The Sims 4 Get to Work: Retail Guide

Retail Perk Points and Reward Mechanics

The Sims 4 Get to Work: Retail Perk Points
Retail Perk Points are earned for ringing up customers (15), restocking (10), and interacting with customers via Retail Socials (5 each). These can add up quickly. Read on to learn about the best Perks.

Retail Perk Points are given for several different business-related interactions. First, you get 5 for every single Retail-related interaction your Sims make with customers. Second, you get 15 for completing a sale. Finally, you can get 10 for restocking an item. This last one can be done after hours if you're swamped. You do not get points for anything your employees do; they are there to help you maximize revenue by taking over tasks like cleaning the store and restocking when you're too busy to do so. This guide lists all the Retail Perks you can purchase by owning a business. Some are decorative, others attract more customers, while several of them will greatly impact your ability to make money by operating a store.

Retail Perks go when you sell a business, so you will want to carefully consider if you want to let those perks go with it. It's hard to tie a value to them, so only sell the business if you want to get out of managing it. Starting a new one may be easier than completely redesigning one, though, and you're sure to get your perks back faster than when you first started thanks to your experience managing it.


Retail Perks

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The Sims 4 Get to Work: Retail Perks
Retail Perks vastly change how you do business in Get to Work and can make your shop into a super profitable one. Couple these with Rewards from the Rewards store, and your Sim can become a super manager.

You can find commands to unlock these perks on our Sims 4 Cheats page.

PictureRetail PerkPointsWhat it Does
My First Simolean RewardPlacard: My First Simolean50A decoration that slightly boosts environment. Nothing major, but it's cheap.
Provocative Pedestal RewardProvocative Pedestal100A nice-looking pedestal for placing objects for sale.
Stunning Sign RewardStunning Sign150Boosts the store's Curb Appeal, making customers more likely to visit better than other signs. Can be upgraded with Handiness. Put this inside your store and you'll benefit from a confident aura, which allows you to use the 'Close the Deal' interaction when customers are nearly ready to buy.
Snazzy Shirt RewardSnazzy Shirt200Unlocks this Snazzy Shirt in CAS mode for employees' uniforms.
Register of Tomorrow RewardRegister of Tomorrow250A super-modern looking cash register for your business. May boost curb appeal and raise environment score for the room.
Superfluous Surplus RewardSuperfluous Surplus300For the next 12 hours, all restocking is 25% cheaper, meaning more profit for your Sim. This can be purchased again and again after it has worn off. Combined with advertising and a strong sales day, it can greatly boost your business profits by reducing overhead. Do NOT waste your valuable points with this Perk if you've already bought Cheaper Restocking. They don't stack.
Additional Employee RewardAdditional Employee #1350Allows the hiring of your second employee. Do this when you're starting to see some need for more of them.
Faster Restocking (small) RewardFaster Restocking (small)400Boosts the rate your Sim and all other household members can restock your products by 33%, bringing it down to 20 minutes to restock. This isn't a bad choice early on, but take faster checkouts first! Later, get Instant Restocking and skip the large version of this Perk.
Faster Checkouts (small) RewardFaster Checkouts (small)450Boosts the rate your Sim and all other household members can check out customers by 33%, bringing the time down to 20 minutes from 30. Overall a great perk for the price, and one you should snag early - the pricier version of this perk brings it to 15. You can make up the lost points easily over time, while converting more attempts to check out into completed sales.
Fobbs 500 RewardPlacard: Fobbs 500500A decorative reward item that you should wait to purchase when your business is a big success. Provides a small environment boost, but isn't recommended early in your venture.
Curious Shopper RewardCurious Shopper1000A very good Perk for making sales. This will give you and your employees more time to interact with customers, as it makes them stay longer before giving up. That's more time for the bars to fill, thus more sales!
Mega Manager RewardMega Manager1100Boosts the success rate of managerial interactions with employees. Managing employees is not particularly challenging when they are paid well enough, but this could give your 'Praise' and 'Check up on' interactions more oomph, letting you keep them at a lower pay. It should also give more experience toward work ethic when you get on them for slacking.
Additional Employee RewardAdditional Employee #21,200Allows the hiring of your third and final employee. Do this only if you're turning a profit and can thus benefit from more help. If you've learned to manage employees well, this will be a big help to your future success, however other perks are more useful.
Serious Shopper RewardSerious Shopper1300Serious Shopper makes customers more likely to want something when first entering your store by starting their bars at around 1/3 full. Overall one of the best Retail Perks for making sales, and that's what running a business is all about! Given that the higher the bar, the more likely they will buy something without you doing anything, this will ultimately lead to more sales and cut back on the time you need to interact with the customers you do choose to pursue.
Faster Checkouts (large) RewardFaster Checkouts (large)1400Boosts the rate your Sim and all other household members ring up customers by 50%, bringing it from 30 minutes to about 15. This will result in fewer lost sales when multiple customers are ready at the same time.
Faster Restocking (Large) RewardFaster Restocking (large)1400Don't bother with this one, given you can eventually just take the Instant Restocking for 800 more points. Makes restocking take only 15 minutes, for those interested.
Sure Sale RewardSure Sale2000Allows your Sim to use the Sure Sale interaction on customers. This will guarantee a customer buys something. To balance the power a bit, it can only be used once every 4 hours. The cooldown is shared among the household. Try to use this on customers who are near expensive goods! A current bug allows Sure Sale to be queued multiple times, when the first use should initiate the cooldown. Use this at your discretion.
Slick Salesman RewardSlick Salesman2100Boosts the success rate of all retail interactions on customers, making it easier to fill their sales bars with repeat interactions and convert them more quickly. A very good perk overall, particularly when combined with Serious Shopper.
Instant Restocking RewardInstant Restocking2200Makes restocking instant, meaning you can do it during business hours without a problem. This allows other customers to buy the same item sometimes, but overall saves your Sim loads of time and helps you get more Perk Points after a sale. Just restock it right away and move on to the next customer.
Cheaper Restocking RewardCheaper Restocking2500The single best perk for profit overall, just because it counts for every single sale and reduces the cost of restocking by 25%. I wouldn't save up for this right away, but take it as soon as you've got other recommended lower-priced ones that can help you get more perk points overall (small versions of faster checkouts/restocking as well as Serious Shopper). Do NOT use Superfluous Surplus with this, as it is a waste because they don't stack.

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Comments (9)

a simsays...
Where can u find the list of achieved (bought) retail perks? I don't remember what I already selected.
Are the perks effect cumulative ?
If not, are the already bought perks removed from the list of future achievable perks ?
Thank you
A sim
You can hover over the basket icon in the perk list and it will say "You have already purchased this perk." Some perks can be bought multiple times.
Is there a perk to hire a third employee, because I cant seem to find it?

Thank You.
It is the Additional employee #2, since the 1st employee is free, 2nd one is the 1st additional employee :)
I want my retail to keep going when I leave the lot. Is that possible? My retail is in a different "world." from where my Sims live.
No. You need to be on the lot, keeping it active and loaded for anything to happen on that lot. Once your sim leaves that lot it becomes inactive and basically doesn't exist in terms of game play.
Can you sell the ambrosia and restock it ???
Is there a cheat where you can add a custom amount of perk points without having to do anything?
Do A.I sims keep whatever they buy from the the store?
No currently they do not.
I think they keep outfits though. Because I created a formal outfit and a customer bought it. Then, when I had my wedding and invited her, she was wearing it. I don't remember if it was the same day she bought it, but I believe the outfits they buy for at least a short time.
I purchased my perks when l had enough points but how do l find and place l thought the points gives it too you free if you have enough and l did
Any item unlocked/bought with retail perks will be available while in build/buy mode when your sim is actively on the retail lot. Smile
Question l have quite of few sims choose Doctor as a career why when you show up to work it's only one aide my sim and all those patients waiting to be seen
There is a guide to the Doctor Career here.

This is how the career is supposed to work, it is basically a time management game within the sims.

If I sell a retail store, then purchase it with a new household, do the retail perks reset, or do they carry over for the new owner?


In this scenario the Retail perks would be wiped so the new owner would have zero.

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