The Sims 4: Playing a Vampire

Turning Into a Vampire, Thirst, and Skill Levels

How to turn into a vampire in The Sims 4 Vampires
Turning into a Vampire is pretty easy, just build up a small friendship with any known Vampire. The mansion in Forgotten Hollow is a great place to start if you have an existing save file.

Since there is a bit more to the Sims 4 Vampires Game Pack than just the Vampires, I've separated out this section from the main page for the game pack. This is to teach you the basics of playing, how to become a vampire, and satisfying vampires' need for energy and thirst. You'll also learn about their weaknesses and special interactions such as the ability to Woohoo as a bat.

Read below to learn all about playing as a Vampire. Deeper information can be found on other pages:

How to Become a Vampire: Ask to Turn

The Sims 4 Vampires
Ask to Turn allows a Sim to make yours into a Vampire. Vampires may also be made in Create-a-Sim.

There are a few ways to make your Sim become a vampire. One is to initially create the family in Create-a-Sim and click the + in the bottom left, where you'd normally pick 'Add Sim'. Just as with Aliens in Get to Work, you can add a vampire directly into a family you are creating.

Another option, which will be widely used, is to befriend a Sim who is a vampire. Vampires may visit your lot at night. You could take the opportunity to talk to and meet a vampire that way. A guaranteed way to become one is to head to the mansion in the new Neighborhood, Forgotten Hollow. The master there is a vampire who can turn you once you've built some friendship.

How to become a vampire

'Ask to Turn' will have the target vampire feed from you, then allow you to drink from them, granting your Sim eternal life and a lust for Plasma. It doesn't take long at all for the request to come up - the conversation need only be friendly.

Being bitten and feeding from a vampire will give your Sim a 'Strangely Hungry' Moodlet, which will make them get sick from regular food after a time, while hunger simultaneously decays 50% faster. You'll have to eat a good deal, but won't be satisfied (the moodlet stays). Expect your Sim to feel uncomfortable from time to time.

The Sims 4 Vampires - The Dark Form
When the transformation is complete, you'll get a glimpse at your Sim's dark form, whose outfit may be randomly determined. You may want to change their wardrobe a bit, seriously. Do this at a dresser. The Dark Form is what your vampire uses to look evil.

After a short time, a popup text message will appear informing you that it takes a few days to transform. You will then gain level 1 of the Vampire Lore Skill and are on your way to becoming a vampire. More texts may come, a type of mini tutorial, in which the vampire who turned you will welcome you to the clan and provide some plasma packs for on-the-go feeding as well as skill XP for Vampire Lore. Asking them not to call you any more will let you skip the 'tutorial' on future playthroughs.

transforming is painful making the change to vampire The transition is complete - the Sim has become a vampire

The whole process of turning into a vampire takes about 36 hours. You'll be a fledgling vampire with hardly any powers and a weak constitution at first, so while it's easy your journey to be a master vampire is far from over.

Vampire Levels and Perks

The Vampires in this Game Pack level up as their abilities are used and they study the history and secrets of Vampires. As you raise in rank, you'll gain Power Points that can be expended to purchase new strengths for your Vampire. However, Vampires are not without their weaknesses. You'll have to pick up to five of those as you ascend to Grand Master. Read the Vampire Levels guide for information on leveling up, and check the Vampire Powers and Weaknesses guide for info on using and abusing the powers you can select as a vampire. Vampires' perks can be reset using a reconfiguration potion that is available at high levels of the Vampire Lore skill.

Vampire Abilities

All Vampires can compel Sims to allow them to drink, but other than that the two main abilities Vampires possess are hibernate and dark meditation. Dark meditation allows Vampires to regenerate energy where ever they are, and it is pretty effective. Perhaps more so than sleeping in a +10 comfort bed. They can also hibernate, which freezes all their needs while they sleep. You'll need to wake them up manually. Other than these, vampires can spar each other to gain experience (a friendly interaction) and will find the ability to learn from other higher-level vampires, or pass on knowledge of vampirism to lower level vampires under the Vampire social menu. All other vampire abilities are unlocked by leveling up and purchasing the powers. Discussion of the powers' usefulness is found on the page linked above.

Dark Form

The alternative look for your Vampire, Dark Form, can be used at any time willingly, and may appear when a Vampire is using their abilities or feeding. Selecting this form manually will make your Vampire more likely to use their abilities on other Sims. It is worth noting that this affects the game AI in that way, because encountering a vampire using dark form and engaging with them may make you a tasty target! Players can customize the look of their dark form easily by clicking the icon in the bottom left of Create-a-Sim after using a dresser or wardrobe.

WooHoo as a Vampire & Vampire Babies

The Sims 4 Vampires - Two Sims woohoo as bats
Two Vampires who both have the ability to transform can opt to Woohoo as bats!

Vampire babies do exist, in the sense that a vampire parent can pass on their 'gift' to the baby. However, any noticeable impact does not happen until the vampire has grown up to Teen. High level vampires may produce offspring that start with a few extra 'vampire levels'. Two Vampires who both have the ability to transform into bats will find 'Woohoo as Bats' and 'Try for Baby as Bats' under the romance menu when the conversation is steamy enough. When they Woohoo as bats, they can do it right there on the spot. Vampires can also Woohoo in a coffin if they are so inclined, but so too can normal Sims.

Vampire Needs: Differences vs Sims

When a Sim transforms into a Vampire (at Teen onward) the Hunger and Bladder needs are replaced by the 'Thirst' motive, which must be satisfied by feeding. Vampires that get too thirsty may enrage and seek out a nearby Sim to drink some blood. Vampires also have 'Vampire Energy', a bar which runs across the top of the needs panel, which is a resource that can be used for Vampire Powers, sun exposure, and staying awake long hours.

Vampire Thirst

Vampires need Plasma, aka cells that are in blood, in order to satisfy the Thirst need. Low Thirst will not kill a Vampire, so you can be a good Vampire that does not drink blood from others, like Edward from Twilight. Plasma comes from a few sources: Sims, Plasma Fruit, and Plasma Packs. Becoming too thirsty will greatly impact your ability to do anything as a Vampire, the uncomfortable moodlet can be so bad as to be +40, overriding all other emotions. Even at parched it is +3 and quite strong.

The Sims 4 Vampires: Drinking blood (plasma)
Having a morning snack, still in her robe. The feed interaction isn't so important that you need to run out, thirst is to be managed to prevent enraging, and not something that can kill your Sim.

Feeding on Sims

Options for feeding are found under the Vampire social menu. Feeding from Sims happens in a couple of different ways. First, you can ask nicely if they'd give you a drink of blood. This requires at least a little friendship with the Sim for the prey to be willing. Secondly, you can use your Vampire powers to compel the Sim and get them to submit, providing Plasma in either small or large amounts. Take a lot and the Sim may collapse. Other Sims around may react negatively to your Sim feeding, which can harm relationships. While you can ask to drink from the Sim repeatedly, use of the Vampire Powers to feed has a two hour cooldown. If you didn't get to feed, you may have to back off for a bit or else schmooze with the Sim and hope they'll reconsider. In some situations, I'd recommend they ask then feed aggressively if they decline.

Visiting a Sim's house at night vampire Sims 4
With the Eternally Welcome perk, you can unlock Sims' doors and go in at night without permission.

Vampires can absolutely break into homes with the Eternally Welcome Perk (Fledgling) which lets you go through doors. A Kleptomaniac Vampire might not be an awful idea! You cannot feed from Sims that are sleeping, but you can certainly make them feel unwell by getting them out of bed for a drink after midnight. Feeding from Sims with a normal drink gives a +1 Happy moodlet for 6 hours, while a deep drink will give them a +2 for 8 straight hours - a highly potent mood booster.

Plasma Fruit and Plasma Packs

The Sims 4 Vampires: A Sim passed out after having been fed upon
Drinking from a Sim drains their energy. They're likely to pass out after a deep drink, regardless of how much they had before. Being the victim of this can really suck the fun out of your day.

Plasma Fruit can be grown and re-planted. An easy to find Plasma Fruit is outside the fencing behind the largest mansion in Forgotten Hollow. Harvest this and grow a Plasma Fruit Tree to get a never-ending supply of fruits, which will let you avoid feeding on Sims. Plasma Fruit can be used in certain cooking recipes, which makes the food palatable to vampires. Plasma Packs are ordered at the computer once you have achieved level 3 in the Vampire Lore Skill. They can be crafted from fish and frogs with Vampire Lore Level 4

Sunlight Death & Garlic

The Sims 4 Vampires can die from sunlight The Sims 4: vampire was killed from being in the sun
Sun will kill vampires in this Game Pack.

Vampires are weak to sunlight. Being out in the sun will drain their energy and put a negative moodlet on them that grows in power as their energy drains. Get to 0 energy, and your Sim will burst into flames and die! In order to prevent this, you can get indoors or at least escape to a very shady area such as in the corner on a porch/under some sort of structure. Having the ability to travel as a bat or teleport in mist form greatly reduces the danger. Keep an eye on the clock to make this exposure less dangerous. Perks can reduce the effects of the sun on your vampire.

Garlic makes vampires sick in The Sims 4
Garlic hung on the wall to the left. Sims can be about this close before garlic will begin to affect them.

Vampires are also weak to garlic. Larger quantities of garlic, such as wreaths made of it via the Vampire Lore skill are more potent and have a larger range. Being near it causes them to be affected by the aura of its stench. It starts with a small uncomfortable moodlet, but persists and grows in power to become +3 for as long as they're in the aura, and several hours after. The longer they're around it, the worse they will feel. Drinking plasma while under the effects of this moodlet is impossible, so avoid garlic if your Vampire is thirsty!

Vampire Hunters

Vampire hunters are in the game code, though I haven't yet encountered one. Their purpose is to attempt to cure vampirism, so they may take powers away. This could be good reason to take the Vampiric Strength buff, as you might not want to lose a fight to someone who wants to take your immortality (but not your life). It is likely a bigger issue as your Vampire grows in power and my own experience with the game is a very limited sample size. It is worth noting that this is programmed into the game, I'll write more on it when I learn more!

Curing Vampire

In order to cure Vampirism, simply level up the Vampire Lore skill and come up with 10 garlic, plasma fruit, and wolfsbane. This potent concoction that can be created can be used on another Sim to take their powers. I suspect this is what Vampire Hunters will use to strip vampires of their power.

Other Vampire Guides

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Amanda Colling
Love your work - keep it coming
25th January 2017 2:00pm
So I have two vampires, they are husband and wife, and I want them to have a baby but the option isn't there. Does that mean that the 'woohoo' option for vampires can produce a baby or is that a bug I'm encountering?
25th January 2017 4:24pm
Nevermind. The man I got from the gallery and he was pregnant, I assumed it was an alien pregnancy, turns out he could get pregnant, so I changed that in cas.
25th January 2017 5:23pm
No, when you have the vampires game pack things are different. You see, vampires can't have kids in their human form. Try as a bat or click on a coffin.Tongue
7th April 2017 4:23pm
It is a chance result, a vampire can have a vampire child while trying for a baby in his/her normal form with a non-vampire sim. If you use the Dark Ley Lines lot trait that chance is increased. Two vampires trying for a baby regardless of which form they are in, will always have a vampire baby. Two vampires trying for baby in bat form will produce a vampire baby that when ages up to a teen will have the bat perk already unlocked.
7th April 2017 7:59pm
How do i get Plasma Plants? I can't order them or find them in the wild.
25th January 2017 5:24pm
There are 3or 4  plasma trees in Forgotten Hollow. One behind Vlads house is the easiest to find.
25th January 2017 9:12pm
After I turned I found plasma tree seeds in my inventory. I hadn't picked any fruit or anything. Don't know where they came from but I planted one and the tree is growing fast.
27th January 2017 9:36pm
After I turned I found plasma tree seeds in my inventory. I hadn't picked any fruit or anything. Don't know where they came from but I planted one and the tree is growing fast.
28th January 2017 9:54am
wait i didnt read the whole thing ahahah thx
25th January 2017 5:25pm
Curious can two vampires have a normal baby?
26th January 2017 12:17am
Interesting! If you can then one of you having an affair. Who's baby is that? Obviously not a vampire born and yet born from a vampire. Or maybe we should consider the baby is a squib (or whatever the correct term for vampire is).
26th January 2017 2:36am
Curious, can you have an Alien Vampire? Shocked
With Alien abilities and Vampiric needs/abilities
26th January 2017 2:44am
Will Parkinson
No. They're not having hybrid babies, unfortunately.
26th January 2017 4:30am
Fanney Karlsdóttir
My human/alien hybrid could be turned into a vampire. But his fully alien mother couldn't. So it is possible to have a human/alien/vampire hybrid.
18th February 2017 3:16pm
I'm sorry to disagree with you but I have had it from SimGuruNinja who worked on the vamp pack that there are no hybrid vampires at all. I know some people have had weird results with this by using mods that are inadvertently causing hybrid type sims but as for legitimate vampire hybrids in a vanilla game... well, there just aren't any.
21st February 2017 8:06pm
My male vampire got pregnant from being abducted and the lot he lives on has the dark ley line traits. The kid he had was both a vampire and an alien but it is glitchy.Changing between dark form, original form and disguise can be temperamental and when edited in CAS it doesn't actually recognise that it is both alien and vampire only one or the other.
9th April 2017 6:06am
Yeah, it is very glitchy because the game doesn't support it correctly. Still an interesting sim to have and play though. Smile
11th April 2017 8:27pm
Will Parkinson
My vampire is hardly losing any hunger by eating Plasma packs, Plasma Fruit or Plasma Fruit Salad. In fact, it barely ticks the bar. Any thoughts on why this might be?
26th January 2017 4:32am
Did you pick the Slopper Drinker weakness? This makes food satisfy 25% less.
Guide to Powers and Weaknesses
26th January 2017 2:17pm
Will Parkinson
You know, I did! Seems like a lot more than 25%, though. I do, however, appreciate you letting me know. Thank you for your time. :)
29th January 2017 2:25pm
I have this too, and do have the Sloppy Drinker perk but it seems the decrease is more like 50-75% than 25% to me. Or at least from Plasma packs/fruit. I eat plasma fruit and literally see maybe a millimeter increase, and my sims will be thirsty after 10 sim minutes again... For someone trying to make a 'good' vampire, this is becoming quite the predicament :/
28th January 2017 8:45am
Does anyone know if the Hardly Hungry trait works on vampires?
26th January 2017 9:30am
Probably as the Never Weary trait does, haven't actually tested it but I imagine all the base game traits will have an impact.
26th January 2017 2:15pm
How can i cure a teen vampire??
26th January 2017 9:32am
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