The Sims 4 Inspired Emotion

How to Make Your Sims Very Inspired

A Very Inspired Sim in The Sims 4
Very Inspired

Inspired Mood
Sims who are Creative tend to get Inspired at times. Thankfully, it's fairly easy to get Very Inspired at home for making great Paintings, Meals, and Writing Books.

Skill/Career Ideal Moods
Inspiration is helpful to Painting, Musical Instruments, Cooking, Writing, and related Careers - Chef, Painter, and Writer - both branches of each Career, along with the Entertainer's early levels and Musician Branch.

How to Get Very Inspired

Be Happy and:

  • Evocative lemon Incense +1 for duration (Spa Day)
  • Molding Clay +1 3hrs
  • Playing with Large Animal Toy (Children) +1 4hrs
  • Playing with Dolls house +1 4hrs
  • Thoughtful Shower +1 4hrs
  • Browse Art - Computer +1 4hrs
  • Eating Haunted Mint Ice Cream +1 4hrs (Cool Kitchen Stuff)
  • Mixing Drinks (Mixology L6 and up) +1 4hrs
  • Drinking Cafe Coffee - Cappuccino +1 4hrs (Get Together)
  • Eating Cheese Fondue (Fountain of Mirth L4 Cooking) +1 4hrs (Luxury Party)
  • View Bonsai (if it was shaped while inspired) +1 4hrs
  • Practice Guitar (L6 and up) +1 4hrs
  • Empathizing with Inspired Sim (Aliens only) +1 4hrs
  • Wearing Chicken Hat (Delux Edition Clothing Item) +1 6hrs
  • Cloudgaze +1 6hrs (Outdoor Retreat)
  • Stargaze +1 6 hrs (Outdoor Retreat)
  • Research Art Reference (Computer - Painting Career) +1 8hrs
  • Pluck for Inspiration (Guitar) +1 8hrs
  • Bow for Inspiration (Violin) +1 8hrs
  • Research Art Reference (Painting Career) +1 8hrs
  • Yoga (Brain Boosting at Home) +1 8hrs (Spa Day)
  • Ylang Ylang Massage +1 12hrs (Spa Day)
  • Inspired Club Vibe +1 through to +3 For as long as Club Meeting is Active (Get Together)
  • Listening Deeply to Music (Music Lover Trait) +2 2hrs
  • Drinking Prose and Prop +2 3hrs
  • Daydreaming (Children Creative Skill L5 and Up) +2 3 hrs
  • Cooking (True Chef) +2 4hrs
  • Analyze Book (Bookworm Trait) +2 4hrs
  • Healthy Green Tea (Most likely to give the random Chance Moodlet - Upgraded Tea Brewer) +2 4hrs
  • Look for New Recipe Ideas (Computer - Foodie Trait) +2 4hrs
  • Watch Cooking Show for Ideas (Foodie Trait - Does not stack with Look for New Recipes) +2 4hrs
  • Research Guitar/Piano/Violin (Computer L2 of the skill) +2 4hrs
  • Research Advanced Cooking techniques (Computer Gourmet Cooking Skill L8 and up) +2 4hrs
  • Watching TV Cooking Shows (Foodie Trait Only) +2 4hrs
  • Viewing Inspired Art (quick interaction with career rewards culinary/writing/painting) +2 4hrs
  • Completing a Painting (Lower skill levels only) +2 4hrs
  • Completing a Book (Lower writing skill levels only) +2 4hrs
  • Mixing Drinks (Mastered Mixology) +2 4hrs
  • Gourmet Cooking (Gourmet Food skill L7 and up) +2 4hrs
  • Future Cube - Ask for Creative Ideas +2 6hrs
  • Yoga (Brain Boosting at Home) +2 (When matching incense is burning) 8hrs (Spa Day)
  • Yoga (Brain Boosting Class) +2 12 hrs (Spa Day)
  • Ylang Ylang Massage (When matching Incense Burning) +2 12hrs (Spa Day)
  • Painting while being Mentored +2 For as long as mentoring continues
  • Playing Guitar/Piano/Violin while being Mentored +2 for as long as being mentored continues
  • Drawing (Children) while being Encouraged +2 until drawing is completed
  • Essence of Inspiration (Cow Plant) +2 12 hrs
  • Inspired Potion (L10 mixology. Potion Master Reward Trait) +100 3hrs

Situations - Game Controlled (Random Chance)

  • Listen to Jazz or Classical +1 2hrs
  • Inspired (From Creative Trait) +1 4hrs
  • Inspired from Work (Mixologist Branch) +1 4hrs
  • Inspired from Practising Bar tricks (Unlocked at Level 6 of Mixology) +1 4hrs
  • Practising Guitar (level 6 and up) +1 4hrs
  • Carving a Pumpkin +1 4hrs (Spooky Day)
  • Successful Wishing Well Wish-For Life +1 or 4 hrs (Romantic Garden)
  • Hiking +1 6hrs (Outdoor Retreat)
  • Drinking a Smart Serum +1 6hrs (Active Science Career. Get To Work)
  • Inspiring School Day (Children/Teens) +1 8hrs
  • Successful Wishing Well Wish For Simoleons +2 4hrs (Romantic Gardens)
  • Viewing Art +1 4hrs

Socials - User Directed

  • Tell Make Believe Story (Child to another Sim) - Listening sim +1 4hrs
  • Enthuse About Iambic Pentameter - Listening sim +1 4hrs (Speaking sim gains writing skill)
  • Telling a Fairy Tale (Camp Fire interaction) +1 4hrs (Outdoor Retreat)
  • Suggest Visualization (Wellness Skill) - Listening sim +2 4hrs (Spa Day)
  • Socialization Moodlet (Astronaut Career L8) Starry Night +3 4hrs

Items - Auras

  • Masterpiece Pumpkins +2
  • Reward Lamp: Ambitions +4
  • Reward Lamp: Supernatural +4
  • Postcards +3
  • Evocative Lemon Incense +1 for duration (Spa Day)
  • Emotion Paintings From Completing Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration

These are just some of the things that can make a Sim Inspired, though there are surely more to be found in the game. Also read the main Emotions Guide to learn how Emotions work - Emotional Auras, what determines the main Emotion, and how to control your Sim's mood at all times.

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Comments (8)

chica espanolasays...
Admin: Sorry about your Sim. What was the cause of death? Surely not a condition of over-inspiration, I take it.

no habla espanol but Google Translate helps.
Thea Katsays...
lo de tu sim SadSad
I Actually know another way to get inspired, you have be be at lest lvl 4 or 5 in guitar skill your able to "Pluck Inspiration" it inspires your sim for 6 too 7 hours at a time.
Thanks for reading And For Your Time!
What's the max buff from inspiring decor? I've only achieved +2 but I was wondering if it was possible to get +3 (similar to beautifully decorated). Also, is the only way to get beautifully decorated still to buy the +10 environment paintings or did they fix that?
+2 but of course you can stack many moodlets. Smile and achieve Very Inspired easily.
I know this post is almost a year old, (and I have had this game that long) but I'm just looking at this article now, and no- +2 is not the maximum for the moodlet from environmental auras, it is +3, as you suspected. I receive Inspired +3 in my room full of inspiring decor. (I'm playing it and double-checked right now.)

Perhaps you already figured this out by now or will never read my reply, but I'm writing this so anyone freshly browsing this article will know.
I do read every reply Smile Thanks for your post. Was the +3 moodlet a happy moodlet that was boosting the inspired moodlet (and so shows in the light blue inspired color)? Or was it a single Inspired moodlet with the word 'Inspired' across the top of the icon for the moodlet? If it was... what was it from exactly?
You can also get inspired by wearing the chicken hat from the deluxe edition pack.
Cool tip! I haven't tried that. Thanks. Smile
Huh my sim that has the creative trait remaims inspired no matter where i go.Smile it is actualy great because my other sims only become inspured for a few hours and i have like a lit of emotional decor in my sims' homeGrin
Thea Katsays...
Hi, thanks for the article, it really helped since my sim is in the writer career.Smile
Also I noticed that if you buy a 'lump of clay' you have the option to mould it which makes them inspired. GrinGrin
We have a really interesting thread on our forum about that and a list of all the shapes and related emotions! Smile

The Almighty Lump of Clay
Its really useful!Thanks carl!
The 'brain boosting' yoga routine also gives inspired moodlet, (spa day) & the cappuccino from the expresso machine also does it (get together). Love this website, helps me all the time! Thank you SO much!!!

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