The Sims 4 Politician Career

Work as a Politician or Activist in City Living

The Politician Career in The Sims 4 City Living Expansion Pack
The Politician Career offers the option of becoming an elected representative or branching out to raise money for charity

City Living lets you play politics, Sims-style. You can elect to go all-in as a Politician and become President (National Leader), or switch to the Charity Organizer career track and pursue a number of causes. This career starts with 4 levels, after which you pick one of the two branches. Before diving in to the career levels themselves, let's look at some of the features of the base Politician career. The ideal mood for this Career is Confident. You can get confident by psyching your Sim up using a mirror. It's also possible to do speeches and other things. See the linked confidence guide to learn more.

How to: Politician Career Cheats
Press Control + Shift + C then type testingcheats on and press enter. You can now get promotions with careers.promote activist - you can also see all Career Cheats or visit a full list of Cheats in The Sims 4.

Work from Home

This applies to both branches of this career, along with the other two included in the City Living Expansion Pack. Each day before work, you will see a popup in the lower left corner. Selecting this, you can choose to have your Sim work from home. You'll get a couple of tasks that must be completed in order to secure your pay and career performance. Aside from the tasks you're given, you have total control and can use the time to skill up or else work on career promotion requirements.

Podiums and Giving Speeches

At level 4, you can begin to use the podium to give expert speeches which can make your Sim confident. Podiums are portable items, so buy one at home and drag it to your Sim's inventory or click it to 'put in inventory'. Once on a public lot, you can click the podium in your Sim's inventory to place it on the ground then use it to give a speech. This is primarily useful for gathering Sims, the speech itself will raise your Charisma skill. Being confident, you can then talk to Sims who form up to listen and promote your cause or secure their vote.


Politician Career Levels 1-4

Activist career in The Sims 4 City Living

As noted, get confident before work if you want your Sim to have a boost in performance. Also use 'work hard' by clicking on your Sim's portrait while they're at work.

Selecting and Promoting a Cause

Your Sim can pick from one of five causes, which can be switched at any time. Pick a cause by clicking on your Sim and going into the Political Career sub-menu. Successfully convincing Sims is required as a daily task for the first four levels of the career. Once you've picked a cause, you can click the ground to begin a protest for that cause, and also talk to Sims about it. Check the support for your cause by using a computer. If you go with the Politics career path at level 5, you'll lose these abilities.

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
1Unruly Activist$16/hourSun-Mon, Wed-Thu, Sat 8AM-3PM$112Successfully Promote Cause (After Picking a Cause)None
2Campaign Intern$26/hourSun-Mon, Wed-Thu, Sat 8AM-3PM$182Level 2 Charisma, Successfully Promote Cause$172, Debate Politics Social Interaction
3Social Justice Worker$39/hourSun-Mon, Wed-Thu, Sat 8AM-3PM$273Level 3 Charisma, Promote Cause$275, Check Cause Progress Interaction on Computer, New Clothes
4Community Organizer$49/hourSun-Mon, Wed-Thu, Sat 8AM-3PM$343Level 4 Charisma, Successfully Promote Cause$413, Give Expert Speech Interaction at Podium

Politician Branch

Becoming president means getting votes in The Sims 4 City Living
Becoming National Leader will require you to secure Sims' votes

This assumes you continue as a politician, you can look at activist below. The next phase of the Career retains the ideal mood of Confident, while changing up the requirements for daily tasks. Instead of getting support for causes, you'll be securing votes. The necessary interactions are found under the Friendly > Politics Career menu. From there, you can pick 'Secure Vote' along with Debate from the Left/Right, and other interactions that you unlock. All of these are boosted by confidence and higher levels of Charisma. Use 'Secure Vote' once you've built a good rapport with them and inched the friendship bar upward a bit. You can certainly choose to make empty promises, though the interaction can fail. The Promote Policies interaction is powerful, and not only builds relationship between your politician and the voter, it also increases the success rate when asking for their vote. It is important to note that Secure Vote has a cooldown, so only use it after you've given yourself a better shot by being friendly with the voter and using promote policies beforehand.


Giving speeches are not a major part of the career, but as noted above you can get some Sims to gather around, level your Charisma, and get a confident moodlet to help your Sim interact with any listeners after the speech. This can help you secure votes, but the process itself is hit and miss. Sometimes few Sims will stop and listen, it is far worse than playing guitar. Sims just don't seem interested. Perhaps this will be patched.

Becoming President

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
5Civil Servant$65/hourMon-Fri 8AM-4PM$520Reach Level 5 Charisma, Secure 2 Votes$518, Promote Policies Social Interaction, Secure Vote Interaction, Make Empty Promises Interaction, Ask for Small/Large Bribe Ability
6Public Official$91/hour8AM-4PM Mon-Fri$728Level 6 Charisma, Secure 3 Votes$1,555, New Create-a-Sim Clothes
7Councilperson$127/hourMon-Fri 8AM-4PM$1,016Level 7 Charisma, Secure 5 Votes$2,177, The Squared Office Unlocks in Build Mode, Kiss Baby Social Interaction
8Representative$178/hourMon-Fri 8AM-4PM$1,424Level 8 Charisma, Secure 10 Votes$3,049
9Elder Statesperson$231/hour8AM-4PM Mon-Fri$1,848Max Charisma, Secure 20 Votes$4,268, New CAS Clothes
10National Leader$340/hourMon-Tue, Thu-Fri 8AM-3PM$2380None$5,548, Stately Chic Pre-Built Room Unlocks

Charity Organizer Branch

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Sims 4 Charity Organizer Career Track
Fundraising is the main goal of the charity organizer

Again, the ideal mood of confident is retained. The Charity Organizer branch makes about 10% less money than the Politician, but features less required hours per week. While the amount of money you need to raise increases steeply with each level, it's easier due to the new interactions that unlock when compared to the politician's need to secure more votes. Sims will be more likely to donate money if you've attained their support and been friendly before asking for a donation. The 'easier' part comes into play because you can make a bit extra in donations simply by requesting the smaller amounts before the big ones as you level up (or in reverse), while the politician gets but one vote per Sim. In total you can raise $1,375 from a single Sim if they are feeling generous that day.

Charity Organizer Career Levels

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
5Friendly Lobbyist$57/hourMon-Tue, Thu-Fri 9AM-5PM$456Reach Level 5 Charisma, Collect $50 in Donations$518, Collect Donation ($25), Convince Protesters to Leave Interaction
6Fundraising Specialist$98/hourMon, Thu, Fri 9AM-5PM$784Level 6 Charisma, Collect $500 in Donations. Collect Donations$449, Every Little Thing Counts (Pre-Built Room), Collect Donations ($100) Interaction
7Charity Organizer$123/hourFri-Sun 11AM-7PM$984Level 7 Charisma, Collect $1500 in Donations$471, Collect Donation ($250_ Interaction, New CAS Clothes
8Non-Profit Director$153/hourMon, Wed, Fri 9AM-5PM$1,224Level 8 Charisma, Collect $5,000 in Donations$589, Collect Donation ($1,000) Interaction
9Leader of the Cause$219/hourMon, Wed, Fri 10AM-5PM$1,533Max Charisma, Collect $20,000 in Donations$736, New CAS Clothes
10Charity Icon$342/hourMon, Wed, Fri 10AM-4PM$2,052Collect Donations$920, Making a Difference (Pre-Built Room)

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Politician career

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