The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure: Relics

Bases, Tops and Crystal Rarity for Better Outcomes

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure Relics
Click to Enlarge. Relics are powerful but must be assembled. Different combinations offer different powers to the Sim who possesses it. There are 9 in total, 27 if you count the different power grades.

Relics are a powerful new feature available to players who own The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure, distinct from artifacts that are purely for hoarding and money-making purposes. Assembling all of the relics requires quite a bit of time due to randomness, but high levels of Archaeology will make it much easier to form a full collection. These are not simply decorations - each one has a useful (or troubling) feature that can be enabled at will by the Sim who holds it. Here's how it works and what the relics do for your Sims.

Finding Relics

Relics are found while you use the Archaeology Skill that comes with Jungle Adventure. Digging up excavation sites and opening temple treasure chests will yield the two components you need to form a Relic. Establishing dig sites and using the skill's ability to look for more (and establishing/excavating them) as you go will likely be the fastest way to get relics. Temples do contain relics in chests and have dig sites as well, so doing this within the temple is likely the top means of locating all the bases and top combinations.

Bases and Tops

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure: Refined crystal in relic
Click to Enlarge. Refined Crystals (made with Archaeology) are required to harness the power of relics in The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure.

There are three types of bases on which to make a relic - Death, Chaos, and Watcher. Each has a rune symbol. These can be assembled with relic tops in your inventory. The top relics come in three flavors: Balampalsoh (a cat), Totecallam (a llama), and Zazatotl (a bird).

Assembling Relics

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure: Curses and Poison Cures
Click to Enlarge. Don Lothario, cursed with poison, has three days to live unless he finds a cure.

Each base and top combination produces a different relic. You may get a Chaos Balampalsoh or a Death Totecallam, meaning there are nine possible combinations. This is done via the inventory. Simply click one of the two when you have a base and top in your inventory, and select the other from the menu that comes up. Your Sim will click 'em together and watch in awe as the relic powers up. But it cannot be used yet. There is one more necessary step before a relic can be used!

Refined Crystals to Activate

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The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure: Refined Crystals
Click to Enlarge. You can send crystals off to be refined for a fee, or do it yourself with the Archaeology Skill. I suggest the latter. It's faster and you'll need archaeology anyway!

Along with high level Archaeology, your Sim learns to produce refined crystals. These are the regular crystals from the base game, tinkered by the Archaeologist to be more pure. This is done at the Archaeology Table you use to dust off artifacts. The crystal that you use to refine does not matter, but its rarity does. There are three categories of rarity, viewable by hovering over the crystal in your inventory: Common, Uncommon, and Rare. The more rare the crystal, the more powerful it will make your relic. Relics can be clicked from the inventory to activate them once you have a refined crystal. Common relics can fail or have inferior effects, and may even backfire. Rare relics are extremely powerful.

Relics List

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure:
Click to Enlarge. A finished relic with refined crystal displayed.

With the three bases, tops, and rarities of crystal, you get 27 total possible combinations. Here are the relics, assorted by the type of relic, which base you use, and what common, uncommon, and rare crystals will do when you use them to activate the relic. Relics are initially named, for example, Golden Totecallam Relic, while a base is Death Base Relic. Combine them and you'll get a Totecallam Death Relic. The appearance also changes, with the relic featuring the crystal prominently. There are golden varieties of all of them, which comes with the benefit of never breaking.

In general, Relics seem to recharge in about four to six hours. They can be broken. Higher archaeology skill may reduce the chance of this occurrence.

Balampalsoh (Cat) Relics

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure: Balampalsoh Cat Relic Powers
Balampalsoh - Cat Relics
Base TypeCommonUncommonRare
Balampalsoh Chaos Relic - Blessing of New RelationshipsYour Sim will make one random friend.The Sim will make two random friends.This is even more powerful, bringing your Sim a total of four new friendships.
Balampalsoh Death Relic - Blessing of Skeletal TransmogrificationYour Sim transform into a skeleton. Others may fear you, but you've got a strong benefit: hunger, bladder, energy, and hygiene are locked. You'll be in this form for 12 hours.The blessing now lasts a full day.The blessing is further extended to two days.
Balampalsoh Watcher Relic - Blessing of WealthActivating the relic gives the Sim $25... Might be better just to paint.Now you're talking - $125.$500 Simoleons, just for activating a relic. That should take care of the bills.

Totecallam (Llama) Relics

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure: Totecallam Llama Relics
Totecallam - Llama Relics
Base TypeCommonUncommonRare
Totecallam Chaos Relic - Curse of the Food MirageThe Sim will be heavily dazed. They're seeing food everywhere, but none of it is edible! The curse can be cured by eating what they crave. For this level, it's Selvadoradian food.The Sim may want higher quality Selvadoradian food instead.The Sim's curse can be removed by eating pancakes.
Totecallam Death Relic - Blessing of the Skeleton AssistantA skeleton assistant will arrive to help you at home. It makes your Sim tense, but has the ability to repair objects, clean, and take care of many things around the home.The skeleton will no longer make your Sims tense while nearby.Instead of making Sims tense, your Sims are happy to have the Skeletal Assistant around and even get a bonus of faster skill gains!
Totecallam Watcher Relic - Curse of the AncientsThis is contagious. The Sim will sneeze at random, possibly interfering with activities. See bottom of guide for the cure.The afflicted Sim will occasionally scream.The rare version of the curse puts Sims to sleep at random times throughout the day.

Zazatotl (Bird) Relics

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure: Zazatotl Bird
Zazatotl - Bird Relics
Base TypeCommonUncommonRare
Zazatotl Chaos Relic - Curse of Greedy NeedsThe Sim will suffer occasional motive drops.The curse worsens, now slowing need recovery by 20% in all cases, worse for hygiene and social but even crazier for bladder. You'll need to pee twice as long!This is nuts. Your needs decay twice as fast, and in order to dispel the curse you either wait it out (3 days meanwhile the Sim is uncomfortable) or need to get your Sim to max/super happy all at once. Tip: do social > sleep > fun > hygiene > food and hit up a toilet. Something like that should help. Higher fun objects would speed it up a tad.
Zazatotl Death Relic - Marked for DeathThe target Sim is marked with a curse that electrocutes them. One zap might not do it, but many can. Use Faraday Fizz to help the Sim, or see if the statue at the marketplace (the girl with a basket near the vendors) can help. You may also order antidote with a computer.The Sim may burst into flames after a time. Again, antidote from the computer can be helpful according to the game code.The Sim is poisoned and has but three days to live, as if bitten by a spider in the jungle.
Zazatotl Watcher Relic - Curse of the Personal RaincloudA cloud of sadness follows the Sim. Make them happy to cure it.An even worse cloud, now with lightning!The cloud causes mood swings in the Sim. The Sim must be made Very Happy to cure it, or else seek some other means (see below).

Curse Cures, Ancient's Sickness, and Marked for Death

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure: How to Cure Curses
Click to Enlarge. Visit the statue at the market in Selvadorada to cure curses for $250.

As mentioned, Antidote from the computer can cure Marked for Death, or you can talk to locals until ask about antidote comes up, provided you have bone dust (read on). Ancient's Sickness (the one from Totecallam Watcher Relic's, "Curse of the Ancients") can be cured with a special ingredient. This requires bone dust and level 1 cooking - just be near a stove with both on hand. You can get bone dust talking to skeletons, from excavating in the jungle and opening treasure chests. You can buy bone dust with level 5 Selvadoradian culture skill. The statue in the marketplace can be used to cure some curses, just give it an offering.

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With high Selvadorada culture skill you can buy them from those exploration gear vendors in their hidden supplies and is the easiest way to get them. You can buy random tops and bottoms 99 at a time. You can even buy three kinds of common refined crystals. For uncommon or rare crystals you must find and refine them on your own.
Ferris the Redsays...
The Balampalsoh Watcher relic's Blessing of Wealth seems to continue paying off with "royalties" for at least a few days after receiving the blessing. The amount seems to taper off pretty quick, but the first couple royalty payouts can exceed the initial gift of 500 simoleons.
What's the deal with autoplaying videos on this site? I pause them and they start playing on their own after few seconds. This is really annoying and I don't think I'll be back on this site ever again.
Sorry you are having issues, I always minimize them and then they stay minimized for my entire visit. At the end of the day Carl needs to make a living and I think, personally, that it is only fair people play (in the form of having an advert) for the time and energy he puts into making these guides. If you only want the information without acknowledging his hard work, time and commitment over the years you could always use an ad-blocker.
I've had the better quality relic results with lower-quality stones. I suspect cultural skill and/or archaeology skill may influence this.

Also, one of my sims cursed themselves with the Greedy Needs but, after desperately working to get them immediately topped up, it turned into Blessed Needs for the remaining time the sim was supposed to be cursed, with a much, much slower decay rate on all my sims's needs. He only need to sleep, like, once over three days and not even for a whole night.

This makes me wonder if the Food Mirage curse can be twisted into that Divine Taste Blessing you can sometimes get from exploring the temples.
I think so too- my sim had the food mirage curse on him and after it was dispelled he had a food blessing where every food was good to him
I accidentally found out that if your sim has a blessing on them they can’t get any curses from activating the wrong trap

Small typo. It should be “totecallama”. Helpful guide!

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