The Sims 4 Master Chef Aspiration

Milestones and The Fresh Chef Reward Trait

by Tom "Metro" Schlueter

Having one amazing cook in a household is a huge boon and the Master Chef Aspiration is the perfect goal for that Sim.

Overview and Set Up
You can get by without learning many of the Sims 4 skills, but cooking is one of those that someone in your household is going to need to learn. And the Master Chef Aspiration is a natural fit and incredibly easy to complete. In fact, if it were not for the career requirement of the 3rd and 4th Milestones you could knock this out by the 3rd day of starting a file. Compared to other skills buffed by the Inspired state like the instruments, writing, and painting, Cooking is much faster.

The traits I gave my chef were: Creative (this is the biggie because you want to be Inspired when cooking and also when you leave for work in the Culinary career), Music Lover, and Perfectionist. The Bonus Trait for the Food Category Aspirations is Essence of Flavor. Between the Perfectionist trait and Essence of Flavor everything these Sims crank out will be of excellent quality. Spend the extra money on the Crisponex Splendid fridge because it gives +5 to cooking where the cheap fridges give only the base amount. You will skill up much faster with the better fridge.

Milestone I: Aluminum Chef

  • Cook 5 Excellent Meals (50)
  • Cook 2 Meals while Inspired (75)

Not much to say about the first milestone. You'll be done with it on day 1. Assuming your Sim is a Perfectionist, is in an Inspired mood and their moods are in good shape, I cannot imagine anything not being of excellent quality.


Milestone II: Captain Cook

  • Achieve Level 5 Cooking Skill (300)
  • Cook a Gourmet Meal (250)
  • Earn Silver at a Dinner Party Event (250)

If you have not thrown a party, it's pretty straight forward: just get on the phone to Host a Social Event and then set your party up. Completing the various goals of a party is a matter of looking up at the top left of your screen regularly and seeing what you need to do. Every time you complete a goal, progress is made towards a medal, so do the easiest stuff first so you're guaranteed progress. You'll have little goals like Thank a guest for coming, make drinks, Have Sims listen to music at the same time, etc. as well as a main goal such as Call Guests to Meal. It's not complicated stuff here, and earning a silver medal is not tough at all. You just need to keep busy and keep looking at the goals. You have six hours which may not seem like a lot of time, but you can do it.

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Milestone III: Culinary Artist

  • Become an Adult (0)
  • Reach Level 4 in the Culinary Career (500)
  • Create 3 Types of Excellent Food (500)

It was only Monday afternoon (day 2) and I was into the 3rd Milestone. I had my Sim join the Culinary career and then focused on completing Whims until her first work day. Due to the December, 2014 patch it's more challenging now to get promoted in a career - the progress bar moves much slower than when Sims 4 first shipped. That makes addressing everything you need to do to get those promotions even more important - take a look at work requirements, make sure you are in an Inspired mood when leaving the house and do the daily tasks ahead of time (prepare meals) and those promotions will still come. Even if your Sim does not leave the house in an Inspired State don't forget you can always change the work mode to "Work Hard" and that will raise the performance bar more than Work Normally.

If you want to make a beeline for the end of the Aspiration, then you can immediately quit the career after hitting level 4.

Milestone IV: Master Chef

  • Achieve Level 5 of Gourmet Cooking Skill (750)
  • Reach Level 8 of the Culinary Career (1000)
  • Cook 3 Gourmet Dishes at a Single Event (1000)

Chances are you have been dabbling in some Gourmet cooking anyway at this point and you're already way past level 5. It will take some time to reach level 8 in the career, so give yourself the best chance at progress bar improvement by continually addressing mood, daily requirements, work tone, etc. Cooking 3 Gourmet meals at a single event should not be too much of an issue though don't dilly dally and socialize too much - I would focus on making fast Gourmet meals like Caprese Salad which avoids the stovetop and oven altogether. Remember, you only have 6 hours.

Fresh Chef Reward Trait
All I can say about the Fresh Chef reward trait I mean seriously. A cooking Sim with this trait will never have food spoil and the meals turn out amazing which means great moodlets for everyone eating the food. It's hands down one of the best reward traits for completing an Aspiration in the game.

The Sims 4 Fresh Chef Reward Trait
Notice there is no time left on the Blackened Bass to tell you when it will spoil. Sweet!

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Comments (7)

This is a random tip,but to complete both Food Aspirations on the same Sim, that Sim MUST choose the mixologist branch of the culinary career. If they choose the other branch it will lock them out of the upper tiers of mixologist because it has a specific career requirement. If that one tip is followed, and the Sim works on cooking/gourmet and mixology during the same time period, it's fairly efficient to complete both of them. The rewards are better in mixology anyway. The best bar in the game is only available at level 10 of that branch, while the item rewards for chef are fairly lackluster. The appliances give an inspired buff, but their cooking stats are worse than the ones you can buy in build mode. I strongly recommend the mixology branch of culinary for all of these reasons. Also note that the aspiration requirements have change significantly in subsequent patches so this guide is badly out of date.
Carl is aware that the details on this page are now incorrect, the main pages that lists all the aspirations has been updated and all those details are correct. Carl will be updating this page soon. With each patch bringing change, as you can imagine, keeping up with everything is very time consuming, especially for one person.
Got it fixed, thanks guys :)
I was wondering how long it was... now I know. To be honest, its pretty hard. To complete it, you have to be in a certain job. Btw(By the way) if EA is reading this, I think you should change that, just saying. (-:!
Thx 4 the notes really helpful
Is there a way to get a second sim in the same household to also get a silver at a dinner party? The first sim managed to get a gold and the prompts were easy to follow, but with the second sim it only shows the timer and no prompts.
Any sim who phones up and orders a social event will have the requirements check off against any goals they need. If your party has glitched out try saving and quitting then deleting the localthumbcache.package file from your The Sims 4 folder and then going back into game and use that sim to phone up and order the party. Smile
You should be able to throw as many prestigious social events and get goals every time you do, so you could throw many dinner parties and get the rewards for a medal each time if you wanted to.
Sarah Warrensays...

Hi, I'm having the same problem as above, I achieved bronze but it won't let me do it again, there are no goals anymore. I have looked in my game files but I can't find the file you have mentioned, please help


Guide to Clearing Caches

Make sure the person who you want to be awarded phones up and orders the party.

So, why Music Lover? I've been playing Sims since 1 came out, but I'm still learning my way around 4. And what about the Foodie trait? I'm not sure if that's always been part of the game, or if it was added after you wrote this, or if it's just not that important.
The foodie trait can have it's drawbacks as any food that is not excellent will give the sim a negative moodlet when eaten. Music Lover gives a nice positive trait for listening to any music briefly, it's a nice easy way to get a 4hr happy moodlet but not at all the only good choice for the aspiration. Tbh, any trait will work with any aspiration. Sims in TS4 will do anything well as long as they are in the correct mood for the task, traits really are not very weighted or important to game play.
Hi, I havent been able to find this anywhere and I've used your site for years so I was hoping you could give me some insight. Theres this aspiration my sim got when I left to go play another house. She was a child and when I came back she only had the "chef" aspiration. Not master chef. The first level is called "settling in" which includes get to know roommate and interact with fun object. It isnt a hidden aspiration like grilled cheese because it doesn't have it on the aspiration list. I havent tried completing any of them yet so I'm not sure if it works. I'm not having any problems or am upset I'm just curious so if anyone has any insight I'd be happy to get that! Thanks!
No I haven't heard of that one. I know there is another left-out/over aspiration for children where a child will get the dance cheater requirement. This also doesn't seem to be implemented into the game. I guess these are things that were made but not actioned by the devs for some reason or another and only show up when the game glitches a little. Be interesting to see if you can play through it a little. Often these things disappear next time you go through a loading screen.
I've actually been playing it through, sometimes I'll complete a task but it won't register I did until a little later or when I close out and open it back up again. Other than that it's been working. There have been 4 tasks for each level. Some of them are oddly specific like "talk to Alex" but it accepted just talking to anyone. I have noticed my game is a little more glitchy than usual like in a different household a sim will just disappear. It will still be doing the action (like the canvas will change while they're painting) but you can't see them or interact with them. Once they move they're okay though. I'll finish the aspiration and see what happens.
It's not an aspiration that you've got from some mod that you might be using? I know some mods like for example, the Go To School mod, add custom game play. If it's not a mod causing this, - how weird!
So weird! I just found the same glitch. Happened with I moved in Suzanne Bheeda from San Myshuno into my family (she's the unborn baby that Jesminder is pregnant with).
Are you using any mods? Perhaps this is one of the aspirations from the Tutorial that glitches out and leaves remnants in the main game.

I love this trait! All my cooking sims must have it, or they are shown the door.

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