The Sims 4 Military Career

Strangerville Game Pack: Rewards for Officers and Covert Operators

Military Medals in The Sims 4 StrangerVille Game Pack
These are the Medals that Sims in the Military receive, regardless of rank, with display case.

The Military Career is included with The Sims 4 StrangerVille Game Pack. The new Career features two branches, Officer and Covert Operator which differ quite a bit. One will lead you toward spying on your neighborhood, while the other charges you with getting other recruits into shape. Here's a guide to the new career, its requirements and the rewards you can expect with each promotion. Each one comes with a medal, and there's a display case for storage which can be seen above.

How to: Military Career Cheats
Press Control + Shift + C then type testingcheats on and press enter. You can now get promotions with careers.promote military - you can also see all Career Cheats or visit a full list of Cheats in The Sims 4.

Sims in the Military can Spar
Military Sims can Spar and Order other Military around.

Sims in the Military can use the Spar interaction, which lets them fight in a friendly way with another Sim. This raises fitness and builds relationship between the participants. They also gradually gain access to the 'Order Around' menu which can be used on other Military Sims. You may instruct them to spar one another, among other activities.

Sims 4 Military Career: StrangerVille Game Pack

Learn about THe Sims 4's Military career, new in the StrangerVille Game Pack. Includes information on both the OFficer and Covert Operator branches and where the jobs rank in pay overall.

Getting Started in Military

The Sims 4's Military Covert Operator and Officer Career Branches
Want to be a Covert Operator or Officer? The Military Career is available for all owners of The Sims 4 StrangerVille Game Pack.

Take a job in the Military by using your phone or the careers panel (hotkey 'J' on PC) if you don't have one already. Early on, your Sim is very much focused on keeping fit and not much else. As a new recruit you'll want to keep energized during work hours to keep the fitness skill levels coming. Workout equipment for the home can help a lot with saving time, though you may at times need to get out in the world and go on a jog.

Military is like Gardener from Seasons in that it allows you to choose each day whether you'll attend work or work from home. If you choose work from home, you'll get an assignment which you're expected to complete during work hours. Gains toward promotion are not given until the next day, so do not worry if you don't see your Sim making progress. This allows for a lot of freedom while bringing in money. I personally prefer going in when I'm trying hard due to being able to use work hard and going in a positive mood,

Military Career Levels 1-5

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
1Raw Recruit$26/hourMon-Fri 6AM-2PM$208Reach Level 2 Fitness, Work OutTech Team Excellence Award (Medal)
2Private Fourth Class$34/hourMon-Fri 6AM-2PM$272Reach Level 3 Fitness, Work Out$581, Medal Display Case, Bravery Heart (Medal)
3Lacking Corporal$54/hourMon-Fri 7AM-3PM$432Reach Level 4 Fitness, Go Jogging $756, New Clothes, Medal of Questioning
4Sergeant Minor$71/hourMon-Fri 7AM-3PM$568Reach Level 5 Fitness, Spar With Others$869, Construction Engineering Reward
5Warrant Officer$96/hourMon-Fri 8AM-4PM$768Reach Level 6 Fitness, Work Out $1130, Eagle Eye Award, New Clothes

Choosing Between The Two Branches

Unfortunately when it comes to choosing between these, the differences are there but not in the way we might like. They make the same amount per rank, gain the same bonuses except for the minor differences you see in pictures, and work the same number of hours (8). The vast difference is one is an early morning/daytime job (Officer) and one is a late night job (Covert Operator). Because of this it should be fairly easy for you to choose, but hinders the replayability of the two branches.

Covert Operator Branch

Military Covert Operator Rewards in The Sims 4 StrangerVille Game Pack
Man in Black for Covert Operator in The Sims 4 StrangerVille Game Pack
Uniform and rewards for the Covert Operator Career. Shown second is the Man in Black uniform for reaching Rank 10 in Covert Operator

Covert Operators will listen in on other Sims, using the Listening Device. This may mean planting bugs on them, as potentially used at one point during the StrangerVille Mystery, only an absolute requirement of the job in this case. They may also need to find evidence and research strange phenomena, while keeping the secrets of the military. The level 10 activity, 'Plan 10 Moves Ahead' means to simply play chess for 2 hours. I'm not sure why it doesn't change the name for agents or add an additional activity to the chessboard. It also lacks a tooltip, so hopefully this helps.

Covert Operator Career Promotions and Rewards

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
6Evidence Eraser$104/hourTue-Wed, Fri-Sun 6PM-2AM$832Reach Level 4 Logic Skill, Practice Chess$1299, Air Award, New Clothes
7Conspiracy Squelcher$119/hourTue-Wed, Fri-Sun 6PM-2AM$952Reach Level 6 Logic, Monitor Other Sims$1689, Listening Device, Medal of Supreme Bravery
8Clandestine Investigator$179/hourTue-Wed, Fri-Sun 6PM-2AM$1432Reach Level 8 Logic, Search the Stars (Telescope)$1790, Ranking Rug, Medal of Discipline, New Clothes
9[Redacted]$297/hourTue-Wed, Fri-Sun 6PM-2AM$2376Max Logic, File Reports (Computer)$3149, Tactical Genius Medal, New Clothes
10Sim-in-Black$422/hourTue-Wed, Fri-Sun 6PM-2AM$3376Plan 10 Moves Ahead (Play Chess)$4567, Medal of Courage, New Clothes

Officer Branch

Military Career Officer Rewards in The Sims 4 StrangerVille Game Pack
Officer practicing ordering around in The Sims 4

Officers may be expected to Recruit other Sims to the Military. They're also responsible for keeping other Sims fit, practicing combat, and improving their own ability to order other Sims around.

Officer Career Promotions and Rewards

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RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
6Fourth Lieutenant$104/hourMon-Fri 10AM-6PM$832Reach Level 4 Charisma, Practice Speech$1299, Military Grade Flagpole, Air Award, New Clothes
7Courageous Captain$119/hourMon-Fri 10AM-6PM$952Reach Level 6 Charisma, Give Orders$1689, Medal of Supreme Bravery
8Lieutenant Colonel$179/hourMon-Fri 10AM-6PM$1432Reach Level 8 Charisma, Practice Giving Orders$1790, Modified B64 Training Bot, Medal of Discipline
9Brigadier$297/hourMon-Fri 10AM-6PM$2376Max Charisma, Share War Stories$3149, Tactical Genius Medal, New Clothes
10Grand Marshal$422/hourMon-Fri 10AM-6PM$3376Recruit Sims$4567, Medal of Courage, New Clothes

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Sketch Elder
Looks like you missed the first medal. You get the Tech Team Excellence Award at level 1, as soon as you join the career.
2nd March 2019 4:16pm
Thanks! Added that in now Smile
3rd March 2019 2:43am
I had a bug happen when my sim was at the 'Covert' branch level 8 - Clandestine Investigator. The daily task is to search the stars using the backyard observatory. Even spending the ENTIRE 16 hours between shifts in the observatory, I could only get completion to 75%. I cheated my needs full as I started, to test the time it took.
3rd March 2019 9:51pm
How do I plan 10 steps ahead as a task in lvl 10 covert military career?
4th March 2019 12:20am
You just need to play chess. 2 hours solid should get it to 100%. I always ponder moves first to get a focused moodlet, don't think that counts towards the total.
4th March 2019 10:55pm
Yeah it's chess, the game doesn't alter the name of the interaction at all so you're sort of forced to guess based on the name. I'm editing the guide to include this now.
5th March 2019 12:00pm
How do you guys manage the "Give Orders" daily task for Level 7 Officer? It doesn't progress with the training bot, and if I go to the bar after work to start ordering the enlisted soldiers around it takes something like 6-7 hours of constantly clicking while all the sims move around, realign, change chairs, etc. It's the most frustratingly tedious task I think I've ever encountered.

I can't do that every day. My single-parent sim has two kids to look after. :)
4th March 2019 8:32pm
I love making and playing families, but for this and other games where I'm on a mission (eg. professions in Get to Work), I play with a single member household so I only have to look after the needs of one sim.
5th June 2019 9:25pm
Sketch Elder
Keep in mind that the Daily Task is not required for promotion. Performance will go up a little slower but that's all. It probably won't take more than an extra day.
5th March 2019 8:31am
Sad My Medal Display Case is not working. Is there a trick to put my medals in it?
Thank you, in advance.
5th March 2019 1:04pm
Sketch Elder
I just drag the medals to the case.
5th March 2019 10:00pm
I'm at Conspiracy Squelcher for Covert Operator and the work at home assignment asks me to find evidence in the lab. I already played through the story and it won't let me search through the evidence. I tried searching the archives in the library and planting a listening device on a sim and listening but it doesn't count. Not sure how to complete it.
5th March 2019 6:01pm
E O' Connell
Hey, maybe trying to hack the computers there will help, i had this problem when my sim found a usb stick with evidence on it and was able to complete the secret dossier part of the mystery, i had to hack all the computers every day untill i got the required 15 pieces of evidence to move to the next step of the aspiration, but hacking the computers counted as evidence for me, hope it helps you
7th March 2019 10:09am
I had this problem too, the solution for me was to "sell" my keycard and then you can search for evidence in any of the piles. You might also have to get rid of any existing dossiers but I might be wrong about that. Since you're in the military career you can "Requisition Keycard" on a computer when you no longer need to gather evidence as a task.
7th March 2019 4:56pm
Is anyone else having issues with 'Search the Stars'? Mine gets to the just started phase, then nothing after that. No matter how many times, or how long my Sim stargazes, it never goes any higher. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?
10th March 2019 8:39pm
Sketch Elder
Seems to be a bug. I did manage to reach 25% but it took several hours using Observe the Sky during the daytime. I went back after dark and tried Stargaze but I was still at 25% after a full hour of that and I'm not willing to continue trying. I'll just plan to make it through the next promotion without the daily task.
14th April 2019 12:36am
Starting the career at level 3, I missed some medals. Does anyone know if there is a way to retroactively get them?
15th March 2019 6:50pm
Yes, you can use cheats to find the medals in the debug menu. Turn on testingcheats on> go into build mode>type in cheat bb.showhiddenobjects> select debug on right hand filter>search 'medal' in left hand filter> there are all the medals
Cheats Guide
16th March 2019 11:50pm
How I can "Monitor Other Sims"?
24th March 2019 9:28pm
You can buy a listening station in your build screen. You find it under electronics
25th March 2019 8:22pm
Hi. How do I share war stories. Can't seem to find out how you do it. It's clearly not as simple as just talking to someone. I can't find the action. Help please.
31st March 2019 1:52pm
Despite having played through this career twice now this action hasn't appeared for me! I guess you find another military sim and it would be under friendly socials? Military sims hang out in the bar in StrangerVille so it should be easy to find one.
31st March 2019 5:21pm
How do you recruit ? I am not sure how i leveled up cause i didnt talk about war stories ..strange thing .afterall we are in strangeville
17th May 2019 1:34pm
It should be under Friendly Socials when chatting to another sim.
18th May 2019 11:20pm
Thank youCool
28th May 2019 2:28pm
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