The Sims 4 Discover University Cheats

Adding or Removing Degrees, Career Levels, and Skills

The Sims 4 Discover University Cheats
The campus of the University of Britechester. Foxbury is a more modern technical school.

The Sims 4 Discover University releases November 15, 2019 on PC/Mac, and will arrive December 17 for console players. This guide to cheating should work for both platforms. Using trait, career, and skill cheats you're able to boost your Sim in a number of ways -- even giving them a degree they never attended school to earn.

Career Cheats

Discover University comes with three new Careers. First, there's Engineering which has a Computer and Mechanical Engineering branch. Law has Judge and Private Attorney branches, while Education has Administrative and Professor branches. Each of these can be promoted with Careers.promote - so you'd use:

  • Careers.Promote Education - to boost your Teacher/Professor.
  • Careers.Promote Engineering - to boost your Mechanical or Computer Engineer.
  • Careers.Promote Law - to boost your Judge or Private Attorney.

Skill Cheats

As usual, you can use the Stats.Set_Skill_Level cheat on Discover University's new skills. They are Research and Debate and the Robotics Skill. Both are extremely useful. In order to set your skill level use:

  • Stats.Set_Skill_Level Major_Robotics # - replacing # with the level you want.
  • Stats.set_Skill_level Major_ResearchDebate # also works.

Enroll in University

If you shift-click your Sim with testingcheats on you can access a sadly very empty University Debug Menu where you can click, 'Enroll in University' to be immediately taken to the enrollment screen.

Join or Leave University Organizations (Requires Mod)

You require All Cheats Mod in order to do this, but it is indeed possible to join University Organizations with a cheat. I luckikly invistigated and stumbled upon it. To do this, you need to use Sims.Get_Sim_ID_By_Name YourSimFirstName YourSimLastName - The ID will appear in the window. Now you can use cheats to join the organizations. If you're already in, this will toggle and kick you out.

You can copy/paste the first part of the code, then use the SimID in the cheat console. Just be very careful about typing this ID correctly. This is a more advanced cheat and must be done perfectly.

  • Loot.Apply_To_Sim Loot_Organization_JoinOrQuit_Art SimID - Join Britechester's Art Society
  • Loot.Apply_To_Sim Loot_Organization_JoinOrQuit_Debate SimID - Join Britechester's Debate Guild
  • Loot.Apply_To_Sim Loot_Organization_JoinOrQuit_Prank SimID - Join Britechester's Spirit Corps
  • Loot.Apply_To_Sim Loot_Organization_JoinOrQuit_Party SimID - Join Foxbury's Spirit Corps
  • Loot.Apply_To_Sim Loot_Organization_JoinOrQuit_Honor SimID - Join Foxbury's Study Group (Honor Society)
  • Loot.Apply_To_Sim Loot_Organization_JoinOrQuit_Robotics SimID - Join Foxbury's Robotics Society.
  • Loot.Apply_To_Sim Loot_Organization_JoinOrQuit_Secret SimID - Join the Secret Society (either Univeristy) also known as Order of Enchantment.

Rank Up University Organization Cheats (No Mod Needed)

Someone asked, and I did discover that it's possible to when already joined give Sims Organization rank ups by using a cheat. You use stats.set_stat RankedStatistic_CollegeOrganization_Progress_Debate 166 to set Debate guild to Rank 2 (166 is the break point), 333 for rank 3. For your copy/paste pleasure, I've listed them all out here. On Pc/Mac it's possible to join with a cheat if you use the AllCheats Mod (see above) but if you do not want to use a mod you can just ask a member - go to one of their meetings by using the organization events schedule at the kiosk.

Here are all organizations. Bear in mind which School you're in, as both have their own set of organizations and it may be unwise to use a code for the rival school. If you fail to follow instructions and join your Sim to a group this way (it doesn't show in the organizations panel) you may break your ability to join legitimately.

  • Stats.Set_Stat RankedStatistic_CollegeOrganization_Progress_ArtSociety 1 - Level 1 of Britechester Art Society (if Joined).
  • Stats.Set_Stat RankedStatistic_CollegeOrganization_Progress_ArtSociety 1 - Level 2 of Britechester Art Society (if Joined).
  • Stats.Set_Stat RankedStatistic_CollegeOrganization_Progress_ArtSociety 1 - Level 3 of Britechester Art Society (if Joined).
  • Stats.Set_Stat RankedStatistic_CollegeOrganization_Progress_Debate 1 - Level 1 of Britechester Debate Guild (if Joined).
  • Stats.Set_Stat RankedStatistic_CollegeOrganization_Progress_Debate 166 - Level 2 of Britechester Debate Guild (if Joined).
  • Stats.Set_Stat RankedStatistic_CollegeOrganization_Progress_Debate 333 - Level 3 of Britechester Debate Guild (if Joined).
  • Stats.Set_Stat RankedStatistic_CollegeOrganization_Progress_HonorSociety 1 - Level 1 of Foxbury SHonor Society (if Joined).
  • Stats.Set_Stat RankedStatistic_CollegeOrganization_Progress_HonorSociety 166 - Level 2 of Foxbury Honor Society (if Joined).
  • Stats.Set_Stat RankedStatistic_CollegeOrganization_Progress_HonorSociety 333 - Level 3 of Foxbury Honor Society (if Joined).
  • Stats.Set_Stat RankedStatistic_CollegeOrganization_Progress_Robotics 1 - Level 1 of Foxbury's Robotics Club (if Joined).
  • Stats.Set_Stat RankedStatistic_CollegeOrganization_Progress_Robotics 166 - Level 2 of Foxbury's Robotics Club (if Joined).
  • Stats.Set_Stat RankedStatistic_CollegeOrganization_Progress_Robotics 333 - Level 3 of Foxbury's Robotics Club (if Joined).
  • Stats.Set_Stat RankedStatistic_CollegeOrganization_Progress_SchoolSpirit_Prank 1 - Level 1 of Britechester School Spirit (if Joined).
  • Stats.Set_Stat RankedStatistic_CollegeOrganization_Progress_SchoolSpirit_Prank 166 - Level 2 of Britechester School Spirit (if Joined).
  • Stats.Set_Stat RankedStatistic_CollegeOrganization_Progress_SchoolSpirit_Prank 333 - Level 3 of Britechester School Spirit (if Joined).
  • Stats.Set_Stat RankedStatistic_CollegeOrganization_Progress_SchoolSpirit_Party 1 - Level 1 of Foxbury's Spirit Society (if Joined)
  • Stats.Set_Stat RankedStatistic_CollegeOrganization_Progress_SchoolSpirit_Party 166 - Level 2 of Foxbury's Spirit Society (if Joined)
  • Stats.Set_Stat RankedStatistic_CollegeOrganization_Progress_SchoolSpirit_Party 333 - Level 3 of Foxbury's Spirit Society (if Joined)
  • Stats.Set_Stat RankedStatistic_CollegeOrganization_Progress_SecretSociety 1 - Level 1 of Secret Society/Order of Enchantment (if Joined)
  • Stats.Set_Stat RankedStatistic_CollegeOrganization_Progress_SecretSociety 166 - Level 2 of Secret Society/Order of Enchantment (if Joined)
  • Stats.Set_Stat RankedStatistic_CollegeOrganization_Progress_SecretSociety 333 - Level 3 of Secret Society/Order of Enchantment (if Joined)

Spawn Crafting Supplies

I noticed that with TestingCheats On, when I shift-click the robotics table, it gives me the option to "Spawn Crafting Supplies". This will give you 50 of everything in the currently selected Sim's inventory. A very nice time saver if you're already cheating and don't want to have to spam building these to add a Servo or Fixer bot to your household.

University Cheats (Requires Mod)

There are a ton of cheats that can be used with TwistedMexi's All Cheats Mod. The commands all start with University. I'll list them below and what they appear to do for you. Some are just informative.

  • University.Finish_Term - this one will instantly finish the term and allow you to sign up for another.
  • University.Graduate - Instantly makes you a graduate with current or perfect GPA. I can't tell becuase my student is awesome.
  • University.Accept_all_Degrees - This cheat allows you to join distinguished programs you're not qualified for.
  • University.Award_all_Degrees - Gives your Sim every degree. It appears they are all non-distinguished, however.

Degree Cheats Without Mod

Award yourself all degrees in The Sims 4 Discover University with cheats
You can have every degree without mods if you feel like cheating them in!

Why is this last? Because it's extremely long. I'm going to list out how you can get a distinguished degree for every major in Discover University. If you want a regular one, you can switch up between BA/BS to get the normal variant from the other School.

Use Traits.Equip_Trait to add the degree to your Sim (they're simply traits, but have their own special slot on your Simology panel). Now, when you join a career, you'll get every bonus any graduate would get because the game simply looks to see the traits you have.

Here's a listing in order of degree type. Realize there are four for every degree, but you only need one. Every BA comes from Britechester, and every BS comes from Foxbury. For Arts schools (anything Britechester) the best degree is going to be a BA Honors while for tech and sciences the best will be BS Honors. This means you have a Bachelor's in Science and graduated with Honors.

Why am I listing them all? Because it's an easy copy paste and you may enjoy having the granular control over where you graduated. I'll make minor notes on a few of these to make sure it's understood. I'm making it so you can copy/paste these fairly easily and also including links to degree specifics.

  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_ArtHistoryDegreeBA
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_ArtHistoryDegreeBAHonors - The best Art History degree, from Britechester.
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_ArtHistoryDegreeBS - so this would be from Foxbury, as arts distinguished is from Britechester.
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_ArtHistoryDegreeBSHonors
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_BartenderDegree - ???
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_BiologyDegreeBA
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_BiologyDegreeBAHonors - non-distinguished, but you graduated with honors from Foxbury.
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_BiologyDegreeBS
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_BiologyDegreeBSHonors - The best Biology degree, from Foxbury.
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_CommunicationsDegreeBA
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_CommunicationsDegreeBAHonors - The best Communications degree, from Britechester.
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_CommunicationsDegreeBS - got a basic degree from Foxbury, but without honors.
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_CommunicationsDegreeBSHonors
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_ComputerScienceDegreeBA
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_ComputerScienceDegreeBAHonors
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_ComputerScienceDegreeBS
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_ComputerScienceDegreeBSHonors - The best Computer Science degree, from Foxbury.
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_CulinaryArtsDegreeBA
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_CulinaryArtsDegreeBAHonors - The best Culinary Arts degree, from Britechester.
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_CulinaryArtsDegreeBS
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_CulinaryArtsDegreeBSHonors
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_DramaDegreeBA
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_DramaDegreeBAHonors - The best Drama degree, from Britechester.
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_DramaDegreeBS
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_DramaDegreeBSHonors
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_EconomicsDegreeBA
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_EconomicsDegreeBAHonors
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_EconomicsDegreeBS
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_EconomicsDegreeBSHonors - The best Economics degree, from Foxbury.
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_FineArtDegreeBA
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_FineArtDegreeBAHonors - The best Fine Arts degree, From Britechester.
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_FineArtDegreeBS
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_FineArtDegreeBSHonors
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_HistoryDegreeBA
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_HistoryDegreeBAHonors - The best History degree, from Britechester.
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_HistoryDegreeBS
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_HistoryDegreeBSHonors
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_LanguageAndLiteratureDegreeBA
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_LanguageAndLiteratureDegreeBAHonors - The best Language and Literature degree, from Britechester.
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_LanguageAndLiteratureDegreeBS
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_LanguageAndLiteratureDegreeBSHonors
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_PhysicsDegreeBA
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_PhysicsDegreeBAHonors
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_PhysicsDegreeBS
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_PhysicsDegreeBSHonors - The best Physics degree, from Foxbury.
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_PsychologyDegreeBA
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_PsychologyDegreeBAHonors
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_PsychologyDegreeBS
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_PsychologyDegreeBSHonors - The best Psychology degree, from Foxbury.
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_VillainyDegreeBA
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_VillainyDegreeBAHonors
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_VillainyDegreeBS
  • Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_VillainyDegreeBSHonors - The best Villainy degree, from Foxbury.
--> -->

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Comments (44)


The cheats aren't working for me either. I have the Mod downloaded, there's no other Mods to conflict with it. There are no typos. My testing cheats is on and other cheats work. Not sure the problem.


If you are cheating in a degree, sometimes you need to go into manage worlds and then return to the household and then the degree shows up in the Sims UI. Other than that I am not sure as I have had no issues with the cheats and they all are working as expected in my game. Perhaps deleting the localthumbcache.package file from your TheSims4 folder may help.


Hey, I downloaded the mod, accepted mods in game options, restarted the game, turned on testingcheats, entered the History Degree with Honors code, and it still didn't work? Help?


Oof! Nvm, I forgot to turn on Script Mods.


my sim doesnt graduate using the cheat


That is correct, the cheat will simply give your Sim the degree and corresponding career bonuses.


You do not get the bonuses from these cheats for the careers its the diploma that gives those at least for me. Did degree regular soon as I graduated tried applying for a job not bonuses soon as the event happened that gave me the diploma all bonuses appeared


is there a cheat to add course credits?


Not that I know of, maybe a modder has made this possible?


The number to add for level 3 of the Secret Society is 499, NOT 333. Or at least, the 499 worked for me.


What's the cheat for ping pong/juice pong? I can't find it anywhere


stats.set_skill_level AdultMinor_PingPong 5

stats.set_skill_level AdultMinor_JuicePong 5

Zara floodsays...

is they a graduate cheat for ps4 please


This helped a lot


I can’t seem to get the join art society organization to work properly. I must have tried it 100 times now even one finger typing slowly to make sure I wasn’t misspelling or entering in my sim ID wrong.. still, nadda. Is there another code? No one shows up to the events so I can’t join without it.


Are you using the AllCheatsMod that is needed for that cheat? The guide has a link for it if you are not.


I’m trying to level up my sim in the order of Enchantment and it is not working can you help me with this l


Honestly, all i did was attend the 'secret' meetings and spam the heck out of gifting the stone thing rare crystals and high quality food.


The ones starting with "university " do not work

Lynn Sturgillsays...

Can these cheats be use on Xbox one


Does anyone know the cheat code to put a sim on academic probation?


I tested the university TwistedMexi’s all cheats mod and the graduate cheat makes your sim graduate with the current GPA even if the GPA isn’t available. While the finish term cheat finishes the term with perfect GPA.


The degree cheats aren’t working on PS4, any help please?


Try having a look around on the help boards for Console players on the forum


777 not 333 for lvl 3 of order of enchantment :)


I am in the section that says "Degrees WITHOUT Mod" Please remember this when commenting back.

None of the degrees are working for me. I have tried every single distinguished degree and nothing.

Yes, I have testingcheats on on, yes I have loaded another family and then gone back, yes I have save/quit/reloaded and no there are NO typos.

I am at a complete loss.


I'm not sure what to suggest, I've just tested adding the traits without mods (as per guide) and it works fine for me. The only thing I can think of is allow your sim to go to bed and sleep a night after adding whatever degree traits you want, sometimes the reset that happens at approx 3am(ish) is needed for new cheats to take hold. Note, using this cheat gives your sims the degrees trait and not the certificate.


Is there a way to remove a degree?

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