The Sims 4 Fabulously Wealthy Aspiration

Milestones and The Shrewd Reward Trait

by Tom "Metro" Schlueter

Sims 4 Fabulously Wealthy and the Shrewd Reward Trait
Earning $200,000 for the Fabulously Wealthy Aspiration is no small feat. Give painting serious consideration since it is one of the best skills in the money making department.

If you start the Fabulously Wealthy Aspiration from scratch - i.e. right after CAS, then you need patience. It's going to take some time. Your other option is to kick off your Sim's initial development with a different Aspiration tied directly to their money making. I chose this route along with the Painter Extraordinnaire Aspiration in order to assist in accumulating Satisfaction to purchase helpful rewards like Marketable and Creative Visionary. I did not jump into the Painter career until he had the Connections reward to allow him to start at lvl 4.

If you choose a Fortune Aspiration right out of the CAS gate, then your bonus trait will assist you in earning a little more money from careers - but, in the grand scheme of needing to earn $200k for the Aspiration, it's negligible. Choose traits for the Fabulously Wealthy Aspiration based on how you will earn your money. Since I opted for initially completing the Painter Extraordinnaire Aspiration I gave my Sim the following traits: Creative, Art Lover, and Perfectionist. The Creative trait is self explanatory (skilling speed), the Art Lover trait is nice because it can provide buffs to boost the Inspired mood and there's also a steady stream of Whims if you're an Art Lover which are easy to fulfill and provides Satisfaction points. Being a Perfectionist is important if painting is your money making route because more paintings will be Masterpieces and those sell for crazy amounts of money.

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As I have stated, nothing is stopping you from starting this Aspiration from scratch - it will be much more challenging and possibly rewarding for some. You just need to realize that in order to get a full head of steam in the earnings department and get to the point where I started it will take about 2-3 game weeks since capping a career is time consuming. So, with all that said I'll proceed with the fact that I am "starting" this Aspiration with the following conditions:

  • Painter Extraordinnaire Aspiration completed
  • Painting career capped
  • Painting skill capped
  • Reward Store Traits: Marketable, Creative Visionary, Connections, Never Weary

Milestone I - Going for Not Broke

  • Have Earned $5000 (50)
  • Have $10,000 in Reserve (75)

Assuming you capped a career and/or did another Aspiration before tackling Fabulously Wealthy, you probably completed the "Have $10,000 in Reserve" (i.e. household funds) as soon as you switched Aspirations. However, no matter how much money you earned while you were building up your Sim to prepare for making big money, you're starting from scratch with earnings. But, no worries. A lvl 10 painter with the Perfectionist trait, using the fancy easel, and boasting Creative Visionary and Marketable Rewards will regularly produce Masterpieces worth thousands. Incidentally, choose the Large Abstact style for maximum profit.

My Sim finished Milestone I with his very first painting after switching to the Fabulously Wealthy Aspiration. It was a Masterpiece worth over $6,000.

Milestone II - Learning Earning

  • Have $20,000 in Reserve (300)
  • Have Earned $25,000 (250)

Each Milestone for Fabulously Wealthy is pretty much a "rinse and repeat" type of deal...make more and more money and have more and more in reserve. Milestone II was finished after one day of painting and one day at work.

Milestone III - Well-off

  • Have Earned $75,000 (500)
  • Have $35,000 in Reserve (500)

Earning another $50k to get from Milestone II to III did not take long when you consider his average paintings sold for 3-4k. So, it took 15 or so more paintings and each large Abstract takes about 3 hours to finish - 45 hours of work.

Milestone IV - Fabulously Wealthy

  • Have Earned $200,000 (1500)
  • Have $50,000 in Reserve (1500)

$125k more needed to get from Milestone III to Milestone IV. It took approximately a week. At that point my Sim had Hardly Hungry and Steel Bladder as well as Never Weary, so he could almost paint around the clock and I'd say half his paintings came out as Masterpieces. When you are in the career you can Sell to Art Gallery which is quite more profitable than simply Sell to Collector.

The Shrewd Reward Trait
After completing the Fabulously Wealthy Aspiration your Sim is awarded the Shrewd reward trait. There's not much to say about this. Your Sim will get 5% of household funds added to their total every week. The first payment comes one week after completion of the Aspiration. So, if you finished at 9 AM on a Sunday, look for your interest payments to be on Sundays about the same time. If you have $100,000 in household funds right before a payment is expected, you would have 105,000 after receiving the interest. That may not sound like much, but it gets more impressive when you're talking about huge numbers - if your family has $1,000,000 in household funds, then they'd receive a $50,000 payment. If you're playing a long file like a Dynasty or Legacy spanning multiple generations, then completing this Aspiration early on is something to consider as it will work for you provided your Shrewd Sim is alive - and keeping Sims alive is not too difficult with all the life extension possibilites.

If you take the time to do the Fabulously Wealthy Aspiration, then you might as well have a little fun with building and knock out the Mansion Baron Aspiration afterwards. They're perfect bookends to each other - first you have to make a lot of money, and then you get to spend a ton of money building your big estate. That is exactly how I approached the two Fortune Aspirations with my painter. So...

Next Up: Mansion Baron.

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Comments (4)

Milestone III - Well-off
Have Earned $75,000 (500) <------- for this part !! does the money my spouse earns count toward this ?
Have $35,000 in Reserve (500)
No, only money that sim has earned or sold through his/her personal inventory will count. If the other sim crafts items you can drag them to the Fab Wealthy aspiration sim and then sell the item. That way it would count towards the goal of 75,000.
With the Get to Work expansion, you can totally break the "earned X amount of $" part of this aspiration. If you own a retail business, all you have to do is use the cash register to transfer funds from the household to the business and then vice versa. All income transferred from the business to the household counts towards "earned X amount of $." Theoretically you could do this back and forth with $1 to get the required income, but obviously larger sums like 50,000 (which if you're on the last stage you will probably already have) would take four cycles of this to get to the $200,000. I feel a little bad that I discovered this... since it took all the joy of using my newly purchased business to put me over the top on the $200,000 milestone after not even completing $75,000 with the top level in the Business Investor career. But, hey, it's out there if you want to try it.
Without any expansion pack , I noticed that getting 200K is much easier if you start a family business. What you do is level up at least one of your family to level 5 gardening, and then grab some snapdragon and a strawberry and splice them together to create dragon fruit and plant the dragon fruits. It's best to have everyone being jobless, since dragonfruit growing is a grand task and rewards more then almost any job. I had around 70 bushes, with only 2 people tending it, leaving them completely exhausted every single day. So ideally you have 4 people tending 70 bushes, plus it's a great idea to get gardening service every day to help you for a very low cost. In the beginning i had like 30k from every harvest. Once my bushes went into magnificent mode, it became 40k per harvest. Harvests do not come often but technically you would only need to harvest 5 times in order to get 200 000. Let the person with the fabulously wealthy ambition harvest the dragonfruits and sell them.

You said that the earning start from scratch... In my experience, the total earning since the creation/birth of the Sim is counted.

I cultivate some dragon plants of the perfect quality, worth $695 each, give 288 or more of them to my toddlers and sell them from the toddlers inventory.

Once those toddlers age up to teen, I have them take this aspiration, and it complete instantly. Done it about 10 times to date.

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