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The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs Expansion Pack

in the Cats and Dogs DLC
The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs will bring pets to the game on November 10, 2017. While the usual 'pets' pack will not include horses this time around, it does attempt to bring loads of detail to the two featured pet types. Below you'll find a list of many new additions you'll receive with the Cats and Dogs Expansion. It's not an exhaustive list of new stuff, but does give you a good idea of the main gameplay you'll get if you buy the pack.

Pets Guides (UPDATED)

I'm just getting started on these because my review copy came late through no fault of the Sims team. For now we have:

A Guide to Adopting, Caring for, and Training Pets
Pet Traits New
Veterinary Clinic Guide New
Veterinarian Skill New
Veterinarian: Pet Sicknesses and Cures List New
a guide to making a mixed breed in cats and dogs.

Cats and Dogs DLC Features


Create a Pet in the Cats and Dogs DLC
Click to Enlarge. Create-a-Pet

The new DLC features a fully functional Create-a-Pet system. While using it, you'll have all the tools and options you need to customize your Sims' pets. Common Dog and cat breeds are available to choose from, and you can further customize the look of your companion animals. Each pet takes up one slot in the household (max 7 with one Sim). Pets can be made from a young age (kitten/puppy), natural or neutered. Since every pet is unique, you can also select traits for your dog or cat which will influence their behavior.

Cats and Dogs can made to be mixed breed - I've made a small guide to how to do it here.

Playing with Cats and Dogs

A cat and dog in the Sims 4 Pets Expansion
Click to Enlarge. A cat and puppy from the game's trailer.

Aside from making a cat or dog in Create-a-Pet, you can also adopt one using your Sim's phone. During the adoption process you can actually screen pets and choose whether you'll decide to adopt them if you like the animal.

Pets will liven up Sims' lives in a number of ways. First, you will have to care for them, for example walk dogs, feed them and take them to the vet when they're sick, else they can be taken away. Kids who do this will gain responsibility from the Parenting pack.

Walking a dog in the Sims 4 Pets Expansion
Click to Enlarge. A dalmatian having fun with his owner in the park.

You can't control your pets, but you can teach them. Pets can be trained and your Sims will build up relationships with them in the process. Is the cat shredding furniture? Scold it and teach it not to do that, and it'll gradually stop using this behavior. Housebreak your dogs and teach them to go outside. Many players seem to like this feature, as it's more realistic than giving the player the ability to control what the pet does. You can't see their moods, you can only check how they're doing.

The new presence of animals in the Sim household will blend in perfectly with the base game and other expansion packs. For example, Pets can travel with you to Granite Falls or Sixam should you wish to have them along for the trip.

Taking care of a Pet in the Sims 4 Cats and Dogs DLC

Pets can get pregnant, and can be encouraged to breed. If you fail to have your pet neutered, they may run away and come back pregnant. They'll run away regardless, but you can prevent 'surprises'. Pregnancy can result in 1-3 puppies or kittens, depending on household space and randomness. When pets get pregnant, it's possible to sell the puppies or kittens. Adult animals can be put up for adoption if you no longer want them.

Veterinarian and Pet Training Skill

Veterinarian Career in the Cats and Dogs Expansion Pack Taking a Dog to the vet in the Cats and Dogs Expansion
Click to Enlarge. The new veterinarian career lets you care for cats and dogs by either playing one, or taking your sick pet to be cured. Pets can only die of old age in the Expansion.
New paintings in the Expansion
New paintings and new clothing and hair styles are also in the Expansion

There's a new Pet Training skill you can use to teach your pet tricks and useful abilities. Should you wish to further specialize in caring for animals, you can try the new Veterinarian career and do it for a living. Playing a Veterinarian is a lot like owning a business. You'll have to staff it, and manage treatments of animals. Customers will judge you based on employee impressions, the level of care and your efficiency. You can customize your veterinary business by using perk points.

New treatments unlock as your Sim gains levels in the Veterinary skill, which is separate from owning a veterinary clinic. There's actually some viable money-making opportunity in creating special pet treats, which can be sold from the Sim's inventory. You can actually treat your own pets if you purchase veterinary equipment for your home ,though they are big and expensive. It may be helpful as a time-saver if you have many pets, though most players will opt to have the medicine crafting lab instead of a full-blown surgery machine costing many thousands. Special treats can be given to your pets, including one that acts as ambrosia and will bring pets back to life. You can also make them immortal, by producing age down potions for when they become elders.

Brindleton Bay in Sims 4
Click to Enlarge. Brindleton Bay, the new neighborhood in The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs

A new world is featured in the DLC - Brindleton Bay, and it's got a beautiful New England look. New lot traits have been included in the pack as well - Training spot, cat/dog friendly, dog spot and cat spot. There are new collectibles (features) aspirations for Sims to pursue, and Sim traits. Naturally the pack also features plenty of new build/buy mode objects that can be used to accent your Sim's home or vet office. Some of these are interactive, such as the vending machine and medicine crafting table.

Overall there's quite a bit of new content in the Expansion that can't be listed here just yet. I'll dig into the gameplay the weekend of release and work on guides for cats and dogs, the veterinarian and any Sim skills.

Cats and Dogs Trailer

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Loving the expansion so far! Will check back here for updates in the coming daysSmile
10th November 2017 5:18am
Loving the expansion so far.
However after playing around in a few different games with it. I have noticed that the relationship cheat no longer works for me. It doesn't work with pets and it no longer works with sims.
10th November 2017 7:16am
Yes it isn't working for me either. I guess either the latest patch broke it or Cats and Dogs.
10th November 2017 2:29pm
Just wanted to, for once, thank ypu Carl for your guides and all the great work you do with this page. I've been regularly coming here since TS3 and when I'll get rich a donation for your page is on my to-do list. Thank you ! Lots of love from Finland!
10th November 2017 7:59am
Hey there,

If I play with ageing off, will this also apply to pets?


10th November 2017 2:58pm
Yes, the age setting are global and apply to pets the same as sims.
10th November 2017 11:49pm
shelby pyle
the vet skill goes up real fast and i'm surprised there isn't any training skill level books
10th November 2017 5:03pm
Sims Lover
Hi there! I want to invite my pets to my wedding on Sims but it’s not letting me, any tips?
10th November 2017 7:09pm
I don't think this interaction is possible. You could travel to the lot with your pets instead. That way they will be there when you start the wedding party.
11th November 2017 12:01am
Christina Lee Breu
Help I want my pets to be there but don't want to do anything. Lol I just want them to look pretty. They keep wreaking my furniture, peeing all over the house, one has fleas.
10th November 2017 7:14pm
When your pet does a misbehaviour (scratching, peeing inside etc) a social interaction will appear for your sim when you click on the pet. It will say something like 'lecture about scratching'. Use this interaction each time your pet misbehaves and the pets will quickly learn (be trained) not to do that action.
If you take your pet outdoors and then ask it to pee, it will learn to pee outside... and so on.
When your pet gets fleas take it to a vet clinic and check it in. The NPC vet will cure it. You can buy vet treats from the vending machine in a vet clinic. There is one to enhance your pets well-being. (I think it is called wellness treat.) Feeding these to your pets will help them to stay healthy for longer.
10th November 2017 11:58pm
So I started out with a puppy and I wanted to age it up. I’ve bought an age up bar but I’m not entirely sure how to feed it to said puppy. Any ideas?
10th November 2017 7:43pm
Have the vet treat in your sims personal inventory and click on the pet. There should be an option to "feed pet vet treat."
10th November 2017 11:54pm
Brina Mae
How long does it take for puppies to age up or can I force age them like sims? I'm not sure if I'm missing something
10th November 2017 7:50pm
Takes about 3 sim days. If you have aging off for your sims then they will never age but you can buy an aging-up vet treat from the vending machine in a vets clinic. When you feed this to your pet it will age up.
10th November 2017 11:53pm
That's useful, my sims don't age cuz I took up to train them all and spread them around kicking out everyone else, I'm also making alien males to breed :D

I been thinking about how to age my puppy up, this is very helpful, thanks.
15th November 2017 7:17am
I’m confused. Are there unicorns?
10th November 2017 8:02pm
No. In The Sims 4 Cat and Dogs expansion there are just cats and dogs.
10th November 2017 11:52pm
Haha, no. This is the Cats and Dogs pack. Nothing else besides cats and dogs.
11th November 2017 12:27am
Not sure what's so confusing about this... its literally called "The Sims™ 4 Cats & Dogs"... Laugh
12th November 2017 10:13pm
You can colour a dog or cat unicorn colour if you want? :D
CAS is very good in thei pack. Anything is possible.
8th February 2018 4:34am
Christina Lee Breu
Anyone know how to get rid of fleas? MY cat got them literally 5 seconds after I made hi. I'm examining him n the vet table to see if that does anything.
10th November 2017 8:19pm
Christina Lee Breu
I gave him a surgery and the fleas went away.
10th November 2017 9:37pm
*need help * I have 4 pet carries that where dropped by the adoption process and now the won't disappear. Have tried build and buy, it won't let me grab and delete them. And I have also tried debugging them.
10th November 2017 9:28pm
Has the NPC sim that brings them left your lot? If not they will disappear when the NPC sim leaves once you have either adopted a pet or chosen to not adopt.
10th November 2017 11:51pm
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