Clubs in Get Together

Making a Members-Only Hangout for Your Club

My members-only nightclub in Sims 4 Get Together
Can be found under member silencecomplex or #carlsguide once Get Together is released.

Now that I have made a club and recruited members, I want them to have their own exclusive party pad to hang out in for official club gatherings. This tutorial will teach you to do that, no matter what type of club you've created. Save the game, then go to Manage Worlds from ESC Menu.

Choose a lot to build for your club
I chose an empty, secluded lot for my club's hangout

Because the Sims 4 lets us have complete control over the game world, we can use any lot we want. I went with one where I had previously done some testing on barring everyone but your club from entering a building. I've now bulldozed it, and am going to make a VERY simple nightclub. People are interested in Building should see our guide to making houses. It wasn't written by me, so don't expect much out of the house I'm building here - but I can explain how some of this works and give you some tips on making a members-only club hangout.

Select a type of lot that clubs can use for a hangout
This is the list of different lot types Clubs can use for a Hangout.

Choose a Lot Type
I couldn't get generic to work, and your Sims won't be able to hang out at a lot if you're making a residence unless a club member lives there - as far as I know. This means we need to pick one of the lot types that Clubs can hang out in. The full list is in the picture above, but I'm going for a nightclub since it's a new lot type with the Expansion.

The requirements to make a lot a nightclub in Sims 4
These are the requirements to make a lot count as a Nightclub in Get Together

Meet Requirements
The requirements are not-too restrictive, but you do have to have at least the basics for a lot to be considered this type. Thankfully, I'll want most of these things because It's a night club I'm after. Because we're developing the city, we have an unlimited budget and that means you can go as extravagant as you'd want. I want an intimate little gathering place with good decorated bonuses so my Sims will be happy. It'll basically be one large open room with a bathroom.

Making the basic shape of the building
Start with a basic shape

So I made the basic shape, and from the building guide written by Twinmum know to use foundations to make my houses look less box-y. I also used some diagonals to make it look just a tad better.

Building a nightclub in Sims 4
Foundations, handrails, windows - they all make a building look more realistic.

Now there need to be windows, I'd rather place those before getting to the objects that are required. But, for that added touch of realism, some handrails should go up too.

The shell of the house is done
The shell is done, now to start on those requirements. I later 'fixed' the roof.

Now a roof, and don't make fun of me! I think it's good that I'm not a contractor, but let's move on. Putting some siding up, this looks like a little hideaway and I only needed the one room for my club to chill.

Meeting the requirements by making objects in Sims 4 build mode
Meet the requirements in style. When in manage worlds mode, you have unlimited cash.

Meet Lot Type Requirements
OK, now to filling the requirements for a nightclub. Thankfully, a DJ booth counts as a stereo (we don't need both, since we can hire a DJ), and you can use small dining tables, all set in a close area so that club members can talk as a group. What's really great about this, is since it's a public lot although you're making it for your club members only, is that the bar and DJ booth will both have workers there to take care of your members!

My night club for gathering members-only
My night club for the example crew I threw together for this tutorial.

I'm happy with it, fairly simple, plenty of decorations and Get Together's new furniture and other items look pretty fancy. Now we can get on to making the club members-only.

Making a hangout for club members-only requires only locking a door
Get Together lets you make sections of buildings members-only for clubs, so you can do this with a whole structure, or make a VIP area for your club members.

Locking the Door to Club Members-Only
This lot's only purpose is to serve the club, and I want it exclusive. All I have to do now is send my Sim to the lot I've built, click the door (walls up!) and select Lock Door for.. Club > My Club. If I wanted to make only a PART of the building, say a VIP room, members-only, I could make a lot, download one from the gallery - whatever - and use this same method on the only entrance to the area I want sectioned off for my club members. You could easily make a small house out back in your own yard for kids' clubs, so they have their own super-secret place to play and work on homework together (yeah right).

On to Club Perks
If you're following this in order, the next page is Club Perks - just about everything you need to know about them.

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"I'm going for a nightclub since it's a new lot type with the Expansion." Nightclubs came with the base game, and there was/is at least one pre-built with a new save (of base game/worlds).
16th December 2015 6:43am
There certainly was nightclubs in the base game. There is also a new nightclub in Windenburg which is called the Discotheque Pan Europa which is very different in style to what we have had before. There is a headliner DJ NPC who really makes the place rock!
2nd January 2016 2:57pm
Susan King
Thank you, Carl, for all your excellent guides! Nice to know we can lock any door for club members only. Did not know that.
16th December 2015 10:48pm
Mine won't work!
21st December 2015 4:38pm
Probably need a little more info on what isn't working for you to be able to suggest something. Smile
2nd January 2016 2:58pm
Has anyone tried making a residence hangout and seeing if you can go there without someone actually living there?
4th January 2016 1:13am
Help I created a lot for the garden gnomes to use and it won't let me set it as the hangout
If you have set your garden lot to generic it won't work. Try setting your garden to a Park lot. You may need to add some items to the lot for the Park lot to be complete. If you don't want those items actually available for your club then you can always hide them in a basement.
7th January 2016 4:24am
Whenever I have my club members go into their own hangout, other people are always outside, how do I fix this??
8th May 2016 4:45am
You probably can't change this as it will be due to whatever you have set the lot to. i.e. park for example. All you can do is have the club house door locked to everyone but the club members.
You could also make a members house the club hangout, best if it is your controlled sims lot. The club members will use other rooms in the house depending what the club activities are but making a club hangout basement with the club door might solve the problem of extra townies hanging around anyway.
8th May 2016 9:28pm
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