The Sims 4 Island Living Cheats

Career, Island, and Mermaid Cheats for the Expansion

The Sims 4 Island Living Cheats for PC, Mac and Console

Players will inevitably come looking for Cheats for Island Living, The Sims 4's latest Expansion Pack. Whether turning into a Mermaid, turning back into a normal Sim, or getting easy promotions in the new Conservationist Career, I have cheats listed here. We can also let you equip the game's new Child of the Ocean and Child of the Islands Traits on existing Sims. There are also two Rewards Traits reserved for Conservationists.

How to Cheat

Press Control + Shift + C on your keyboard in order to open a cheat console. On Mac, you use Command + shift + C. Playstation and Xbox One players press all four triggers (L1/L2 + R1+R2) at once. From there, type testingcheats on then press enter to ensure you have the ability to do everything. If you need further help with cheats, see my guide: How to Cheat in The Sims 4.

Mermaid Cheats

Island Living Mermaid Cheats
Your Sim can become a Mermaid easily via cheats, but you may wish to remove it. We've got that, too!

You can add the Mermaid Trait to your Sim using the above testing cheats then typing Traits.Equip_Trait Trait_OccultMermaid. Similarly, you can return a Sim back to human by using the Traits.Remove_Trait Trait_OccultMermaid cheat. These can be a little buggy. I suggest you make the conversion on land, so that you don't have to do anything special to make your Sim change to and from. I experienced some strangeness when I did this. This is the reality of cheating, eh?

BB.ShowHiddenObjects is a very useful cheat. It lets you see debug items in the game menu
BB.ShowHiddenObjects allows you to purchase Kelp directly from Buy Mode. Have your Sim eat this to transform into a Mermaid.

Another way to do this and let the game engine handle transformation is to use testing cheats and type bb.ShowHiddenObjects. Do this in Live Mode. Now, head into buy mode and do a text search for Kelp. You'll find Mermadic Kelp in the build/buy menu and can place one on the ground. They look a bit more like a fruit but I digress. You can then have your Sim eat it, get a 24-hour moodlet and instantly transform into a mermaid. You should be able to confirm you have the powers of a mermaid by clicking your Sim and using the Mermaid menu or simply going into the water to see if the Sim transforms into a Mermaid.

Conservationist Career Cheats

The new Conservationist Career in The Sims 4 Island Living
The Islands of Sulani are beautiful but delicate. Environmental concerns fall on the Conservationist Career Track.

Conservationist is one of the easiest to find - do the above and type Careers.Promote Conservationist. Midway through the career, you'll decide whether you want to be a Marine Biologist or Environmental Manager.

Part Time Jobs in Island Living

The Sims 4 Part Time Jobs in Island Living
Island Living includes a few new Part-Time Jobs your Sims can select. They include Diving Instructor, Fisherman, and Lifeguard. In addition to these, all Part-Time Jobs from the Sims 4 Base Game can now be used by Adults and Elders, not just teens.

Island Living adds a few part-time jobs to the game. These are low-responsibility (and low paying) jobs that will not take much of your time but provide a small income. Good for elders, or Sims who have plenty of money from Skills but want something different to do. You can use Careers.Promote PartTime_Diver for the Dive Instructor Career, Careers.Promote PartTime_Fisherman for the new Fisherman Career, or Careers.Promote PartTime_Lifeguard for Lifeguard. Each of these only has 3 ranks, with the final providing a livable but low income.

Island Living Trait Cheats

Island Living has a few new traits for Sims
Four new traits are in the Expansion - Child of the Islands and Child of the Ocean can both be equipped when you Create-a-Sim. Natural Speaker and Friend of the Sea are both rewards for the Conservationist Career.

There are a total of four traits I felt needed to be immediately listed, but others are under investigation. Use Traits.Equip_Trait TraitCode to add a trait to a Sim, or Traits.Remove_Trait TraitCode to remove a trait. Here are the trait codes and a little of what they do:

  • Trait_IslandAncestors - The new Child of the Islands Trait. These Sims can summon Elementals (special ghosts) who will deliver judgment upon them based on how well they take care of the island. They experience a deep personal connection to Sulani.
  • Trait_ChildofTheOcean - The new Child of the Ocean Trait. This one makes Sims prefer aquatic activities and gives them a happy moodlet while doing so. The sea give them peace.
  • Trait_NaturalSpeaker - This is the Natural Speaker reward trait for completing the Conservationist Career and selecting the Environmental Manager branch. This trait gives Sim an ability to enthuse and spread awareness of environmental causes, and finds more grant applications accepted in order to create environmental laws relating to the Island of Sulani.
  • Trait_FriendOfTheSea - This is the Master of the Sea Reward Trait for completing the Conservationist Career and selecting Marine Biologist instead. It gives you a bonus when building friendships with dolphins and Mermaids around Sulani. They also get a move speed boost when traveling the Oceans.

Control The Island's Appearance (Conservation)

You may be aware there is a quest of sorts to Clean Up The Island, and naturally there are cheats for that. However, you'll require TwistedMexi's AllCheats mod which can be found here. The cheat to control the stage of the quest requires testingcheats on.

To change the stage, type one of the following:

    • Narrative.Start_Narrative Narrative_IslandConservation_Stage_Starting
      • Narrative.Start_Narrative Narrative_IslandConservation_Stage_Intermediate
        • Narrative.Start_Narrative Narrative_IslandConservation_Stage_Final

        Trigger a Volcano

        A Volcanic Eruption in The Sims 4 Island Living
        Volcanic Eruptions can be triggered via cheating. These make the regular camera shake, but if you tab to the cinematic camera you can get some decent footage.

        You can trigger volcanic activity by typing, Volcanic_Eruption Small or Volcanic_Eruption Large. These eruptions may spew lava rocks, which can set your Sim on fire if touched before they cool. Once they cool, they can be told to be a decorative item, or you can break them open for collectibles.

        I'm still learning about the Expansion myself, so expect this page to grow if there are more interesting cheats to discover. Check back as I'll be covering the Sims 4 Island Living all the way through July 1 in both video and text formats. Thanks for reading!

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        thank you ^-^

        Can't wait to make my sims hybrids *-*
        I think you might end up just breaking the game lol
        lol it doesn’t break the game because my sim is a vampire mermaid hyprid
        The cheat item being called Mermaidic Kelp is probably an internal callback to Sims 3
        Anyone know what's up with pets not showing up as being in the household after adoption? I got a kitten but it isn't showing as a member of the house or seen anywhere.
        I can't see a bug report about this exact problem Cat and Dog Open Bug Reports so it may eb worth making a new bug report about this once you have tested in a brand new game without any mods or cc. Make a new bug report (click)
        Johnathon Varner-Deweysays...
        Does anyone know what the careers cheats are for the part-time teen careers that have been opened for Young Adult through Elder? Unsure
        Johnathon Varner-Deweysays...
        These are the cheats that I have:
        careers.add_career <NameOfCareer>
        careers.remove_career <NameOfCareer>
        careers.promote <NameOfCareer>
        careers.demote <NameOfCareer>
        Baby Sitter = babysitter
        Barista = barista
        Fast Food = fastfood
        Manual Laborer = manual
        Retail = teen_retail
        In case anyone wants that hidden Sulani trait cheat, I post it here.  traits.equip_trait trait_Hidden_IslandAncestor_Elemental   Great if you are keen on gardening and summoning volcano fireballs from the sky.
        I have tried promoting my sim as a driver. This cheat isn't working for me.
        Just want to give you a BIG thanks for your site. The best, and belive me, I've been serachin'. Cool
        Thank you so much for making the game more fun for me.SmileSmileSmile
        I would like to join to receive emails.
        We don't send out emails but you are welcome to join the Forum. Carl's The Sim Community Forum
        Aria Bluesays...

        DO NOT do the mermaid conversion cheat while yr sim is already another occult one. My sim was a witch and i did the cheat and she glitched, causing her legs to disappear and no mermaid tail to show up. Debugging & relogging did not fix it. :/


        Yeah, sadly the game does not support hybrids of lifestates other than Aliens.

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