The Sims 4 Social Media Career

Be an Internet Personality or Public Relations Rep in City Living

The Sims 4 City Living Social Media Career
The Sims 4 City Living offers up three new careers. The strengths of both branches of the Social Media Career are highlighted below.

The Sims 4 City Living includes a Social Media Career, which lets you choose to become either a superstar Internet Personality or a Public Relations Representative. Both of these are solid careers with unique abilities, and certainly more interesting to take than the Politician due to the sheer number of interactions you can unlock. Because these careers require a social media presence, you can begin using the Social Networking feature on computers as soon as you join them, instead of needing Charisma Level 5.

How to: Social Media Career Cheats
Press Control + Shift + C then type testingcheats on and press enter. You can now get promotions with careers.promote socialmedia - you can also see all Career Cheats or visit a full list of Cheats in The Sims 4.

Work from Home

This applies to both branches of this career, along with the other two included in the City Living Expansion Pack. Each day before work, you will see a popup in the lower left corner. Selecting this, you can choose to have your Sim work from home. You'll get a couple of tasks that must be completed in order to secure your pay and career performance. Aside from the tasks you're given, you have total control and can use the time to skill up or else work on career promotion requirements.


Social Media Career Levels 1-3

The initial ideal mood is Playful. Since the skill requirements for these first 3 levels are not very difficult, consider which branch you will take so that you can begin to raise the skills you'll need. This will smooth out the promotion process and make it a little less likely you're stalled on one level for a long time.

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
1Media Intern$16/hourMon-Fri 9AM-3PM$96Update Social Media Profile, Create Social Media ProfileNone
2Engagement Monkey$23/hourMon-Fri 9AM-3PM$132Update Social Media Profile, Have 25 Followers, Reach Level 2 CharismaNone
3Clickbait Writer$29/hourMon-Fri 9AM-3PM$174Update Social Media Profile, Have 100 Followers, Reach Level 3 Comedy or Mischief$183, Respond to Mail and Share Image Interactions (Computer)

Internet Personality Branch

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Sims 4 City Living gaining followers from let's play using social media
No Career excels at getting followers like the Internet Personality. Playing games for a few hours, they can pick up 100-200k followers, then advertise products on social media to make thousands of Simoleons.

The ideal mood for this branch is Playful. The most significant difficulty here is obtaining followers, but thankfully you are given many means to do so - knowing you need many more for each level should help. The Prank Streamers (under social networking) and Let's Play (under Play Games on Computer) contribute substantially more followers than other means of social networking - pranking in particular contributing hundreds of thousands when it goes well, though it does have a cooldown. You need to play games for a few hours in order to gain followers, it tells you how many you've gained when you stop playing. Note the jumps in skill level requirements from Video Gaming to Charisma, Comedy and Mischief. It is one of the harder careers to level for this reason, and provides less money per day in salary than certain other Careers. It makes up for this, big time, with the abilities you unlock as you level.

As in reality, you can sell out when you have a huge social media following, by advertising products. Doing so can net you well over 1k Simoleons (I got 1500) for the major product, and several hundred for a minor product. However, you lose followers when you do this. The Internet Personality gets a major edge over the PR Branch of this Career due to its ability to recover followers rapidly. The income generation helps this career to surpass others, and it is arguably one of the best-paying as you can earn money on demand, then recover followers.

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
4Simstagram Searcher$35/hourMon, Wed, Fri-Sat 10AM-3PM$175Share Jokes with Followers or Troll Forums, Have 1,000 Followers, Achieve Level 3 Video Gaming$263, Share Jokes With Followers, Advertise Minor Product, Status Update from Venue Abilities
5Cat Video Creator$56/hourMon, Wed, Fri-Sat 10AM-3PM$280Share Jokes with Followers or Troll Forums, Have 10,000 Followers, Reach Level 4 Charisma$193, Blicblock - Signed, Hillock II - Signed, MySims Go! - Signed, Livestream Video Games, Record Rant, Shout Out from Venue Abilities
6Niche Broadcaster$97/hourMon, Wed, Fri-Sat 10AM-2PM$388Share Jokes with Followers or Troll Forums, Have 100,000 Followers, Reach Level 5 Comedy or Mischief$198, Start Funny Meme, Broadcast Status
7Meme Maker$156/hourMon, Wed, Fri 10AM-2PM$624Share Jokes with Followers or Troll Forums, Have 1 Million Followers, Reach Level 6 Charisma$311, The Home Studio, Advertise Major Product, Promote Image, Announce Appearance at Venue
8Online A-Lister$278/hourMon, Wed, Fri 10AM-2PM$1,112Share Jokes with Followers or Troll Forums, Have 10 Million Followers, Reach Level 7 Video Gaming$498, R.E.F.U.G.E., Road Rival Alpha, Sims Forever, and Incredible Sports - Signed. Prank Steamers and Stream Let's Play Video Games Abilities.
9Reality Show Contestant$389/hourMon, Wed, Fri 10AM-2PM$1,556Share Jokes with Followers or Troll Forums, Have 25 Million Followers, Reach Level 8 Charisma, Reach Level 7 Comedy or Mischief$797, Upload Viral Video, Charity Stream
10Internet Superstar$540/hourMon, Wed, Fri 10AM-2PM$2,160Share Jokes with Followers or Troll Forums, None$1,729, Gamer Sleek, Advertise Mass Sponsorship Ability

Public Relations Branch

The PR branch of social media in The Sims 4 City Living
The Public Relations branch gets the ability to persuade Sims to do a variety of actions. They are also able to advertise products at the expense of some followers.

The Ideal Mood for this branch of Social Media is Focused. Your new daily task, Network with Journalists, is found on the computer. Given the need to get up to 10,000 Followers on social media, you should be working on this even on levels where it is not required. Just a post here and there will do. The more followers you get, the more you'll gain as they help you to market your profile. When you are away from home, use the Shout Out/Status Update from Venue ability that is found on your phone under the home tab. It gives more followers than the usual computer interactions, but does feature a cooldown.

As a reward for your work, you gain the ability to persuade Sims to do things. It unfortunately has a cooldown, but can be fun to use for your own entertainment. Sims will decline if you just walk up to them and tell them what to do, though mood and the friendship bar seemingly have an impact on success rates. Another unique ability is 'Represent' found on its own tab on the computer. This will let you give other Sims a career performance boost!

Just as with the Internet Personality branch, you can make significant money by advertising products and earn money on demand. However, you will lose followers and do not have a means of getting tens of thousands of them at once with this branch. However if you build them up, you'll get a bit more from a single action and will be able to recover what was lost after a couple of days. Note the bouncing between Writing and Charisma, with the latter being the most difficult aspect of leveling this Career.

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
4Public Relations Coordinator$44/hourMon-Fri 8AM-4PM$352Network with Journalists (Computer), Have 500 Followers, Level 3 Writing Skill$263, Direct From The Fans, Network With Journalists, Blog for Followers Abilities
5Community Manager$83/hourMon-Fri 8AM-4PM$664Network with Journalists (Computer), Reach Level 4 Charisma$527, Represent Friend
6Press Agent$142/hourMon-Fri 8AM-4PM$1,136Network with Journalists (Computer), Have 2,000 Followers, Reach Level 6 Charisma$1,001, Just For The Aesthetics, Status Update from Venue Ability
7Account Executive$227/hourMon-Fri 8AM-4PM$1,816Network with Journalists (Computer), Reach Level 7 Charisma, Level 5 Writing$1,701, Persuade Sims to Smile, Rant, Goof Off, Flirt, or Wear a Racoon Outfit
8Director of Communications$318/hourMon-Fri 8AM-4PM$2,554Network with Journalists (Computer), Have 5,000 Followers, Reach Level 8 Charisma$2,722, Promote Image and Broadcast Status Abilities
9VP. of Public Relations$399/hourMon-Fri 8AM-3PM$2,793Network with Journalists (Computer), Have 10,000 Followers, Max Charisma Skill$5,082, FuzzRead Article (Rare Print Edition), Shout Out from Venue, Persuade Sims to Play Music, Do Comedy, Play Games, Sing, Cook, or Work Out
10Spin Doctor$453/hourMon-Wed, Fri 8AM-3PM$3,171Network with Journalists (Computer), None$6,987, Aimed For The Top, Represent Anyone

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Comments (34)

How do you represent a friend?
This is an interaction on the PC.
I have the work at home task to "Give Energized Speech Uptown" but I have no idea how to do this. It says to go uptown and find a podium, so I went to San Myshuno, but I don't see any podiums here. Can anyone explain this one in detail for me?
Get your sim into the Energized mood. Travel to the gym in Uptown (Sky Fitness)and directly opposite the gym entrance are some chairs and a podium. Click on the podium and choose 'give energized speech'.
Thank you!
So, I had a child of my household I decided should choose the Public Relations branch, as I had already tried the internet personality with another simple a few generations back.

The child had good grades, so she started the career at level 3. After that, it went straight to Internet personality. There was no choice anywhere. Do I need a sim with bad grades, or a fresh sim, in order to o the Public relations branch?
It's a little unclear if you were using the same sim to try to complete both branches...but if that was the case; a sim can only choose one branch of a career and then you need to use a completely different sim to try the other branch.
Sorry for the confusion. No, they were completely different Sims, mother and daughter.
It might have been caused by an issue where if a sim has the Connections Reward Trait they start all careers at L4, but usually a pop up screen would appear letting you choose which branch you want the sim to work in. The good grades shouldn't matter as sims with an A only start at L3 of all careers and this career branch begins at L4.
I guess this was an unfortunate glitch. If you are not using any mods or cc and can get the glitch to happen again it would be worth your while to report this as a bug. EA Official Bug Forum
Sam Allensays...

Thanks so much you really help me out so often keep doing what you do you are so great at it


I don't know if anyone still checks this, but I haven't found anything on google search. Every time I try to advertise something, she loses followers and fails to successfully advertise/make any money from the action. I don't know what the odds or if there is a way to improve them. Advise if anyone sees this? Thanks!


This is a known bug. Bug report here (click). There isn't really anything you can do except post a further comment on the bug report and hope the developers fix it.

Sydney Brookssays...

Can you go to work with them ?!?




I have to check in at the arts center but when I go there, I don't have the option. Any ideas?


If you've absolutely had enough of not being able to do a work task, you can cheat it away. Type "testingcheats true" in the command line and then you can right-click the task to finish it. I value my Sims' good social status and don't want to do a lot of the mischief skills, so I do this on those tasks.

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