The Sims 4 Get to Work: Retail Guide

Managing Employees, Satisfaction, and Giving Promotions

The Sims 4 Get to Work: Promoting Employees helps them stay satisfied
As Employees' Skills rise, they deserve Promotions if you want to maintain their satisfaction, and thus employment.

This is a continuation of our section on managing a Retail Store in The Sims 4 Get to Work. For the basics, start with Opening a Retail Business: The Basics of Running a Store. This section will cover Employees in detail. I'll also provide some general tips for improving your business here. In the next guide, we'll look at Customers and Sales, then Retail Perks.

Managing Employees

Employees' Role
While Maxis may improve the AI of Employees in some future patch, for now I can say that they're definitely not meant to take care of everything. Left on their own, there will be very few sales. You will not get Retail Perk Points for their interactions with customers. This means it's best to have your own Sim working customers, while they take care of restocking and cleaning. It's not a bad idea to have them answer customers' questions, either, but when they get tied up talking in group conversations, a lot of sales can be lost if you rely on them to ring up all the time. You should also watch for their roles to shift and manage them every day, sometimes checking on their assigned role multiple times during a shift.

The Sims 4 Get to Work: The Manage Employees Screen
Managing Employees means maintaining satisfaction while raising their skills and putting them to best use.

Improving Skills
As previously discussed, employees can go up in level based on what they're doing in your store and gaining experience in those areas. It is in your best interest to keep employees happy for this reason. They'll work harder for you, and you'll waste less time on employees that have low Skill in the areas you need - particularly work ethic. Here are the three Employee Skills and how they can be improved. It's fairly obvious, but important nonetheless.

  • Maintenance - High Maintenance allows Sims to restock items in the store faster, as well as clean it. Just assign them to these types of tasks and they will gradually improve. Only assign this one here and there. Employees are particularly useful for cleaning, as I do not often notice the dirty objects in the store and it does lead to and Uncomfortable moodlet for those in the store.
  • Sales - Sales directly relates to the Sim's ability to pitch sales to customers as well as ring them up. When you set them to this, they'll improve. It's good to have them on answering customers' questions when there is nothing else to do, because they can drive sales. You should do the majority of ringing up by yourself, but may want their help on a very busy day.
  • Work Ethic - As you berate for slacking and praise them, their work ethic will gradually improve. This reduces the frequency of slacking. Sims with high work ethic take priority for me, because their other skills improve with time and you will spend less time berating, and more time praising in order to keep the worker's satisfaction up.

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The Sims 4 Get to Work: Restocking Goods
Restocking is a task best suited for your employees or done after hours on a busy day.

Work Tasks
You should assign your employees' work tasks based on what needs done. Simply click the employee, then assign them to something.:

  • Clean Store - Do this whenever an uncomfortable moodlet pops up from the store being dirty. Your Sim doesn't seem to be able to clean things, but employees can take care of that.
  • Restock Sold Goods - Do this whenever there are multiple things that need restocking, in order to open up your customers' options.
  • Answer Customers' Questions - When nothing else needs done, this is a good choice. Your employees will work customers a little, and possibly raise their sell bars.
  • Ring Up Customers - Instruct an employee to do this when you see multiple customer sell bars filling at once, or whenever you've lowered prices to move products. They will indeed help, just not that reliably if they get tied up in group conversations.
The Sims 4 Get to Work: Financial Report
Financial Reports calculate your profit. Revenues minus restocking costs and Employees' hourly wages. Hiring another can be a big decision when they cost upwards of $400/day.

Employee Job Levels & Satisfaction
Employees have job levels and set pay that scales a bit based on their Skills once they reach Executive Sales Associate. When an employee gains a Skill level, their Satisfaction will fall if they feel they are not being paid enough. You can keep Satisfaction around neutral or above by using 'Check Up On' and 'Praise'. Don't hesitate to 'Berate for Slacking' as the option will only be available if they have been doing so. That option along with criticize gives some skill experience in work ethic. If their pay is too low and they're very dissatisfied, this might be a bad idea though. They should get a promotion when it's due. Here are the rough pay levels and guidelines for when an employee should be promoted to that level. This is about what it will take to get an employee to 'Satisfied' or 'Very Satisfied' along with regular use of the two positive reinforcement socials at your disposal.

Employee Pay, Satisfaction Metrics, and Job Titles

Job TitleWagesRecommended Skill Levels
Junior Sales Associate$19/hour6 total Skill Levels
Assistant Sales Associate$24/hour8 total Skill Levels
Sales Associate$31/hour10 total Skill Levels
Senior Sales Associate$40/hour12 total Skill levels
Executive Sales Associate$51/hour12+ total Skill levels

It was mentioned in the introductory guide, but is worth repeating. It's best to use 'Allow to Clock Out Early' when you are running a long shift that approaches 9 hours. Use the Retail Shop interface to see how long you've been open, and consider using this to show employees some mercy when they have been working too long. It does help with their satisfaction level.

Onward to Sales and Customers!
You're on page 2 of a four-part piece on Managing Businesses in the Sims 4 Get to Work. Next up is Customers & Sales. Head back to the beginning if you still need the basics.

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Comments (16)

Mary Gsays...
I want to get more workers working in the hospital, is there some sort of cheat to achieve this?
Yes there is :)
Kara Staffordsays...
What is the cheat to add more employees to the hospital?
As far as I am aware there isn't one. There is a mod that altered the amount of staff but it hasn't been updated in over a year so I am not sure of it works. Google 'adding more staff to hospital ts4' to find relevant mods.
I have hired 2 employees, but they show up as customers and when i click on them the assign work does not appear. Can someone help?
Omg if I ever need something to get to work opening a buissnies, I WILL check here! Too bad I'll have to wait for christmas!
George Mursays...
Hi guys! i have a question, do i really need to open the store everyday myself? cant it like, get opened by the workers and just do my regular work and have it farming money for me? It's silly and frustrating that even tho i have the workers i need to be there for it to work.. :/
I'm considering buying get to work for my sims so I was wondering if the workers are normal sims you create instead of npcs bc that would be cool.
If you have multiple sim families or whatever they do show up when you go to hire an employee i haven't tried it but when one of sims had a retail store one of my insane sims showed up so i am exited to see what could happen Grin
I have the same problem too and my sim ends up having to do all the work!
I have a sim running a bakery and one of the employees didn't show up for work. when I looked at manage employees she wasn't there anymore.
I have two questions, first I love the game Get to Work..So much fun..After working Retail for 13 years, this is like a real job without the pain...I was wondering how I can get my Grandson to work in my business? He is now an adult sim, but does not have a job, I thought he would appear on the employee list, but does not. Can I just take him to work with me, will he work is the question? Also. I have read a lot about getting the hired employees to ring up a sale, but after three, I just have to do it myself...Any tips on these questions would be great...Smile
There isn't a straight forward way to hire sims of your choice. When you access the hiring panel a random selection of sims will appear for you to choose from. I deleted the ones I didn't want using the Manage Worlds menu until eventually a sim I did want appeared. It was a long process and annoying but I haven't found any other way to actually select the sim you prefer.

Still a bit time consuming, however, you can use MCCC to clear out the Sims you don't want in the list. First, make sure you have a mailbox on the lot. Click the mailbox, select MC Cheats - Sims/NPC Household Cheats - Summon Sim - then select the method you wish to designate the particular Sim (I usually "List All Sims"). Once the Sim appears, Click on them. Select MC Command Center - MC CAS - Manage Traits - Remove Trait - then, without typing anything into the field, select OK. At or near the bottom of the list will be a trait designated as "Vendor" which you'll click on. Go ahead and close out of all the dialogue screens and open your employee management window. Walla! A new sim is now listed in place of the old one.

I have hired one person but when I click on someone else it doesn't do anything it doesn't add them to the already hired list above the available to hire list. I'm confused.
These employees are completely useless. FOUR sims tried to buy items from me and neither of the employees rang up a single one of them despite being assigned to that task! By the time either of them started ringing up a customer, they both left because the shop had been open for 10 hours! It took them that long to even convince anyone to buy an item (with my constant assistance, no less), and then they couldn't ring in a single customer! Useless! Both fired. Obviously there's no point in even having employees...
Yeah... employees don't really do the work you hire them for until they have really high skills. The only thing you can really do is to keep praising them (how ironic) until they actually are skilled enough to be useful. Sad
I wanna have employees other than the ones listed; is there a way to do that?
You could hire and then fire them, that way some new sims will be cycled onto the choice menu. But there is no easy way to actually hire the sims you want.  When you access the hiring panel a random selection of sims will appear for you to choose from. I deleted the ones I didn't want using the Manage Worlds menu until eventually a sim I did want appeared. It was a long process and annoying but I haven't found any other way to actually select the sim you prefer other than hiring and firing which isn't ideal either.
So we have to be at the store to earn money?
Is it possible to let the employee open the store and earn money them selvs without me opening the store? cuz I hv a job already.
How do I stock items onto the little display things?
Usually you just drag the item to the display and then click on it to set it for sale. To restock items once they have been sold, click on the little sign and chose 'restock'.
How do I hire them
Admin: Press the manage employees button from the restaurant management menu (bottom right) at any time and you can access various commands, including hiring, firing, promoting and demoting.
I’m extremely lost. If when opening up the responsibilities for the employees say don’t clean and don’t treat patients, does that mean they will or won’t?
This is a question relating to the Expansion Cats and Dogs. If you follow the link you will see on the last page of comments a discussion about this issue Cats and Dogs: Vet Clinic; employees
I Have the cats and dogs pack and I am soon getting the Get To Work pack. When you see "Don't treat patients" And "Don't clean" That means that they are cleaning and treating patients. If you click "Don't treat patients" They wont treat patients anymore if you click "Don't clean" They wont clean. I hope this helps. But by now you probably know since it was all the way back in January! Laugh
So I am curious how I change the category of a retail store. Do you have to like turn something to Bakery, Or, Clothing shop or something like that? If so then how do you do it?
You don't need to change the category as such, just start selling those item types. There is only one retail category which is...Retail. As long as the lot is set to that type you can sell anything you want. The various build/buy items help you to create the illusion that the shop is a certain sort; i.e. bakery, clothing and so on.

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