The Sims 4 Woohoo & Try for Baby Guide

Where Sims can Woohoo, and how to Make Woohoo Option Appear

The Sims 4: How to Woohoo
The Sims 4's Woohoo can be performed in a few locations

Woohoo is the ultimate expression of love in The Sims 4, that is, unless you're going for the Serial Romantic Aspiration. The Woohoo interaction, along with Try for Baby, is a fun relationship booster that appears once a Sim couple has enough Romantic Relationship built up (the bottom, pink bar). Woohoo will make Sims happy in that it gives a 4h moodlet and raises Fun and Social needs, though slightly decreases hygiene. In this Guide, we'll reveal factors that affect likelihood of a successful Woohoo and where Sims can do it.

Video Guide: How to Woohoo & Try for Baby

Video guide for how to Woohoo in The Sims 4 to have a baby

Woohoo Requirements
Woohoo is available to all Sims Young Adult and up, and may be performed between any combinations of gender. Sims can also Woohoo with Ghosts, and there is actually an achievement for that, along with a couple of others related to Woohoo that are listed below. Teen Sims do not get Woohoo, but are able to Mess Around. The mechanics for that are similar to Woohoo. Sims need to have a relationship standing of around 40-50% in Romance to get it to appear. If two Sims are Married, Engaged, or Girlfriend/Boyfriend they should always have the option. The higher your relationship with them, the more likely they are to accept. There are other factors as well:

The Sims 4: Woohoo in Rocketship
The Rocket has a special Woohoo Animation

Boosting Woohoo Success, and Factors that Lower it
Sims who have a high Charisma Skill are more likely to have their Woohoo interaction accepted by another Sim. Additionally, those with the Alluring Trait are 20% more likely to find success and have a +2 effective Charisma Skill Level. You get this trait by choosing a Love Aspiration when creating the Sim. Moods also affect it. Flirty has the biggest impact, while Playful and Happy is also helpful. If a Sim is Sad, Angry, Embarrassed, Stressed, or Bored, they are less likely to engage in Woohoo with your Sim. See the Romance Guide for more detailed info. When they're in a bad mood, improve it somehow, by filling their needs or cheering them up with a social, then try to Woohoo! You can learn more on improving Relationship standing with a Sim in the Relationships and Making Friends in The Sims 4 Guide.

Try for Baby

Try for Baby is the means of getting Pregnant in The Sims 4. In the game code, there's no mention of regular Woohoo causing Pregnancy, although players have reported it happening. Sims should accept this interaction as often as they accept an invitation to Woohoo. The base chance to get Pregnant from the Try for Baby interaction is the same for any location: 80%. If your Sim has the Fertile Reward, this jumps to 150%, which presumably greatly increases the likelihood of having Twins or Triplets. Learn more about Babies and Pregnancy Here.

The Sims 4: Woohoo in the Rocketship and Observatory is possible
Woohoo can also be done in the Rocket Ship and Observatory

Where to Woohoo

Here are the Woohoo locations for The Sims 4. Where you can do it depends upon which Expansion packs you own. If none of these are on the current lot, the Woohoo option will not come up no matter how high your Sims' relationship is For the Base game, you are able to Woohoo on or in the following objects:

  • A Double Bed - This just means you have to have one large enough, so a single bed won't do.
  • The Rocket Ship - Once built, just click it and Woohoo With... will appear, assuming they are willing to try this!
  • The Observatory - Woohoo in this one is not very special, but the Sims seem to enjoy it.
The Sims 4: Sims celebrate after Woohoo for the first time
A Sim celebrates after Woohooing for the First time

How to Woohoo

In order to build up to Woohoo, you should use low-risk Romantic Interactions on the target Sim. Things like Hug, Pick-Up Line, Ask if Single, and Flirt are less likely to be rejected than Kiss, Caress, and things like that. Build up to those, and know that a higher friendship level (40% - Friends) will help as well. Look to get the Sim in a Flirty mood, and once the interaction is available, and you've got a Bed, Rocket Ship or Observatory on the lot, try to Woohoo! If your Sim meets another on a public lot, you can use Travel Here With.. to go home, or even invite them on a Date to your Sim's home. Getting Gold on a Date will give your Sim the VIP Bucket in the household inventory. This object is great for the living room or bedroom, as it has a Flirty Aura. You can learn more about getting Flirty here.

The Sims 4: The 50 Mile High Club Achievement for Woohooing in a Rocket Ship
Woohoo in a Rocket will give your save an Achievement

Woohoo Achievements
Your save file can get Achievements related to Woohoo. Those available in the Sims 4 base game are:

  • 50-Mile-High Club - Woohoo in the Rocket Ship
  • What Would it Be Like? - Woohoo with a Ghost
  • Woohoo! - Woohoo with 50 Unique Non-Player Sims

Relationships in The Sims 4

Friendships and Forming Relationships
Romance and Girlfriends/Boyfriends
Relationship Cheats
Weddings: Securing a Husband or Wife

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I have found that I have had mostly girls when having WooHoo in a rocket or sauna, however in a hot tub or observatory I have had mostly boys. The double bed is usually 50-50.
I don't know if this is deliberate, or weather it is just coincidence, however a few of my friends have claimed it has happened to them.
2nd September 2015 5:07pm
After you said this, I did look into it. I found that a few people have claimed the same or similar things, however, there is nothing in the code. It has a high chance of being just a coincidence, but there is a slight chance it could be a sort of glitch. By that, I mean that it is not a negative error with the game (unlike some glitches), that it is something that isn't in the coding but may happen due to crashing coding. If you are finding this and want to get a 50-50 result, I of corse recommend using the bed, despite it not being as exciting as others.
3rd September 2015 4:57pm
You know when your very flirty is over +20 because you've just met them got up to best friends, first kiss & woohoo, got in a relationship engaged, titillating banter, maxed happiness, that flirty suit and just in a general good mood... Yeah... All in less than 6 hours :D
4th November 2015 2:29pm
Love Sims 4, love getting pregnant, love adopting, love babies, loveTongue children, love teens, love young adults, love adults, love elders. Yeah. I love Sims 4, in case you hsdn't guessed
4th December 2015 4:45pm
Freya Odell Loves Sims 4
I love it when my character got pregnant :) And I always make a nursery for the child!
I even called my twins Austin and Anna! What did you call your kids ??
12th December 2015 11:44am
Scared thats actually really creepy. My aunt and uncle named their kids austin and anna in real life. anna died a while ago. but austins still around- hes somewhere in his 35-40s now
16th February 2017 3:11am
My sims tried for baby and I used the pregnancy test after and staight after it said Se was expecting she blew up like a ballon, her stomach immediately got big, what does that mean?
29th January 2016 1:51am
It means she is pregnant. That's just how it happens in ts4. Some sims get 'large' immediately, some sims take a little longer. Smile
29th January 2016 5:53pm
This may be a bit late but if you take the pregnancy test you become pregnant straight away but if you don't it takes a couple of days before you begin the first trimester
4th June 2016 8:04am
How could my sims have public woohoo??Blush
11th March 2016 5:34pm
If you have Get Together you can place a closet in a community lot or the woohoo bush. Or even make a bedroom on a community lot and place a double bed in there and use that. Or if you have Outdoor Retreat you could place a tent and click on that and woohoo on a community lot.
Also you could place the observatory (Gigantic telescope thing) in one of the parks. Smile
11th March 2016 5:53pm
Ash Phoenix
Curiously enough, when my current pair of Sims first WooHooed (not my first Sims, granted), they did so in a Rocket Ship - just WooHooing, not even Trying for Baby - and ended up with a baby girl and a baby boy (twins) as a result. First time any of my Sims have been knocked up from WooHooing, and the first time my Sims have had twins in TS4... is there any sort of connection between WooHooing in a Rocket Ship and pregnancy? Or even twins?
12th May 2016 6:55am
According to the developers there is a zero percent chance of woohoo leading to a nooboo. Guess you just broke those odds! Do you use any mods?
12th May 2016 7:09pm
From what I've heard, there's about a 10% chance of a sim getting pregnant from regular woohoo. Its hapened to some YouTubers I watch but never to me personally
7th May 2019 9:18pm
This 10% speculation is because in 2014 just before the game first launched there was a discussion about a 10% chance of getting pregnant with ordinary woohoo, this was nerfed due to the community in general hating the feature, so the game launched without it. There is no indication in the code that this is even possible ...without mods of course.
8th May 2019 4:26pm
I've taken the grim reaper and a ghost from the gallery lol and I'm trying to let them have a baby but try for a baby won't appear only woo hoo Sadwhy is that ?Sad
16th May 2016 8:25pm
There are no romantic socials available on The Grim Reaper apart from flirt, offer rose etc. Woohooing is not an option. Also there are no ghost babies in The Sims 4.
17th May 2016 5:46pm
I have two young adult sims with near-full relationship. They couldn't seem to woohoo so I made them bf/gf, and they STILL can't woohoo. Not in any of 3 double beds or a rocket. One of them is non-committal so I'm guessing that may be the problem, but by any chance would anyone know if that is the problem or if there's any way I can get them to woohoo (specifically try for baby) without cheats or mods?
26th May 2016 10:14pm
Are you currently using any mods? If so remove them and then delete the localthumbcache.package file and try your game again. Is the option to 'woohoo' there in the romantic socials options?
27th May 2016 7:31pm
If I am a male and want to make a female pregnant, how do I know if she is or isn't?
13th June 2016 12:24am
The sim (if she is a controlled sim) can take a pregnancy test by clicking on the toilet. If you do not control her you will need to wait a day and then see if her stomach looks larger! Often the pregnant sim will throw up so if you see that after try for baby then that generally is a good indicator that the sim is pregnant.
13th June 2016 6:25pm
Jennifer Y
Recently, my sims got married and for their honeymoon, I made them go camping. In the tent, they were able to woohoo but not try for baby. The option did appear and it was in the q ( sorry, I don't know how to spell q) but they just waved their arms about and then it disappeared out the q. Anyone know why this is?
21st August 2016 4:16pm
Generally this indicates a pathing/routing issue. perhaps picking up the tent and moving it slightly would solve it. Also check your settings in CAS. Make sure you have one sim set to 'can get others pregnant' and one sim set to 'can get pregnant'.
21st August 2016 7:14pm
Jennifer Y
It still wouldn't work. So I had to end their honeymoon and take them home and it would only work at home. Thank you
23rd August 2016 7:20am
Wow, so weird. Pity you didn't manage to work out what was causing the issue. Smile
23rd August 2016 9:31pm
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