The Sims 4 Focused Emotion

How to Make Your Sims Very Focused

A Very Focused Sim in The Sims 4
Very Focused

Focused Mood
Sims with the Genius Trait get a Focused Moodlet at random. It is fairly common to get Very Focused while at home because of the easy aura options, but a little harder on the go. Expansions and Game Packs add some extra options that do simplify the process. Here is an exhaustive list of ways that you can get your Sims focused through actions and auras. Longer moodlets are listed toward the bottom of each section. Find things your Sim can do, based on EPs you own and you can stack them until you achieve the mood you desire.

Focused for Skill/Career Ideal Moods
Focused is an Emotion useful in a number of things, namely Handiness, Fishing, Logic, Gardening, Programming, early levels of Astronaut, the Tech Guru Career (both Branches), Criminal Career (Oracle Branch), and Secret Agents (Villain Branch).

How to Get Very Focused

Be Happy and:

  • Listen to New Age Music +1 2hrs (Spa Day)
  • Playing Video Games +1 2hrs
  • Studying a Book +1 2hrs
  • Brainstorming on the Invention Constructor (Scientist Active Career) +1 3 hrs (Get To Work)
  • Study a Fossil +1 4hrs
  • Study an Element +2 4hrs
  • Use Telescope +1 4hrs
  • Browse Simpedia - Computer +1 4hrs
  • Attempt Telepathy (Children as Mental Skill Levels up) +1 4hrs
  • Research Gardening (Unlocks at L2) +1 4hrs
  • View Bonsai (if it was shaped while focused) +1 4hrs
  • View Aquarium (Spa Day) +1 4hrs
  • Pondering Chess +1 4hrs
  • Playing Chess +1 4hrs ('Logical Move' - stacks on Ponder Chess)
  • Focused Club Vibe +1 through to +3 For as long as Club Meeting is Active (Get Together)
  • Viewing Focused Art (Mathematical Diagram) +1 4hrs
  • Drinking Clear Mind Distillation (Outdoor Retreat) +1/+2 4hrs -6hrs depending on quality
  • Calibrating Electroflux Wormhole Generator (Active Scientist Career) +1 4hrs (Get To Work)
  • Making Alien Contact (Active Scientist Career) +1 4hrs (Get To Work)
  • Practicing Yoga +1 4hrs (Spa Day)
  • Yoga (Mind Concentrating at Home) +1 8hrs (Spa Day)
  • Beating an Arcade Level +1 4hrs (Get Together)
  • Lavender Massage +1 12hrs (Spa day)
  • Upgrading Objects (More likely as handiness skill increases) +2 3hrs
  • Pitch Black Tea +2 4hrs
  • Amygdelight Mixology Drink (Available When Focused) +2 4hrs
  • Drinking Clear Mind Distillation - +2 4hrs (Good) - +3 6hrs (Impeccable) (Outdoor Retreat)
  • Bath With Soaks (Citrus) +2 8hrs (Spa Day)
  • Bath With Soaks (Citrus) and Saffron incense Burning at same time +2 12hrs (Spa Day)
  • Being Tutored +2 until tutoring ends
  • Being mentored while Playing chess +2 until mentoring ends
  • Being Mentored while Learning Handiness +2 until mentoring ends
  • Playing Chess +2 4hrs ('Masterful Maneuver ' - replaces 'Logical Move' at higher logic level but still stacks on Ponder Chess)
  • Yoga (Mind Concentrating at Home) +2 (When matching incense is burning) 8hrs (Spa Day)
  • Yoga (Mind Concentrating Class) +2 12 hrs (Spa Day)
  • Focused Essence (Cow Plant) +2 12hrs
  • Lavender Massage +2 12hrs With Saffron (Focusing) Incense Burning at same time (Spa day)
  • Focused Potion (L10 mixology. Potion Master Reward Trait) +100 3 hrs
  • Focused Club Vibe +1 through to +3 For as long as Club Meeting is Active (Get Together)

Situations - Game Controlled (Random Chance)

  • Researching Stocks (Computer Interaction - Business Career; Investor Branch) +1 2hrs
  • Battling with Void Critters (Children - Kids Room Stuff Pack) +1 2hrs
  • Feeling Focused (Genius Trait) +1 4hrs
  • Playing Cards +1 4hrs
  • Carving a Pumpkin +1 4hrs (Spooky Day)
  • Experimenting on the Chemistry Lab (Children) +1 4hrs
  • Using Chemical Analyzer (Active Scientist Career) +1 4hrs (Get To Work)
  • Filling Out Reports (Computer Interaction - Business Career) +1 4hrs
  • Hacking Mainframe (computer Interaction) +1 8hrs
  • Personal Mascot (Tech Guru L7 Gamer Branch Chance Card Work Opp) +1 8hrs
  • In The Zone (Tech Guru L10 Gamer Branch Chance Card Work Opp) +1 8hrs
  • Productive School Day (Children/Teens) +1 8hrs
  • Completing Homework (Random School Event. Children-Teens) +1 8hrs
  • Browsing Intelligence Database (Secret Agent) +1 2 days
  • Being Abducted by Aliens +2 2 hrs (Get To Work)
  • Various Outcomes from Rocket Ship Space Exploration +2 4hrs
  • Scientific Breakthrough (Active Scientist Career) +2 4hrs (Get To Work)
  • Future Cube - Ask About Scientific Mysteries +2 6hrs
  • Hiking +2 6hrs (Outdoor Retreat)


  • Discuss Cognitive Focusing Techniques (Wellness Skill) - Listening Sim +1 4hrs (Spa Day)
  • Sharing Astronomy Knowledge +1 6hrs (Outdoor Retreat)

Aura Items

  • Masterpiece Pumpkins +2
  • All Elements +3
  • Mathematical Diagrams from +2 through to +3 (Masterpiece)
  • Reward Lamps: Into the Future and University +4
  • Telescope prints +2
  • Microscope Prints from +1 (The Drifter) through to +2 (Blemish Blossom)
  • Space prints +2
  • Saffron Incense +1 for duration (Spa Day)
  • Clay in the Grid and Geometric shapes +2
  • Emotion Paintings From Completing Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration

These are just some of the things that can make a Sim Focused, though there are surely more to be found in the game. Also read the main Emotions Guide to learn how Emotions work - Emotional Auras, what determines the main Emotion, and how to control your Sim's mood at all times.

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Comments (7)

If you collect a sample from the trash plant and make a print of the slide using the microscope, the resulting print has a focus décor of 9, which is the highest I have seen so far. I made a bunch and put them all over the hospital (and my house) and it really helps with the doctor career (and anything else that needs focus).
I am trying hard to get the kids to school focused. The leave but as soon as the disappear for school the moodlet changes! Its so frustrating! I don't know what to do.
If you put on animal hats then their mood changes Smile
Maybe what you can do is get them focused like an hour or 30 minutes before school. That way they might stay focused!!!
Admin: Easiest way is ponder moves on a chess board. If you have Spa Day take a Bath With Soaks (Citrus) and light incense (Saffron) in the bathroom at the same time.
when i try to get my sim focused for his job he keeps going in the shower or getting one of those special moodlet coffees then he leaves for work it is so annoying!!! Mad
You could try unchecking the autonomy. That way your sim will only do what you direct him too.
My sim is creative and everytime she gets inspired by art she gains a focused moodlet as well. This oy happens to my one sim. But i like it when she is focused because then she paints better quality paintingsSmile
Are you getting your sim to view a focused painting? Very Inspired is the best emotion for a painter to be in. Here's a link to some more information for you. Smile
All About Painting
Hi, I noticed that on the right side, in the “Support Us” section, via was spelled vis. Just thought I’d point that out.
Hi, thanks for pointing out the typo, I don't see it so maybe Carl's already ninja-edited! Tongue
can anyone tell me why and how to fix everytime i get my sim to write books he jus sits there staring at it thanks
Sounds like a bug. There are a few things you can try to see if you can fix it. 1. Save your game, quit out of it and then delete the localthumbcache.package file from your The Sims 4 folder. 2. Repair your game: Open up Origin, Click on the Game Library tab then Right-click Sims 4 > Repair Game.
On starting up your game again attempt to write a book, if the sim is still doing nothing cancel the action and then sell the pc and buy another.

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