The Sims 4 Confident Emotion

How to Make Your Sims Very Confident

A Very Confident Sim in The Sims 4
Very Confident

Confident Mood
Very Confident is one of the harder Moods to get, as you would need Mixology or to be almost Very Happy. It's easier if your Sim is Self Assured, as they'll get a random moodlet at times. Here is a long list of Moodlets you can use to make your Sim Confident.

Skill/Career Ideal Moods
Confident is useful for the Charisma Skill in that it raises effective level of interactions, Secret Agents (early levels and Diamond Agent Branch), Interstellar Smugglers (Astronaut) and Criminal Bosses.

How to Get Very Confident

Be Happy and:

  • Texting Another Sim (Get Together) +1 2 hrs
  • Using Phone to Prank Successfully +1 3hrs\4hrs
  • Psyching Sim Up in a Mirror +1 3hrs
  • After Mentoring Another Sim +1 3hrs
  • Drinking Cafe Coffee - Americano +1 4hrs (Get Together)
  • Helping With Homework +1 4hrs
  • Brushing Teeth +1 4hrs
  • Successful Pick Pocket +1 4hrs
  • Binding Voodoo Doll +1 4hrs
  • Drinking Sea of Fire Mixology Drink +1 4hrs
  • Viewing A Confident Art Work +1 4hrs
  • Collecting a Collectible (Geek Trait) +1 4hrs
  • Taking a Slide Sample (Geek Trait) +1 4hrs
  • Completing a Painting +1 4hrs
  • Commando Training (Punching Bag -Fitness Skill) +1 4hrs
  • Extinguishing a Fire +1 6hrs
  • Being near a sim with the Snob Trait (sim with Snob trait only) +1 For duration
  • Lotus Massage (Spa Day) +1 12 hrs
  • Practise Speaking in Mirror +2 2hrs
  • Stepping Up (from showing off dance moves) +2 2hrs (Get Together)
  • Earl Grey Tea +2 4hrs
  • Drinking Hot and Smokey Mixology drink +2 4hrs
  • Winning a Fight (technically a chance element but can keep redirecting your sim)+2 4hrs
  • 1st woohoo in Rocket Ship (Fifty Mile High Club Achievement) +2 4hrs
  • Complete A Plug-In (Programming Skill) +2 4hrs
  • Completing Freelance Work (Programming Skill) +2 4hrs
  • Making a Virus (Programming Skill) +2 4hrs
  • Complete Writing a Book +2 4hrs
  • Completing a Song +2 4hrs
  • Completing a Masterpiece Painting +2 6hrs
  • Successfully Taking Over A Club +2 8hrs (Get Together)
  • Hosting a Successful Weenie Roast +3 4hrs (Outdoor Retreat)
  • Winning A Fight (Mean Trait Only) +3 4hrs
  • Confident Club Vibe +1 through to +3 For as long as Club Meeting is Active (Get Together)
  • Confident Potion +100 3hrs

Situations - Game Controlled (Random Chance)

  • Catching a Fish (Larger than last fish caught)+1 2hrs
  • Completing Homework (Child-Teen) +1 3hrs
  • Winning Chess Match (Lower levels of Logic skill) +1 3hrs
  • Winning Cards Game +1 4hrs
  • Confident Moodlet From Self Assured Trait +1 4hrs
  • Watching Sports on TV (Bro Trait) +1 4hrs
  • Becoming Fitter (Fitness Skill) +1 4hrs
  • Successful Wishing Well Wish for Skills +1 4hrs - also can learn skills faster (Romantic Garden)
  • Using the Water Slide - Trick Slide (Backyard Stuff Pack) +1 4hrs
  • Cooking Food (with at least Level 5 Homestyle Cooking Skill) +1 4hrs
  • Using Motion Gaming Mat +1 4hrs
  • Confident From Work (Secret Agent Work Event- Risky Mission) +1 4hrs
  • Drinking a Smart Serum +1 6hrs (Active Science Career. Get To Work)
  • Work Event (Beat The Virus- Criminal Career) +1 6hrs
  • Work Event (Mentor Discovered - Oracle Branch L10) +1 8hrs
  • Work Event ( Respected Gamer - Gamer Branch L8) +1 8hrs
  • Killer Day at School +1 8hrs
  • Work Event (Mixology Branch Level 9) +1 8hrs
  • Successful Pick Pocket Work Event +1 8hrs
  • Winning Chess Match (Higher Logic levels) +2 3 hrs
  • Catching an Amazing Fish +2 3 hours
  • Winning a Foozball Game (Get Together) +2 3hrs
  • Winning a Horseshoe Game +2 4hrs (Outdoor Retreat)
  • Successful Wishing Well Wish for Skills +2 4hrs - random skill increases 3 levels (Romantic Garden
  • Rocket Ship Woohoo +2 4hrs
  • Successful Wishing Well Wish-For A Skill +3 4 hrs random skill maxed (Romantic Garden)
  • Successfully Seducing Grim Reaper and Saving Sim +2 6hrs
  • Successfully Demanding another Sims Life +2 6hrs

Socials - User Directed

  • Praised For Good Grades (child/teen) +1 3hrs
  • Exchanging Phone Numbers (Get Together) +1 4hrs
  • Bragging About Conquests (Bro Trait - unlocks after first woohoo) +1 4hrs
  • Discovering an Alien +2 2hrs
  • Serenading Another Sim (Sim serenading on Guitar) +2 4hrs
  • Recommend Self Esteem Exercises (Listening Sim - Spa Day) +2 8hrs

Items - Auras

  • Mounted Fish +2
  • Reward Lamp Showtime +4
  • Reward lamp World Adventures +4
  • Dead Aliens +2
  • Emotion Paintings From Completing Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration

These are just some of the things that can make a Sim Confident, though there are surely more to be found in the game. Also read the main Emotions Guide to learn how Emotions work - Emotional Auras, what determines the main Emotion, and how to control your Sim's mood at all times.

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Comments (4)

Somehow I get the feeling this is copied from Sims 3, not a deja-vu feeling though.
When you look at the above list under Items - Auras, you'll notic there are 2 times a reward lamp in show time and world adventures.
Now I don't remember ever having received those rewards in sims 3, but those expansions are for sims 3. Now I think that it could have been a mistake, so that you named it world adventures where you meant jungle adventures or show time where you meant get together or even get famous.
Like I said I don't remember getting those rewards in sims 3, so maybe it was meant for sims 4 just used the wrong names, just wanted to inform you about this so you can either change it or remove it. Keep up the good work Grin

Items - Auras
Mounted Fish +2
Reward Lamp Showtime +4
Reward lamp World Adventures +4
Dead Aliens +2
Emotion Paintings From Completing Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration
This was not copied from The Sims 3 this is original to The Sims 4. The award lamps were given as a gift to TS4 players who had purchased the corresponding Sims 3 expansion packs and had them in their Origin Accounts (Games Library). It took me a long time in-game compiling the various emotional auras etc so you can be assured they are correct. Every Sims 3 pack you had in your Origin Games Library gave you another different sims 4 aura lamp in the build/buy menu.

Obviously these emotional lists are not complete as after a few years of The Sims 4 the list would be ridiculously large. However there are enough items here from the Base Game and some DLC to get the beginner player a good idea on how to use these build/buy and in-game items to their advantage.

Here is a link (click) to a forum thread where players chat about how they use the lamps in their games as well as a list of what TS4 lamps came from which ts3 expansion pack.
Well this is better than I expected, got almost all the sims 3 pack and these +4 bonus is pretty nice too, it feels OP, but I like that, sims 3 had a lot of OP stuff in the store that I really enjoyed playing with and I will certainly play with this in the future. Thanks for pointing this one out.

Thank you so much! My Sim had to do a confident speech, and I found this just in time!


Drinking Ristretto from university stall gives +1 Confident

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