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The Sims 4 City Living features a talking toilet called potty mouth 2.0
The infamous Potty Mouth 2.0 was released with The Sims 4 City Living Expansion

The Sims team have always had a sense of humor, so it came as no surprise when they included a talking toilet in The Sims 4 City Living Expansion Pack. Since this versatile object might go overlooked unless you stumble upon it in one of the expensive apartments in San Myshuno, or you live in a rural area and are not aware that city folk have access to this technology, let's look at some of its useful features. That way your Sims can perhaps make a new friend whilst getting their behind cleaned.

Buying a Potty Mouth 2.0

The Sims 4 - buying a talking toilet
The Potty Mouth 2.0 will set you back 2,000 and some privacy

The Potty Mouth 2.0 talking toilet is found along with the other toilets in buy mode's bathroom area in Objects by Room. You'll pay $2,000 Simoleons for this high-tech crapper. For handy Sims with enough money, it is definitely worth the cost. It comes with a trusty reliability rating of 8, though it can certainly be made to be unbreakable and self-cleaning through handiness upgrades. However it features some nice abilities, particularly when placed in the loo of a loner Sim who doesn't get out much to socialize. Clicking the toilet and selecting Control Panel > Special Effects, you can elect to turn on or off the toilet's bidet show (which makes it behave a bit like a fountain occasionally) and the light show that makes the back glow with LED lights.

Talking to Potty Mouth

First, given the name, you can of course talk to this toilet. As you do so, you will notice the toilet appears in the relationship panel as an acquaintance. You can indeed befriend it, or perhaps verbally abuse it and make your own toilet your worst enemy. Under the Control Panel menu you get when clicking the Potty Mouth, you can change the A.I. voice from male to female at will. You know, in case one is somehow more comfortable to you, given there is an arguably sentient being in the most intimate room of the house, which the NSA has likely compromised.

When talking to the toilet actively, after you've picked friendly chit chat, you can select other options such as 'tell a joke' which bring up some funny dialogues. This is perhaps where the toilet gets its name, given the poop and crapper jokes you'll see in the notification area. Telling a joke won't raise the Comedy skill, which may be a bug, but talking to the toilet does raise Charisma and recovers the Social Need.

Toilet Features

The Sims 4 - getting a massage while on the toilet
Getting a massage while on the toilet is one option, particularly good for athletic types. Other Sims might want to watch some TV or get their bums cleaned!

Potty Mouth 2.0 features three use modes in addition to the normal one. As you converse with it and select 'Use and ?' you will unlock them and discover its capabilities. Each Use command adds an additional, minor feature that occurs while your Sim is on the toilet, but only one can be picked at a time. You should eventually unlock the following:

  • Use and Sanitize - This will recover a small (10-15%) portion of your Sim's Hygiene Need. While that's not much, the significant thing here is that for busy Sims it means they do not need to use the sink to wash their hands after using the Potty Mouth. This condenses it down to one action, without taking any extra time.
  • Use and Massage - Provides Sims with a 3 hour Energized Moodlet upon using the toilet.
  • Use and Watch - Make usage of the Potty Mouth's display to watch one of four programs while going to the potty. What your Sim watches can be customized from another menu under Control Panel.

Use and Watch Functions

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The Sims 4 watching videos on the talking potty mouth 2.0 toilet
Watching holographic video while on the toilet. The Sims Studio are clearly made of dreamers.

This situationally useful feature cannot be used in combination with Massage or Sanitize commands. From the Control Panel to the Hologram Display menu, you can pick four different programs that will be displayed on the Potty Mouth 2.0 hologram display. This feature is perhaps a bit more true to life than your average Sims toilet usage, not that I've ever used a tablet to browse reddit while on the toilet. In all seriousness, on tough days Sims seriously needed something to do. It's not like they can read the backs of mouthwash bottles or magazines so in a way this is more realistic. I've gone off track but whatever you pick, selecting Use and Watch will always make your Sim watch that program. The default setting seems to be News:

  • Use and Watch News: Selecting to watch news while on the potty will give your Sim a +1 3 hour Focused moodlet.
  • Use and Watch Splash: - This setting gives Sims a +1 Playful Moodlet called, "Drained It!" - "Nothing like watching some hoop highlights to make a crappy duty a bit more fun!" I'm quoting that from the game, there's definitely some potty humor here.
  • Use and Watch Disco: - Gives a Sim a tiny bump to the Fun need, which will be more significant the lower your bladder need was. It's not an impressive amount - just a few percentage points - but it's rarely very fun to be on a toilet so this is absolutely remarkable.
  • Use and Watch Waterfall: - It took me a while to figure this out - Use and Watch Waterfall may actually make your Sim go faster, which very much makes sense.

Handiness Upgrades

The Sims 4
One handiness upgrade sends out a pulse that wipes out any nearby puddles.

With the Handiness skill, the Potty Mouth 2.0 can gain four upgrades. Most require electronic in addition to common and plumbing upgrade parts - they're some of the most expensive in the game, though it's not too big a hit to the budget.

  • Deuce Core Processor Upgrade - Requires Handiness Level 4 - Reduces the rate of electronic breakage on the Potty Mouth so that you don't lose your ability to talk to your friend
  • Bio Disintegrator Upgrade - Requires Handiness Level 5 - Makes the toilet self-cleaning
  • Thermo-Evaporator Upgrade - Requires Handiness Level 6 - Automatically dries up puddles near the Potty Mouth
  • Titanium Pipes Upgrade - Requires Handiness Level 7 - Makes the toilet function unbreakable

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Comments (5)

There is a minor bug with this one. Use and massage gives off a buzzing sound that sometimes keeps playing in that area after sims have used it, even when I moved the toilet. It doesn't affect gameplay but it's annoying to keep hearing that sound when I'm hovering over that area.
It can be fixed though by closing (and saving) your game and go in back again.
Thanks for the tip. Same thing happens with the Bubble Blower but that noise generally does not get fixed when exiting. Sad
Wilson Aumansays...
My sim has a fully upgraded Pottymouth toilet. My sim also has maxed out friendliness with the toilet. The Toilet is across the entrance of the shower. Whenever my sim takes a thoughtful shower and comes out, the toilet immediately radiates red rings. No mods, clean tray. it still does it. I took a screenshot of the radiation but not sure if appropriate to show on here due to just hopping out of the shower with a censor blur. Due to being deaf I am not sure if any noise is involved. anyone else experience it? What does it mean?
Hey Wilson, I don't know if you've already found your answer, but if the red pulse you're talking about is the same one I saw, I know what it is. It's the puddle clean-up upgrade from the toilet. The first time I saw it was when the Grim Reaper decided to take a bath in my house and get water on the floor!
umm.... talking John is talking too Wink
I think they missed a trick by not giving potty mouth X eye when broken.

My sims just got this toilet. When they first got it, the light was blue, but then turned to green for some reason? What does that mean? I didn't change any of the settings or the toilet color.

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