The Sims 4 Clubs

Get Together - Tips, Making and Leading, and Club Perks

Clubs in The Sims 4 Get Together Expansion Pack
Enjoying the Clubs Feature of Get Together, hanging at the Bluffs in Windenburg.

The Club system in The Sims 4 Get Together is the center of attraction for this Expansion Pack, and it's extremely well-executed. I remember us hearing about them and thinking of night clubs and the community backlash thinking this was not what the game needed. Some may still feel that way, but in my eyes the idea was being overly simplified. The system is deep, incredibly flexible, and open to use however you want to use it, whenever, and however frequently. For many players, along with myself, I think this will be a nice addition to our other content. In fact, I think it might have saved the game for me based on my early experiences with Sims 4.

This Guide covers most everything about them, from managing and creating them, building club hangouts, listing the clubs that exist in the new world of Windenburg, and how you can even take them over to manage them yourself. For the record, the Sim I used is Frida Bonzi by RoxyFoxy04 on the Gallery. I wanted a pretty female leader, and hers came up on 'randomize'

Let's just start with the basics first, so that you can understand how the system works, then we'll get into deeper details. This section is broken into multiple areas, so be sure to use the navigation to get where you need to be if you're already keen on the basics of Sims 4's new clubs. For the desktops, intra-guide navigation is usually on the right but I'll put a list to sections here for mobile users' convenience:

1.This Page: About Clubs

2.Making an Example Club

3.Making a Hangout for Members-Only Club Gatherings

4.List of Club Perks and What They Do

5.Tips & Club Leader Help

6.List of Default Clubs in Get Together and Joining/Leading Them


Getting to Know Get Together's Club System

Join an open invitation club.
Upon joining an open invite club, you'll be asked to meet up with the club for your first gathering.

What's a Club?
A club is a group of Sims, anywhere from 2 to eight, who share a common set of goals when they get together. Each Sim may be involved in up to 3 clubs. Club leaders decide what restrictions exist to enter the club, and what activities that club will focus on performing - up to 5. They can also ban up to 5 different types of activities. The Expansion ships with 11 clubs - from the intellectual Avant Gardes, to the Paragons, stuck-up fashion-lovers who are at war with the Rebels, who like to cause mischief. These are rather simple clubs without major restrictions, although a few of them are invitation only and getting in them will require your Sim to impress the members.

Get Together's Club Interface
Get Together's Club Interface is very flexible and easy to use.
Club Interface
The new Club Interface is accessed by pressing the 'U' key on your keyboard. This will bring up a menu from where you can join a club (if none are joined. it's the only option). You may also create your own - you'll just have to find some Sims who'd like to join. Clubs have various components that can be tweaked, in order to define the club's rules, destination during gatherings, and what the club will do when they do get together.

  • Name - Name your club anything you like.
  • Icon - Choose a logo for your club, which can differentiate it from others. Pick something that fits the theme of the club.
  • Members - On the left, you can select Sims who will be members of that club right away.
  • Hangout - Where the Club will gather. It can be a lot type, specific lot, or no place in particular.
  • Open/Invite Only - Decide whether Sims can join your club at will, so long as they meet the requirements, or if the club is invitation only. While you can apply through any member, only a leader can decide if a Sim can join the club - so if your Sim is not the leader of the Renegades, they can't extend invitations at all.
  • Requirements - Up to 5 requirements may be chosen. You can select from various categories: (Age, Career, Marital Status, Financial Status, Must have Trait, and Skills that must be level 2+)
  • Activities - These are the goals of the club - what they do when they get together. A massive list of activities from various DLC made it to this list, so you can tweak this to the extreme.
  • Banned Activities - Same as above, only you're banning these activities DURING club sessions.

These things combined, with the many activities, Sim traits, and actions create thousands of possibilities for unique clubs. They obviously tried to include everything, and I've heard that in the future, the Clubs system will be expanded upon so that new things from other Expansions will be possible to incorporate into clubs.

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When Clubs gather, they are automatically put in a group (a new feature). This lets you pick things like, 'go here together', do x together, allowing the club to bond and get Perk Points.

Club Gatherings
Where clubs get together by default is entirely up to the leadership. A Hangout can be chosen from a lot type - for example libraries, to a specific park or a member's home. Clubs can choose to hang out so long as they're at a residence or any other type of lot. It seems only the 'Generic' lot type is off limits. You can start a hangout even if you're not the club leader, so you can meet up with other members on your own time. I guess they call off work to make this happen, but if they didn't that'd make the system annoying - half of them not showing up. With the game's door locking system, you can make a part of a building such that only Club members are allowed to visit that area, in order to make it exclusive.

A recent patch added groups to The Sims 4, which is thankfully available to everyone. Sims can be clicked and added to - or removed from - groups. When you travel with other Sims, you arrive in a group. This keeps Sims from wandering off, or can help them to stick together and do something like dance without everyone scattering off. During club gatherings, your Sims are already in a group - which is great. The most recent patch offered an extensive list of bug-fixes and performance enhancements to the game and its map.

Take over a club in Get Together
Get to know the Club's leader, and you can get them to step down and give you control to take the club in a new direction.

Club Perks
Clubs can be customized in the ways already listed, but there are also Club Perks, which allow leaders to set the vibe for a meeting - to help control the behavior of the members, or to give skill gains by making everyone get a moodlet - "Let's Focus people!". Secret handshakes, custom decor, and direct boosts to skills are all possible with the points, which come from members doing the activities listed, though thankfully no points are lost when members break rules.

In and Out
Sims can be in or out of clubs at any time, by choosing to or by the leader scolding them and maybe kicking them out for doing banned activities. Sims can get angry and leave, but I'm sure with some talking you can get them to come back.

Make outfits for your club in Get Together
Design outfits for your club, which everyone will wear during gatherings. You can buy perks to unlock special jackets with the club symbol on them.

Make an Outfit for your Club
You can make a special club outfit. Open the clubs panel and click the button next to the Club Perks button - this will let you choose from various styles, to make everyone look similar, or else customize it deeply based on male/female adult and child. If you go the deep customization route, don't forget the pants should you have bought the special club jacket. You must fully dress each of the models or else only members of certain gender/age will wear the club outfit. You can make up outfits for everyone this way, if you're willing to invest the time.

Read on: Deeper Info on Making Clubs, Perk Points, and Leading Clubs
Now let's move on to making an example club, where we can see some of the options available and realize how these systems can synergize to make clubs useful and provide players incentive for getting out and about in Windenburg.

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Comments (32)

just sleepsays...
This game is so awesome I just cant wait to play it Grin
Hi guys! Thanks so much; this forum helped a lot! Thanks Carl for making this awesome site!
I have made quite a few clubs and the leaders for a few of them have died. Is there any possible way I can delete these clubs or appoint new leaders without having to track down any ghosts?
My understanding is that the game will cull those clubs where leaders have died or replace the leaders with an NPC. One way you could manipulate these clubs is if one of your own sims to take leadership and manages the club from there. Or you could go to Manage Worlds and play as each club leader to have them delete/disband their clubs. You can mark them unplayed again in Manage Households so that your own sims are the only played household.
Silly question but can clubs be made in any world or this feature only available in Windenburg? I can't find an answer anywhere.
You can make clubs anywhere in any world and have any location as a club meeting spot as long as you have the expansion pack Get Together (and the base game of course).
I made a bowl out of my son and family. However my son daughter cannot Join tho she lives in the same house. My sim sons can't either and we live in a different house but the Same city. Why am I not seeing these people and other friends on my invite list?
Sometimes you actually have to get your sim to visit the sims and ask them to join in person. The menu that pops up will not always have the exact sims you want to invite on it.
Haha sa join ninyo ako ahhah

i have been playing this game a lot and people in clubs have passed away or quit or something, i dont know. In each generated club there is only 1-2 people and no sims join in unless I become the leader of that club and make stuff happen. How can I refresh and get new clubs or have more people in those existing clubs without being the leader?
Briefly play the leader sim of each club you want to 'refresh' with new members and access the club panel, join up sims in the pop-up menu and then mark the sim as unplayed.

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