The Sims 4: Space Prints Collection

Observing the Sky, Stargazing, and Searching for the Truth

The Sims 4 Space Prints Collection
Space Prints acquired via Stargaze and the Logic Skill

Completing the Sims 4's Space Prints collection (15 Prints) requires you to purchase an Observatory for $1500 (Buy Mode > Sort by Room > Study > Hobbies & Skills). It can pay off within a week, thanks to some of the valuable prints you'll find when working on the collection. You will gain much Logic Skill by using the Observatory while Focused. In order to finish this Collection, you'll need Logic level 7 to unlock the, "Search for the Truth" interaction on the telescope. Each Print comes with an Emotional Aura that can be enabled, giving nearby Sims a passive Focused Moodlet. The rate that you find them can be boosted by upgrading the Observatory's eyepiece at level 9 Handiness.

Search for the Truth in an Observatory
Search for the Truth requires Logic Level 7 and the Observatory

Observe the Sky is available during the day, while Stargaze and Search for the Truth are only available at night - from 8:30PM until 6AM (Search actually works until 7). So long as you get the Sim into the Observatory, the Search for the Truth and Stargaze interactions won't cancel at dawn, so you can keep them at it until they grow weary of the activity.

Rare Space Prints can be found with Search for the Truth
The three Space Prints found via Search for the Truth

As you'll see in the table below, each print is unlocked via a specific interaction with the Observatory.

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Space Prints found via Observe the Sky
Observe the Sky gives you 5 Space Prints

Space Prints List

Space PrintValueRarityFound by...
Animal's Planet$115CommonObserve the Sky
Big Star$140CommonStargaze
End of Time$135CommonStargaze
Out of this World Style$105CommonObserve the Sky
Rosie the Riveting$125CommonStargaze
Seeing Red$110CommonObserve the Sky
Standard Space$130CommonStargaze
Cloudy Vision$265UncommonSearch for the Truth
I Dream of Pleiosaur$215UncommonObserve the Sky
Saturn Return$290UncommonStargaze
Star Crossed Lovers$210UncommonObserve the Sky
Battle Stars$495RareSearch for the Truth
Surfacing$475RareSearch for the Truth
T-Rex Nebula$465RareStargaze

In all, there are 5 to find from Observe the Sky, 7 from Stargaze, and 3 from Search for the Truth.

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Comments (6)

Does anyone know about how long the sim must stay in the observatory until they get a print or is it completely random?
It is random but if your sim is Focused or Very Focused the chances are higher.
How to Get Your Sim Focused
My sim is continually using the Observatory but not finding any prints night or day & search for truth not appearing at night logic maxed out
Try resetting your sim then using the observatory with your sim in the focused mood.
Guide to Focused Mood
I keep clicking the space print in my inventory but it won’t let me put it out in the world to put on the walls. Any suggestions?
Just save, quit and restart your game. Sometimes items get stuck especially if you've been playing in triple speed.
A Johalsays...

Or just press on the item from the inventory and you can drag it into the world

A Johalsays...

Apologies im meant to say press the "square" button on ps4 to drag the item into the world


Thanks for the guides, they really help a lot and are really well made. Kudos on a job well done and for the efforts you put into this! Greatly appreciated!



There's a total of 25 prints now. I can't say for certain but it seems 2 comes from Moongazing in general and the rest seem to be connected to moon phases. I think I found them all in four nights.


This is missing the 10 prints you can get from moongazing that are part of the collection

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