The Sims 4 Flirty Emotion

How to Make Your Sims Very Flirty

A Very Flirty Sim in The Sims 4
Very Flirty

Flirty Mood
Flirty helps with Romantic Interactions, primarily. Getting in this mood will open up more Social Interactions for your Sim as you progress with the romantic interactions, and greatly boosts the likelihood of a successful Woohoo. Sims who are Romantic will get Flirty Moodlets at times. Here are the means of getting Very Flirty:

Skill/Career Ideal Moods
There are no Skills or Careers that require Sims to be Flirty. It's mainly helpful for Romance!

How to Get Very Flirty

Be Happy and:

  • Cozy Up At Bonfire +1 2hrs (Get Together)
  • Eating Flirty Heart Cookies (Cook when flirty) +1/+2 2-3hrs depending on quality
  • Steamy Shower +1 4hrs
  • Eating Twin Roses Ice Cream (Cool Kitchen Stuff Pack) +1 4hrs
  • Research Pick-Up Lines (Computer) +1 4hrs
  • Cupids Juice Mixology Drink (unlocks while flirty) +1 4hrs
  • Viewing Flirty Art +1 4hrs
  • Viewing VIP Bucket (Gold Date Reward item) +1 4hrs
  • Watch Romantic Channel on TV +1 3hrs
  • Spying on Neighbors (Telescope) +1 4hrs
  • Flirt With Self at Mirror (Insane Trait) +1 4hrs
  • Try On Outfits (Mirror - stacks with Freshen Up) +1 4hrs
  • Freshen Up (Mirror- stacks with Try On Outfits) +1 4hrs
  • Reminisce about Flirty memory (Screenshot) +1 4hrs
  • Empathizing with Flirty Sim (Aliens only) +1 4hrs
  • Drinking Cafe Coffee - Mocha +1 4hrs (Get Together)
  • View Bonsai (if it was shaped while flirty) +1 4hrs
  • Wearing Flirty Cow Hat (Delux Edition Clothing Item) +1 6hrs
  • Love Potion #4 (Unlocks while flirty) +2 4hrs
  • Steamy Ginseng Tea +2 4hrs
  • Mess Around In Closet (Teens - Get Together) +2 4hrs
  • Woohoo in Sauna (Spa Day) +2 4hrs
  • Woohoo in Hot Tub (Perfect Patio) +2 4hrs
  • Wearing Shine On Men's Suit (Delux Edition Clothing Item) +2 5hrs
  • Bath With Rose Petal Soak (Spa Day ) +2 8hrs
  • Bath With Rose Petal Soak When Sandalwood Incense Burning (Spa Day) +2 12hrs
  • Flirty Essence (Cow Plant) +2 12hrs
  • Rose Perfume Serum (Scientist Active Career Get To Work) +3 4hrs
  • Flirty Club Vibe +1 through to +3 For as long as Club Meeting is Active (Get Together)
  • Flirty Potion +100 3hrs

Situations - Game Controlled (Random Chance)

  • Flirty Moodlet (insane Trait) +1 3 hours
  • Flirty Moodlet (Romantic Trait) +1 4hrs
  • Fantasize About Weddings (Click on Wedding Arch - can grant happy moodlet instead) +1 4hrs
  • Successful Wishing Well Wish-For Child +1 4 hrs (Romantic Garden)
  • Woohoo in Wardrobe (Get Together-can grant uncomfortable moodlet instead or as well) +2 4hrs
  • Flirtatious Day at School (Teens) +1 8 hrs
  • Successful Wishing Well Wish-For Romance +2 or +3 4hrs (Romantic Garden) Ultimate Flirt
  • Positive Outcome with Future Cube 'Ask About Love Life' +2 6hrs

Socials - User Directed

  • Juicy Gossip +1 3hrs
  • Sandalwood Incense +1 for duration (Spa Day)
  • Flirting Social Under Romantic Interactions +1/+2 3 to 4hrs depending on how well sims know each other and how often flirty socials are repeated.
  • Having a Song Dedicated to You (Guitar Skill) +2 4hrs
  • Being Serenaded on Guitar +2 8hrs

Items - Auras

  • Reward Lamp: Late Night +1
  • Emotion Paintings From Completing Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration
  • Weeping Cherry Trees +1
  • VIP Bucket earned from a successful gold medal date +1

These are just some of the things that can make a Sim Flirty, though there are surely more to be found in the game. Also read the main Emotions Guide to learn how Emotions work - Emotional Auras, what determines the main Emotion, and how to control your Sim's mood at all times.

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Mad it'd not showing on the optons menu to be romantic
Maybe your target sim is a Teen when your controlled sim is a Yound Adult? Romantic interactions are only available from Young Adult up or Teen to Teen.
1st January 2016 7:52pm
What other factors make sims flirty?
I was minding my own business, when the mail carrier, whom I hadn't talked to in so long, that I had to reintroduce myself, sends me a text to hang out. She also showed up in a flirty mood. Of course, it's near impossible to know what mood a sim will be, when he/she shows up, but I was wondering if there is anything going on behind the scenes, aside from random numbers. Is there some big picture scenario that the computer is playing out, when the sims are off screen?
19th January 2016 10:28pm
Not really, there isn't a Story Progression as such going on. Chances are the game randomly picked that emotion or the sim had the Romantic Trait which causes a chance Flirty moodlet from time to time. Smile
20th January 2016 2:12pm
My teen sims is always flirty and has the romantic trait but i cannot find any other teenage sims anywhere. Does anyone know anynames
30th January 2016 1:24pm
Non-played sims are generated in-game and will be different for each save however there are a few townies that are always present in everyone's new game. Goth and Landgraab Households have a teen. If you want more teens in your game visit a park in the evening or download some from the Gallery or make your own and place them in game.
Lists of Townies
How to Use the Gallery
Guide to Teens Jobs
30th January 2016 5:33pm
I have noticed, that if the option to fill empty houses is on, there is a fairly good chance that one of your first next door neighbors will be a single mom, with a teen son.
1st February 2016 6:20pm
I Can't find any boy teen sims my teen sims a girl and has the romantic trait so where do i go to find a romantic interest
19th August 2016 4:40am
Usually visiting one of the base games parks at night makes the game spawn in teenagers. If not you can always either make your own and drop them into your game or download some from the gallery.
20th August 2016 12:55am
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