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How to Place New Types of Lots from Packs

The Sims 4 - placing a lot from an expansion pack
Game, Stuff, and Expansion Packs sometimes come with new lot types. This tutorial will teach you how to put them in your game.

If you've just installed a new game or expansion pack and did not get to place a new lot type that came with it, fear not. The process is fairly simple, though not immediately obvious to those who are not familiar with the Gallery. Here are step-by-step instructions for how this is done. The same process is used if you've downloaded some house from the gallery. Click here to learn to build your own houses.

First, load up your save game or go ahead and create your family. Before you select to play a family, you can tinker with the world. If you're in-game and want to do this, hit ESC and Select 'Manage Worlds' and continue from Step 1.

  • 1. Press F4 to open the Gallery
  • 2. Go to My Library
  • 3. On the left, select Content Created by: Maxis
  • 4. Look for the new lot type you want to place.
  • The Sims 4 - placing a lot from a game pack
    Select where you'll put the lot, either replacing an existing building or putting it in empty space. The free neighborhood of Newcrest is a great place to populate with buildings.
  • 5. Select the lot, making note of the lot size and click 'Place Lot' in the bottom right corner.
  • 6. Lots that are large enough will be highlighted green. If one isn't large enough, you can go to world select at the top and browse your available neighborhoods. Newcrest is a good choice, because it should start with a lot of empty space. If the lot is huge, say 50x50, you have limited choices and may have to replace a park.
  • 7. Once the game is done placing the lot, we want to make sure it's oriented properly. From the map, click the lot and choose Build.
  • The Sims 4 - rotating a lot
    Rotate the lot by clicking this button at the top
  • 8. At the top, click Move Lot and House, then Move Lot.
  • 9. Now you can click the curved arrows to rotate the lot so that the entrance is in an appropriate place, for example by the sidewalk.
  • 10. You're done! Press F1. Go back to world select by using the top-left menu and pick the neighborhood with the family you intended to play. Click the household, then use the Play button to go back in the game and enjoy the lot you've just placed.

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Smile thank you
13th April 2016 1:17pm
im not using the original game, can i bypass the "the lot is from a newer version..." thing?
30th April 2016 5:10pm
Are you getting the Save game was saved with a newer version error?

If so, see the link below for tips on fixing the problem.

Save game was saved with an newer version
1st May 2016 12:45am
So I have been playing sims 4 for a while now. I recently got a new laptop and downloaded all of my sims. Today I went to play for the first time and as I was changing my worlds, I would try to put a new house on a lot and it wouldn't work. I would then go to try a different one but it wouldn't let me because it said I needed to place the first one. The option to exit that house was on the top. What should I do?
1st September 2016 2:28pm
I'm not sure what is going on really. I suggest quitting out of the game if you can't leave build mode and then taking a look at Carl's tutorial on this page. Scroll down until you see the heading 'Placing Homes from the Gallery'.
1st September 2016 7:48pm
When I open the gallery to place a house it says "unavailable while placing a blueprint " what do I do?
9th November 2016 5:19pm
Close out of the gallery and then go back into live mode. Now go into build mode on the lot you want to place the house on and once you are in build mode open the Gallery. Choose the lot and place.
Sometimes when you try to place a lot from the Gallery without being in build mode first you get a message like this.
9th November 2016 9:26pm
Sophia Iderkou
I've tried to place a lot now for a good 5 minutes and it still says building lot. Is this normal to be taking this long. Keep in mind that i have a lot of space on my laptop so that shouldn't be the issue.
26th November 2016 12:55pm
It does take longer than if you are just placing a lot from your library but recently there have been performance issues with the game mainly stemming from large tray folders. So perhaps if you have many sims and lots saved in your library/tray folder it might be time to either delete them or save them in back up form on your desk top etc.
How to Save Game files for back up
26th November 2016 6:30pm
Is it possible for me to move a physical house from one neighborhood to another in the Sims 4, along with the household?
27th December 2016 11:02am
Yes, you can move out the sims to a temporary empty lot (so they maintain their relationships and money etc) then save the house you want to move to your library. Download it from your library onto the new lot and then move your family again, into the 'new' house.
27th December 2016 3:26pm
Tomás Carvalho Gonçalves de Mo
I've placed various lots around the neighborhood but when I go into the gameworld they dont appear... also they have nothing in them when I travel to them... the the gameworld shows the buikding!
18th January 2017 2:01pm
Sounds like you forgot to choose 'Furnished' when downloading (placing) the lots. Bulldoze them and replace them with the 'furnished' option chosen.
18th January 2017 8:54pm
Hey. I know how to place houses and regular stuff from the gallery, but I want to get this club I found in the gallery and have a sim own it. It says I don't have the right lot or something like that... do I need a pack or am I missing something ?Huh
9th April 2017 1:29am
Do you mean a nightclub? The nightclub venue came with the expansion pack Get Together so you would need that dlc to be able to use the nightclub feature.
11th April 2017 8:25pm
Whenever I try to place a lot it will go through the whole building lot animation thing. Then when it's done nothing is there. Happens every time. Is there a reason why? Is this happening to others?
26th July 2017 10:07pm
Taking a guess it sounds like you are building from the Map Menu. Check the actual lot in build mode as often the map display doesn't update immediately and the house might actually be there.
28th July 2017 10:25pm
Thanks a lotSmile
24th October 2017 3:28pm
I know how to place houses and regular stuff from the gallery, but i have a question, i just download a new house from mod website and now i want to put that house from my gallery... but i cant put that, and it says " cannot oplace content because it was created with a newer version of the game. restart your game to check updates.", and actually my game is already update 'til the last patch of the game.

so, do you know whats wrong with it ??? help please and thanks :)
3rd November 2017 7:51am
Was it a lot made by someone who has an early access key to Cats and Dogs? That is the only thing I can think of. Other than that it could be because the lot uses cc and or mods that you don't have. Go back to the site you downloaded it from and see if there are any notes about the lot or anywhere to post a question to help you figure it out.
4th November 2017 7:07pm
Kelly Sassaman
I want to place a house from the gallery but it says to first make sure you enable
"bb.moveobjectson" how do I do this and where do I find it.
16th December 2018 4:13pm
bb.moveobjects on is a cheat. It allows players to place items from buy mode freely when building. You need to first enable testingcheats on and then enter the bb.moveobjects on cheat. Guide to using Cheats
16th December 2018 8:32pm
I'm playing The Sims 4 on PS4, can I actually place lots from gallery which contains stuffs from EP/GP/SP I haven't bought yet?
24th January 2019 12:49pm
Yes, you can always place lots that have content you don't have ...but, those items (from packs you don't have) will be missing. You will need to go and manually replace missing (for example) kitchen counters etc with the content that you have available to you in build/buy mode in order to make the build complete.
24th January 2019 7:34pm
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