The Sims 4 First Person Mode

Camera Controls, Field of View (FOV) and Playing the Game

Controls when viewing The Sims 4 in First Person Mode
The Sims 4 now has a First Person Mode! Learn to control this new style of gameplay here!

The Sims 4 patch on November 13, 2018 added first person mode to the game. While in first person, you're able to look around normally but through your Sim's eyes. Do nothing, and the camera will follow your Sim's gaze. Options are included to help you with field of view, interacting with the world, and getting around. Here's a quick guide and video to help you get around the new mode. Click here to learn nearly all Sims 4 controls.

Shift-Tab enters first person mode. Use right-click to get a 'move here' command through obstacles, like doors. Pressing left-control will stop the camera and seems to recenter it based upon where your Sim is looking. Space will cycle through Sims (shift-space may include pets), and you can exit first person by pressing Shift-tab once more. If you hold shift while in first person, you'll be free to use the mouse instead of moving the camera, allowing you to make use of the game interface.

The Sims 4 First Person Camera (Free Patch Update)

Click here to see the video guide on

Interacting With The Game World

Cooking in first person mode in The Sims 4 free patch update
Cooking in First Person Mode

Playing the game in first person is entirely possible. When you move the mouse, you'll look anywhere (even behind your Sim). If it is clickable from this perspective, you can interact with it. You must get into viewing range or have no walls in front of you, though. Thankfully there is an option to help you get past walls.

Pesky Doors and Walls

How to walk around doors and walls in The Sims 4 first person camera mode
Walking through doors and walls in first person is as easy as right-clicking.

Can't get through a door? Right-click instead of left and you'll bring up a go here menu so that you can tell your Sim to get past the obstacle. They'll take the shortest path like they normally would, and from there you should be able to interact.

Field of View (Motion Sickness)

Field of View is commonly used to get a better viewing angle or to reduce motion sickness in first person games. Scrolling the mouse wheel down (or whatever your normal zoom out button is if on Mac) will allow you to increase FOV and may be a bit easier on your eyes and stomach. Due to the amount of head bobbing and eye movement Sims make, this can be pretty disorienting though for short scenes it's entirely tolerable. I suggest everyone try it, as it's going to make for some pretty cool screenshots and will aid storytellers.

Known Issues

When my Sim turned into a bat, she teleported and left me behind in normal camera mode. Woohoo is likely to look very buggy due to its nature. Anything that has textures not meant to be seen from this angle is going to look strange. That said, this was a great idea by the dev team and one Guru worked to make it happen (evidently). I am sure it will get some polish in future patches, now that it's officially a part of the game. For now, we can live with the minor issues that come up.

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I wish I can be in first person mod in the sims 4 because I just want to try out new things, I love sims 4 and I hope you guys do to, it's such a fun game, and who ever made this, I want to meet you!
18th November 2018 12:36am
So what is the actual command to get into first-person mode?
20th November 2018 1:31pm
Shift + Tab at the same time to get into and out of 1st Person Camera mode
20th November 2018 7:57pm
When i put my sims 4 to the first person view, i saw their teeth and eyes. And that didn't happen on the videos I watched.
30th November 2018 7:12am
It's a reported bug and can also be caused by various cc.
This EA Bug Report has a work-around you can try.
1st December 2018 4:03am
Does anybody know if this is available on console? I heard about this first person cam and went on the sims 4 today to try it out but I couldn't find anything new. My console didn't even do an update which it usually would when there's free Sims 4 patches.
7th December 2018 6:08pm
This was a patch for PC and Mac users. I'm not sure when or even if first person mode is coming to console. If you have a twitter account SimGuruKate would be a good person to ask
8th December 2018 5:29pm
Oh okay. Thanks!
22nd December 2018 4:21pm
Can you use first person with a non household sim?
28th December 2018 8:36pm
No, not really as you have to be playing the sim in order to go into First Person Camera Mode. You could always play the sim you want to try this with and then mark them as Unplayed in Manage Households.
30th December 2018 8:25pm
Dennis J
From what I just tested, it looks like to get a pets view you just shift-tab on sim, and then use left arrow or right arrow. I've tested with just space and shift + space and no luck, but with arrows it works. :)
13th April 2019 2:57pm
I love walking around:
14th July 2019 9:05pm
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