The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure

Exploring the Jungle & Finding the Temple Ruins

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure: Where to explore the Jungle
Click to Enlarge. There is a large jungle to explore, so let's get started!

Players can explore a large jungle in The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure. Exploring unprepared can be dangerous, so this guide's focus is to help you be prepared and provide some guidance on what to watch for while exploring. Getting started is as simple as using your Sim's phone to 'travel', selecting a cabin in Selvadorada and paying rent for as many days as you can afford. If your focus is going to be exploration, pick something cheap and save money for supplies and antidote if you get poisoned!

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure Gameplay

Help with the Jungle Adventure Game Pack and its many minor features, focused on an archaeologist..

How to Start: Bring Supplies

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure: Ease your Sim's bladder using these bushes. You can also recover energy with a nap.
Click to Enlarge. Ease your Sim's bladder with these bushes, strewn about the jungle. You can also take a nap inside. I suggest you do that in the opposite order.

Exploring the Jungle in The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure's Selvadorada can be challenging, because your Sims will be far from the comforts of home. Having a tent to sleep in is a huge help (outdoor retreat), but you'll also need food. Taking sack lunches or harvested fruits is recommended. A tent is not absolutely required, as your Sim can nap in a bush (as well as satisfy their bladder need) in order to replenish energy.

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure: Where and How to buy supplies for adventuring in the jungle
How to buy supplies: click the objects on the table to queue up each purchase. Be sure to get a machete, fire foam, and antidotes if available.

Your Sim can get into an awful mood from poor hygiene (or being set on fire), so waterfall in a bottle is the perfect solution. You can buy them at the stands near the bar in the marketplace district. There you will also find emergency items that can save a Sim's life or at least prevent a seriously foul mood

The process of buying these supplies is a bit weird - they're on the table when a Sim shopkeeper is there and the market's open. You click the items individually to purchase them. The items present at the shop change a few times each day.

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure: Clearing a path with a machete
Click to Enlarge. Clearing a path with a machete. These gates lead from area to area, so clearing them is required to proceed.

Grab a second machete (or more). They are only $120 Simoleons yet save you a lot of trouble should your Sim fumble and lose one while cutting through vines. I highly suggest you get a few of the Waterfall in a Bottle to help your Sim from growing too uncomfortable due to hygiene issues, along with Fire Foam. Your Sim can be immolated, and you don't want to die in a fire because you failed at a trap. Always get Antidotes if you see them available. They seem a tad more rare and can save a Sim's life. I'm not yet sure how easily/often they are acquired but will edit this later.

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure: Insects attacking a Sim. Having bug repellent helps a lot.
Click to Enlarge. A Sim under attack by insects. Having repellent on hand allows your Sim to ward them off automatically. You never know what you'll encounter, so buy as many supplies as you can afford.
Sims will be attacked at random while in the Jungle. Having a repellent on hand will cause your Sim to automatically use it against this danger. Not only does this stop a nasty negative moodlet, which could lead to the end of your adventure if uncomfortable enough, it also gives your Sim a mood boost from being happy they dodged a bullet. My Sim was happy +1 for 6 hours for evading spiders. it also While the jungle's bees and bats are annoying they are not as dangerous, just an inconvenience. Fire Bat Bait may be more important, just in case they can set you ablaze. We don't yet know what critters might be poisonous!

Where to Begin the Jungle Adventure

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure:
Click to Enlarge. Begin your trek into the Jungle by going to Belomisia Trailhead and clear your first bramble-covered gate.

The Jungle is all around us in Selvadorada, but we want a specific place to begin our journey into the unknown. Head to Belomisia Trailhead, located on the western side of the travel screen in Selvadorada, to begin searching places overgrown with brambles. You can clear them with a machete if you took my advice to bring supplies, or your Sim can use their hands and get a little worn out in the process.

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure: The Omiscan Royal Baths
Omiscan Royal Baths, a secluded pool hidden in the Selvadoradian Jungle.

What you find behind each area appears to be random, though it may lead to another area altogether. You won't get any loading screens, but will sometimes need to use one of the gateway arches to travel between two areas as they're not traversable by foot. Realize also that you can move the camera overhead to backtrack if you get stuck. You can see very far and use the camera to find out of the way brambles to clear as well as dig sites.

Things to Look For: Treasures and Dig Sites

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure: a treasure chest hidden in the jungle The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure: An excavation site for the Archaeology Skill
At top: a treasure chest, which are found randomly in the jungle. Bottom: an excavation site, for use with the Archaeology Skill.

There are a few things to note that you will find or encounter in the Jungle, with some others as yet undiscovered by me. I'll update this with more info as the picture becomes more clear:

  • Bramble Covered Gateways - These lead you to other areas, sometimes small areas with items of interest, or secret areas such as the Omiscan Royal Baths. Accessing these sometimes leads to a choose-your-own-adventure popup. Having certain skills can allow you to get a good result, but you may also use supplies to help animals or escape dangers. One unit of that specific supply will be consumed in the process.
  • Treasure Chests - Sometimes they're hidden in plain sight. There are a lot of trees, so moving the camera around can reveal chests you might not have noticed.
  • Dig Sites - The best artifacts are found deep in the jungle within dig sites. Use the Archaeology skill (automatic) to extract valuable artifacts and treasure. Players will occasionally dig up bone dust, which can be used to save a Sim (only when poisoned). You give it to a local vendor to get the antidote. Find it under the social menu.
  • Tree of Emotion - I believe there are at least two of these, maybe more. The berries can help you pass tests inside the Hidden Omiscan Temple.
  • Omiscan Royal Baths - A hidden area that is behind a gateway. Swimming in the waters here will make your Sim energized.
  • Locked Gates - ????? I do not yet know what is behind these! They state that they may unlock on a future vacation in the Jungle. It may very well be that after clearing one temple you can go back and find them open, ready to be cleared and providing another temple to explore.

Deeper in the Jungle: The Temple

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure: Exploring deeper into the jungle
Cross deeper into the jungle. You can use your camera to look for clues as to where to go next.

If you took my advice to bring supplies and maybe a tent, it should not be impossible to find the temple within a day. Simply keep your eyes peeled for all of the gates and explore them. With adequate supplies, you can avoid most of the jungle's most inconvenient obstacles. Since the location of the temple may be completely random, there's no point in me giving you a full walkthrough of the jungle. However, I did notice something that MAY be relevant.

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure: The Temple Entrance
The gateway to the temple had glowing fireflies when my Sim was nearby, and featured this large statue. This may be random, but regardless the temple was rather far in. Don't worry - the locked gates do not block your access to the temple.

Continue on to our guide to exploring The Jungle Temple.

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I haven’t actually tried it yet (because I didn’t have any) but when I was talking to the natives to get my culture skill up one of them said that you could give any of the natives bone dust (that you get sometimes when you evacate things) and they can make you an antidote. Just wanted to point that out as an alternative to buying it (especially since I’ve been to the market About 4 or 5 times and I haven’t seen them selling it yet? Idk they mostly sold dolls, food and energy drinks in my game so far lol)
27th February 2018 7:57pm
Your sim has to be poisoned for this option to be available. Once your sim is poisoned and if they have Bone Dust in their inventory speaking to a local will allow them to ask for an antidote.
At Level 5 of the Culture skill secret menu unlocks on the vendors. Your sim can buy bone dust from there.
28th February 2018 1:01am
Bonita Bollinger
I know it's probably something simple but I can't seem to find the machetes. Do they appear on the tables?
27th February 2018 10:23pm
They do, but sometimes they might not be selling it during that time. Try visiting the marketplace another day to see if it's being sold. Also you do get a free spider repellent and machete as part of the rental package.
28th February 2018 12:15am
You can also buy machetes from the vendor's secret menu once your sim has L5 culture skill. Just click on the vendor and the secret menu option will appear as a social interaction. The culture skill maxes at L5 so just spam chat to the statue or to a local using the Selvadoradian socials to max it before your sim goes adventuring.
28th February 2018 1:03am
I keep getting stuck on the loading screen while traveling in the new pack. What should I do?
28th February 2018 2:40pm
Post your game issue here and our Tech support can help you.
28th February 2018 5:02pm
Does someone know if the jungle is randomized on each visit?
1st March 2018 9:50am
Not the Jungle per say but different gates maybe locked then the last visit as long as your sim has traveled back to a home world in between and not just back to their vacation home. The gates always lead to the same place once opened again as far as I can tell. Any dig sites will have respawned just by going back the next day and the treasure chest refresh after a trip home and back again. The temples reset between visits and are randomized though.
1st March 2018 6:09pm
Does anyone know how to unlock the locked gates that say maybe next vacation I have been there seven times know and mastered everything it's really bothering me that I can't get them open any help?
1st March 2018 9:24pm
Leave the jungle, return to your home world and then travel back. They can also reset by just leaving the jungle and returning to your vacation lot but sometimes they seem to get 'stuck' so a quick trip home seem to fix this.
2nd March 2018 4:37pm
Where do you buy tents? I can only buy food from a food stand.
2nd March 2018 1:29pm
Click on the actual vendor not the tables. Use the interaction Buy Supplies.
2nd March 2018 4:38pm
Caroline Levén
Anyone know how to get to the island? I've been to the temple 4 times, and can't get further.
2nd March 2018 4:56pm
Caroline Levén
Nevermind, I realized I hade already found it.
2nd March 2018 5:00pm
It's the gateway to the right of the main temple gateway. Sometimes it's locked though so you may have to travel away form the jungle and back again. Smile
2nd March 2018 5:14pm
I'd like to point out a few things.

The Temple changes every time you send your Sim on vacation. I think there's more than 1 Temple lot in the game because when I sent my Sim the first time, she had to swim through to the other side. Unfortunate circumstances sent my Sim to death. I reloaded the game and sent her again to the jungle. When she entered the Temple lot, the building itself was different. It had a lot of stairs this time. So the Temple lot is random with each vacation taken there.

The Focus mood affects Archeology a lot. I maxed my Sim's Archeology skill while she was under the Focus effect in 1 and 1/2 days. My Sim obtained the Focus effect from the falls after she crossed the bridge. There is a mod at MTS that improved the falls to have different effects rather than your Sim being stuck with only 1 effect - Romance.

The machetes, spider sprays, water bottles. food balls, plasma bat bats and fire quenchers are randomly spawned on the tables. Unfortunately, the crucial items such as machetes, spider sprays and water bottles had a LOW chance to be spawned. I looked into the code for each object, and they all had low chances. So your Sims are stuck using their hands ripping the vines apart after losing their one and only machete the first time they tear apart the vines. I made my own mod to up the chance for all of these objects to spawn more often.

Make sure to stock up on water bottles. Hygiene tanks when the Sim digs an archeological site.
2nd March 2018 10:33pm
You might like to look at the Temple Guide
2nd March 2018 11:50pm
Hey, just something you might want to update in this guide, you talk about the locked gated that you don't know what is behind them. I noticed that not only does the temple change every visit, but the jungle as well. Like one trip I could get to the baths, but the next one that area was behind a locked gate. My third and fourth trip let me into the baths again, but fifth it was locked.
2nd March 2018 10:42pm
The areas behind the gates do not change, just the fact that some areas will be locked on a particular visit while some will simply be covered in vines. The actual physical areas behind do not change although the spawners refresh as do any chests. The temple guide covers the changing layouts - there are 5 possible that are randomized and refreshed with each visit.
Temple Guide
2nd March 2018 11:52pm
Megan H
totecallama relic + watcher relic base + refined rose = curses of the ancients, causes sneezing curse - cure, remedy of ancients using bone dust via cooking on bbq or donation to statue in town sqaure near the bar
totecallama relic + watcher relic base + refined citrine = curses of the ancients, causes sneezing curse - cure, remedy of ancients using bone dust via cooking on bbq
totecallama relic + watcher relic base + refined emerald = curses of the ancients, causes sneezing curse - cure, remedy of ancients using bone dust via cooking on bbq
balampalosh relic + watcher relic base + refine citrine = blessing of wealth
balampalosh relic + watcher relic base + refined rose = blessing of wealth
balampalosh relic + chaos relic base + refined alexandrite = blessing of new relationships (four new random friends)
zazatototl relic + watcher relic base + refined alexandrite = curses of the personal rain cloud
zazatototl relic + watcher relic base + refined emerald = curses of personal rain cloud
3rd March 2018 12:34am
Thank you for this, we have the complete list posted here on our forum: Zazatototl Relic, Balampalsoh Relic and Totecallama Relic Information and Cures
5th March 2018 4:54pm
When a sim is poisoned, you can speak to the locals, they will then ask for bone dust or tell you to buy it online. If you go to a computer it appears as its on menu selection and can be bought for $1000.
4th March 2018 6:49am
You might like to check out the Poison Guide Carl has completed
4th March 2018 3:46pm
Just a side note: Insect repellant from Outdoor adventure Herbalism will deter a lot of spider and bug encounters in Jungle Adventure. Deodorizing Cream (also from Herbalism) will help with those stinky times and are a lot cheaper for Sims on a budget.
8th March 2018 11:40am
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