The Sims 4: Insects Collection

Finding Rare Insects in Granite Falls

The Sims 4 Rare Insects: Will-o-the-Wisp, Dragon Dragonfly, Dust Spirit, and Rainbow Firefly
Dragon Dragonfly, Will-o-the-Wisp, Dust Spirits, and Rainbow Fireflies

The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat Game Pack allows you to attempt to complete the Insects Collection via visits to Granite Falls National Park. While there, you will find crawling and flying insects are able to be found, although some may only appear at certain times of day. The collection can be quite difficult to complete due to the number of common insects and the time-of-day factor. Completing the Insects Collection will earn your Sim a plaque.

Some Bugs Crawl on the Ground...

Will-o-Wisp in Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat
...while others Fly. Availability also Varies by Time of Day

Tips for Catching Bugs
While searching for Insects, keep in mind that there are two types: crawling and flying. The best way to look for them is to keep the camera near a Sim's eye level so that you can better see around the many trees of Granite Falls. Do not pause the game while seeking them, because it is easier when you notice the movements. If you're missing an insect found only during day/night, then do something else to pass time unless you're collecting them to earn money.

Outdoor Retreat Insects List

Will-o-Wisp in Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat
Dust Spirits, like Will-o-the-Wisp above, are only found at Night

This should be of help to determine what insects are missing from your collection. Special Thanks to SkellySpades on Forum for helping to compile this information. See notes below as some of this info on times and where to find the bugs will be refined as our understanding grows.

Insects List

InsectRarityValueTime*Where Found**
BeeCommon$4Morning, AfternoonCampgrounds, Forest, Deep Woods
Blue Morpho ButterflyCommon$4Day, EveningCampgrounds, Forest, Deep Woods
Fire AntCommon$3Day, EveningCampgrounds, Forest, Deep Woods
FireflyCommon$4NightCampgrounds, Forest, Deep Woods
Jezebel ButterflyCommon$3Day, EveningCampgrounds, Forest, Deep Woods
KatydidCommon$4Day, EveningCampgrounds, Forest, Deep Woods
LadybugCommon$4All TimesCampgrounds, Forest, Deep Woods
Luna MothCommon$4Day, NightCampgrounds, Forest, Deep Woods
MosquitoCommon$4Day, NightCampgrounds, Forest, Deep Woods
Stink BugCommon$4Day, EveningCampgrounds, Forest
TermiteCommon$3Day, EveningCampgrounds, Forest, Deep Woods
DragonflyUncommon$15DayCampgrounds, Forest, Deep Woods
Jewel BeetleUncommon$15DayCampgrounds, Forest, Deep Woods
LocustUncommon$15DayCampgrounds, Forest
MantisUncommon$15DayCampgrounds, Forest, Deep Woods
Monarch ButterflyUncommon$15DayForest, Deep Woods
Walking StickUncommon$12DayDeep Woods (Herb Garden)
Dragon DragonflyRare$600DayDeep Woods (Waterfall)
Dust SpiritRare$200Evening, NightForest, Deep Woods
Rainbow FireflyRare$75NightForest, Deep Woods
Will-o-the-WispRare$150NightForest, Deep Woods

*Note on Times
We'll refine these when we find more information about the specific hours insects are available. For now, this should at least help you sort out what ones are available only at night and during the day.

**Note on Catching Bugs
While we may find an insect in one place, it may not be there when you visit in your game. Re-visiting an area on another day, you may find that insect. None of these are exclusive to one area, and you may find bugs in places other than those listed.

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I found some termites at night time, you should edit it on the list
13th July 2015 1:43pm
This was extremely helpful, thank you!
21st August 2015 2:16pm
I just found a dragon dragonfly in granite falls!
21st August 2015 7:44pm
where in granite falls did you find it
4th June 2016 1:01am
It is always located on the far side of the waterfall fishing area near the Rangers hut in the National Forest lot. Usually during the day around midday.
4th June 2016 8:09pm
I can't find Monarch butterflies, Walking Sticks, or Dragon Dragonflies to save my life...

Also, when you say herb garden in the deep woods, do you mean the garden near the hermit hut, or the rock garden?
13th November 2016 5:46pm
Rita Crossthwaite
Hello Carl. I'm having 1sim finish all the collections. I see there's decorative eggs in the collections but can't seem to find any more information on them. Have you covered that and I'm missing it? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Rita
2nd October 2015 9:11am
The decorative eggs was around during easter time, you could loot them in any other collective's place so a bit like a real easter egg hunt, you keep looting collectables until you had all the eggs. I suspect they will be back round easter time next year again.
21st October 2015 5:38pm
Is it even possible to catch fire ants? Every time I try, my sim just gets bit and they don’t get added to her inventory.
27th November 2015 5:21pm
It is possible, my sim gets bitten too but eventually he catches them! Keep trying. Smile
7th January 2016 10:36pm
Just got fireflies at 10:15am in the hermit secret garden, behind the herb garden in the gap between the big tree on its own pn the right and the rocks and plants on the left.
17th December 2015 7:24am
Yes, luckily the Fireflies are one of the more common insects, not to mention quite pretty to see flying around at night! Smile
7th January 2016 10:37pm
Is it possible that mosquitoes are bugged? I can't find them anywhere, and I've found everything else :/

(Blue Morpho Butterflies, Bees and Stick Insects were bugged for a while, but they've since been fixed).
3rd April 2016 1:21am
I haven't seen any bug reports saying they're bugged! (Pun!) You should be able to find them during the day around the Campsite and National Park areas. What time of day have you been looking?
3rd April 2016 6:25pm
I've been searching day and night (mostly around the camp site) with no sign of them.
Can you tell me a specific spawn location? That might help?
I've tried using 'set as head' which switches out the bugs, but they appear in groups:

(ladybugs, fire ants, bees, Jezebel butterflies)
(Termites, stink bugs, katydid)

And I guess the uncommon/rare ones have their own groups.
3rd April 2016 11:32pm
I can't tell you spawn locations as I don't have that info. But mosquitoes are common so resetting the spawners by even just catching the current displayed bug should eventually produce them. I've always assumed that fireflies and mosquitoes were both on the common spawner. Obviously not! The campsite is definitely the best place to see them. Maybe this is a new 'unreported' glitch? I'll spend game time on this today, meantime I hope you solve this but either way I'll post back in a few hours with my results.

ok.. so I've posted my results on the forum as there is more room!
Forum Link for you
5th April 2016 6:44pm
Ash Wednesday
The main bug I'm still trying to find & catch is the termite. I've searched & searched without finding them for days. Can anyone give me more clues on what to look for? I'm assuming they'll be brown & crawling near trees. Anyone know of a spot or time that works best? Thanks much!
18th May 2016 4:05pm
The termites are actually white! I usually find them in the Forest area (the lot with the Rangers Hut) near where the 'tunnel' is that takes your sim to the Hermit's Area.
18th May 2016 6:10pm
Basil Fu
Does the day of the week have any impact on what insects appear? I hope not on Mondays. I am trying not to get my sims to go on vacation as the Bills glitch will cause them to be hit with an extra large weekly bill. I think Putdoor Retreat is probably the buggiest expansion pack.
20th May 2016 4:03pm
No days of the week don't matter but sometimes you have to take your sim back home and then travel to GF again so that the area loads in fresh. Catching the bugs is indeed buggy (pun) Cool But I do share your frustration. Just remember that most of the insects can only be caught in certain areas, e.g. termites in the Forest.
20th May 2016 9:19pm
I just found the mantis almost directly behind the cabin in Granite Falls National Forrest.
6th July 2016 2:48pm
I think I found the mantis around 5 p.m. or 6 p.m.
6th July 2016 2:50pm
Can you tell me where i can findbee?, I already spent 4 nights in campground but i couldn't find it
9th July 2016 9:29am
Generally the bee can be found directly outside the toilet building in the campsite or sometimes in the back area behind the empty camp site that your sims can rent. I have also found them in the spawners close to the river. You have to be collecting the other insects so that the spawners can reset until the insect you specifically want shows up. Sometimes it helps to travel to another area (or even home) and then when your sim returns often the insect you want spawns in.
10th July 2016 8:00pm
Thanks alot Smile
12th July 2016 7:08am
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