The Sims 4: Butlers

Hiring and Using a Live-in Butler (Vintage Glamour Stuff)

The Sims 4 Butler - Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack Guide
A Butler in The Sims 4. They can be hired if you have the Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack

The Sims 4 Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack allows you to hire a live-in Butler. This guide to utilizing the butler services will teach you how to move in a butler, assign them a bed, what you can expect to pay, and how the service works.

Hiring a Butler & Cost of Services

How to hire a butler in The Sims 4
How to hire a Butler? Look to the phone's household tab.

Use the phone and select the Household category. From there, 'Hire Services'. You can see the Butler has a one-time fee of $175 and costs $12 per hour. After the initial fee, you can expect to pay exactly $288 per day the Butler lives with your Sims. This is quite pricey, so it's definitely a luxury meant for rich but busy Sims. However it is clear that for those Sim households, it's worth the time to not have to clean up, cook meals, and repair things. Their time could be spent making friends, having fun and making money!

Giving the Butler a Bed and Access to Rooms

Assigning a bed to a butler is as simple as clicking the bed
Give your Butler a small bedroom so they have a place to sleep without stealing your Sim's bed. You should be able to afford it if hiring one.

Once the Butler is hired, you can click a bed to assign it to them. Giving them their own small bedroom is a good idea. It's also worth noting that you seem to be able to lock the butler out of areas of your home by using the door lock system. 'Everyone but household members' may work on them. You can also keep household members from autonomously going into their private quarters.

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How to lock doors in The Sims 4
Use the walls up menu in the top right to see doors and click them to manage access. Lock doors to areas you don't want your Butler to enter. In this way, you can also keep your Sims from entering your Butler's bedroom.

Butler Responsibilities

A butler gardening
If you make enough garden space, the Butler just might pay for himself.

All Butler management is accomplished using the Butler menu when you click on your servant. Your Sims' Butler can do four different tasks automatically. Any of these tasks can be turned off by clicking the Butler and selecting the 'Responsibilities' tab. This may help them to better prioritize the things you want them to do. For example if having the Butler do child care is not a priority because you want your Sim to do it, turn it off.

Butlers will automatically look for things that need done around the home that fit various criteria, and will do little tidying up animations when there's nothing to do. Butlers can:

  • Help Raise Children - Is the baby crying? Let the Butler get him! Nothing says rich and powerful like letting someone else change the dirty diapers!
  • Tend Garden - If interactions are available, like watering and weeding, the Butler will do this. I recommend starting a moderately-sized garden, as it gives them something to do when nothing is broken or dirty. You need to plant the seeds yourself, but from there the Butler can handle it.
  • Repair Broken Things - Your Butler will eventually get around to unclogging the toilet, or fixing that leaky pipe.
  • Clean Stuff - When surfaces get dirty, the Butler will handle it. Given what you pay them, it's wise to let them take care of this.

Greeting Guests

A butler cleans a table in The Sims 4
Butlers have animations that help them appear to be busy. This table can't get dirty, but the Butler is removing the dust anyway.

Another area of management can be found under the 'Visitors' sub-menu. The Butler can be told how to handle any guests who come knocking. You can tell the Butler to make them go away, or else greet all guests. The default setting is to have the Butler ignore the front door entirely. Wealthy Sims will surely like having the Butler greet guests and allow them inside from time to time.

Preparing Meals

A butler cooking a meal in The Sims 4
A Butler prepares a meal in The Sims 4

On demand, your Butler can be assigned to cook a meal. It is $20 for a single meal, $40 for a family meal, and $60 for a party meal. They can also serve drinks for $8. That you can choose when they cook is a good design decision, since it does come out of your household funds. Importantly, your Sim does NOT have to interact with the Butler to ask them to do this - it's like the Call Over command, else the request to cook meal would be kind of useless. The attention to detail is nice here, as my vegetarian Sim got a vegetarian-friendly dish when she was the one who requested the meal. They will sometimes cook dishes automatically, but those are free (assuming they don't eat it!). They have a high success rate in regards to producing Excellent-quality meals.

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Comments (28)

My current family has a Butler, but I'm looking to move them into a bigger house. If they move will the butler move with them? I quite like the butler they have now, and I would be sad to see her go!
tbh I assume so. I haven't actually tried it. Save your game before you move that way of you don't like the result you can quit without saving and try again. Usually, when you fire your butler and then rehire the next day the game sends you the same sim. But, again, butlers are a little glitchy so save before making any changes.
Butler won't come to residential on Sulani. Please Report :)
Here's the link for you to report your own game bugs Bug Forum

im 100% sure this comment section is dead as of 2023 lol but i still have an unanswered question that i cant really seem to find anywhere, and im too lazy to try it out ive been wondering if you can hire multiple butlers. i searched this up and it said you could with a mod but i figured since you can hire multiple nannies you could also hire multiple butlers. anyways i probably wont get aa reply but thanks anyways!


oh also can you be friends with a butler and they still work for you??

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