The Sims 4 Seasons Patchy

A Scarecrow that Helps You Garden

A new feature of The Sims 4 Seasons is a unique object called, 'Patchy the Straw Man'. While he appears to be a normal scarecrow, there are a few unique features about patchy worth noting. This guide will cover Patchy's abilities and how you can make the most of your scarecrow.

Patchy the Straw Man Video Guide

Befriending - Patchy Comes to Life

Buy the scarecrow from Outdoor Activities for $450. He's worth the investment in my opinion, and you can always get rid of him later. If you talk to Patchy around 6-12 times, you'll become his friend. Simply queue up a number of interactions under talk to scarecrow, and you'll successfully befriend Patchy. You can tell it's worked if you see, "Ask for Gardening Tips" when you click Patchy, also a notification that you've received a scarecrow outfit for Create-a-Sim.

You'll receive a scarecrow costume (and notification) when you've befriended Patchy the Straw Man.

Once he's your friend, Patchy will sometimes come to life and help with the garden. He can do a number of things, but won't use the shower or sleep in your house. He's not a rude guest. His AI prefers any gardening work that needs to be done.

The Sims 4 Seasons - Woohoo with Patchy the scarecrow
You can woohoo patchy, but can't take it much further than that.

Patchy will visit for about 5 hours when he does. This gives you time to interact with Patchy in a more meaningful way. Patchy can become a great friend for your Sim While you can Wooohoo Patchy and make him your boyfriend, I had difficulty getting him to move in without cheating. Even at full friendship and romance bars, the option will not come up. If you want Patchy to move in, you might have to do add to family via testing cheats. This should work. Having a baby with Patchy results in a normal human baby, not some cute little straw guy.

Other Abilities: Gardening and Seeds

As stated, Patchy has a preference for gardening. The Scarecrow is an experienced gardener and you can Ask for Gardening Tips every 12 hours. This gives a big chunk of experience to your Sim. Additionally, there is a 'Check Pockets for Seeds' interaction which might help your Sim complete the Plant Collection (Gardening). Your Sim will search through Patchy's pockets and produce some random seeds that can be used to start plants. Just might give you something missing from your collection if you use it regularly. This ability is on a 3-hour cooldown.

Even with multiple copies of Patchy, you can only use the gardening tips and search for seeds one time. The cooldown is global and applies to every Patchy. There isn't really a benefit to multiple Patchy's as far as I can tell, but with a massive garden it might provide more more chance for him to come to life and take off some of the work load.

As I said, Patchy will return back to the tree after about 5 hours. This is a limitation of the magic that brings him to life, I suppose. If you fall in love with a scarecrow, you've got to get used to him taking off right in the middle of a conversation.

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My sim became friends with Patchy, they fell in love and Patchy used to come down from is stand and visit the house for a few hours.

A couple of days ago, Patchy came to visit and, apparently (I didn't see) he left, or there was a glitch, but he hasn't been back.

Where is he??
27th June 2018 12:22pm
Apparently this is just a part of the game play surrounding Patchy. A number of simmers have experienced this, I suggest buy a new Patchy.
27th June 2018 11:32pm
Erika S
Patchy's stump/hay bales got struck and turned to a pile of ash during a crazy Summer lightning storm last night. (My rocketship also got burnt to a crisp, $5000 to bring it back to usable conditions).
Patchy still came out, and went back to his ash pile later on. Can't do any interactions with the pile of ash.
I'm really annoyed by the weather right now.Mad

I have also changed Patchy's everyday outfit to different things. I regret that and would like to change it back, but his normal outfit is not in CAS.

PS - when Patchy goes to woohoo in the rocket, he's just the cute naked bald guy in the spacesuit
27th June 2018 12:52pm
Megan M
Does a baby you have with Patchy also get a special trait like the babies you have with father winter?
5th July 2018 2:24pm
No although maybe! If you discover anything let us know! Wink
5th July 2018 10:41pm
Is Patchy the only way to get that blower/weed eater thingy?
6th July 2018 10:27am
No, this is an ability for all sims once they unlock enough skill levels in the gardening skill. (L6 I think). The area of effect weeding 'hoover' is not an actual object though, it never appears in the sims inventory - it is just the animation the sims use when weeding an area of effect i.e. more than one plant at a time.
7th July 2018 8:04pm
So if my Sim is a level 10 gardener and I choose weed he will use the weed eater? Thanks I'll give it a try.
7th July 2018 10:09pm
Yes, the area of effect weeding is unlocked way before L10
8th July 2018 1:06am
Patchy has been in my house for four days now. He will not go back to his stump. I really don’t wanna have to delete him for him too but he is eating all our food etc lol
10th July 2018 12:31pm
Have you tried shift-clicking and resetting him? Enable 'testingcheats on first'. Maybe traveling away from the lot (without patchy) and back again will rest him back to his stump.
10th July 2018 8:04pm
Yes. But reset has t been working. It I just read they released a patch today that fixed this issue and now you can finally reset sims again. So I’m gonna try tomorrow after work.
10th July 2018 8:29pm
Exactly which is why I suggested try that now. Smile Sadly Patchy is a bit glitchy so you may need to buy another and delete the original one.
11th July 2018 8:13pm
Does anyone know of a working relationship cheat for patchy? I adopted two strays and patchy hates them so when I'm around I build a good friendship with him but when I'm at work and he is around my pets reset that work and he ends up with a negative rating CryingCrying it funny but so annoying because it resets all my efforts.
10th August 2018 11:11pm
I haven't tried any relationship cheats but I assume you've tried the normal relationship cheats? Guide to Relationships Scroll down to the heading: Cheat to Make Friends in Sims 4 to find the cheats
11th August 2018 11:15pm
Wonder Witch
i love patchy!! ever since i read about him here, i didnt hesitate to buy him. i always wait for him to come to life which is around noon on my game time (not sure if this the same for everybody) and watch him do his thing. i fell in love with him when he took care of my baby while my sim was doing the gardening lol he's like an instant butler in my household and i love it! i just dont like it when my sim is watching tv then he joins and abruptly changes the channel to cooking. Grin
21st January 2019 5:21pm
juanito valencia
ummm you can turn him into a vampire don't know the repercussion, some one should research this more
29th January 2019 7:21am
Is there a way to completely turn Patchy human without it causing a mess of issues? I have saved him as his own household and moved him into a house, but you can't go into build/buy mode while playing the household. I want to have Patchy as a Sim in my world. Thanks.
24th March 2019 11:01pm
Do all Patchys have the same traits? Mine is a kleptomaniac and keeps stealing stuff from my house!
26th May 2019 5:31pm
No, their traits are random so maybe delete that one and buy a new one if you are getting tired of the klepto trait.
27th May 2019 9:10pm
Does anyone know if his preference for gardening stays if you add him to family with cheats? I'd like to have him around full-time in my family of 2, but I have a massive garden and could use all the help I can get (the contracted gardener is an idiot)
30th May 2019 12:04am
Eileen Parker
Patchy’s Pocket
Cowplant Berry
Bonsai Shrub
6 MAGIC BEANS: Angry, Confident, Flirty, Playful, Uncomfortable & Sad
TREES: Avocado, Pear, Growfruit, Pomegranate, Cherry
BUSHES: Rose, Christmas Rose, Black Bean, Blackberry, Strawberry, Tomato
PLANT: Dragon Fruit, Orchid, Green Pea, Mushroom, Potato, Onion, Trash
FLOWER: Lily, Tulip, Snowdrop, Death
Let me know if you got something else
10th June 2019 2:59pm
My patchy was off his stump and I deleted it not realizing he wasn't there. Now hes walking around and I cant get rid of him. Buying a new stump just brings another patchy. He wont leave the yard. I've had him get struck by lightning twice. Hes still alive. Cant click on him in build mode to delete him. How do I get rid of him?
18th July 2019 11:30pm
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