The Sims 4: Butlers

Hiring and Using a Live-in Butler (Vintage Glamour Stuff)

The Sims 4 Butler - Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack Guide
A Butler in The Sims 4. They can be hired if you have the Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack

The Sims 4 Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack allows you to hire a live-in Butler. This guide to utilizing the butler services will teach you how to move in a butler, assign them a bed, what you can expect to pay, and how the service works.

Hiring a Butler & Cost of Services

How to hire a butler in The Sims 4
How to hire a Butler? Look to the phone's household tab.

Use the phone and select the Household category. From there, 'Hire Services'. You can see the Butler has a one-time fee of $175 and costs $12 per hour. After the initial fee, you can expect to pay exactly $288 per day the Butler lives with your Sims. This is quite pricey, so it's definitely a luxury meant for rich but busy Sims. However it is clear that for those Sim households, it's worth the time to not have to clean up, cook meals, and repair things. Their time could be spent making friends, having fun and making money!

Giving the Butler a Bed and Access to Rooms

Assigning a bed to a butler is as simple as clicking the bed
Give your Butler a small bedroom so they have a place to sleep without stealing your Sim's bed. You should be able to afford it if hiring one.

Once the Butler is hired, you can click a bed to assign it to them. Giving them their own small bedroom is a good idea. It's also worth noting that you seem to be able to lock the butler out of areas of your home by using the door lock system. 'Everyone but household members' may work on them. You can also keep household members from autonomously going into their private quarters.

How to lock doors in The Sims 4
Use the walls up menu in the top right to see doors and click them to manage access. Lock doors to areas you don't want your Butler to enter. In this way, you can also keep your Sims from entering your Butler's bedroom.

Butler Responsibilities

A butler gardening
If you make enough garden space, the Butler just might pay for himself.

All Butler management is accomplished using the Butler menu when you click on your servant. Your Sims' Butler can do four different tasks automatically. Any of these tasks can be turned off by clicking the Butler and selecting the 'Responsibilities' tab. This may help them to better prioritize the things you want them to do. For example if having the Butler do child care is not a priority because you want your Sim to do it, turn it off.

Butlers will automatically look for things that need done around the home that fit various criteria, and will do little tidying up animations when there's nothing to do. Butlers can:

  • Help Raise Children - Is the baby crying? Let the Butler get him! Nothing says rich and powerful like letting someone else change the dirty diapers!
  • Tend Garden - If interactions are available, like watering and weeding, the Butler will do this. I recommend starting a moderately-sized garden, as it gives them something to do when nothing is broken or dirty. You need to plant the seeds yourself, but from there the Butler can handle it.
  • Repair Broken Things - Your Butler will eventually get around to unclogging the toilet, or fixing that leaky pipe.
  • Clean Stuff - When surfaces get dirty, the Butler will handle it. Given what you pay them, it's wise to let them take care of this.

Greeting Guests

A butler cleans a table in The Sims 4
Butlers have animations that help them appear to be busy. This table can't get dirty, but the Butler is removing the dust anyway.

Another area of management can be found under the 'Visitors' sub-menu. The Butler can be told how to handle any guests who come knocking. You can tell the Butler to make them go away, or else greet all guests. The default setting is to have the Butler ignore the front door entirely. Wealthy Sims will surely like having the Butler greet guests and allow them inside from time to time.

Preparing Meals

A butler cooking a meal in The Sims 4
A Butler prepares a meal in The Sims 4

On demand, your Butler can be assigned to cook a meal. It is $20 for a single meal, $40 for a family meal, and $60 for a party meal. They can also serve drinks for $8. That you can choose when they cook is a good design decision, since it does come out of your household funds. Importantly, your Sim does NOT have to interact with the Butler to ask them to do this - it's like the Call Over command, else the request to cook meal would be kind of useless. The attention to detail is nice here, as my vegetarian Sim got a vegetarian-friendly dish when she was the one who requested the meal. They will sometimes cook dishes automatically, but those are free (assuming they don't eat it!). They have a high success rate in regards to producing Excellent-quality meals.

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Hi, I've purchased and installed The Sims 4 Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack, however, on two of my computers I have butler and nanny options. On the pc in the family room those features are missing.

Anyone care to hazard a guess as to what's going on there?

I've repaired the game without luck.
12th December 2016 6:12pm
Not sure what is going on but if you want to hire a nanny or a butler your sim can also use their phone. The fact that you have the options available on some PC's should be enough as you only need access to hire them not to manipulate them etc. Is the other PC a reward PC from a career?
13th December 2016 4:50pm
I have hired a butler but 17 hrs ago (gameplay time), a notification popped up from him saying 'you don't want me anymore? well, that'll be $219 for today's services' and hasn't showed up ever since
13th December 2016 10:13pm
lol! Funny but very annoying for you I'm sure. Using your sims phone Hire a service>Hire a butler. If that doesn't fix it if you can remember which NPC sim it was go into Manage Worlds>Manage Households>Unplayed Sims and delete the butler NPC and then try hiring another. Also check that you don't have the front door locked to everyone but the active family.
14th December 2016 5:17pm
Thank you so much!!!
15th December 2016 11:35pm
I have a big problem with my butlers. When ever I hire one only (ugly) female butlers are coming. Scared It's said that with the CAS cheat you can sculpt them, but once in CAS only the normal outfits sections are showing and no chance of changing the look in butler outfit. Crying Plus NO butler will cook but I get charged, nor do they ever go to their room and sleep. That is very strange. I get the feeling that all these butler stories and showing pics here are just fake lol... I've already repaired the game etc.
17th December 2016 6:56pm
I took my butler into CAS using the cas.fulleditmode on cheat and turned her (old, over weight and ugly) into a gorgeous YA male butler. The work clothes do not appear in CAS but will reappear on the Butler once you leave CAS and travel away from your lot and back. You can also reset the butler which I do from time to time when he glitches out and starts doing weird stuff like getting in and out the bath continually. Turn on testingcheats on and shift click the butler and choose (debug) reset.
My Butler only occasionally sleeps as their needs seem to get reset somewhat each time your sims travel and return to the home lot. If you stay long enough at home you will eventually see your butler sleep.
As for the cooking glitch, delete your localthumbcache.package file from your TheSims 4 folder and make sure there are no items on the kitchen counters that were placed there with the MOO cheat and that the space around the fridge is also clear.
Once you get your butler 'organized' and CAS-ed they seem to work relatively well. The traits are a gamble as butlers can have any traits so it is worthwhile CAS-ing an ugly sim with good traits to be the perfect butler. Cool
18th December 2016 4:18pm
Thanks for the reply :)
Yes, as I wrote in the Sims4 USForum, I have figured that all out already how to change gender traits and appearance in cas.fulleditmode. But the actual appearance in the butlers outfit you can't change like adding lashes and makeup unless you have makeup in the detail section which I don't have. There should be a cheat like for the appearance in work clothing like we have for the normal Sims.
I have also managed to make my butler finally go to his room and sleep by activating his needs in his menue. As you have said this must be deactivated by default I guess. Still no cooking though. He eats my cooked food Grin I will try what you wrote about freeing the area around the stove and see if this helps.
Again, thanks alot for trying to help. Have a nice day.
20th December 2016 3:52am
when ever i do the cas cheat (cas.fulleditmode) and click on the butler it takes me to my household cas i have no idea what to do!
21st April 2017 4:14pm
There is currently a bug with CAS cheats not working on sims outside your own controllable households. Nothing to fix it until a developers fix is released in a patch.
21st April 2017 10:38pm
I haven't got the stuff pack yet but can I hire a butler if my household already has 8 sims? And can I go up to 8 when I hired a butler or will it be limited up to 7 sims?
19th December 2016 9:23am
Your butler is not a part of you household
20th December 2016 12:04am
I read somewhere in the i.Net that the butler doen't actually cound as a sim. Therefore it should be possible to add him. Why don't you just try and see... ;)
20th December 2016 3:56am
You absolutely can hire a butler in an 8 sim household. I have that in my game now. In fact I had six sims when I hired him and since then my sim has had twins making my active household = 8 sims and a butler.
20th December 2016 4:53pm
Help! I have the pack and everything but I do not have the option of hiring a butler! I'm not sure what to do.
22nd December 2016 3:24pm
You'll find hiring a butler under Household>Hire a Service>Butler on a sims phone.
22nd December 2016 6:16pm
I can't hire a butler. I have gone to different sims phones to hire a service, but the option for a butler isn't there. Any thoughts on what I can do?
I've tried in different households as well.
23rd December 2016 9:38pm
Delete the localthumbcache.package file from your The Sims 4 folder and load up your game and try again. If the option is still not there then repair your game.
Repair Your Game
23rd December 2016 11:04pm
What I hate about the Butler thing is that when ever I leave my lot and come back a new butler is generated! WTF*! I spend lot of time in CAS to customize my MALE butler and then the game generates me new female butlers?! What for?! SMH* I want to keep MY BUTLER! I have send the new once away until the game finally gives me my old butler back!
I mean common! That part is really spoiling the fun. Also I have changed the butlers traits in CAS to all positives, but in the game it still shows the old ones! EA sure needs to patch the pack! Too many bugs if you ask me. Not to mention all the still exsisting bugs since CL.
27th December 2016 5:16am
Exactly! It's so frustrating.. I already had friendly relationship with butler then I go to neighbor and when I return some completely different butler shows up. Makes no sense.
27th December 2016 9:31am
I have the same problem. Whenever I leave my lot and come back, I have a different butler every time. It's so annoying.
26th March 2017 8:58pm
That's not happening in my game. I play rotationally and even after being rotated away from the family with the butler for over 5 sim weeks the same butler is still there. I wonder what we are doing differently to have such different results? Do you use mods?
27th December 2016 3:23pm
Yes I do have a few mods and CC's but I have also tested without and still the same. It mostly happens when I leave with my sim to a restaurant or another lot. When I return home my butler is gone and a new one arrives. It's not just me having this problem as I read in the forums. So it must be a bug. The other day I went to work with my sim and when returning back home my butler was still there but a second one came! This is so crazy!
27th December 2016 7:01pm
Oh and now my butler is sick. He sneez alot cough and gets dizzy and there is no way I can help him Sad Now THAT really s**ks!
27th December 2016 7:15pm
Oh dear, that sounds like a bit of a hot mess. Sorry you're having these problems. Sad I'm not sure what to even suggest to help but I'll keep looking into it and see if there is a work-around anywhere. I saw a few comments on the OF's seems it still may be mod related especially if you didn't clear the cache files after removing your mods. The needs on your butler should be disabled and so they shouldn't actually get sick. Sounds like for whatever reason in your game the butler is being recognized almost as an ordinary sim.
27th December 2016 11:32pm
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