
The Writer Career features the Author and Journalist Branches

The Sims 4's Writer Career allows you to make extra money from your Writing Skill while you're waiting on the Royalties to come in. It will somewhat hinder your ability to make more books and profit that way. However, with the Career come enough rewards that produce Inspired Moodlets that you can benefit by producing more Bestsellers. The number of hours required of your Sim also drops dramatically by the top levels, so you'll get to spend more time writing and less time at Work.

How to: Writer Career Cheats
Press Control + Shift + C then type testingcheats on and press enter. You can now get promotions with careers.promote adult_writer - you can also see all Career Cheats or visit a full list of Cheats in The Sims 4.

Naturally, the best choice of Trait is Creative. Neither Career Branch has an Aspiration associated with it. I suggest you start with the Writing Aspiration - Bestselling Author - so you can make the Book of Life, but later consider Fabulously Wealthy as it will be easy to complete given you can make loads of money as a Writer in The Sims 4.

The ideal mood for this Career and both Branches is Inspired. Here are the first 5 levels of the Writer Career and the requirements for your Sim to get Promoted. If you're going to be in the Journalist Branch, you might want to work on Charisma a little here and there.


Writer Career Levels 1-5

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
1Writer's Assistant$25/hourSun-Mon, Wed, Fri, 11AM-7PM$200Read Books.Nothing.
2Blogger$32/hourSun-Mon, Wed, Fri, 11AM-7PM$256Read Books. Reach Level 2 Writing$407, Milton Word Processor
3Freelance Article Writer$38/hourSun-Tue, Thu, 9AM-5PM$304Write Books. Reach Level 3 Writing$509, Still Life with Apple and Pitcher and Books and Bottles and Flowers!, Pitch Story Idea Interaction
4Advice Columnist$44/hourSun-Tue, Thu, 9AM-5PM$352Write Books. Reach Level 4 Writing$611, The Thinker
5Regular Contributor$50/hourMon-Wed, Fri, 8AM-4PM$400Write Books. Reach Level 5 Writing$703, An Open Book - Framed, New CAS Parts

Author Branch

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Sims 4 Author Career Rewards
Author Career Rewards

This Career choice is much easier to complete than that of the Journalist, but doesn't come with any special abilities like Writing Articles, mentioned below. However, it gives plenty of Inspired items that can give off an Aura and will let your Sim focus more on writing than the other Career, which requires attendance 4 days a week and time investment in the Charisma Skill. This is the Branch I would choose.

Author Career

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
6Short Story Writer$60/hourWed-Sun, 1PM-9PM$480Write Books. Reach Level 7 Writing, Level 2 Logic$956, Antique Tomes
7Novelist$115/hourSat-Sun, Wed-Thu, 1PM-8PM$805Write Books. Reach Level 8 Writing, Level 3 Logic$1243
8Fan Favorite$202/hourSat-Sun, Wed-Thu, 12PM-5PM$1010Write Books. Reach Level 9 Writing, Level 4 Logic$1808, Nom de Plume Quill Pen
9Bestselling Author$296/hourTue-Wed, Sat, 12PM-5PM$1480Write Books. Reach Level 10 Writing, Level 5 Logic$2421, The Muse
10Creator of Worlds$465/hourTue, Sat, 12PM-6PM$2790Write Books. Go to Work!$2885, Unlocked Door of Perception

Journalist Branch

Sims 4 Journalist Career Rewards
Journalist Career Rewards

With the Journalist Career, you get the ability to Write Articles about Sims. Simply select a Sim, find Interview about Life under Friendly interactions, then write either a Positive or Negative article about them. Thankfully, Sims will open up to your Journalist right away and you are able to interview multiple Sims and be able to write once about each of them. It takes four articles to meet the Daily Task requirement so interview four Sims or else be stuck interviewing, writing, and interviewing again. Both Positive and Negative will earn you the same amounts of instant cash, and take about an hour to write, but positive articles boost relations with that Sim while negative drains them. Neither makes a big impact, but could be helpful to your Sim's efforts to make some Friends.

This one is a little bit harder than Author, and requires more attendance at work than the other branch. However, take it if you want the Write Article ability. It's really not that great though - you don't get any Royalties for Articles, and their payouts stay around $200. Your time would be better spent writing books. Purchase a mirror to 'Practice Speech' and get Confident in order to level the Charisma Skill.

Journalist Career

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
6Page Two Journalist$56/hourMon-Fri, 8AM-4PM$448Write Articles. Reach Level 7 Writing, Level 2 Charisma$956
7Front Page Writer$83/hourMon-Fri, 8AM-3PM$581Write Articles. Reach Level 8 Writing, Level 3 Charisma$1562, Antique Writer's Desk
8Investigative Journalist$145/hourMon-Thu, 9AM-4PM$1015Write Articles. Reach Level 9 Writing, Level 4 Charisma$2031, The Where Should I Go? Ball
9Editor-in-Chief$189/hourMon-Thu, 9AM-4PM$1323Write Articles. Reach Level 10 Writing, Level 5 Charisma$2844, Antique Typewriter
10Scribe of History$287/hourMon-Thu, 10AM-4PM$1722Write Articles. Go to Work!$3697, Deep Thoughts Bookcase

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Comments (10)

ShockedWinkWinkCryingHuh hi this was good
Fran Helmersays...
Can you change the Sim from the journalist to author branch later?
No, once you have chosen either journalist or author branch then the other choice is permanently locked out for that Sim. Choose wisely.
That's not true. No matter what career you choose, you can change branches afterwards. You just have to quit the job and take it again.
In the other Sims games, yes. However, in Sims 4, even if you quit you can't join the other branch. Learned the hard way through the Cooking careers. It is very annoying
By the way, I have a sim with level 8 writing skill and it makes 2500 simoleons daily just from royalties.
I have a level 10 who generally earns 1000 in royalties. Usually I write mysteries or biographies
Before I had maxed out the writing skill and had published lots of books. I generally got between $10 000 - $30 000 each day.
Dino Cookiesays...
Thanks!!! SmileSmile I needed this GrinSmile
Fliffy Unicornsays...
Thank you for your help
Great feedback, always nice to know Carl's guides are helpful Grin
Is there a way to see a list of the books you've written and their daily royalty price? Besides the pop up menu?
No there isn't unfortunately.
i always make a copy of the books i write so i can keep track of them.Smile
Actually, you could use the cheats and do "careers.demote" and go back to level 5, which is the level before you choose which branch you want. Where there's a will there's a way! ;)
No, that doesn't work either. If you try to demote your sim below the level where the branch is chosen, they get fired instead.
where do I find out about writing articles .. I am stumped cant find anything on it .please help. before my vampire quits his job ..Cool
It's just an interaction on the computer. Simply select a Sim, find 'Interview about Life' under 'Friendly interactions', then write either a Positive or Negative article about them on the computer.
Coolthanks . he will give a try
hi, when you reach level five, what new cas parts are there? I've looked all over and i dont know if i just missed them or something. help please!
Sorry, I really don't know. tbh finding any of the new cas clothing items that most of the careers unlock has always been a bit of a mystery to me. Unsure Usually they do not seem to be shown as a 'new item' when you take you sim into CAS so it is a case of having to know cas really well to be able to spot the new clothing. Really any career unlocks should show as 'new item' but for some reason this doesn't always happen.
Um, since when does Fabulously Wealthy require a Level 8 Career?
When the game first launched in 2014! All the aspirations were made easier and more simple in a patch, thanks for pointing out the error, we obviously missed this when updating all the guide pages back then. Smile

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