The Sims 4 Crystal Collecting Guide

Gems List and Possible Elements from Geo Council

Collecting Crystals in The Sims 4 means digging up Rocks found around the game's Neighborhoods, Parks, and Secret Areas. Any rock could yield any of these, but don't expect it to be a quick process. Metals, Crystals, MySims Trophies, and Fossils all come from the same spawners so this is quite a long process. Rares are more likely to be found off the beaten path, such as in Forgotten Grotto or areas distant from homes in Oasis Springs. See the Guide to Collections for some general Tips to finding them.

The following list of Crystals indicates what Elements that gem may be broken down to when it is sent to the Geo Council. This is how you collect Elements. You'll get one of the Elements listed in the mail the following day after sending it for $20. The Elements further to the right are generally more rare than those first listed, so it may take multiple attempts to finish that collection.

Get to Work adds two new Crystals: Nitelite and Crandestine, which can be found on the Planet Sixam.

Crystal Crown

The Sims 4 Get Famous features a Celestial Crystal Crown that can be purchased and makes good use of Crystals. Crystals are also utilized in Archaeology

Crystals List

PicNameRarityValuePossible Elements
The Sims 4 Alabaster CrystalAlabasterCommon$25Selinium, Alcineat
The Sims 4 Citrine CrystalCitrineCommon$25Ozinate, Plathinum
The Sims 4 Emerald CrystalEmeraldCommon$20Goobleck, Sydrolin
The Sims 4 Orange Topaz CrystalOrange TopazCommon$15Phozone, Selium
The Sims 4 Peach CrystalPeachCommon$15Alcineat, Sydrolin
The Sims 4 Quartz CrystalQuartzCommon$30Sydrolin, Volenton
The Sims 4 Rose CrystalRoseCommon$20Phozone, Peryllium
The Sims 4 Ruby CrystalRubyCommon$30Sydrolin, Peryllium
The Sims 4 Sapphire CrystalSapphireCommon$15Melacoo
The Sims 4 Turquoise CrystalTurquoiseCommon$20Oxypin, Alcineat
The Sims 4 Crandestine CrystalCrandestine (GTW EP)Common$40Xenopetrium, Crytacoo
The Sims 4 Nitelite CrystalNitelite (GTW EP)Common$50Xenopetrium, Phozone, Volenton
The Sims 4 Amazonite CrystalAmazonite (Jungle Adventure)Uncommon$102Crytacoo, Melacoo, Sealium
The Sims 4 Amethyst CrystalAmethystUncommon$55Oxypin, Volenton
The Sims 4 Diamond CrystalDiamondUncommon$90Plathinum, Firaxium
The Sims 4 Fire Opal CrystalFire OpalUncommon$70Selium, Plathium, Crytacoo
The Sims 4 Hematite CrystalHematiteUncommon$60Wolfium
The Sims 4 Shinolite CrystalShinoliteUncommon$60Alcineat, Wolfium
The Sims 4 Simanite CrystalSimaniteUncommon$60Ozinate, Volenton
The Sims 4 Alexandrite CrystalAlexandrite (Jungle Adventure)Rare$186Firaxium, Goobleck, Oxylin
The Sims 4 Jet CrystalJetRare$140Wolfium, Plathium, Plumbobus
The Sims 4 Jonquilyst CrystalJonquilystRare$145Crytacoo, Phozone
The Sims 4 Plumbite CrystalPlumbiteRare$160Phozone, Plumbobus
The Sims 4 Rainborz CrystalRainborzRare$150Firaxium, Peryllium, Melacoo

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Comments (5)

I've noticed the tiny crystals give an energized boost. The large ones don't though.
All the crystals should be giving an energized aura. Maybe you have some other aura that is stronger and is over riding the crystal?
I have found 2 crystals not listed: Nitelite/common $50 and Crandistine/common $40
They are the alien crystals from Sixam. Definitely should be added to the list. Thanks for letting us know. Smile
Stina Bsays...
You are missing the crystals that came with the Jungle Adventure pack. Alexandrite and Amazonite :-)
Can anyone help me find Alexandrite? I have been vacationing to Selvadorada repeatedly for irl weeks. Opening chests, digging the very few crystal spawners I find, and excavating. I get a lot of Amazonite but have never found Alexandrite.

Can anyone help me narrow down how to find it?
After weeks of searching I finally found it in a crystal spawner in Selvadorada. 7 minutes after posting this.
Glad you finally found one! Also if you have Seasons you can find them on the ground where lightning strikes hit. I've actually found more that way then holidaying in the jungle.

Anyone know why I would find Crytacoo on my roof?


If you have Seasons installed lightning strikes leave crystals and other collectables occasionally.

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