The Sims 4: Vampires

Powers, Perks and Weaknesses

All Vampires can use Dark Meditation
Dark Meditation is a power that all vampires can use. This ability regenerates their energy. To learn additional abilities, you must use the perks system.

As the Vampires in The Sims 4's aptly titled Game Pack rise in power, they can gradually adopt new perks. Players will also have to take on new weaknesses in order to progress. This guide gives a summary of all the new vampire powers you can choose, as well as their weaknesses. See the Vampire Levels page for more information on gaining levels.

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All Vampires Have Dark Meditation

When turned into a Vampire, your Sim will by default be able to mesmerize Sims in order to get a drink from them. Alternatively, you can ask nicely. When you're low on energy, you can also click your Sim to use the Dark Meditation ability. This regenerates energy rather effectively, can be done anywhere, and also gives Vampires some experience points toward the next Vampire Rank.

Choosing Powers

To pick powers for your vampire, head to the needs tab at the bottom right. You'll see a little book, which you can click to bring up a screen that lets you select powers. Each of these cost Power Points, which are gained by using Vampire Powers and studying the Vampire Lore skill. You should start with at least 2 points, so you can pick a power right away. Points are tiered based on your rank as a vampire. Ranks go from Fledgling (1-2 Points), Minor (3), Prime (4), Master (5), and Grand Master Vampire (6 Points), though there are some exceptions for Perks that have multiple ranks. This means that at Prime Vampire, you'll have unlocked the ability to select from over half the strengths/weaknesses when spending your points. Saving up is not an awful idea, since you can afford more of the upper level powers. However, fear not, because you can continually gain points by leveling your vampire past Grand Master and eventually unlock all of the perks, while only having to take 5 weaknesses.

Vampire Powers

What vampire powers do for your Sim
Each row up requires another level in Vampire. Weaknesses are also unlocked by leveling up. You've got to pick at least one for each full rank in Vampire.

Conflicts with Weaknesses are noted first. This is because if you take a particular weakness, you lock yourself out of what may be a very useful vampire power.

Power NameVamp RankDescription & Notes
Detect PersonalityFledglingTeaches you another Sim's Traits. You will learn all three at once, but can continue to cast the spell in order to level up your Vampire abilities.
Bat FormFledglingGain the ability to fly anywhere as a bat. You can select to always fly as a bat when moving from one location to another, and save a lot of time in walking around. It doesn't give vampire skill experience, but it sure speeds things up. The animation does take up some time but it's much better for going up and down stairs or hunting the neighborhood for collectibles.
Cast HallucinationFledglingMake another Sim talk to themselves! Only costs one point. This is another good ability for leveling up Vampire Ranks and learning new, more useful, abilities. After the spell wears off, Sims will be dazed for a time.
Eternally WelcomeFledglingGives you the ability to lock and unlock doors at other Sims' homes. This will let you visit them at night without rousing anyone from bed. Good for storytelling, though you can't feed on a sleeping Sim and do have to wake them up.
Occult Student (3 Ranks)FledglingMakes Vampire powers cost less Vampire Energy. Has multiple ranks - Ranks cost 1, 2, and 3 for 6 in total to max it. Take this once you have some skills, such as Detect Personality or Cast Hallucination, and you can rank up as a Vampire much more effectively. Regardless of that, if you find yourself using energy for vampire abilities, it will help to avoid you running out of juice as you go about your day, which can be particularly helpful and protective if your Vampire will have to be out in the sunlight at times. Overall it reduces energy needs at rank 1 by 20%, 35% at level 2, and 60% at max level.
Vampiric Charm (3 Ranks)MinorConflicts with Undead Aura. Make nearby Sims find your Vampire attractive. Gives your Sim an aura that makes your Vampire happy, while inflicting others with a buff that makes them fall for romantic and all other socials more often (VERY likely to succeed with level 3). You can tell a Sim is under its effects by the magic stars circling their head. You must cast this by self-clicking your Sim, after which it will last about 4 hours.
Vampiric Strength (3 Ranks)MinorYour Vampire will win fights more often and work out more efficiently with each additional rank. Since fights and duels as well as a Sim's clumsiness when exercising are all based on the effective skill level of Fitness (actual level + or - any mood effects) it makes sense that this buff simply raises a Sim's effective skill level in Fitness. So at rank 1, with level 5 fitness, they would count as a 6. At rank 2, a 7, and at rank 3, an 8. It does go beyond 10, so with energized and Vampiric Strength, you could count as level 15 fitness for the purpose of figuring out who is the winner in any sort of physical contest.
CommandMinorControl the minds of other Sims. You can tell them to clean, repair, and do other household tasks, work out, or be mean to others.
Garlic ImmunityMinorPrevents the negative moodlets brought on by exposure to garlic. Stops the Vampire from being uncomfortable around it, and the negative moodlet's ability to stop the Vampire from feeding.
Vampire CreationMinorAllows your Vampire to turn other Sims into Vampires.
MesmerizePrimeAllows your Vampire to put another Sim into a trance, causing them to be dazed (+10 moodlet) and unable to move. The effect lasts for a couple hours, so it's quite potent.
Child of the Moon (3 Ranks)PrimeGives the Vampire better use of powers at night time, as well as faster skill gains, reduced energy drain, and an improved mood. This is a very potent perk that is appropriately pricey to max.

Rank 1 gives +1 Happy, 50% faster skill gains, 25% reduced need depletion and 25% reduced vampire energy usage by spells.

Rank 2 is +2 happy, 75% faster skill gains, 50% reduced need depletion, and 50% reduced vampire energy.

Rank 3 (Master of Darkness) is +3 Happy, double skill gains, 75% reduced need depletion, and 75% reduced vampire energy use.

Absolutely one of the most powerful perks here, it stacks with other similar bonuses, so just by being in a good mood and having other skill boosters you could see well over 250% increase to skill gains, or nearly 0 energy use, etc. This is where the big power gains are to be found in Vampire, and it does work while indoors. Works from 6PM to 7AM in Forgotten Hollow.
Irresistible SlumberPrimeAllows your Sim to put another Sim to sleep.
Manipulate Life SpiritPrimeTaking life spirit from another Sim will make them more susceptible to other vampiric powers, but also remove all memory of relationships with other Sims which can help you to repair any damaged feelings from repeat feedings and manipulation. You can also restore life spirit from Sims who have been drained. You can find this ability under the feeding menu. It will take nearly all the Sim's energy like a deep drink, but if you should restore life spirit the Sim will get a huge confidence boost for 2 whole days.
Vampiric Slumber (3 Ranks)PrimeConflicts with Fitful Sleep. Each rank will speed up energy regeneration while sleeping. Increases energy gains while sleeping by 15%, 30% and 40% depending on rank. I cannot confirm this works with Dark Meditation, it does not seem to, but should work with naps.
Dampened Emotions (3 Ranks)MasterConflicts with Eternal Sadness. This reduces your Sim's susceptibility to changes in emotion that occur randomly, like embarrassment, or even being flirty from a social interaction. Does prevent even happy or confident moodlets from things like this. Each rank will make you 25% less likely to have those emotions trigger, down to 75% resistance with max rank.
Supernatural SpeedMasterGrants the Vampire the ability to run at super speed. Good for exercising, I guess, but why do so when you can teleport. For the fun of it, I guess!
Deprive NeedsMasterAllows your Vampire to deplete the needs of another Sim at will. Make them hungry, dirty, tired or make them pee! One of the best uses of this is to make them more vulnerable to other Vampire powers. Target one of the four listed needs when you select the Sim and that need will drop to about 10%, so it won't insta-starve a Sim but it will make them very hungry, or need to run to the bathroom.. unless one is not close enough.
Sun Resistance (3 Ranks)MasterConflicts with Thin Skinned. Gives your Vampire some resistance to the harmful effects of sunlight. The first rank will reduce the effects of the sun by 33%, bringing the base energy drain down from 3.3 per minute to 2.2. The next rank takes it to half-strength. Rank 3 of Sun Resistance confers total immunity to the sun's harmful effects on Vampires, allowing you to go out normally in the day time.
OdorlessMasterYour vampire will no longer need to shower, as the hygiene need stops depleting entirely.
Influence Emotion (3 Ranks)Grand MasterAllows your Sim to give an emotion to nearby Sims. Affects a large area around the Sim, causing a +2 Moodlet at rank 1 of any emotion you choose. At rank 3, it gives +8 versions of those Moodlets. It can therefore be used to kill Sims, as a couple of jokes or a slap to the face will put Sims over the line for enragement or hysteria.
Mist FormGrand MasterGain the power to teleport anywhere as a cloud of mist. Teleportation is much faster than walking, depending on the distance. The animation is short, it helps a LOT in a two-story home. You can select the Sim and click 'Always teleport as mist' to get around much faster. The vampire will do it automatically and even use this ability autonomously. It's great!
Beyond the HerdGrand MasterStops your Vampire's social need from depleting. All you need from other Sims is their blood!
Tamed ThirstGrand MasterStops your Vampire from going berserk and feeding on a nearby Sim should their Thirst need get too low.
Immortal PleasuresGrand MasterStops the Fun need from depleting. Definitely wouldn't be my favorite trait, to no longer need fun yet be immortal. It does, however, allow your Sim to focus entirely on academic pursuits.

Vampire Weaknesses

You must take one weakness for the first 3 ranks up, and 2 for the last rank (Grand Master). Weaknesses need to be allocated as you spend points. You can't cancel out weaknesses with buffs as they conflict. So if your Vampire is Thin Skinned, you cannot give them resistance to sunlight to counter it. Conflicts with Vampire Powers are listed first for your convenience.

Weakness NameVamp RankDescription & Notes
Withered StomachFledglingThe Vampire with Withered Stomach will vomit if they are to accidentally eat human food. Causes them to be uncomfortable for a few hours and is easily avoidable, a good weakness for a powerful vampire. Does not affect drinking bar drinks.
Guilty DrinkerFledglingSims will feel bad after drinking from a Sim without permission. Asking will get around this negative. Causes your Sim to be highly stressed for a few hours after having a drink. It can be a huge debuff and you could be getting a positive moodlet from feeding instead of this negative one.
Uncontrollable HissingFledglingThis one, which can be funny at times, will make the vampire sometimes hiss uncontrollably. This can make other Sims disgusted, making friendships and romance a bit more challenging, as they'll do it in between socials. May not always cause a relationship hit but it is a random hissing that may stop or slow other activities, making it kind of a disability.
Sloppy DrinkerMinorYour Sim will waste too much.. plasma, when drinking, and this sloppiness causes them to satisfy 25% less Thirst from the process.
Thin Skinned (3 Ranks)MinorConflicts with Sun Resistance. Makes the sun more harmful than normal to your Vampire - twice as harmful. Way, way more harmful at rank 3 - it would be very easy to accidentally get killed in the sun with rank 3. Normal sun exposure is -3.3 energy per game minute, while Rank 1 of this is -6.6, -13 at rank 2, and -40 at rank 3!
Sleep of the UndeadPrimeYour Vampire is only able to sleep inside coffins if you take this weakness. This obviously isn't a big deal, especially with the ability to use Dark Meditation. It is definitely a recommended weakness for those that want them to have as little impact on their vampire as possible.
Fitful Sleep (2 Ranks)PrimeConflicts with Vampiric Slumber. Your Sim will gain less power while sleeping.
Insatiable ThirstMasterConflicts with Tamed Thirst. Makes the Thirst need deplete twice as quickly, causing you to have to feed more often.
Day Phobia (3 Ranks)MasterCauses the Vampire to be weaker during the day, causing powers to fail more often. Only affects the Sim while they are outside. Each rank makes it worse, and powers can be incredibly difficult to use effectively with the third rank. This is a nasty one mechanically, at rank 3 it will make spells cost 75% more energy, give a +3 Stressed moodlet, and make Vampire Energy drain at a much higher rate - it can make you more likely to die from the sun, so you've been warned!
Eternal SadnessGrand MasterConflicts with Dampened Emotions. Causes your Sim to occasionally get really sad (+3 for 4h), which will affect their powers and social success rates. Sometimes it may make it hard to do anything productive.
Undead AuraGrand MasterConflicts with Vampiric Charm. Relationships with other Sims will start off negative instead of at baseline. Makes nearby Sims uncomfortable.

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Steve C
Hi! I came on here to check up on something, but didn't really get what I was looking for. See, I know that the "Withered Stomach" weakness makes you Very Uncomfortable when you eat "normal/human," food, but is that supposed to count Plasma Salads too? That seems a little odd, but he's thrown up every time even when the quality is good. Any help?
24th January 2017 11:05pm
I am having the same issue! It makes no sense?? Maybe they'll fix it in a patch soon.
25th January 2017 12:36am
This is a bug and the Q&A team have been able to reproduce it which is the first step to making a fix.
26th January 2017 2:22pm
Seems QandA got this wrong and it is an intended feature. The devs have said that the weakness is supposed to make it so all food types will cause illness. The drink the Plasma Jane, is the only thing that can be consumed along with plasma fruit and plasma, that will not make a sim with a withered stomach sick.
4th February 2017 4:45pm
There's missing info on the Manipulate Life Spirit ability - the end result not only drains a lot of energy and knocks the target out, but it also resets ALL relationships pertaining to that sim to 0, both friendship and romantic.
26th January 2017 1:21pm
I guess technically it makes the sim forget these relationships. Carl does like to leave some things for the readers to find but I have already brought this to his attention. It is a super handy power actually as it lets you manipulate all the sims your vamp has attacked and now hates back to being neutral, as they have 'forgotten' about all the previous times your vamp has forcefully drunk from them.
26th January 2017 2:25pm
I don't know if this is part of the "remove all memory of the relationships", but it may be clarified that yes, Drain Life Spirit removes "significant other" status, so goodbye marriages! If you have a mod that simulates a story progression, like Master Controller, which causes valid NPCs to be married off, you could see Geoffrey Landgraab hooking up with Candy Behr (for example) just because you Drained Geoffrey (or Nancy)'s Life Spirit.
2nd February 2017 1:02pm
I thought it only removed the relationships between the vampire draining the life spirit and the target sim. You seem to be indicating that the target sim loses ALL relationships with ALL the sims he/she knows and not just the vampire doing the sucking. I'm not sure if this is correct, maybe it is your mod doing some extra work there?
3rd February 2017 7:56pm
This is precisely the effect I was talking about; when I said "pertaining to the sim", that means your vampire's target is the central point of the relationship loss. This means that if you drain a married Sim, that will result in said sim and his/her partner having 0 relationship values as well as your own sims, effectively making everyone an acquaintance to them.
5th February 2017 9:03am
Yes but not everyone as you seem to be indicating. The relationship loss are triggered by the vamp drinking and draining the spirit. If you don't like the game mechanics of this perk then don't use it and all relationships will stay intact. Personally I find it a great way of manipulating NPC sims. Much easier than having to use cas.fulleditmode cheat to manage sims relationships etc. I can basically reset all my NPC sims with no mods or cheats. What might be seen as a negative mechanic by one payer is seen as a great addition by another. The joy of simming!
7th February 2017 5:50pm
I just wanted to say thanks to Carl and the whole team for always making such amazing guides, but when looking at the XML I noticed the vampiric strength perk does more than what you mentioned. While it does increase a sim's effective fitness skill, it also acts as a multiplier in itself when calculating if your sim will win or lose a vampire spar/brawl/etc. For example, barring all other multipliers, a vampire with tier 2 vampiric strength facing off against another vamp with no strength perk at the same fitness skill level would have a *3 chance of winning (from the perk) and another *2 chance from having a "higher" fitness skill, as you described previously.
28th January 2017 12:02am
Hey! Awesome tip, I'll make sure Carl sees this for sure! Smile
28th January 2017 3:03pm
Ok, vampiric strength comes with another perk. according to the description on tier 3, it also lets you turn minerals and metals into elements without sending them to the geo council
28th January 2017 3:06pm
Yep Carl mentions the ability to crush ores.
29th January 2017 8:08pm
Playalot he doesn't! lol Carl's changed the text so I'll mention that this fact needs to be put back in!
30th January 2017 3:14pm
Is there a way to change powers/weaknesses after they've been selected? My vamp is ALWAYS sad from eternal life and it makes gameplay difficult since he won't do much when he's sad.
29th January 2017 7:23pm
Yes have your vampire drink the Draught of Reconfiguration
See Guide On Vampire Lore
29th January 2017 8:09pm
Thank you!!
29th January 2017 8:19pm
I was wondering, if there is a way for me to give my sim more weaknesses, because it would fit in the story I created for him.
4th February 2017 6:41am
Cool question! Twisted Mexi has a list of Vampire weakness cheats so you can add as many as you like!
Twisted Mexi's cheats
Direct Link to Twisted Mexi's Vampire Cheats
4th February 2017 4:49pm
Thanks, this site is awesome!
5th February 2017 2:14am
I've observed my vampires having varied amounts of required weaknesses. My first vampire had to have five, my second needed six, and my current one only has to take four. Is this supposed to be happening? Has anyone else seen this?
4th February 2017 5:04pm
Some are ranked so that you can take two levels of one weakness. Maybe that's why it seems as though the vamp is taking less weaknesses.
7th February 2017 5:46pm
With the Day Phobia weakness, the stressed negative moodlet affects vampires even when indoors during daylight hours.
I tested this at its 1st level, so unless bugged, the effect should continue at the higher levels of the weakness.
6th February 2017 8:30am
Yes, you are correct. This weakness effects your vampire during the day whether inside or outside. Mine is a grand master and his somewhat helpless in the daytime. Good time to go sleep. Grin
30th March 2017 8:20pm
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