The Sims 4 Discover University

How to Join the Secret Society and Benefits of Doing So!

The Sims 4 Discover University Secret Society
The Secret Society in The Sims 4!

In Discover University, we know there exists a secret organization that meets near Pepper's Pub in a clearing across the bridge. We saw this in the trailer. There seemed to be a magical influence, given the blessings these members were supposed to get. Let's learn how you can join them, but saving the secrets for later when I'm less tired.

How to Meet Them

You don't have to do this, but heading to the clearing in the area marked in the map above, you will sometimes see members in robes doing something, and they'll scatter when you arrive. They lie to you about what they're doing, and that makes me even more curious.

How to Join the Secret Society

The Sims 4 Discover University Making an offering for academic success
Make an Offer for Academic Success at your University's Statue

Despite them being super-secret, it's entirely possible to join this society. Make a high-quality offering at your University's main statue, the one in the field where people meet for events. You have a few options when making an offering for academic success:

  • Desserts: Baked goods are very much desired and will give you a Focused buff, whether they work or not. They need to be of excellent quality. This may be possible to do with a few levels in cooking.
  • Rare Cyrstals or Metals - this is the most reliable option, but you have to find one first.
  • Pristine Gardening Harvestables

Once You've Made an Offering

The Sims 4 Discover University how to join the secret society in the expansion
Joining the Secret Society is easy once you know what to do!

If your offering was good enough, the Secret Society will come to visit you that night, and offer you to join the Secret Organization. They will let you right in, and now they appear on your organizations panel with a schedule and tasks you can perform to rank up.

Rank Up Rewards

The Sims 4 Discover University Secret Society
The Secret Society's Robes in The Sims 4 Discover University.

Completing tasks for the Order of Enchantment will gradually increase your rank, as will attending events and being friendly with the others. When you fill the meter, you get the following rewards:

  • Secret Society Rank 1: Your Sim should be sure to Make Offerings, Tend to the Sprites' Garden, and participate in events. Rank 1 Order Robes, Order Masks
  • Rank 2: Rank 2 Order Robes. Ability to perform Sprite Attacks on others.
  • Rank 3: Rank 3 Order Robes. Ability to Summon powerful Sprites on yourself.

Research and Debate

The Sims 4 Discover University: The order of enchantment is a secret society.
The Order of Enchantment tends to the Sprites in Britechester

When you're in the Secret Organization, you can use the Research Machine to learn about the Secret Society's origins. Here is the text in case you'd like to read about them:

The End of an Era
In The Order of Enchantment's second year, their founder Esther Mudget was speaking at a charity auction about the importance of using all-natural ingredients for baking.

Why she chose that discussion topic in the first place for this particular event is a separate mystery.

Midway through this infamous speech, Ms. Mudget abruptly and dramatically ran off into the woods, leaving the auction-goers baffled.

It was later revealed internally among the Society that she had overused and betrayed the Sprites, seemingly ignoring their pleas for entertainment and starving them of the sugar they so craved. And all the while had been reaping the academic and social benefits they had bestowed on her. It was her greed and ignorance that ultimately led to her tragic downfall. As legend has it, she is still out there, forever lost, chasing after errant darts of light, hair in a tangled mess. No combs in sight.

Esther Mudget's fate serves as a reminder to revere and respect the Sprites lest you incur their wrath.

The Order's Origin
The Sprites on which the Origin of Enchantment's existence is based had been virtually undiscovered by humans until the turn of the century. A chance encounter with an energetic young scientist by the name of Esther Mudget changed the face of history forever.

Esther had been studying the pollination patterns of wild mushrooms and her research brought her to Gibbs Hill. This is where she encountered the most fascinating spiral configuration of fungi behind the castle ruins. Intrigued, she began to spend increasingly more of her time there to study.

One afternoon, thanks to her polite new neighbors, she brought a slice of fresh fruitcake to the mushroom site. She set the cake on nearby rock while she went about her work. Before long, she started to hear a peculiar whistling sound. She knew this sound was not human, so her instincts told her to crack a corny joke in hopes of diffusing a bad situation.

Apparently the Sprites liked her joke. And they really liked her fruitcake.

The disarmed Sprites came out of hiding and allowed Esther to see them in their true twinkly form. They whispered wisecracks and the mysteries of the universe in her ears. Little did she know this would be the start of a tender, though ill-fated relationship."

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Comments (2)

Brian Zsays...

I got into the secret society, and I wish I hadn't. All it does is focus on making these sprites happy. Once you're in, you keep getting visited by them, and you have to do stuff to amuse them. There does not seem to be any upside to any of this. So, don't bother!


There is an upside. The focused moodlet your sim can get gives a 30% boost to performance and skill gains which is the best boost in the game at this point. This 30% boost is a great help if you want to get a perfect A+ Distinguished Degree with honors

Brian Zsays...

I was never able to spam enough interactions quickly enough, so they always got bored and turned yellow, which makes you tense. Best I could ever do was just get them to go away. Now I'm out of school and they still keep showing up!


Really? All you have to do is queue up 6 or 7 jokes or mischief interactions. Or a mixture of both, then do it again and then just go about your normal game play. When the "fine" moodlet goes the sprites will gift you one of their special moodlets. It's not too difficult I think.

Here's the cheat for fixing the sprites visits after leaving the Organization bug: enable testingcheats on followed by

traits.remove_trait trait_CollegeOrganization_SecretSociety_Member


You don't need a focused moodlet of 30 % to succeed with a Distinguished Degree. My sim has 8 x A+ so far and she's almost breezing through the stuff. You only need high level skills. I have her taking notes in class, doing homework and then studying another 2 hours for every course she's in and that still leaves her with enough time to focus on personal needs.

She wrote an outstanding term paper even before attending one of the courses for the fist time. Cuz she's lvl 10 in logic (studying biology) and gardening and a lvl 9 in fitness. And that makes the difference, not the moodlet. :D


You surely do not need the moodlet if you are using skills instead, but the 30% boost regardless is a first for the game in terms of percentage boosts and as such is an interesting features for min-maxers. If the sprites visitations weren't bugged then this would actually be a pretty neat small feature. It would be nice to see more of these kinds of features throughout the game as it adds variety and different game-play paths through the same content.

I've played an 8 sim household all new sims from CAS and all completed uni with honors so even high levels in skills aren't needed. All a sim needs to do is complete homework, go to class, hand in the presentation or course paper and then study then a degree is granted.


I agree that it's terrible. The bonuses only last while you're at university so the rest of your life you have sprites appearing when you're at work or asleep so can't/ don't want to deal with them, or when you're working on a skill related to a different mood and they spoil it.

When they arrive they make you Fine (+3 I think) then if you're successful they make you flirty. Both of which are useless if you're working on focused or inspired related skills for example. I bought Carefree so I could ignore them without getting stressed but the fine was still an inconvenience.


Sprites being there after leaving university is a known bug. Sprites Bug Report Follow the link for the workaround to fix issue until developers patch it. Or read my reply above for the cheat.


After you graduate, you still get the sprite visit. I tried rejoining but no one came to my dorm and when I found them at their gathering spot, my sim changed into the society's robe but I can't make offerings or ask them to join.


It's a known bug that was fixed ina recent patch so make sure your game has been updated.

Here's the cheat for fixing the sprites visits bug anyway: enable testingcheats on followed by

traits.remove_trait trait_CollegeOrganization_SecretSociety_Member

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