The Sims 4 Bestselling Author Aspiration

Milestones and The Poetic Reward Trait

by Tom "Metro" Schlueter

Writing a Bestseller for the final Milestone often yields a Confident state, but for getting that Bestseller in the first place your chance goes up by keeping your writer Very Inspired.

Overview and Set Up
I made a J.K. Rowling Sim, and gave her the quintessential writer traits: Creative, Art Lover, and Perfectionist. Creative Sims will often be Inspired which is the emotional state you want to be in while working as it impacts both book quality and skill leveling speed. Art Lover is nice because they can Browse Art on the computer to get a nice buff boosting Inspired right before they work. Perfectionists take a bit longer to make stuff, but have a higher chance of better quality items which is important for Milestones 2-4 of this Aspiration.

With the Painting skill and its aspiration I recommended you go into the painting career for the "Sell to Art Gallery" option as well as the easels that unlock and give a boost to painting quality. Unfortunately with no comparable benefits for writers in the writing career there just is not any reason to join. You might as well stay at home full time to write and make more money.

Milestone I: Fledge-linguist

  • Write 2 Books (75)
  • Write for 1 Hour while Inspired (50)


The first Milestone of the Bestselling Author Aspiration went through some growing pains originally with the mysterious and confusing "Beat Writer's Block." A lot of players, myself included, were like...okay what the heck is this and how do you get it? On top on that, some players could get it doing x, but then other players would try x and could not get it. So, that component is thankfully gone and now everything is more straightforward.

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My budding writer decided to start a series of books based on the life of a little boy in 3rd grade who happens to have a full beard, and has serious self control issues when it comes to keeping quiet. so, Hairy Talker was born. Rowling's first book is a Children's Book entitled Hairy Talker and the School Bus Bully. Her second book was a short story. J.K. cleverly made the book title short as well - Hairy Talker and...

A couple tips: As more genres unlock as you skill up writing choose the higher genres for your books because they will bring in larger royalties. Speaking of royalties, just hold onto your initial books and take a pass on Self Publish at lvl 2. Wait until lvl 5 to Sell to Publisher which brings in higher royalties.

Milestone II: Competent Wordsmith

  • Achieve Level 4 Writing Skill (200)
  • Have Written for 15 Total Hours (200)
  • Write 5 Good Books (300)

Writing 5 books will take some time - books take much longer to complete than paintings. Try and grab as much Satisfaction as you can completing Whims to get the Marketable reward. Creative Visionary is the other important reward you need to set your sights on.

Again, as higher genre book types unlock, choose those for your writer. Rowling tried her hand at a Non-Fiction book with Hairy growing up and giving financial advice in Hairy Talker Rambles Incessantly about Stock Options. Fantasy was another genre that unlocked, but Rowling wisely avoided it altogether. Who in the world would buy a book involving sorcerers and magic stuff?

Milestone III: Novelest Novelist

  • Achieve Level 6 Writing Skill (500)
  • Publish 10 Books (350)
  • Write 5 Excellent Books (500)

This Milestone will take close to a full week given you'll maybe be able to write 2 books in a day. Producing Excellent books will be a snap if your writer is a Perfectionist and is Very Inspired at the computer. Rowling had now unlocked Science Fiction and penned Hairy Talker Learns Social Etiquette from Aliens - sort of a combination Science Fiction and self help communication book.

Milestone IV: Bestselling Author

  • Achieve level 10 Writing skill (1000)
  • Complete 3 Bestsellers (750)
  • Have Earned 25,000 in Royalties Publishing Books (1000)

At least for me Milestone III took longer than the final Milestone. When I completed Milestone III and the components for IV showed up I had already maxed writing and was at 20/25k for Royalties. So with this last Milestone it's all about writing 3 Bestsellers. Emotional state while writing a book has a big factor in the final product (Good, Excellent, Bestseller). That's why it's so important to try and get into a Very Inspired state. It's really not difficult. My writer had a certain routine before she started a new book: Woo Hoo with boyfriend, eat a good meal, take a Thoughtful Shower, Browse Art on the computer, and then there's the nice environment score boosting Inspired. Plus, having your writer a Perfectionsist and a Creative Visionary (Rewards Store trait) just adds to the chance of a Bestseller. But, be warned: even if you have all your ducks in a row, writing a Bestseller is not a sure thing, so be prepared for some time to write 3. It may take only 3 books, but, it may take quite a few more.

Lukas, the good news is after you die I can bring you back to life with this Book of Life. The bad news is - I'd like to test this immediately.

Poetic Reward Trait
The Poetic Reward trait is really interesting and very powerful. Once a writer completes the Bestselling Author Aspiration and acquires the Poetic Reward Trait they have a new type of book they can write - Book of Life. So, your writer completes that book and then clicks on the book to capture the life saga of a living Sim they have a relationship with. This book can be read by any Sim once bound (even the target) and will refill their needs to full. If that Sim dies, the writer can summon the ghost to the writer's lot via the book, befriend the ghost and add them to the household. Once you have control of the ghost you can have them read the book to be brought back to life. For its need-filling potential, it's a very potent reward and is a nice alternative to Ambrosia for players with long running game files who do not want to part with their beloved Sims.

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Comments (8)

Crazy simmersays...
I'm going to adopt and I'm wondering if my sims boyfriend will be the dad. Can anyone help me?
I'm not sure if this is too late but if you aren't married he won't show up as the dad, even if you get married after adoption, they have to be married
Thank you so so much! I couldn't get the bestsellers done, and it was starting to frustrate me so much, and I was about to give up hope. Then, I saw this post, did the routine you did for your sim and I did that, and voila! I had a third bestseller!
I need help. Does anybody knows how to complete "Publish 10 books"? I have published more than 10 already and still hasn't been ticked off from the list. I'm not sure how to do this.
You need to be not self-publishing but sending the books to the 'Publisher'. if that option hasn't appeared then your sim has either not enough skill yet or your game may be glitched!
Quit your game and delete the localthumbcache.package file from your The Sims 4 folder even if your game is not glitched this is still a great thing to do often to help keep your game running well.
Hey! I tried everything I could, following your method, for getting Very Inspired and write a Bestseller, but after the 10th fail, I have to ask.
Is that rare to write a bestseller? My sim usually stays Very Inspired for half/3/4 of the process and then becomes Inspired, is that why it doesn't write a Bestseller? Also, if you pause the writing to get again Very Inspired/Inspired and you resume, does it count as you stopped and doesn't give you any chances to get a bestseller? I have the Creative Visionary trait and Writing Level 10 but in 10 attempts no bestseller.

I'm kinda giving up on this.
It does appear as though there are some sort of hidden skill/ability to getting a Best Seller as some sims can knock them out one after the other and yet other sims (with the same traits) can easily write 10 or more books before even getting one. It's definitely a good idea to stop your sim when they fall out of 'very' and bump up their moodlets again before continuing to write, that might help. You could also delete the localthumbcache.package file from The Sims 4 folder as this might help too. But generally, if your sim doesn't seem to be getting the Best Seller when they have maxed the skill it just seems to be how that sim performs.
I wouldn't give up though, keep as many inspired moodlets stacked up on your sim and make sure their needs are all full, as low needs can impact on quality as well. Stopping and restarting a book doesn't impair the possibility of getting a best seller as long as the sim is as inspired as possible.
Also try writing in the genre that the sim writes the most expensive books in. I had a sim that could write best seller children's books all the time but struggled in any other genre. Usually it is the higher skill genres though.
Thanks for the quick answer! I didn't know I could delete the cache. Deleting it may resolve a lot of problems and bugs I'm having while playing. (Detective Career, Relationship bugs & maybe this)
I might keep on trying with what you said and I'll try to change the genre. I only wrote Screenplays until now, because they pay well, maybe I'll try children, Non Fiction or Poetry Books!

I'll keep going and I'll notify here if something happens! Thanks again for the quick answer and support! ^ ^
Yep, that worked!
Deleted the cache it took me 4 attemps. First two went really good (Children & Screenplay), the third failed (Screenplay) and the fourth was the good one (another Screenplay because reasons).
I read somewhere that having written at least 5 books in a category makes you an expert on that or something like this, I don't know if that's true but after 10 screenplays I said "Oh well, I might try", I had all the possible Inspiration things going on and it wasn't that hard once the cache was deleted. But damn, I lost 3 hours with the 10 attempts. I hope that if someone encounters my same problem to check the discussion so he/she might get out of that bad situation.
Also, the Detective career now works fine and the friendships update regulary.

That's amazing. Thank you for the help!
Awesome! Thanks for posting back, it's great to hear that the fixes help. Happy Simming! Smile
Can you use other Sims to read the book of life is does it have to be the author?
Depends what you are suing it for. If you are using iot to fill the sims needs then anyone can read it. Especially useful for at home sims reading at-work sims books to top op their needs while they are at work.
If you want to revive a dead sim then it needs to be the dead sim who reads it. So you have to invite the ghost back into your household so you can control it and direct it to read.
Ugh. During the third milestone, I was able to write 2 Bestselling books and I thought it would be accounted in the last Milestone... But it didn't! Mad
Yeah, that happens every time to me too...then it can take many books until your sim pops out another Best Seller. The Reward Trait 'Creative Visionary' for 2000 satisfaction points can really help.
Reward Traits
I'm equipped with that trait, already. I put inspiring decors inside the room. And a bestselling book seems one world away. Sigh~

Can a sim bind The Book of Life and Death to a ghost, or does it have to be bound before the sims dies?


Has to be bound before the Sim dies, but often the Book of Life is glitchy and doesn't always seem to work sadly.


I can't get a bestselling book, I am always very inspired when I write but none of them are bestsellers!


Yes, it's hard now as the developers have re-tuned this to be an even rarer event. All you can do is try to get as many Inspired buffs stacked on your Sim and have all their needs met. Which means you'll have to be taking breaks and returning to complete the book, or using other methods for keeping all needs at max. Hygiene in particular needs to be maxed as this directly effects the chances. Go figure!

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