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Patch Notes July 2019: Update Brings Create-a-Sim Story Mode, Rebranding, and Build Mode Objects

New Content

Create a Sim Stories

Is your Simming stuck in a creative rut? Try crafting a story within Create a Sim! By starting a new household, or adding a Sim to an existing household, you can take a fun quiz to determine your Sims personality and starting conditions. By creating a story your Sims will end up starting out with a career, various skills, and different levels of starting household funds! Of course, this is just an additional option that's now available -- you'll still be able to also create Sims the same way you always have.

New Look

The Sims 4 has a new look! Now that we're entering the fifth year of The Sims 4, and the twentieth year of The Sims, we wanted to continue to invest in The Sims 4 so that it remains fresh and relevant for years to come. You'll quickly spot changes like a brand new cast of Sims, new intro videos, new loading screens, new cover art, and new pack icons. The main menu has received the most significant additions; not only does it show off our new style, but you'll discover the ability to play trailers from our most recent packs, and access quick links to The Sims on your favorite social platforms.

New Customization Options

Our new cast of Sims has some fresh new clothing and accessories to wear, and you'll find all of their new content within Create a Sim. Check out their group shot by clicking through the art on the main menu! The base game has received new tops, bottoms, accessories, hairstyles, and a hat. Players who own certain packs will receive new swatches on some of the clothing and accessories they already own from those packs.

New Cheat

We've added a new cheat to the game! Open the cheat console and type in "bb.showliveeditobjects" to enable the cheat. To disable it, type "bb.showliveeditobjects false".

Enabling the cheat will unlock a new set of objects in Build Mode to decorate your lots with. rocks, trees, bushes, signs, and all sorts of environment objects. I lost count, but I think it's somewhere around twelve-hundred new decorative objects. These objects are environment objects, which our artists use when creating worlds. As such they are not optimized for on lot use, so please be aware when using this cheat. The most obvious issue you may notice is that Sims will walk through these objects.

Fixes & Updates

The Sims 4

Resolved error code 134:ef7a88f2:b4565d86, which was preventing players from loading certain save files. I'd explain further, but really the error code is self explanatory.

Ok, sorry - that was snarky. This recently introduced error occurred when attempting to load a game that was saved while one of the household Sims wasn't currently instantiated on the active lot, and had away actions that they could perform.

Fixed an issue where objects were getting stuck on toddler's hands.

The Sulani animation on the World Select screen will now display properly for players who do not own Island Living.

Within the tutorial, your friendly roommate Alex will now successfully give your Sim a job once again.

The main menu will now continue to display the pack art that you've selected until you decide to change to a different one.


Fixed an issue where camera controls for rotating and zoom levels were behaving inconsistently when using a trackpad.


Fixed an issue where Vampires were failing to route when directed to perform the Dark Meditation and Influence Emotions powers.

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Comments (7)

I have the latest version updated, but no quiz is coming up in the create a sims. I am on PS4. Is there something I need to do to access this or is it not available for Playstation?
It's only for PC/Mac unfortunately.
I can't manage my family after the new patch. I can't move a Sim out of any of my households. Can you help? Is there a new way to do it?
I figured it outSmile I had to add more max families to the game in general. Thanks anyway. Thanks for your pageSmile
Glad you figured it out Smile
For anyone else with the same issue try: Options Menu>Manage Worlds>Manage Households (Top Right of screen again)>then look for the 'Maximum Sim Count' on bottom of the pop up screen and change that to a higher number.
Post Here (Click) on the forum that explains just what this 'Maximum Sim Count' tab does.
I've found that the "My Story" option in Create a Sim is only available to me for the first Sim I make when I've opened a new game, not an option when creating a second household in the same game or for adding other Sims into the first household. Does anyone have ideas for how to get it up when I want it?
Go into the world view and click on an empty lot and choose 'create a new household to move in', this will take you into CAS. There you can delete the one sim the game auto generates and make a new sim via story mode by clicking on the book in the menu.
Or, go into your map view and click on an existing household, then 'more', then 'household management' then choose to 'edit, add, or remove a sim'. Next, once in CAS click on the book to use Story mode to add a sim.
I can't find any book. Which menu are you referring to--the one with which to add another Sim, play with genetics, make an alien or vampire, etc.?
Yes the menu in CAS where you can add a vampire, mermaid etc. The 'book icon' is one of those options and takes you into Story mode.
Hi ! I can't find any of the items even with the cheats code.. when i enter **DEBUG** nothing appear anymore (sorry for any mistakes i made.. im french)
You must first use TestingCheats on then bb.ShowHiddenObjects and finally bb.ShowLiveEditObjects for this cheat to work! Disable with bb.ShowLiveEditObjects False.
Is there a guide for what answers to certain questions provide the different traits, careers, and starting funds? That would be great to have!
Carl made a video guide on his YouTube channel Carl's The Sims Guides. It's only 7 mins long and you'll find the key to figuring out how the questions relate to the traits and aspirations.

I notice when I play my sims get famous and when she does her pep task fully when she change neighborhood it clear the task like she never did i need to delete all my sims 4 and re download....Please help


This is a known bug so head over the the official bug forum and read about it there. (Click)


On building mode entered testing cheats true and tried to enter the next 2 move objects but they won't enter. I've retyped so many times in the order you said and still nothing. Sims 4 on Xbox one s.

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