The Sims 4 Get Together: DJ Mixing

Skill Abilities, Music Genres, and Crowd Control

Being a DJ Mixer in The Sims 4 Get Together Expansion Pack

DJ Mixing is a new Skill included in The Sims 4 Get Together Expansion Pack. This skill allows Sims to entertain large groups at a night club, or in more intimate Club settings. This Guide will teach you about the skill, making money with it, and the abilities you'll gain as you level up as a DJ.

How to: DJ Mixing Cheats
Press Control + Shift + C then type testingcheats on and press enter. You can now set your skill level with stats.set_skill_level major_djmixing x (fill in 1-10) - we also have a full listing of Skill Cheats and a master list of Cheats in The Sims 4

Getting Started
Just search for DJ in buy mode and you'll find the four available booths. The "Turn-Table-Top Tote" DJ Booth is only $575 and will help you get started learning the Skill. Be forewarned, you can't make much money until later, so it's not a Skill you can rely on to pay the bills. This is a Skill that requires direct practice, and not something you can learn from a book.

The first two DJ booths are portable, while the higher-end models are not. This means you can upgrade your booth and bring it with you to parties, and work for tips! The more expensive models can be used in club hangouts and places where large gatherings regularly happen.

Practice on a DJ Booth in Get Together - you can also Hire DJs
You've got to practice on a booth at home. They won't let you put that misery on others. You can hire a DJ at home if you throw a party, selecting among 3 skill levels.

This is the only interaction available at first. The Ideal Mood for a DJ is Inspired, or so it seems - no other mood seemed to help, and it just makes sense. Once you're level 2, you can actually man a booth and allow Sims to dance to your music. At first, your scratching awful noises will not let any Sim get their moves out on the dance floor. Note that you're able to control the volume of the DJ booth for your own personal benefit.

By level 2, we start unlocking some abilities, and Sims are able to dance to music that is played:

DJ Mixing Skill Level Abilities

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 in Get Together
This is the robo-helmet, which is animated, that you unlock at level 10.
  • Level 1 - Only Practice is available. You can't use this in public.
  • Level 2 - The Groovin' and Machine music genres are available.
  • Level 3 - Discuss DJ Techniques, the Chip Tune genre is available.
  • Level 4 - Can play and switch to different genres of music. The Chill Out genre is now available.
  • Level 5 - The Breakbeats Music Genre is now available
  • Level 6 - Can play Remixes. Dynamic Surge Protection and Advanced Heat Sink Upgrades now available. The Get Hyped Interaction is now available.
  • Level 7 - Can play House music. Now able to upgrade to Plasma Display and Particle Generators on higher-end DJ Booths.
  • Level 8 - Can play Hip Hop music. Now able to upgrade DJ Booths to have Telesplosion. Sims can also make Mix-o-lot mix tapes.
  • Level 9 - Can play Drum & Bass music. Now able to make Wiki-Wiki and Scratch'n'Switch mix tapes.
  • Level 10 - The Noise music genre unlocks. Can now Feel the Crowd. Additionally, 3 new mix tape options come up - Digital Era, Party Hardy, and Electrical Utsu. Can now also use the Robo-Helmet from the Closet, which gives them a nice futuristic DJ look.

DJ Abilities Explained

Earning money as a DJ in Get Together
Tips are not reliable money, but with licensing songs you can earn a bit extra - it's not enough to make your Sim rich, but it could be a fun side gig.

Different music genres are mainly for your own entertainment, though it's cool to hear a skilled DJ switch from track to track. At any point when you're skilled as a DJ, Sims might throw tips your way when you're playing in public. Tips are flat $20 amounts, but multiple tips can come in at once. The most I saw was $260, from 13 tips and a large crowed - but they kept coming, in random numbers - the minimum is $20, and I got that a few times. The amount you get from minimum tips is like 2x level as with other musical pursuits.

DJ Moodlet
While using the booth, a DJ will get a +1 'I'm a DJ' Moodlet.

 in Get TogetherHyping the Crowd gets more Sims engaged with the music and grants them moodlets.

Get Hyped
Has about a 30 minute cooldown. At level 6, DJs can select the booth while playing to give nearby Sims (who are listening or dancing) a potential +1 Happy moodlet from Bumpin' Beats, which lasts a couple hours. It's good for keeping a party going.

DJ Booth Upgrades
As the DJ gets more skilled, they can upgrade booths to have several features. They only require to have 'unlocked' Handiness by repairing something or reading a book for a bit in order to order parts from the computer to upgrade the booth - they do NOT need Handiness Skill to do the upgrades themselves. Despite the game saying high-end booths, I was able to upgrade any of them. Here are the upgrades, all of which take common and electronic upgrade parts:

A Sim party in Get Together
Parties are the best place to play DJ. Use the portable, upgradeable models, or this expensive DJ Booth that gives more fun to the one using it, and those listening.
  • Dynamic Surge Protection - Prevents the booth from breaking down. I didn't have this happen at any point, the next upgrade is more important.
  • Advanced Heat Sink - Required! The advanced heat sink will prevent fires. These occur regularly enough that I recommend you do this as soon as you get the upgrade option.
  • Plasma Display - Display on the front. This makes the booth look a bit better with low lighting, but is optional.
  • Particle Generators - Fog and laser lights, which give a great party atmosphere
  • Telesplosion - With Telesplosion enabled, any close-by Television displays will react to the music, coming on automatically. I had to move my displays after doing this upgrade in order to get it to work.
  • Special Effects - When you click the booth with these upgrades, you can enable/disable the fog, lights, and telesplosion.

Feel the Crowd
There's about a 30 minute cooldown on this, like with Get Hyped. Feel the Crowd lets you cause Moodlets on Sims who are listening or dancing - You can make them Confident, Dazed, Energized, or Flirty. This could be very helpful in a club where Sims are incentivized to be romantic, and getting energized may make autonomous Sims want to dance. So it gives you a little more control over the Sims at the party or night club.

Licensing Songs as a DJ in Get Together Expansion Pack
Licensing your Mix Tapes will give you bit of extra money - but one at a time is annoying. You can name them whatever you want, as with Guitar/Piano and Violin tunes.

Mix Tapes - Earning Residual Income
Mix Tapes take about 8 hours to complete. When done, your Sim can use the mailbox to license them - one song at a time. We need to petition the Sims studio to let us license more than one song. As it stands, the only way to get more licensing is to take multiple instruments up and license songs from all of them. You'll get licensing (totally random amounts) every day at 10AM for a little over a week. This will give you $800-1400 for a song. It doesn't matter which booth you made it on, nor the type - it's tied to skill.

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Comments (9)

Thanks for the guide!
I just got very high tips right now so I thought I should share that with you because I remember you said the highest you got was 200ish.
The highest tip I got so far is 420$. My sim's dj skill is maxed and she has been djing for too many hours to make the rent since the power was shut down in her house.
She made 1731$ so far and still 850$ short and very tired :(.
She kept getting 40-200ish tips then suddenly made 300+ and 400+ tips while she was playing noise which is the the genre unlocked at level 10. I think the genre affects the tips but I'm not sure.

Snapshots for the last two tips:
Admin: Thanks for sharing! I need to look at this skill a bit more when I get time. Have plans to look at ALL skills actually, as some have changed since I first wrote them :)
I just posted that the highest tip my sim got was 420. Now I just got 480$ and 500$ but the money wasn't added to her funds (I dunno if the 420$ was added too or not)
Her money increased only by 80$ when it was supposed to go up by 980$ :(. That's awful :(. I guess I will use Kaching to make up for it ;).
Yes, I had the same issue you can read about it in this thread on the forum.
There is also a bug report
EA Bug Forum so you can go here and add a 'me too' if you want to.
Very helpful, thank you! Laugh
I know that this has nothing to do with this update (by the way, great guide) but if you have any friends in the sims 4 creating team. Can you recommend pets, I can just picture my sims and their kids playing with a little puppy, thanks. I love your guides they're so helpful Tongue
I 100% agree! I really want sims 4 pets! :)
Hey all - hoping for some help , I have a level 9 dj with handiness skill . I can not get the teleplosion to work - I have the most expensive dj booth near several tvs and will not active - it is not telling me to upgrade anything but install wireless display override (is this what I'm needing?) thanks !!
Yep, upgrade that and then see what happens. Grin
My Sim was able to finish making a mixtape, and received the making a name for the song notification. I then clicked on the mailbox, but no licensing option appeared at all. My Sim is a Level 10 DJ.
I had the same thing happen to me the time I made a mix tape in one go (cheated his needs). I named the song and then there was no option to license. The next time I still cheated his needs but I stopped for a minute to allow the tape to appear in his inventory. This time when he completed the tape the licensing option was there.
I don't know if it is a bug but it definitely pays to make sure the mix tape is visible in your sims inventory before completing it.
These are the known reported bugs: EA Bug Thread
So, I should wait for the mixtape to appear in my sim's inventory before I click on the mailbox?
No. Once you have starting mixing a tape, stop the action and you will notice the tape in your sims inventory. Once you see it there you can complete the action and have your sim complete the tape. Then you will get the opportunity to name it. Then you can send it away via mailbox .
It seems that if you do not see the tape in the sims inventory before clicking on the mailbox then the bug happens. So.... like I said, just after your sim starts mixing, stop the action, check his inventory and then continue. If at that early point you do not see a tape then you will need to clear out the cache files and hopefully that will fix this bug.
I have the same problem. I stop mixing, noticed the tape was there but I have 2 stacks of tape, I just mixing once. When the name your song window appears, I named it and no interaction at all. And I don't know why I have 2 tapes instead of 1.
You should be able to complete the second tape as well. Maybe you didn't click on the tape in the sims personal inventory to 'resume' but clicked to 'mix a tape' instead.
So my Sim is at level 3 ut the upgrades are already all done.If someone could tell me whats happening please leave a reply.HuhLaughWink
Flaming Fawkessays...
That happened to me too. I bought the highest end dj booth and went to do upgrades but they were already done. Telesplosion was NOT one of them though.
Hey guys. I'm pretty sure that the little notification about tips earned is showing the total amount of tips earned that session. If you watch, every time that notification pops up your household gets the little kaching noise and it shows +x number of funds (mine are usually 20-40 or 60) and then your tip amount increases by that much.
I really wish there was a DJ career. I want one of my sims to work at a club as a DJ. I’m a bit disappointed.
I agree, it's one of my favorite skills to play, it would be great to be able to earn good money - even better if it was one of those semi-active careers so that your sim could work from home.

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