The Sims 4 Ambrosia Recipe

How to Find all Ingredients and Bring Back Ghosts, Giving Sims Immortality

The Sims 4:  - Ambrosia Recipe and Ingredients
A Sim Enjoys Eating Ambrosia after Finding Ingredients for the Recipe

Ambrosia is a Gourmet Cooking Skill Recipe that unlocks automatically at level 10, so long as you also have level 10 in regular Cooking. This Guide will show you how to best get the ingredients gathered up so you can Cook up your Sims some Immortality on a plate. In order to make Ambrosia, you'll need Skill in Fishing, Gardening, and of course to have mastered the art of Cooking. Ambrosia requires Angelfish and a Death Flower, which I'll show you how to get. The Recipe also requires you to accrue 1500 Satisfaction points to get a Potion of Youth from the Rewards store. Note that other Sims can gather the Ambrosia Ingredients for your Gourmet Chef. They Simply need them in their Inventory or the Refrigerator to make the dish available when clicking on the stove/fridge.

A Dish of Ambrosia in The Sims 4

The Sims 4 Ambrosia: How to Bring Back a Dead Sim

A guide to raising the dead in The Sims 4. Includes info on grafting for death flowers, catching angelfish, and the potion of youth.

What Ambrosia Does
Making Ambrosia is a bit of a process, but it can be a very rewarding one. Ambrosia will return a Ghost who eats it back to life, which in essence gives Sims Immortality so long as someone in the house can cook it upon the death of a member of the household. Ghosts must be a member of the household in order to eat Ambrosia.

Its effects on living Sims are lackluster, given the Ambrosia Recipe requires the 1,500 Satisfaction Point Potion of Youth, which accomplishes the same as Ambrosia in bringing a Sim back to the beginning of their current life stage. To get a Ghost to eat Ambrosia, work on befriending them each time they visit then invite them to rejoin your Household. At that point, you have control and can bring the Sim back to life by ordering them to eat the Ambrosia. This is not, however, the only way to bring back the dead in The Sims 4. The Book of Life does the same, if you have a Ghost use the book once they're back in your Household.

Catching Angelfish can be the hardest part of this process. Be patient!

Quick Guide for How to Make Ambrosia
If you don't need any help with Gardening or Gourmet Cooking and want to skip the rest of this, here's a quick rundown of how you make Ambrosia in The Sims 4:

  1. Get Level 10 Cooking and Gourmet Cooking, Level 5 Gardening. The Recipe will not appear unless you have 10 in both Cooking Skills.
  2. Graft Cherry on Apple to get Pomegranate or catch at the Pond in Willow Creek's Park
  3. Graft Lily onto Snapdragon to make Orchid
  4. Graft Orchid onto Pomegranate to make Death Flower
  5. Catch an Angelfish in any River in Willow Creek
  6. Accrue 1500 Satisfaction points to buy the Potion of Youth Reward Potion. Need 1 per Ambrosia.
  7. With Ingredients gathered, Cook Ambrosia and bring back the dead!
Ambrosia Recipe

Ambrosia Requirements

Ambrosia Ingredient List
The following are required to make Ambrosia:

  • Angelfish
  • Death Flower
  • Potion of Youth

Additionally, the following Skill Levels are Required. Remember that multiple Sims can work together to accomplish this, you just need all the ingredients available to your Chef:

  • Gourmet Cooking: 10
  • Homestyle Cooking: 10
  • Gardening: 5 to Unlock Grafting
  • Fishing: 1-10, depends on your luck.

Finding Ambrosia Ingredients and Skilling

How to Cook Ambrosia, Step by Step
Work on all these different things at once and you'll find this process goes much faster. You will want a large Garden to tend each day to get Skill experience, and spend time in the kitchen levelling Gourmet Cooking in the meantime. You must also go out to fish here and there, because it takes some time to catch an Angelfish, depending on your luck.

Satisfaction Point Requirements

Inspired Sims make Creative Skill gains faster with Muser
Selecting a Creativity Aspiration will give you Muser, which helps Level Gourmet Cooking

Work on Whims and an Aspiration to Buy Potion of Youth
You need 1500 Satisfaction to purchase Potion of Youth from the Rewards Store (Press G and click the Gift Box). While you are using the Gourmet Cooking and Gardening Skills, watch for Whims to come up that are easy to complete. Remove those that are not interesting to you or difficult to complete while working on these things. If you want to do this faster, I suggest you start your Sim with a Creativity Aspiration for the Muser Trait. It will greatly speed up the rate of Gourmet Cooking Skilling when Inspired and save you money. After creation, you can change Aspirations to something more appropriate. The best for this is likely the Gardening Aspiration of Freelance Botanist, as you will need to do a lot of Gardening to get to Level 7. The Cooking Aspiration requires you to enter the Culinary Career Track, and that will eat up time. But hey, if you make Ambrosia, time is not a problem for your Sims!

Gourmet Cooking Requirements

Ambrosia requires Gourmet Cooking
Cooking Gourmet Meals is the best way to Level this Skill

Work on Skilling Up Gourmet Cooking as you Go
Gourmet Cooking is unlocked automatically at Cooking Level 5, and although you can unlock the Skill before then by using a Skill Book, you'll need level 5 to be able to actually cook Gourmet Meals. Regardless, you need 10 in both Skills in order to see the Ambrosia Recipe - so if it's not showing up, that's likely the problem. So, get Cooking to 5 then start practicing both your Cooking skills. Cooking is raised with 'Cook' interactions. To do Gourmet, select Cook a Gourmet Meal on the Fridge/Stove and always use the highest level meals with the lowest price. These are harder and should give you the most Skill experience without hitting the bank too hard. Cakes seem to give the most experience overall. As for regular meals, group portions are simply more expensive and do not take any more time to cook. It's a waste unless you're feeding a Sim family. Cooking meals is the most expensive route, but it is much faster than reading a Skill Book. Try to do this while Inspired, as that is the Ideal Mood for the Skill. Being Inspired increases the rate of Skill Experience, and Very Inspired is even better.

Gardening Requirements

Gardening is required for Ambrosia
Making a Garden is the best way to level the Skill. Try to have around 20 Plants. Use Fruit Seeds to have Apple for Grafting Cherry to Create Pomegranate.

Work on Skilling Up Gardening as you Go
Start a Garden and work on it as you level Gourmet Cooking. Order some Seed Packets with the Computer or by clicking on a Planter so that you can make a rather large Garden. Based on prices and growth times, I would simply order six to eight Fruit seed packets to make a little money selling Apples, Plantain, and Grapes. Sell off harvested produce so that you can cover the cost of Gourmet Cooking meals. Gardening is a very profitable Skill. Work on Gourmet Cooking when your garden doesn't need maintenance. Wait for the need to Tend your Garden and try to do that while Focused. Browse Simipedia on Computer before doing it, and additionally Research Gardening once you're Level 2 and you will get +2 Focused.

Getting Orchid for Death Flowers
Orchids bloom soon. Need to Graft with Pomegranate. Got the Angelfish. Sooo close!

Get up to level 5 so you can Take Cutting, in order to avoid waiting on plants to grow outside your home lot, then gather up the following plants from around the Neighborhood, as you will need them in order to create the Death Flower needed for Ambrosia.

  • Lily - Can be found in Willow Creek Park and in front of Oakenstead, both in Willow Creek. Needed for Orchid.
  • Snapdragon - Can be found at the BFF Household, Garden Essence Home and in front of Oakenstead (Willow Creek). Needed for Orchid.
  • Orchid - created by Grafting Lily with Snapdragon (either direction). Also found in the mailbox a day or two after completing the Space Rock Collection via Rocket Science. Needed with Pomegranate for Death Flower.
  • Pomegranate - Graft Apple with Cherry to get this plant. While you can catch them at the Pond in Willow Creek's Park or Sylvan Glade, it can be frustrating. Find a Cherry Tree in Oasis Springs, behind the park near Springscape, pictured below.
Finding a Cherry Tree will help you make Pomegranate
A Cherry Tree can be found in Oasis Springs, near the Park by Springscape

Grafting to Get a Death Flower
If you don't understand how Grafting works, read the Gardening Guide, but I'll give you a step by step here that may help. Once you are growing Lily, Snapdragon, and Pomegranate, no matter what plants they're on, you can harvest them and plant them so you can take the necessary cuttings and splice these plants together.

You've got to do some Grafting to make a Death Flower
Find Snapdragon and Lily to Take Cuttings from in front of Oakenstead

Now, graft these in any order. I'll list the order that grows faster, but the other direction will work as well:

  • Take Cutting from Lily and Graft to Snapdragon - this gets you Orchid.
  • Take Cutting from Pomegranate and Graft to Orchid - this gets you Death Flower.
Graft for a Death Flower in The Sims 4
After all that work, you can now Take Cutting from a Pomegranate Tree and Graft it to an Orchid to Grow Death Flowers for Ambrosia

You can now plant a harvested Death Flower to get a Death Flower plant that will regularly put out more Death Flowers. This isn't necessary, but will give you reliable Death Flowers - better than a plant with Pomegranate, Death Flower, and Orchid as it will produce a random mix.

Fishing Requirements

Catching Angelfish can be easy or hard, depending on your luck
You can catch Angelfish at any River in Willow Creek. Try the one by the Library. They are also caught near the Caliente Household in Oasis Springs

Catch an Angelfish
The last thing you need to make Ambrosia is an Angelfish. These can be caught at any River in Willow Creek, as well as the two large ponds with fountains near the Caliente Household in Oasis Springs. The Angelfish is Uncommon, so it may take some time to catch on - as in, multiple trips, and you may even reach level 10 without getting it. Do not fret, but keep trying. The minnows, bass, tetra, and other Fish you catch are in the way and reduce the odds you'll get the less common Angelfish. Persist, and you'll get your final ingredient! Don't worry if it's Foul, as that has no bearing in the final outcome of the Ambrosia. If you're quick to store them, Fish will stay fresh longer in the fridge, but it's really a non-issue.

Cook the Ambrosia
Once you have the Angelfish, Death Flower, and Potion of Youth, along with Mastery of both Cooking and Gourmet Cooking, you should see the Ambrosia Recipe under Cook Gourmet Meal. It costs nothing to make. To pay $5k after that would have been crazy, no? Anyway, get a Ghost to move back in to your household after death and they can eat the Ambrosia! You just might store some in the Fridge!

In Closing

This Guide should help you gather the ingredients you need to get the Ambrosia Recipe. Now cook it and let your Sims enjoy Immortality! You now have the power to bring Ghosts back to life and keep your Sim young and healthy. Should you have any trouble with this, head over to our Forum, where someone may be able to help you.

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how do u get strawberries
Check the gardening guide. There are a couple of spawn locations in the plant list there.
7th July 2015 11:15pm
if my sims are in elder age when he eta ambrosia, are he going back to adult or young adult?
12th August 2015 4:25am
They just go back to the start of their cycle. For instance if an elder ate it, he would just go back to the very start of being an elder.
18th November 2015 6:05pm
can the angelfish be mounted??
27th August 2015 1:23pm
Yes it can be mounted, as with all of the other bones.
18th November 2015 6:06pm
How do I get a ghost to eat it?
30th December 2015 3:40pm
Easiest way is to invite the ghost into your household and then direct them t eat the Ambrosia.
Ghosts Guide
21st January 2016 12:41am
Okay just making sure, but if your sim eats the ambrosia (not as a ghost), it makes them stay the same age forever, right? Or does it reset your sims current age? Sorry, just clarifying! :)
30th December 2015 8:20pm
No, Olivia. The sim's cycle will reset to the beginning of their current age, If you don't want your sims to age, then there's a setting that turns off aging.
3rd January 2016 3:57pm
Can I get back an elder woman into a young with this Ambrosia?
24th January 2016 6:40pm
No. In the Sims 4 all 'age' potions and recipes etc just reset the sim to the beginning of his/her current age stage. So an elder will be back to the beginning of the elder stage. If you still have aging on the elder will again approach death and then need another plate of ambrosia or Potion of Youth etc to again be reset back to the beginning of elderhood, and so on.
You can change the age of a sim in CAS using the cas.fulleditmode on' cheat but be aware that this will remove all reward traits earned through completing aspirations but it leaves the aspirations completed meaning your sim can not regain these 'lost' reward traits ever again. I know of no way to reinstate these reward traits as there isn't a cheat to 'undo' a completed aspiration.
25th January 2016 2:22pm
I also caught 3 angelfish in the oasis spring river with only level 2 fishing incase you don't want to travel to willow springs
13th March 2016 3:32pm
I also caught 3 angelfish in the oasis spring river with only level 2 fishing incase you don't want to travel to willow springs
13th March 2016 9:44pm
If you want free ambrosia then look for me in the gallery my username is kasoncaylor then you will find a empty room with a plate of ambrosia :)
3rd April 2016 11:38am
Thank you for the ambrosia!! It worked and saved me a lot of time. My gostify potion gave her a killed by cowplant trait. All better now!
16th April 2018 6:37pm
where can I find cherries? I've searched everywhere and I cant find them. Is there any other way to get them?
17th May 2016 11:50pm
There is a thread on the forum here with pictures showing some of the places cherry trees can be found. If they are spawning as grow fruit just take two cuttings in a row (this kills plants) from them and remove them (your sim will grab them into a rubbish bag) and a cherry tree will grow back.
18th May 2016 6:05pm
I followed what you said but when I take cutting from the pomegranate an apple appears
27th June 2016 6:29pm
The spliced plant always remains whatever it was before it was grafted. If you want a pomegranate tree you will need to plant a pomegranate fruit from the spliced apple/cherry tree and then wait for it to grow. Once the pomegranate tree has grown you will then be able to take cutting which will be a pomegranate cutting.
27th June 2016 7:33pm
Meg Taylor
you know there is an easier way to get a death flower!
14th July 2016 9:57pm
8th July 2017 4:49am
Meg Taylor
All you do is type bb.showhiddenobjects then you go into build mode and search up Death Flower and it appears
14th July 2016 10:00pm
26th July 2016 2:51pm
I went to look for a cherry tree and I couldn't find one, is there another place to look?
26th July 2016 2:48pm
I made a small pictorial guide here. Remember that your sim has to be actively in the area for the plants to spawn and grow.
30th July 2016 11:21pm
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