The Sims 4 Star Wars Game Pack

It's Not What I Expected So Far

Sims 4 Star Wars Journey to Batuu Game Pack
A Sim wields a lightsaber in Star Wars: Journey to Batuu a Sims 4 Pack.

I'm a fan of Star Wars. I'm a fan of The Sims. I'm not a fan of them combined, at least not in the way they evidently have been forced together in the upcoming Sims 4 Journey to Batuu Game Pack. As more information has come out, my hesitation to be excited has gradually evolved into "this can't possibly please me".

Sims unrealistic expectations
This amazing world is from the gameplay trailer. Mine do not look like this. At all.

The idea's not bad at its core. Crossovers have happened before, and Journey to Batuu as depicted in the new Gameplay Trailer does seem to be a lively Star Wars world. But I know that the Sims are perfectly placed in that trailer. They aren't standing to eat in front of a television or shuffling constantly while I'm trying to record a scene at a table. They're all set up to be doing a variety things to make for a lively scene and when I get in the game, I am afraid the aliens will be acting like Sims for the most part except for a couple new animations.

Kylo Ren in Sims 4 Star Wars
Kylo Ren - a Sith - using the force. But don't get too excited, your midichlorian count's too low for this stuff.

Ok, but maybe the pack can redeem itself by introducing a new force-based skill or even a new Jedi/Sith Occult to let you wield a lightsaber and maybe you can learn some cool force powers from working with either the light or dark sides? I mean, both Rey and Kylo Ren are present in this pack. That was my only hope.

Sims in battle in Sims 4 Star Wars
If you can walk to the fridge without getting winded, you can probably wield a lightsaber idk.

It instead chooses to let you experience it as a normie in the Star Wars universe. Oh, I know. Most characters in Star Wars are totally normal people and that is what makes their heroics extraordinary. But it's hardly letting me live out my Star Wars fantasy by tying lightsaber ability to the fitness skill and calling it a day. My handiness will probably drive starship repairs. These are base game skills and in the case of fitness, extremely uninteresting and not impactful at all. Who knew that all you to do is complete a "Couch to 5k". Now you can wield a weapon that only a force-sensitive can use correctly in combat... without accidentally becoming an amputee, of course.

Missions for factions in Sims 4 Star Wars
Completing missions to earn standing with factions isn't bad, it'd be a lack of actual cool rewards that keep me from coming back to it.

The Journey to Batuu Pack's focus on missions to increase standing with the three factions gives me little hope that there will actually be interesting rewards or outcomes from siding with one over the other. The Sim in the gameplay trailer returns home to deck out her Willow Creek home in Star Wars inspired architecture and dances with her droid. If there were something a bit more interesting to show, now would be the time.. given over half the community is not just disinterested in this pack, but rather upset by its very existence.

Sims in Sims 4 Star Wars
Alien bartender doing tricks in Star Wars: Journey to Batuu

That frustration seems to come from a sense that they are not being listened to. People feel the game is in a bad place even as pack count climbs into the 30s. In the past we'd exhausted most of the 'wants' for things by the 10th Expansion pack, but here we have over $700 in content but yet are still missing basic things like cars, or being able to sit with your baby on the couch, or letting your children share a room with a bunk bed. Meanwhile, modders create functional-enough versions of these things.

Using handiness to repair a ship in Sims 4 Star Wars Journey to Batuu
My Sim's handiness can surely see me through this intergalactic adventure.

There is another factor as well. The Sims maintains a pretty tight release schedule, and every few months we are excited for the next big thing. When a pack like this comes out that many people are uninterested in, while so many good ideas are still floating out there, it makes people feel disappointed. The wait since Eco Lifestyle (a rather boring pack) and Knitting leads to an empty space where a cool Game Pack could've been.

Make a silly face to Stormtroopers in The Sims 4 Journey to Batuu Game Pack
I don't have the force, but I have the ability to make a silly face!

I've not even touched on the fact that this feels like it exists merely to market Disney's Galaxy's Edge attraction, or for EA to take advantage of the Star Wars IP in as many ways as possible while they still have the deal with Disney. If they were going to do this, letting us actually live out a Star Wars fantasy that we are playing a Jedi would have been the way to go. But because it's a corporate deal it was probably impossible to do the Star Wars pack that might have excited players like me. There are so many ways to go with something like this, but marketing Galaxy's Edge for Disney while simultaneously asking a $20 price tag was never going to go over well with the community. If you don't care about Star Wars, you'll have to wait.

Lightsaber in Sims 4
Am I on Batuu looking for Kyber Crystals to make a lightsaber, combing the beach, or checking pockets for loose change before I do laundry?

2020 has not felt like a great year for The Sims as a whole. Eco lifestyle was buggy on release. The vote for Knitting as a stuff pack didn't seem to be what most of the community wanted thematically, perhaps due to the way the vote worked out. Now we're getting a Star Wars pack. We really need some kind of victory because I feel that players are getting more upset these days than excited, and that's a shame. You do not have to look very far to see more and more players who are angry about gameplay depth and a buggy experience.

Who are the characters in sims 4 star wars
Many Sims Players have no idea who these people even are, but when you play this pack you'll learn all about these iconic Disney™ Star Wars™ characters.

I'm not yet playing this pack, and I won't get to experience it until the same time you do. I'm simply following the news and not excited about what I hear, because it seems like a letdown so far. If the pack manages to change my mind, I'm open to having it changed and will give it every opportunity to do so when I buy it to take it for a test drive. So far, slapping a coat of Star Wars paint on existing Sims ideas just doesn't seem like a very fun proposition for me.

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Comments (19)


I'm more of a Star TREK fan than a Star WARS fan, but I like science fiction in general, and I'd be happy to play a Star Wars pack if it looked good ... but this doesn't. Witch and Vampire were both life states that came in Game Packs -- rather than Expansion Packs -- so I don't see why the Star Wars pack can't have a Jedi life state!

Aurelia Auritasays...

I'm surprised that Carl obviously wasn't given the pack since other Game Changers got it, for example Vixella, who expressed excitement about some of the build skins being well suited to building outdoors, and Plumbella, who advised her followers not to buy the pack unless they're truly into Star Wars.

For many simmers including myself this pack was the moment their unhappiness became more relevant than their loyalty to the franchise.

Would it be possible to provide some information about the recent patch? Were there any important changes besides windows being stackable?

I'd love to know since at this moment, my game keeps crashing, (probably due to problems with mods that need to be updated, so it's my fault, not EA's) so it would reduce my discontent significantly if I knew that it was done in order to implement important and useful things.

As for Star Wars, I don't really like the idea of two franchises being mixed unless it's done really well, with a bunch of creativity. But since EA is keeping the DLCs self-contained, I can't think of many possibilities. Using special powers to actually improve the Sims world in ways that are completely new would be great, but difficult to implement, unfortunately.


A lot of mods and cc windows etc broke with this patch so I suggest heading back to the creators pages and taking a look. Chances are most of your mods and all cc windows you may use, will need updating.


Carl's sims guides is certainly top 3 among known users of the sims and it shows ea's true colors in not sending him an early release. If you don't kiss their buts they will shun you. Kudos to Carl for keeping it honest as he always has. So glad we have him.


Reading between the lines of what I've seen from other reviews, this is a game pack that has:

-No new lots (the most excusable part of this whole thing)

-No new traits

-No new careers (since it seems like 'joining' one of the sides is not a career but a hobby - as though fascism or freedom fighting were part-time work)

-No new occults (easily the biggest miss - if this had let me make a Jedi sim, I'd be buying it)

-Essentially is a glorified stuff pack + map.

So, what I'm extrapolating here is that Maxis didn't really care much about this. Likely, this was a mandate from their corporate overlords, which probably came from their IP deal with Disney, to do something promoting Star Wars and Galaxy's Edge specifically. My guess is that because of this, and because they had to know their fanbase wouldn't give two wet slaps about this particular pack, they either:

-Phoned it in with as little added to the game as possible, so they could just get it done and get corporate off their backs, and go back to working on what they want to be working on, or

-Specifically made it as unimpactful on the core game experience as humanly possible, so that people wouldn't have even a remote possibility of having to deal with random aliens, stormtroopers, or Force-using townies.

I feel backed up in this assessment by the fact that most of the other game packs contained more impactful content. Careers, occults, maps, objects, traits, etc. Even the thinnest of the game packs added something that affected the rest of the game experience. This just doesn't seem to do that, at all.

I honestly hope people stop taking their frustrations out on Maxis and the Sims development team over this. They probably didn't have a choice in the matter. When the corporate overlord says 'jump', you don't exactly get to say 'no'. Not if you want to keep working.


Your theory that Maxis was forced to do this makes the most sense out of anything I've seen. I'm going with that from now on.

As for new traits the Sims Wiki says this pack adds 4 new traits, 2-3 of which sound decent. One Bonus trait and 3 Aspiration traits.


I also wanted to be a Jedi/Sith, so thd absence of that is upsetting. I can be fine with a normal and saber as a rebel, but on the dark side I want to become a Darth and take over not work for Kylo Ren. I also hated the Eco and Knitting, but people wanted boring "realistic" stuff. A lot of people claim that is what they want. I do want cars, but I want Star Wars more (though with force powers). I'm not too pressed on cars, because they are just for travel, so they would have minimal use beyond nice to look at. I don't care for the baby stuff or bunk beds tbh. I had bunk beds growing up and don't see why people are so happy to get them.


It's about realistic gameplay, not what you had in real life. I had a bunk bed too; that's wholly irrelevant. I want to create a LIFE simulation, which is what The Sims is supposed to be. This pack is so out of left field for what The Sims is, and it's poorly done on top of that. The only lot that's not a rabbit hole is the Cantina????? This patch broke EVERYTHING and it's for a pack I have zero interest in owning.


Sorry but if you want REALISTIC how about stop playing games and actually live a REAL LIFE?


This pack is nothing but your character going to a Theme Park the problem with this is that people thought they would be getting a REAL Star Wars based DLC. Who thought your character going to a Theme Park instead of the real thing was a great idea? I mean people play games and go to Theme Parks because they can't do the real thing so going to a Theme Park inside of a game is literally a double slap to the face. But they have to keep it realistic because that's what people want right

Aurelia Auritasays...

There are people on both sides and as far as I know, occults are frequently requested and they do fit in. However, Star Wars is not about a life state, but about a whole universe, so I'd love to get it as a spinoff like Sims Medieval. A Star Wars world to live in and in which it doesn't feel odd to run into strange looking beings on the streets. A theme park is not enough. It's too little for that enormous franchise. The people who prefer realistic gameplay were not the reason for the lackluster result of the pack, but the fact that Star Wars is too complex to fit into another franchise with a single game pack. And I believe that even a lot of the players asking for a realistic life sim could get excited about it if it was done well.

What about having a way to enable or disable content, like in TS3? So that in one save game, you can have Jedis and everything or perhaps turn Oasis Springs into a Star Wars neighborhood while keeping those odd guys out of the other? That might be a good way to make both sides happy and get more Star Wars stuff than a boring theme park.

Kyle Ksays...

Ya know I’m a huge Star Wars nerd and I’m a sucker for buying every pack just to expand the game in hopes that it gets better.... But you can’t even wield the force in this pack?!?!? Kidding!?! God I hope a modder can do something about that. Only two real Star Wars characters?? You can’t shoot a blaster!? The missions have no endgame or battle between factions!? Joke! Not even worth it for Star Wars fans and you can’t wield Kylos lightsaber?! Horrible!


i think it's a waste of $20!


I think the game pack is more taking advantage of EA existing game assets that they have from other games, because I'm sure Covid-19 played havoc like it did for so many other things.

That said, its a pretty rubbish expansion overall and I don't feel it was worth my $20.

Karianne Harringtonsays...

I disagree. I keep hearing not good reviews. Im baffled by that. I love sims so much i got it tattooed. And i also love starwars. What did you expect? Well i appreciate what was developed and all the hard work they put into it. I love my droid. Using cheats to make my mermaid world and the other lands all starwars. The Batuu experiance was great and seeing the famous characters. When did the world get so snotty and demanding. Cause thats how your review sounds.

Brian Zsays...

I wanted to like it, but... EVERYTHING is a rabbit hole on Batuu. They couldn't give you a room? The restaurants couldn't have a cafeteria counter and seats? The droids would be AWESOME if they had utili-bot functions when you brought them home, but instead it's a new stereo, made super annoying because your sim won't stop talking to it. Main characters from the movies make appearances for no other reason than to make your visit to the theme park more fun-- if you've paid attention to the movies, you know that their being there makes no sense and could not have actually happened. Lightsabers are supposed to be so rare and exotic, weapon scanners normally don't detect them. Yet anyone can put together their own, from stuff left carelessly lying around town. So, the missions are fun, until they get repetitious. Your droid is really cool on Batuu, but so annoying back home you end up putting it away. You end up with some posters and trinkets from your visit to the Disney theme park, and a ton of build mode assets that are too stylized to do anything other than a Star Wars themed build with.


Not particularly interested in combining SW and The Sims (unless it was a really well-made total conversion perhaps), but I’m somewhat optimistic that this pack will give modders a means to keep sims from leaving any given worldspace on their own. Hopefully *if* such functionality is added, it’ll be in a basegame patch so you don’t need to buy an entire pack you’re not interested in for it.

On the other hand, I hope this doesn’t mean we won’t get something Into the Future-esque in the, well, future.

Ivet Kennedy Suárezsays...

Hello everyone.

I am a Fan of The Sims, I have the whole saga: The sims, The sims 2, The sims 3 and the 4.

Honestly, I was a bit disappointed with the last pack (Star War), they could do even more especially within the scenario, given the cost of the pack. The idea is nice but it stays short. My very personal opinion.

Most of the players have been asking for a long time why the developers don't do the Open World inside the scenario so as to avoid the long loading every time you have to go to a house or club in the same scenario.

I don't know, it gives me the feeling that you are losing a bit of the soul, the spirit of creativity inside the game and you are doing things for pure marketing. I'm sorry but that's what I'm seeing and not just me.

This is constructive criticism and I would like in the future to ignite this creativity that many of us have seen in The Sims 3 on The Sims 4.

I hope that in the future they manage to improve.

A greeting,

Your Fan



Please don''t buy. Ea don''t thakes customers serious. There is only one toilet at baduu and no showers! I played the game. Fine evening


I've never seen Star Wars, and have no interest in it. I can only play the legacy Sims 4, because my computer isn't Metal. So that's two reasons why I won't be buying this. At least I don't feel left out; some recent packs (e.g.Tiny living) have been so enthused about, I'm a bit sad I can't play them.


I found it strange that there is only one toilet and no showers, at BaduuAnd you are on holyday no vacation home at all! EA don't take there cutomers serious. But they just the take the money off their!


I must be the odd one out, because I am quite happy with this pack. I wanted to go to a Disney park specifically for Galaxy's Edge, but can't. This pack lets me finally have a chance to experience it, so for me, it was worth the $20.


I'm an odd one out, too, I guess. I waited until it went on sale for 50% off before buying it. I'm not really into Star Wars but I like having all the packs to my game. It adds a lot more than what people expected, from what I have read on the comments. I like going on the missions, but sometimes I can't figure out where I'm supposed to go to complete my mission. For instance, I'm supposed to sabotage the control panel, but every panel I click on, it says I can't do anything until I sabotage the control panel! Anyway, overall, I like the new pack, I like the new costumes and hats for face masks, etc. I can make some pretty freaky looking sims with these! LOL


Hi I recently got the star wars pack

.. You are so right. Huge disappointment.. You don't even get a place to live. If you're gonna make this a vacation world, give us out vacation home. Honestly, I think this would have been better implemented as a regular world... We build rickets and travel in space... Why couldn't this be where we travel too? Sims 3 had a future world, why not a space world? One with careers in the factions like jedi or stormtroopers.

Kevin Lomassays...

I have played sims since sims 1. Each version seems to follow the same packs, so with sims 4 it was sort of seen that done that. I only buy adds one that interest me, even more so now. No pets. No uni, no run a business sort of stuff. I was amazed when I read the official forum suggesting a knitting addon, more baby interaction.(Seemed to be mostly females making suggestions). The addons are limited. Once all levels of skill are reached there's nothing to do with them. (Why no mermaid magicians? Why no vamp mermaids? Etc). There's actually limited gameplay for the money, but some players seem to use the sims as a life substitute. I was interested when told about a starwars addon, but even those who like starwars don't like it. Plus, I hear it's full of the usual sims buggyness. Perhaps they should fix long standing bugs before expecting us to part with cash for another bugged addon?

Walter Maueroedersays...

Why couldn't they do what they did in Sims 3 and did Star Wars as a separate game like Sims Medieval? Charge a full price, have it fully immersive by just tweaking the regular game mechanics, slap on new skins and only need to add a minimal of things.


Even as a mild Star Wars fan this pack's very existence is just irritating. It's obviously just a cynical cash grab on the part of EA and Disnucas. None of the SW stuff integrates well at all, as has been explained. I was interested in getting a Droid, but apparently back in the normal Sim's world they don't do anything useful. Baatu is obviously not just a glorified theme park in Sim's world as Ren can actually Force choke you.

I dislike that the SW characters you can meet are all Disney trilogy characters. As if this pack weren't crappy enough already Disnarvucas has to remind us how that everything must be remade in their image. The smuggler faction character is some "literally who?" Almost everything about this rubs me the wrong way.

According to the Sims Wiki this pack gives you 4 new traits, one bonus trait and three Aspiration traits. A bonus trait makes your needs fill up when you travel. The First Order Aspiration trait gives you an edge in fights and makes you less likely to die of rage. The Rebellion Aspiration also gives you a vague hope-related Aspiration. These are the only reasons I'd ever get this pack and only if I cheated to add them.

I will add that I realky like you can gain reputation with the smuggler/crime faction without it affecting either of the other two factions. And that gaining max rep with them at least let's you tour the Millennium Falcolm. That and the above traits are the only things about the pack that actually seem good.

Daddy Damiensays...

Quit your crying with your inability to use your imagination and combining lightsaber with the realm of magic spellcaster skills it's almost like having force abilities

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